Ghost: Install on VPS with Debian / Ubuntu without complicating your life

Hello, in this tutorial I show you how to install the blogging platform «Ghost» (Of which I spoke before with the nickname of IvanLinux) in your VPS with Ubuntu, without more, let's start with the tutorial: D.


Step 1 (And quite obvious): Connect with your VPS


ssh -l UserName

Step 2: Install requirements

Install the compiling requirements (If you don't have Python, it's time to install it).

apt-get install build-essential automake make checkinstall dpatch patchutils autotools-dev debhelper quilt fakeroot xutils lintian cmake dh-make libtool autoconf git-core curl

Step 3: Install everything:

Simpler not even water (x'D) ..

wget -O - | sudo bash

Step 4: Configure

Open your Internet browser and configure the blog user with, for example:

And that's it! 😀
Your blog has been created! 😀

Now you have the opportunity to start editing the topic and publish 🙂
And then a proof that everything turned out perfect: this is mine

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  1.   eliotime3000 said

    Good. I will test it on my VirtualBox.

    And by the way, why didn't you send a message to the inbox if you forgot the password of your username to access the site?

    1.    XTickXIvanX said

      No, it's not that, I just decided to change my username xD

  2.   cuervo291286 said

    how is this ... excuse my ignorance.

    1.    elav said

      To create a blog 😉

  3.   Brallan said

    Pretty good post. I have found one of my favorite Linux sites 😉

    1.    elav said

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 😉

  4.   Alejandro said

    thanks for the post Ivan!

    2 questions:

    1. Could you do a theming post on ghost?
    2. The post thumbnail at the root of the page shows Javascript, although Ghost is based on NodeJS (Javascript) maybe replace it with a Ghost thumbnail?

    1.    XTickXIvanX said

      Clear! and it will not only be one 🙂
      If it were possible for me to edit it, I would (@elav if you see this edit the thumbnail please)

      1.    Alejandro said


        A few days ago I installed it on my digital ocean droplet and it looks great. I've been doing a bit of research on theming and it seems pretty simple even though there's no info on the internet.

  5.   daryo said

    and what is the difference compared to installing for example wordpress?

    1.    Chuk said

      Hmmm, it is not to criticize the post but its writing and explanation is quite poor and confusing for people who do not know anything about nodejs.

      Installation for windows, mac or linux.

      1) Have nodejs already installed on your computer.
      2) Download ghost at
      3) Install dependencies npm install –production
      4) Configure the conf.js file
      5) Start the server in production mode npm start –production


      1.    XTickXIvanX said

        The post is intended for people who do not know anything about nodejs, for that the following command: wget -O - | sudo bash
        NodeJS is compiled, Ghost is installed (+ Dependencies) and the port is configured to 80, all this with a few steps, just like a panel (With just a few clicks) with wordpress.

    2.    XTickXIvanX said

      Which is much lighter and made in NodeJS