Happy Birthday KZKG ^ Gaara

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a person very dear to many on our blog, my friend / partner / colleague and administrator of this site, better known as The Sandy (aka KZKG ^ Gaara), who does not like these things, but it does not matter MUAHAHAHAHA ...

That is why with this simple post I send you my CONGRATULATIONS (I haven't seen it personally yet) and I hope he takes the day drinking beer, well away from the Internet .. 😛

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  1.   @Jlcmux said

    How good.! I turn 20 on December 3 .. I wait for my post ¬¬ 😀

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


  2.   RafaGCG said


  3.   Edgar J. Portillo said

    Congratulations !!!!, May Linux continue to bless you for many more years XD ...

  4.   DMoZ said

    Happy birthday friend Gaara !!! ...

    I hope now at your 4 years do not get curmudgeon xD ...

    Cheers !!! ...

  5.   msx said

    «EL Arenoso»! ?? HAHAHA, why that nickname !?
    Congratulations man 😀
    This girl is an expert in blowing candles: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5cJYhaV_6To/TWJgPDEP2XI/AAAAAAAAd_g/PNAlk0petdQ/s320/Paris_Hilton.jpg

  6.   Gregory Swords said

    Congratulations KZKG ^ Gaara! 🙂

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you friend, you are one of the heavyweights in this world so really, thank you 😀

  7.   Perseus said

    Congratulations bro and partner !!! = D

  8.   Blaire pascal said

    Congratulations, but ... how old are you hehehe. Well, they say that after 15 it is not said. In truth these kinds of things are what differentiate

  9.   elav said

    Jojojo .. I put a wrong finger and did not put the title .. Well, that CONGRATULATIONS ARENOSO !!!

  10.   Let's use Linux said


  11.   diazepam said

    How many ear tugs?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


      1.    proper said

        twenty-forever xD

  12.   makubex uchiha said

    Happy Birthday Kazekage Gaara Sama !!!!! xDDD

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHA spare the sama bro 😉… thank you.

  13.   wpgabriel said


  14.   Daniel Rojas said

    I already told you on Facebook, but congratulations again 😀

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      Well, I see that I am not the only social misplaced using windows 8… ..

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


      2.    Daniel Rojas said

        ajajajaja is that on the desktop pc I prefer win for the performance of the graphics drivers and well, as they gave me a license for win8 pro…. 😛

  15.   KZKG ^ Gaara said

    HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you all 😀
    23, I'm 23 haha, I'm still younger than elav 😉

    As elav said, I'm not a fan of holidays, far from it ... but, this was not what I expected, really a thousand thousand thanks to all, it has been a great detail 😀

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      Like Josh says, have fun in your day. Live a little, be happy.

    2.    Oscar said

      Yes, 23 in From Linux, hehehehehe, Congratulations !!!, friend as I know you do not like parties, allow me to celebrate with a few drinks for you.

      A abrazo.

    3.    elav said

      And I am proudly older than you, which is equivalent (logically) to more experience and more women .. MUAJAJAA

      1.    Juan Carlos said

        Hahahaha… it is the advantage that the "old people" have, although it gives me that I pass you by far in antiquity. hahaha

    4.    Juan Carlos said

      Congratulations! 23 years? at that age he never stopped partying and so on. Vivilos a thousand!


  16.   Josh said

    Have fun on your birthday, because you will never be so young again. But be careful, because you've never been so old. Happy Birthday

  17.   Leper_Ivan said

    Happy Birthday Buddy, have a good time!

  18.   Scalibur said

    Very happy birthday Sandy;) ..

    «Congratulations !!!!, May Linux continue to bless you for many more years XD ...» <-
    And that they continue to give us the pleasure of being part of this community.

  19.   Carlos-Xfce said


  20.   downloads said

    I am new to the site, but also a sincere congratulations on such a date. Cheers

  21.   scraf23 said

    My congratulations, I follow this blog thanks to this man; D

  22.   hexborg said

    xxd -p -r <<< "46656c696369646164657321210a"

    If you can't find the xxd command, install vim. 🙂

  23.   Dragnell said

    Wave congratulations men.

  24.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    Congratulations and my best wishes. Have a great day.

  25.   Ian said

    Have a good time man, for my part I toast for you and incidentally I nail some beers in your name (so I have an excuse) Congratulations, 😉

  26.   anti said

    Congratulations! I hope you have a great time. (^_^)

  27.   khourt said

    I join the celebration. Thank you Garaa for helping us in this computer world. Congratulations, much success in your projects and may we have a lot of you at DesdeLinux !!!

    A hug and happy «Cheves» !!

  28.   cr0t0 said

    Happy Birthday KZKG ^ Gaara. That you finish the day well. Cheers!

  29.   EAT WITH said

    Congratulations! 😉

  30.   sieg84 said

    congratulations !!!!!

  31.   Warp said

    I just discovered that you do the years the same day as my son 😀

  32.   Sergio Lozjim said

    Well, I have joined the party since I was a veteran, just like elav, many congratulations and joys on this special day, and may there be many many more!

    A hug!!!

  33.   mikaoP said

    Many CONGRATULATIONS GAARA !!! Coincidentally today I have seen again many chapters of Naruto in which that character appears haha.

  34.   Algave said

    Many congratulations that you turn a thousand more years and have a great time !! 😀

  35.   Charlie-Brown said

    Wow! ... now they did complicate his day with so many congratulations ... thank goodness I gave mine last night, so that he wouldn't start protesting, because as he himself says, "he doesn't like holidays ... nothing, emo ... HAHAHA

    Well, so that it is not missing: CONGRATULATIONS

  36.   Charlie-Brown said

    Wow! ... now if they complicated his day with so many congratulations ... thank goodness I gave mine last night, so he wouldn't start protesting, because as he himself says, "he doesn't like holidays" ... nothing, things by emo ... HAHAHA

    Well, so you don't miss it: CONGRATULATIONS !!! and share the beers later.

    1.    elav said

      HA HA HA HA HA HA….

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      With a father like that ... no way ... HAHAHA.
      Nah to share anything, don't be a bastard LOL !!

  37.   TheSandman86 said

    Congratulations mate, have a great time !!!

  38.   helena_ryuu said

    [ミ ☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ☆ 彡] ⌒ ヾ (・ ω -。) ~ ♪
    many congratulations KZKG ^ Gaara I hope you meet many more !!!
    (★ ` ・ ∀ ・) ノ 由 *: ..。 or ○ Fоr уоц *: ..。 or ○ ☆ (´ 艸 ` ☆)

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Well I already told you through IM but… hahaha thanks again 😀

      1.    helena_ryuu said

        hahaha none of that, it's just that it's more fun, congratulations sandy and that you meet many more ...... and never leave linux ¬¬ xDDDD

  39.   Rayonant said

    Congratulations Sandy, have a great day !!!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      hahahahahahaha that sandy has stayed fixed hahahaha

  40.   cerberus said

    zenity –calendar –text = 'CONGRATULATIONS kzkg ^ gaara!'

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHA do you know the instruction to do it with KOrganizer? 😀

      1.    cerberus said

        No idea, as far as I know, zenity only calls some gkt functions like text inputs, messages, (I think) images, buttons, etc. to be able to collect them by the terminal, so it does not open programs.
        A greeting

  41.   cerberus said

    Ouch! with two dashes in calendar and text and changing the quotes above for the good ones ^^
    Apparently when putting certain characters in the blog they are changed by other similar ones

  42.   davidlg said

    Congratulations, to enjoy the day and not spark much in case tomorrow we have to work XDD

    1.    davidlg said

      aaa I hope you liked my gift that I left you on Twitter, although I think so 🙂

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        I loved your gift ... too bad I couldn't taste it ... HAHAHAHAHA

  43.   elendilnarsil said

    Congratulations!!! Happy Birthday!!

  44.   patriziosantoyo said

    Congratulations KZKG ^ Gaara! Have a great time, best wishes on your day!

  45.   luweeds (@luweeds) said

    Many Congratulations machine, and a hug, now spam so that we can relax your pussy blog, and find out what the strength of a community implies.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      JAJAJAJAJA nah the simple fact of having had all this support from you already says a lot, a lot, a thousand thanks 🙂

  46.   medina07 said

    Congratulations, have a good time on your day.

  47.   kondur05 said

    happy day kage, my best wishes, in the sand they must be on a national holiday hehe

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you 😀 😀

  48.   proper said

    Happy Birthday!!

  49.   uN1K0 said

    Congratulations to one of the best administrators of this excellent Blog, greetings from Mexico.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks ^ - ^

  50.   Stif said

    Happy Birthday!

  51.   ubuntero said

    Congratulations… (that's all)

  52.   Gaspar Marquez said

    Congratulations Gaara, you are a must-have for all of us Gnu / Linux newbies. Congratulations and getting drunk has been said ...

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you.
      And nah !! What do you say? essential nah for nothing, I'm content to be of help 🙂


  53.   Rafael said

    Happy Birthday!

  54.   Pavloco said

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  55.   cronos said

    Happy birthday, where's the blowout. To become Vikings said the Lord 😉

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Actually I stayed calm without going out to party, and on the weekend I'll go out 😀

  56.   Carper said

    My sincere congratulations, a big hug and a beer to your health 😀

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you
      By the way, why service did you send the beer that has not arrived yet? ……. Hahaha

  57.   Hugo said

    Congratulations, skinny!
    I hope you had a good time on the beach ... ahem, it's true, you don't like the beach (what a waste in this country) lol. Good that you had a good time discovering something new in bash with unlimited amounts of cold beer next to it, hehehe.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Uff that would have been an excellent plan hahahaha.
      And yeah I don't like the beach, I don't know… I don't like crowds HAHAHA.

      Thanks partner.

  58.   feder said


    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said


  59.   Manuel_SAR said

    From Veracruz, Mexico…. Congratulations!!!!!! … What time and where do we arrive?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      hahahaha thanks ^ - ^

  60.   ch3gt said

    Happy birthday, have a great time !!!

    Greetings from Guatemala!!! 😉

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thank you

  61.   Citux said

    Happy birthday friend KZKG ^ Gaara !! a hug that you continue serving many more years. A little late but my best wishes… ..

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Thanks haha.

  62.   mdrvro said

    Congratulations!!! Thank you and many for all your post related to linux and everything related to SL and / or Open source really thank you and I hope you will meet many more in this blog. Cheers!!!

  63.   Elynx said

    Sorry I'm late, but it's better late than never!

    «Happy Birthday man!»


    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you 😀