Gimp 2.8 available on Debian Testing

I thought it would take much longer but no, we can already enjoy in Debian Testing de Gimp 2.8, with all the advantages and improvements that this new version includes.

Of all those improvements already we talk in this post, and although on a technical level many changes were added, I think that what is most appreciated by the user, is the option to Single window. If you don't have it installed, you just have to open a terminal and put:

$ sudo aptitude install gimp

or if you already have it on your PC, update from the repositories .. 😀

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  1.   tavo said

    Every so often I go to check the gimp entry for testing for my future Debian installation and if I remember correctly Gimp 2.8 went to testing last week I think on Friday I saw that it was already available. As soon as I have my own computer I install Debian testing.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well I really don't know if it's been available since last week. I came to realize that yesterday ^^

      1.    Shiba87 said

        The change appears dated the 27th, so it was either late on Sunday, or early on Monday

        1.    Lex.RC1 said

          … Which are two days plus two days less for a program that is lost in the Jurassic.

      2.    commentator said

        FYI: The status of the gimp source package
        in Debian's testing distribution has changed.

        Previous version: 2.6.12-1
        Current version: 2.8.0-2

        Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 16:39:13 +0000

      3.    commentator said

        I would like to see an article on Wine on debian GNU / Linux. There has been a lot of movement in recent days and version 1.2.3 is already available in both sid and testing (Whee…), also version 1.4 is in experimental and is expected to be in sid in June.

  2.   Lex.RC1 said

    I am not surprised by anything that appeared just with the release of Fedora, with Gimp being one of its flags for version 17.

    But the truth and I do not know if this will be the case now or always, the Debian testing version has updated Blender, Inkscape, Scribus, MyPaint and now Gimp, with the exception of Krita that is conspicuous by its absence, the sid has the latest version .

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Everything related to KDE is the black sheep for Debian ... they always have it very neglected 🙁

      1.    Lex.RC1 said

        It's a shame because the Kde programs are good, although the latest versions can be installed in sid, what I don't know is if I'm committing a sin without knowing it when using sid, I have lost the machine for a week and it hasn't given me a single error and now almost all the programs I use are already in testing.

    2.    commentator said

      I understand that Krita comes in the Calligra 2.4.1 package which has been on sid for about a week.

      1.    Lex.RC1 said

        Well yes, but no, they tell you that it is part of Calligra 2.4 and that you cannot download it alone, but if you can install it alone, welcome to kde stile.

        1.    commentator said

          The truth is, for some reason I install KDE but I end up removing it.

          1.    Windóusico said

            The same thing happens to me with GNOME.

          2.    Lex.RC1 said

            My antipathy for Kde is not because it is bad, it is because of how disorganized it is, the amount of extras and its determination to copy windows, instead I like the original proposal of gnome 3 although it also has its serious flaws and it looks like the interface of a tablet .

          3.    Lex.RC1 said

            A bit out of date, really, because who has a touch screen, a wacom screen, or at best an asus slate tablet? For me, the original objective was tablet and they deviated on the way, I still like it.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              My laptop is also a TabletPC… using wacom obviously.

          4.    Windóusico said

            KDE 4 SC follows the desktop metaphor and the paper paradigm, like many other 'desktops'. GNOME Shell follows the iPod metaphor and the "touch screen" paradigm.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Your comment is excellent, there is not a single word left over or missing 😀… I tweet it on our account haha

          5.    Lex.RC1 said

            A tablet pc with wacom, you have no excuse to use Kde ... Gimp and MyPaint brushes will be great. Also seeing the trend of touchscreen systems, Gnome is the only one that stands up to Windows 8

            Asus slate catches my attention because of the processor and the wacom, but searching the internet I also found out that an Android tablet can be installed Debian.

  3.   linuxgine said

    Hi, where we can find this wallpaper?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Here ^^

      1.    linuxgine said

        Have you got the same in hight resolution?

          1.    Lex.RC1 said

            Sorry, the above are without logo, this is with Debian logo hd 1920 × 1080


      2.    Lex.RC1 said

        I had to ask for it in English ... ok 🙂

        1.    linuxgine said

          thank you.

  4.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    I'm delighted ... I just have a few complaints lol.

    1. To save in .JPG or .PNG, I must export the image, because by simply "Save" or "Save as ..." it gives me .XCF by default.
    2. If I have some images open, and I press the button to close Gimp, and several pics have undergone changes ... I have not seen the button that allows me to "Close Gimp without saving changes to any photo", I have to give "Close without saving" in each and every photo you have open.

    But… the luxury Mono-Window 😀
    I didn't know how much I needed it until I had it hahaha.

    1.    Lex.RC1 said

      And that Gimp, a photographic editing program does not have exposure is that like saying that Krita a drawing program does not have an HSV palette ... those are the oddities that I do not understand ... many more that I better not comment so as not to increase the hatred per me 😀

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        Well, since I'm not a designer ... I'm sorry for the ignorance, but I don't know what this exhibition is about as such 🙂
        I use Gimp for the basics, making simple arrangements to photos, mockups, cropping, etc ... come on, the basics 🙂

        1.    Lex.RC1 said

          The exposure and the aperture in photography control the amount of light, it is different in levels because it is progressive… And the Hub (v) is the color, saturation and brightness, I am not an illustrator but I do not know anyone who works without it.

          I'm already getting my hands on the Gimp, I like its interface, it's much more intuitive than in Krita, it hurts that it doesn't support other formats.

          Closing one by one, you can give file / close everything. and close everything except Gimp 😀

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      The option of Export had been implemented since Gimp 2.7 and it has its logic that it is used that way When we work with an image file in Gimp, it is better than the default option when saving, be it in .XCF format because you could resume the project later. Anyway, you have the option in File »Overwrite .png or the format you are using, to do the same as you did with Save or Save As .. in Gimp 2.6.

      Something that I love in this new version of Gimp It is the way to manage the text when we are going to write something 😀

  5.   jamin-samuel said

    be available in fedora?

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      En Fedora 17 si.

    2.    Perseus said

      Yes bro, it is available;).

      1.    jamin-samuel said

        Perseus and bootie Fedora 17 ... the way it works by terminal is Great ... in fact I did things that I had never done xD axis and I learned ^ _ ^

        The only thing I didn't understand is the strange package manager that has by default: Yes I don't know how to install programs ... I don't know if it's via terminal or if it's through that package manager ... anyway ... Fedora ahahaha (I would like to learn)

        Note that the kernel version is 3.3.7 (incredible) .. I think it is the highest so far .. even higher than Debian has .. if not someone correct me 🙂

        Well, I'm in 3 and 2, I really liked the way everything is organized in fedora ... I'm no longer afraid to jump into the terminal .. I know that if I install Debian Testing uffff I'm going to blow up \ O / .. but what worry is the slowness of the packets 🙁

  6.   Ozkar said

    From the same Friday I think it is available. My incurable versionitis inclines me to update Friday after Friday. Since that day I have it. As KZKG says, the ability to switch to docked windows is awesome!

  7.   pandev92 said

    Lex honestly, what happens to you is that you have used gnome first and you have used very little kde, because saying that kde is disorganized ..., the extras are fine because you can deactivate them, at least it is not like gnome that you must install 4000 extensions to it that is usable, and of course it can cope with windows 8, windows 8 is another chusta

  8.   Lex.RC1 said

    Kde (and its products) is a very long topic and it is inevitable to have to deviate from the original topic because they have references in common.

    If I remember correctly, the first desktop I tried was Box, with my first installation of Slackware 4 around 98/99, then I have tried several RedHat, Mandrake, and their desktops.

    The interface should be designed by a visual communicator, the linear and non-linear menu, the balance between other elements «synoptic logic» are vital for a correct composition. Kde has been based on copying interfaces of successful referents, it does not have a production design, much less a testing ground for / with the user.

    If I like Gnome 3 Shell, it is as I have already said, for its original proposal, there is an intention and a structured design behind its many errors. To risk a new and different product at the risk of complete failure is admirable for me.

    For a better example, the subject of this post, Gimp is and will continue to be more famous than Krita, despite being technically inferior, it is because its interface is much more logical and friendly.