Guix 1.2: Package Management Tool Installation Tutorial

Guix 1.2: Package Management Tool Installation Tutorial

Guix 1.2: Package Management Tool Installation Tutorial

In this publication we will see how to install Plaster, a peculiar and interesting tool or package management system. As many of us know, a package management system (manager) is a collection of tools that serve to automate the process of installation, update, configuration and removal of packages of software.

In this category of applications, that is, of package managers, we usually know and use other more common ones such as: apt-get, aptitude, apt, pacman, yum, Among others. Plaster, is usually less known, since in general it only comes integrated by default, in the GNU Distro of the same name.

Guix: 1.2

In this post, as its title says we will only focus on the Guix 1.2 installation on a GNU / Linux Distro, specifically MX Linux 19.3However, for those who want to know a little more about Plaster You can visit our previous related publications about it, however, it is worth noting the following about Plaster:

Basic information about Guix

"Guix as a package manager is written in Guile Scheme language and is based on the Nix package manager. And as a GNU Distribution it includes only free components and comes with the GNU Linux-Libre kernel, cleaned of non-free binary firmware elements." The first stable version of Guix 1.0 has been released and these are its news

"Guix, in addition to the typical package management functions, supports features such as performing transactional updates, the ability to roll back updates, working without obtaining superuser privileges, support for profiles linked to individual users, the ability to simultaneously install multiple versions of a program , among many other functions." Linux distribution and package manager Guix 1.2 has already been released

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The first stable version of Guix 1.0 has been released and these are its news

Guix: Content

Guix 1.2: Installation Tutorial

Step-by-step installation of Guix 1.2

Following the tutorial offered in your Official website, specifically in its Official manual in Spanish, and in his chapter on «Binary installation«We will carry out the automated process, since the manual process can be very long and difficult for some.

Step 1:

And the same is the following:

cd /tmp
chmod +x

Guix: Installation Step 1

Guix: Installation Step 2

Guix: Installation Step 3

Note: At this point the process was broken and the following command was executed to start it again.

wget '' -qO - | sudo -i gpg --import -cd

Guix: Installation Step 4

At this point, we run the last step again ./ and we continue:

Guix: Installation Step 5

Guix: Installation Step 5

Guix: Installation Step 6

Guix: Installation Step 7

Step 2:

So far, we already have installed PlasterHowever, we have the following error message that needs to be fixed, but first we must, in my particular case, configure and / or run the demon or Guix service (guix-daemon) to be able to execute certain commands, such as the installation of packages to install the requested packet (glibc-utf8-locales or glibc-locales).

In the manual, at the end of the section 2.4.1 Build environment setup the following is indicated in a footnote:

"If your machine uses the systemd boot system, copying the file prefix / lib / systemd / system / guix-daemon.service into / etc / systemd / system will ensure that guix-daemon starts automatically. Similarly, if your machine uses the Upstart boot system, copy the file prefix / lib / upstart / system / guix-daemon.conf to / etc / init".

As I said, in my particular case, to test I decided manually and graphically run the Demon of Guix, via file explorer, as follows:

Guix: Installation Step 8

Step 3:

At this point, I can now execute all the commands in the Guix Package Manager, as seen below:

Guix: Installation Step 9

Guix: Installation Step 10

From here, it only remains for each one to read and learn about Guix, reading his Official manual in Spanish and if necessary, accessing the Online Help Section in Spanish of its web.

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We hope this "useful little post" on how to install «Guix»specifically the package management tool, since, under that same name, the advanced GNU distribution developed by the GNU project that it respects the computing freedoms of its users; is of great interest and utility, for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre y Código Abierto» and of great contribution to the diffusion of the wonderful, gigantic and growing ecosystem of applications of «GNU/Linux».

And for more information, always do not hesitate to visit any Online library Be OpenLibra y JedIT to read books (PDFs) on this topic or others knowledge areas. For now, if you liked this «publicación», don't stop sharing it with others, in your Favorite websites, channels, groups, or communities of social networks, preferably free and open as Mastodon, or secure and private like Telegram.

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