Games for the terminal

When we think terminals commands, text, scripts, programmer utilities and things that only free software gurus would understand often come to mind. But not everything is work in an environment without X, and just as you are imagining too there are games For the tty, it is true that they do not have impressive graphics like today's games (neither sound), but they do their job well in making us have a good time.


To give you an idea, most of their graphics are just letters and signs in pure ASCII style, some little box with your score, and sometimes just a simple coloring. The basics, right? Some of them may well go through mini-games, while others have a difficulty that few imagine.

Considering the above, why don't we take a look at them?



Few can relate robots to kittens in a single sentence, and more if they are in a tty. At first this sounds strange, but it is the plot of this minigame. In it you are a robot (#) with the task of finding a hidden kitten among several objects, for this you just have to touch them and see if they are indeed a kitten or not. The best thing about this is that when you do, they will drop some funny or somewhat disturbing phrase.

This toaster strudel is riddled with bullet holes!


moon buggy


Who has not wanted to travel to the Moon? Surely everyone has heard of the famous moon landing back in 1966 and its many conspiracy theories. In this game we will take control of a moon car, with the aim of making a perfect moon landing, by jumping we will avoid falling off the cliffs and fulfill our mission.



The snow and the mountains are the ideal place to practice a little sky, even in a terminal. In this little minigame we will have to strive to achieve a high score, and as the name implies, we will do it trying to make big jumps in the middle of the snow. It has 7 stages and a world cup, we can choose several competitors and determine their skills. The animation of the falling snow it is a success.



Did you think that I could not miss a tetris?, Well, no. And we have all already played one of the many clones of it, and of course, we also have a version for the terminal. It has the option of choosing the level with which we want to start, just as simple as the original.


Dungeon crawl stone soup

It is said that beyond the deep hell, there is the wonderful Crystal of Zot, an object with unimaginable power that holds a mystery. In this game roguelike our job is to go down to the bottom of the immense gourd of 27 underground floors to get hold of it and return to the surface, sounds easy, doesn't it ?; With a class and profession system, and great difficulty, this little gem for the terminal can rival a modern RPG.

Watching an online game of Crawl.

With 24 different races to choose from, 5 game modes and a tutorial, around 27 different jobs, 12 types of magic, gods and weapons; We have a deep range of possibilities to make our way through the dangerous dungeon that is randomly generated every time we start a new game. It also has a graphical version called crawl-tiles.

We can also play online using any of their servers via ssh or telnet, and see the games of other players in real time or recorded. For example:


User: joshua
Password: joshua

It is in constant development and has a very active community, as well as tournaments. Incredible true?.

Open possibilities

And with this we conclude this small review about these games, remember that most of them are in the repositories of your distribution, which facilitates their installation, they are just a handful of them. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did at write it, we read later.


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  1.   e2391 said

    Excellent contribution, some did not know. They are perfect for my system without X 😀 Others that you could try are: nethack, 0verkill, vitetris, myman and ninvaders.


  2.   brown said

    And how do I install them? 🙁

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      If you use Debian, Ubuntu or a distro that uses .DEB packages (as is the case, you use Mint) using:
      sudo apt-get install GAME-NAME

      For example, to install robotfindskitten you put:
      sudo apt-get install robotfindskitten


      1.    brown said

        Thanks 😀

  3.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    Welcome Maxwell 😀
    Good post now elav he played the one with the moon and we laugh a lot when the car / ship is destroyed LOL !!!

    We hope to read more of your posts hahahahaha, because this was super interesting, we did not know any of these games 😉


    1.    Maxwell said

      Thank you very much.

      The truth was I was hesitant to send it because I thought they were going to take it as something of little relevance, but I'm glad they liked it and published it.


      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        Nah what do you say, you do not hesitate ... you send it 😀
        In fact you can see today's statistics and you will see that it is the 2nd most read article 😉

        Greetings and welcome once again 🙂

  4.   Kitty said

    Hello! Your post is good! I am a gamer and I love games, but on console they are the best. Keep it up!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      That "Re Bueno" sounded like someone from Mexico or Venezuela LOL !!!

      1.    Kitty said

        No, I am Cuban and I am proud to be one. I've always said that "re" Hahahaha,

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          HAHAHAHA I know you are haha, just that I had never seen someone from here say that about re

          1.    Kitty said

            You see, I'm unique 😉

          2.    Courage said



            PS: elav save yourself the trouble majete

    2.    Maxwell said

      Thanks for reading, I'm glad it helped you.


  5.   anubis_linux said

    hehe right now I start to play the RPG Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup hehe, how's it going…. what a doubt .. those games will be in Spanish ???

    1.    taregon said

      Hahaha, ask MAN 😀 and if you can read it in Spanish… oh well, yeah 😉

    2.    Maxwell said

      Unfortunately they are all in English, do not believe it has cost me something to take the trick with the Crawl. I recommend that you go through the tutorial first to get an idea of ​​how it goes, and also the instructions to learn the basic commands.


  6.   Abel said

    I think vim-tetris is better than tint in this case.

    Good information, now if to play. xP


  7.   Perseus said

    I honestly can't imagine them XD. It would be necessary to try 😉

  8.   ren434 said

    Fantastic the post right now I start to play stone_soup seems promising. ; D
    By the way the game seems inspired by nethack mmm.

    1.    Maxwell said

      In fact no, Crawl Stone Soup is more or less an improved version of the original Crawl. All of them base their style on the first game of its kind, "Rogue", and at the same time this is based on the game Dungeons and Dragons.

      Nethack is itself an improved version of "Net", and Nethack has another improved version called "Slash'em". A bit confusing, right?


  9.   anubis_linux said

    uff I started to play Crawl Stone Soup, and honestly .. you have to be a guru hahaha and have a tremendous memory hehe everything is done by keys, I have already lost twice with some trolls at the beginning…. If it were in Spanish it would be a great hit, hehe, because it looks good also a good variety of characters and classes ... .. later when I have a calmer head I put it hehej ,,,,

    1.    Maxwell said

      It has a trick, I recommend that you first start with the easy races like vampires, ghouls and spriggans. Vampires can survive a long time without drinking blood, they can escape like little bats upon reaching level 3, ghouls eat almost anything, and little spriggans have very slow metabolism, they are very fast but cannot use weapons or armor. very big.

      I also recommend that you start with some magical profession, such as a transmuting spriggan (being agile they can use their magic faster), an ice elementalist vampire, or a poisonous mage spriggan. The latter combination is lethal, in fact the player in the screenshot he takes does entire gnolls and ogres massacres with his spriggan dwarf, as the 'toxic radiation' and 'toxic ignition' combo is deadly.

      Or better you can do like me and give those monsters martial arts blows, only the monks look a bit helpless when they have to eliminate things like orc priests or groups of centaurs: S

      If you see a magic wand or staff and your monk's race is not bad at magic, feel free to use it. I'd tell you to read the wiki, but that would detract from its charm.

      You can tell it's my favorite game, right?


      1.    anubis_linux said

        hehe it shows .. today I put it calmly .. and I will pass the tutorial first to understand what it is about…. In the end I am fans of RPG's hehe, I don't think the little game will get so complex for me hehe ..

  10.   Mauritius said

    Very Good the post. I'm going to try the Stone Soup, see how it goes.

  11.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    I did not know that there was an RPG in the repos ... although I am not a lover of that genre of games I will see if here in the JC it is in the repos, something that I doubt since they are not even updated with respect to Iceweasel I doubt that they are with the games hehehe

  12.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    Incredibly…. Those of the JC repo happily disappointed me and IF the Dungeon Crawl IS in the repos, so I'm about to create a character in the Dungeon Crawl lol I'll tell you about my "experiences" to see if it doesn't hit me so hard with this as with World of Warcraft, which in my days as a student at the UCI (University of Computer Sciences) almost made me lose my degree, hehe.

  13.   seikon said

    How do I run the games?
    is that I'm new to this linux XD

  14.   Tbzer said


  15.   AlexLikeRock said

    Excellent, I had time looking for games for an action terminal, and with the tint, my jaw dropped. Well, I never imagined TETRIS without Xorg.
    and with "Crawl" I can't believe it. (this one had to highlight the name of the package, apart from the game)
    excellent contribution (and).
    by the way I miss you "GNUGO".
    it's boring, but it gets you out of trouble when compiling a new kernel by hand 😛

  16.   Rahnye vazq said

    I've already downloaded a few games but the question I have is how to run them. Can someone answer my question?