From FirefoxOS: A new project is born

We want to announce with great pleasure that we have decided to create a new project to cover the new Operating System for fashionable mobiles: Firefox OS.

From It is already available with some articles, which will be focused on offering Tips, Tutorials, Manuals and news about this new OS for mobiles and their devices.

The site is constantly being updated in terms of design, so for now we will concentrate on the content to gather much of the "useful" information scattered around the web.


I do not think it is unnecessary to say that as usual, if they have knowledge on the subject and information to contribute, they are invited to participate and collaborate with From FirefoxOS.

And of course, we accept criticism, suggestions, etc. Without further ado, I leave the link:

Visit FromFirefoxOS

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  1.   pandev92 said

    I don't know, I can't quite see it clear enough to set up a separate site, firefox os, which is not yet used by many people on the blog, and not using it for example on android xD ..., it's weird.

    1.    elav said

      Now I explain .. It's simple:
      - First, because we do not have experience with Android, we do not even have a terminal with this OS.
      - Second, because we like FirefoxOS as an OS and we see a lot of future for it and in the end, it is better to offer a space dedicated to it. In other words, a thematic site.
      - Third, because already a friend who DOES know about that OS will create a project about it.

      1.    Martin said

        Congratulations on the new project guys, it may become "" for firefox OS, especially geared towards linux users as I see you have done. An android geared towards linux users makes a lot of sense too, hopefully they will.

      2.    Manuel de la Fuente said

        Just out of curiosity, how come they have never owned an Android? If it is for the price, there are low-end terminals at costs very similar to those of the ZTE Open (although I know from experience that low-end Android is like Windows Vista on a Pentium III).

        1.    Od_air said

          Is right!! Believe me, I know it's true….> = (

      3.    Someone in the net said

        Welcome to the new project!

        Which by the way, it was about time; so much Android market has me up to the crown ...

        Now to cultivate it.

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      And Linux that uses it (compared to other OS) as few people? 😀

      1.    pandev92 said

        few people? more than 40 million people: D….

      2.    Manuel de la Fuente said

        What he means is that there are not many blog users who use it so that they can write articles, but it is actually you, Gregorio and I guess Auros, I think it is more than enough to keep the blog moderately active as more arrives editors. After all, DesdeLinux also started with 4 or 5 members and with time more arrived. What I would advise them is that they put a very visible sign that writers are being sought, in order to capture them more quickly.

        And well, I also have my reluctance about whether it was not better to leave the Firefox OS theme integrated here (at the end of the day it is a Linux) or to do something more like From Mobile Linux to talk about everything related to Linux on mobile phones (although there are Android blogs by clusters, I think there is no open collaboration style like FromLinux, or that handles it from the point of view of a linuxero).

        On the other hand, a blog about Firefox OS itself is not a bad idea either. It is a very interesting system and there is hardly any competition among the Hispanic blogosphere. It would exploit a growing niche, which everyone is looking for information but few have yet addressed.

        Anyway, good luck with this new project, I already subscribed to RSS to follow it closely. 😀

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          For my part, I will register as a user, and at least, if there is news of unofficial FFOS ports for my terminal (Samsung Galaxy Mini), I will do a tutorial to be able to install it and without dying in the attempt.

          1.    Alex said

            If you can install it on the Samsung Galaxy Mini Plus you are my hero 😀

    3.    let's use linux said

      I think the same, but every effort and motivation is always welcome. Time will tell whether or not it was a good idea. Anyway, I think that even if the site does not work it will help us to get good ideas for the new DL design that we are building… right?
      Hug! Paul.

      1.    elav said

        About that, check the mail 😉

    4.    Carlos Carcamo said

      Sounds like an excellent idea to me!
      Although firefox is not as popular as android (yet), starting a blog dedicated to it seems excellent to me due to the same reason of being quite new there is little existing documentation and even less in Spanish. Android on the other hand has enough documentation and making a blog for android seems more like a waste of time due to the fact that there are surely plenty of these.

      Another reason that I could add is that firefox is totally open source, unlike google is leaving the open source community behind as android evolves.

  2.   cronos said

    The initiative seems very good to me and I think the first in the world.

  3.   eliotime3000 said

    Good suggestion. Also, I think or have made the FFOS blog in Drupal.

    1.    elav said

      eliotime3000, I'll say it for the last time .. NEVER, NEVER, you will see us using Drupal, or Joomla in our projects .. a lot would have to happen with WordPress for that to happen.

      We love WordPress, we love WordPress, we breathe WordPress ...

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        In my case, I had to add to the wp-config.php an extra line that has the function of optimizing the database, since last Sunday, my website had its database corrupted and I had to pay attention to the WordPress message.

        In itself, WordPress is a good content manager, but even so, for that type of project, I would suggest you use Drupal, since it has a content management that allows you to use both Drupal itself and several WordPress installations.

        I am not to disagree between those who are using WordPress, because I am using it because of how practical it is for me. Also, to handle Drupal backwards and forwards, you have to use drush to do already simplified tasks in WordPress such as updates and migrations from WordPress or other CMS '.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Almost 3 years online, millions of visits, and our DB has never been corrupted by disabling access to the site, the problems have always been because of the hosting provider, rare case is yours, friend.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            In my case, it is because the hosting I'm on (which is this, and beyond the VPS that said hosting owner hired since the previous server suffered a failure when updating the zPanel). With the WordPress installation, it is simple enough to install.

        2.    Manuel de la Fuente said

          Gaara is right, I don't know anyone other than you whose database has been corrupted, the problem is in your installation or in your hosting, it is not something normal.

          WordPress works quite well for projects of any age, it is not for nothing that all large blog networks handle it (including 52 of the 100 most popular blogs in the world).

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Apparently, the database thing was due to the server migration that the hosting that I use had been done had gone to hell because zPanel 10.2 was bugged. The rest of the components are OK, since I have not had major problems with it.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              so ... as you can see, it has nothing to do with WP 🙂

        3.    urKh said

          Drupal is excessively slow, I never understood why. But WordPress *. *

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Bitch Please!

            vBulletin 4 and Joomla! they are the slowest CMS I have tried. Drupal 7 is just as fast as WordPress, but the level of customization at the developer level is simply impressive.

            For now, I am using WordPress for its simplicity, but when my site expands, I would hire a VPS in GNUTransfer and I would install Drupal there.

      2.    cesasol said

        Hahahaha, his fanaticism is contagious

      3.    Manuel de la Fuente said

        We love WordPress, we love WordPress, we breathe WordPress ...

        Amen brother. Let's praise our Lord WordPress. \or/

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          WordPress, WordPress everywhere. For later, maybe I'll try Drupal again, but for now, I'm betting on WordPress.

  4.   vr_rv said

    Excellent, congratulations on the new project.

    PS: It would not have been better a desdemovilOs xD that covers android Firefox and ubuntuphone if possible .. Thus, even if they do not have android or Ubuntu, those who do, can collaborate?

    1.    Jesus Ballesteros said

      Completely agree. In addition, it must be seen that not only Firefox OS can make good competition, there is another OS based on the old Meego that has already managed to get a piece of the cake in Finland and is called Sailfish OS. It is also compatible with Android applications.

    2.    elav said

      Hmm, we didn't think about that hahaha. Although really, as I said before, for Android an interesting project is already coming from the hand of a friend of ours in

      Ubuntu Phone, Jolla, Meego, in the end are projects that have not had a tangible result as in the case of FirefoxOS. That is why at least I didn't even think about them ellos

      1.    Jesus Ballesteros said

        In the news from muycomputer it says that Jolla has already hit well in Finland, that if, we must bear in mind that Finland has only about 5 million inhabitants, it has fewer inhabitants than Bogotá in Colombia but still the simple fact of making itself known already makes a very interesting alternative. The OS catches my attention because the phone seems very expensive.

        Anyway, I really like your initiative.

  5.   Mr. Boat said

    My sincere congratulations, I hope that Firefox OS goes far and ends everything in its path. It is time to end the tyranny, as much as Android uses the Linux kernel it is not much better than iOS or WindowsPhone. Google is not much less than the rest.

    I hope the project goes ahead and the free operating system triumphs. By the way ... do you know if there are already privacy tools, OTR encryption for Firefox OS?

  6.   Bones said

    Now I only need a phone deign to bring those phones
    offtopic: from afar the logo looks like a pig

  7.   Cocolio said

    Excellent!!!! Congratulations, it is good to know that there are people working on these types of issues, greetings.

  8.   Tesla said

    Excellent! I wish you lots of luck!

  9.   commentator said

    Couldn't it have been right here?

  10.   Noctuido said

    Fantastic! I have had the ZTE Open since it came out on July 2. It seems to me a small terminal, as soon as the LG comes out with FirefoxOS shortly, I will "sink my teeth", because the 3,5 ″ are almost impossible for me to handle.

    There are several Android portals, which the most they do about the economic terminals that exist for FirefoxOS, is to compare them with the average ranges of Android smartphones.

    Writing about FirefoxOS would not only be to find out about a specific operating system. It covers topics such as current and future standards in HTML5, css, js or the open web. If it runs in a modern browser, it can run on any OS.

    Added From FirefoxOS to my news streams. 🙂

  11.   Alfonso said

    I love the idea! Without a doubt it will be one of the pioneers in Firefox OS.


  12.   leonardopc1991 said

    One question, I have to re-register on the blog or with the blog from Linux could access, another I can contribute but of course I do not have a physical FirefoxOS therefore I will emulate it, can and / or is that allowed?

    1.    elav said

      Yes, unfortunately, we do not want to mix the databases of both projects.

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      They are separate sites, separate databases, so yes, you have to register on the new site.
      Any interesting experience with FirefoxOS (emulated or physical) is welcome 🙂

  13.   urKh said

    How fine, I sign up to publish for the ZTE Open 😀 as soon as I open a little time I will prepare something, which has already taken a long time xD

  14.   nosferatuxx said

    Now you would need a link to the site from the menu. Oh nooo?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      In the next theme (which we hope to release soon) it will be 🙂

  15.   Miguel said

    Well nothing that this project takes forward as you did with this project and I would say like most of the people I saw who wrote in the comments it was better to put it from mobile so it would cover everything like ubuntuphone etc. well I hope they move forward and leave That argument that if they use wordpress or not

  16.   yen said

    Why don't users make one for all projects? Google-style that works so well

  17.   Ariki said

    Good for the site even though I would have preferred that they did not separate content, let me explain: from linux rather than talking only about Linux, I think they could have focused on everything related to linux-based systems or better all free code, having sections of such And what, a firefox section, another section on android, I know, but making a new site to just talk about firefox, I think I would have thought better of it, it's like the one that covers a lot, little squeezes and since they have the number of readers and editors here on this site why not take advantage of that? but hey, you are the masters and owners of your site and your time, guys, as always, your work is appreciated, a greeting Ariki

    1.    elav said

      The proposal is appreciated and yes, we think about it, we still have time to do something like that anyway. We are going to see how the other site goes and if it works, we join the projects.

      The truth is, that although it is said very easy, reorganizing the current structure of DesdeLinux is a bit cumbersome.

      1.    alunado said

        DO NOT GET WRONG !! look at the market penetration and development that the FFOS is achieving over time and perhaps if it is worth a separate site. Amen that some of you (the admins I say) can establish excellent relations with the mozilla foundation if the site becomes a center of consultation, information and reference.
        NO NO NO NO, do not integren with desdelinux. : ) cool.
        You guys have been growing up for a while, and what you did was a step to keep growing. For the turn back?

        1.    ariki said

          Let's go on part, let's see the issue of integrating the webs is somewhat cumbersome as elav says, maybe having someone else in charge of the site so that there are two or more webmasters, perhaps it could be something more productive to have a single web that integrates the different branches To which the site may be oriented, it is a proposal, it is not that they have to do it, it is something that for me would be much easier to manage a website that has the necessary sections to cover the market, apart from the fact that the name of desdelinux is already there having a reputation then why not take advantage of that?

          Second, that of growing is very good, but as I say, why do something from scratch if you already have something that works for you and that you can continue to enhance it ??? Do you think that people would not like to have more content on desdelinux instead of having to visit the page's affiliate to see ffos content?

          I repeat again I do not say that this is wrong, only that you have to take advantage of the name of desdelinuix and make this page grow more with more content! anyway elav without a doubt you will continue to grow and in a very good way someone who is reading your articles from almost the beginning of this website tells you, thank you very much for what you say with growing up, your work greetings Ariki

  18.   truko22 said

    Excellent, this is my daily visits marker 😀 my favorite browser is firefox and when my nokia500 has to retire I plan to go for a phone with firefox 😀

  19.   Jose Jácome said

    Congratulations FromLinux Team! Linux is everywhere and where our beloved kernel is installed, it will open a Linux server there ... But don't forget the others! (Sailfish OS, Tizen and Android)
    Firefox OS is a great Operating System and it has great objectives with the users, so your decision to dedicate a project to Firefox OS is very wise… I would like you to make a post "Before acquiring Firefox OS" (I would like to change my indestructible Nokia 5130 for a Smartphone with Firefox OS), advice on the hardware to avoid suffering from acute versionitis, etc.
    Keep it up FromLinux ...

  20.   alunado said

    How great what people did !! They do not know (if they know) how good it is for me and their time and effort helps in making a site for that OS.
    As soon as I leave my phone with old technology and buy one of these crappy touch (something that nothing motivates me to do android) I will have all the info. Ehh, maybe it will contribute something. Greetings from the south.

  21.   Rainbow_fly said

    It seems a bit rushed xD but good