[GIMP] Tutorial to create a "Vintage" Effect

Here again bringing a new tutorial for GIMP (don't think I forgot> _>), this time it's about the effect "Vintage”Or aging, an effect that is characterized by giving the appearance of a photograph corroded by time to an image, very original and nostalgic, or also why not, giving it a classic and elegant air: D.

For this tutorial we will use the photo of this pretty daffodil, this effect usually works best on photos with bright colors, as it changes the opacity and changes the color.

Something to keep in mind is that you have to experiment , since each photo is different and the values ​​that seem best to us should be applied, with this in mind, with the image and the gimp started, let's get to work!

First we must modify the contrast, for this we are going to colors >Brightness and Contrast and we apply: We change the saturation, we use colors > Tone and saturation, giving Hue the value of -12 and saturation the value of 21. Now we turn to colors > curves and we modify the values ​​by moving the curves corresponding to the primary colors.After having modified the graph we go back to colorstone and saturation and we modify its values ​​as follows: Once this is done we will add a darkened border around the image, to simulate the fading of the corners. We create a new layer from layers > new layer , transparent.

We select the elliptical selection tool, and make a selection of the entire area Then we go to select > blur, and we give it a value of 150. and we invert the selection. Now we fill the layer with the black color and set the opacity to 50%.

Finally, to give it the tonality of a photograph exposed to the sun's rays, we create a new layer, which we paint in dark pink or magenta, giving it an opacity of around 8 - 10%. The finished image: siiiii !, and without using instagram xDDDD a very nice effect and gives a classic air to the image. without more to add, we will read in the next tutorial> w

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  1.   Charlie-Brown said

    Wow!… I liked the effect you achieved with this photograph. Interesting tutorial ...

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      thank you very much 😀

  2.   elav said

    Excellent contribution !!

  3.   cr0t0 said

    It's an Instagram-like effect, right? Spectacular!

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      yes, I was even going to include a joke that said "weeeee we did it without using instagram" at the end of the post but I felt that I could offend someone (or they could offend me) 😀 hahaha
      It's good that you liked it ^ _ ^

      1.    elav said

        xDDD Who could be offended by that?

        1.    helena_ryuu said

          I don't know hehehe but there is never a lack of someone who doesn't like joke, right?

  4.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    Yes! Great contribution 🙂
    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on the writing, you have improved a lot, congratulations really 😉

    Thanks once again for your contributions ^ - ^

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      eeeeh am I so bad at writing articles ??? > _> because they didn't tell me!
      I like to contribute to this site (^ o ^) ノ

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        HAHAHAHAHA no no your articles are good, only that sometimes you omit accents or capital letters or ... well when we see each other online I tell you better LOL!

  5.   dwarf said

    I am learning to filter images with CSS3 XD

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      Mother of God!

    2.    anti said

      And this cannot be left in a script? All the useless in photo editing we would thank you forever and ever.

  6.   downloads said

    I thought that on this site they would have abandoned photography, I am not an expert but if I studied photography, I recently took gimp as an editor, before I used mtpaint, also very good, good tutorial. Cheers

  7.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    Excellent, I have a lot to learn from Gimp, just by clicking the icon to start it. u_u8

  8.   Ruben said

    Very good, thanks to these tutorials I am using Gimp, which comes with Xubuntu but I don't even look at it. Another effect that I really like is that of the Sin City movie, a black and white image and something (of a striking color) in color. There I leave it, hehehe 😉

    1.    helena_ryuu said

      aaaah if I owe it, don't worry, hehehe, if I had it in mind xD

  9.   msx said

    And now what do I do with the HDR camera that I bought !? Having seen this before ... 😀

  10.   cronos said

    But what a nice tutorial enjoy !!!

  11.   Scalibur said

    Very good! .. ..thanks for sharing with all of us (mostly useless in design) xD

  12.   RafaGCG said

    Great!! Thanks for your work, I am precisely with GIMP bundled.

  13.   downloads said

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    there are many categories and read the bases.


  14.   medina07 said

    Thank you very much for your contribution, very good tutorial.
    I have had bad experiences with GIMP, not because of the application itself, but because of how used I am with Photoshop…. (more than 10 years), and for laziness ... XD

  15.   marko said

    very good tutorial, interesting, I haven't looked at one here for days and now that I've decided to use a free alternative.

  16.   Baron_Ashler said

    Excellent tute, thanks for sharing it 😀

  17.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    Go another tutorial with GIMP…. every day more those who are inclined towards this editor…. Soon they will not tell me crazy for preferring Debian / GIMP to Windows / Photoshop

  18.   anzill3r said

    Thank you very much, it helps me a lot 😀