Harmony: An elegant player and compatible with cloud applications

Here in the blog we have spoken to you repeatedly about music players for all tastes, on this occasion, we want to give details of a smart player which has the particularity of being compatible with various cloud applications like the famous Spotify, Google Play Music, Among others.

This player, which is visually very elegant and clean, is called Harmony and has just been updated to add support for Last.fm, besides that, if you are one of the users who is used to download mp3 on your computer, this tool is perfect for managing them.

La extensive integration with cloud services and its elegant appearance, make it one of the players that we must try and especially enjoy. Spotify Player

What is Harmony?

Harmony is an elegant music player that allows you to play songs hosted on your computer such as those found in cloud applications such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, among others.

It is free and cross-platform, maintained by its creator and a small number of collaborators, developed using electron that many of us likeand what others hate). Its source code is quite clean and organized, and the updates have been constant.

This beautiful player is inspired by iTunes so many of its features and appearance will bring back memories of that player.

dark player

Harmony features

  • Harmony It allows you to play audios from various applications in the cloud such as: Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Hype Machine, SoundCloud and Last.fm.
  • All your playlists in one application.
  • Great preview of your library, thanks to the functionality of CoverFlow.
  • Integration in the sound menu or system tray for incompatible systems.
  • It has a super elegant interface.
  • Its appearance can switch between light mode and dark mode, with a simple keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D
  • Multiple keyboard shortcuts.
  • Clean interface without distractions.
  • Last.fm scrobbling.
  • Support for multimedia keys.
  • Adaptable to all screens.
  • Nice notifications when changing songs.

How to install Harmony

One of the great advantages of Harmony is that it has installers for all Linux distros, in addition to the possibility of being able to download it from its source code, depending on your distribution or operating system, download the appropriate package from its official release https://github.com/vincelwt/harmony/releases.

Arch Linux and derivative users can install Harmony from AUR, to do this open a terminal and run the following command:

yaourt -S harmony-player

Personally, I really enjoyed trying Harmony, it is already an elegant player with great integration with the cloud, the performance on my computer with Linux Mint 18.1 has been great, and it has also recognized the multimedia controls on my keyboard (something that is appreciated) .

He spent the whole day playing music from my beloved Spotify, plus some podcasts hosted on SoundCloud, and it went great. So there is nothing left to recommend trying it and after you have enjoyed it, do not forget to leave us your comments.

How was Harmony testing you? 

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  1.   Marty mcfly said

    The most important thing is missing: THE OFFICIAL LINK TO THE WEB PAGE. I have not seen it anywhere and that for me is important before launching to install a program….

    1.    lizard said

      https://github.com/vincelwt/harmony/ we have placed it in the release

  2.   Gonzalo Martinez said

    I leave a comment that they are going to hate me, but here something that amuses me applies: the interface is as iTunes as possible.

    Nobody ever knew how to answer me because since Apple is so rubbish, Macbooks are meaningless expensive hardware, and OS X so "unusable", because they try to copy everything they can, there is more and more software similar to Apple's software, and there are more and more notebooks with macbook design.

    I do not know if it is an exact statement, but since Ubuntu back in 2010 changed its entire interface to be more "OS X", I see more and more free software that tries to be a free counterpart but almost a clone of mac software.

    1.    jolt2bolt said

      I can say and admit that Apple's user interface designs are excellent and really worth emulating at that; nor can I deny that part of their software and applications offer excellent interconnectivity and compatibility between them; How can I deny that the best image and audio editing software are designed specifically for that system; But that does not mean that your hardware is no longer too expensive and obsolete, and it does not mean that your operating system is even more insecure than Windows. Normally the OS that falls first in hacker conferences is always Macs, you have too many vulnerabilities to be something that you pay 2 or three times the price of similar hardware and software that can fulfill that purpose flawlessly.
      I can also limit being really very objective that Apple is not the same and no longer cares what its user thinks, now it is about how much money can get from its user; hence the latest macbook pro comes with a single USB-C connector when laptop with similar characteristics and almost the same measurements bring almost 4 of them. Of course you would tell me that you can buy the adapter separately and have more ports, but my question is ... why pay more for something that other brands offer me generically and at double its price?
      And what can I say about your new Iphone 7 and its CHARACTERIST which is a LACK OF CHARACTERIST. Marketing LOs are geniuses, it's the first time I've seen them sell you a lack of something like a feature and they manage to convince people to end up buying something extra just to use that SUPPOSED FEATURE! So a phone that costs $ 800 ends up costing either $ 900 or $ 1000, WOW, right ?! I prefer a OnePlusone than that, look at its One Plus 3T model, with its cost of $ 439 it has twice the hardware and features of the iPhone 7 and almost half the price ...
      And what I despise the most about apple is how closed its system is with only one purpose, that you only use its products ... that you have no option to choose something else or that the thing you choose is more or less incompatible with its environment than you end up preferring to choose user all of your brand. Tell me the odyssey to do to have Linux on a mac, even with windows you have to do some kind of magic to install it ...
      So yes, my reasons are quite well founded to oppose apple and its products, but in a way I admire the madman who started with Apple (I mean Steve Jobs), because after all he was the first one who dreamed of putting a PC in each house and what to say with the idea that telephones were more than simple devices to call and receive messages ... It was a GENIUS! But I respect aesthetics and his way of thinking, because like him I don't feel that it would be easy to fit into a windows standard, but maybe it was the one that inspired linus and maybe it's one of the reasons why now I have my favorite operating system, GNU / Linux! Anyway, let's have peace and recognize that Apple is not that great! And so quiet, I know that Linux is not that great either, but I love it!

  3.   Lucas matias gomez said

    I like it, I take it and have what happens.

  4.   g said

    I want to download the album that you have in the image, the compilation looks interesting

    1.    lizard said

      It's a Spotify playlist called Arepa Venezuela 🙂

  5.   Antonio S. said

    Try this playlist: Music for teacher Carlos

  6.   Antonio S. said

    oh and to download music try deezloader, it's great. It is a portable executable for windows although I do not know if it will also be for linux.

  7.   bursoft said

    I installed it just out of curiosity, because I suppose that spotify is not going to pass the track to them so that it can be played by any other payment platform, so I started to debug the app, and param what he suspected; or what it does is make a get to spotify (others) that returns the cover, the name, the album, title and the duration (this is important) with the token that the user gives when logging in, the good thing is that a Once he already gets all your playlist, the boy does a search in with the title obtained and the duration (so it is more precise in the search on youtube comparing which video has the same title and that the time is approximate) if you do not believe me XD simply in your host include yutube.com if you are on windows you have to block yotube.com in your host file and the app is down. It is an illegal app.

    1.    Anonymous said

      Just because it has a "crab" license, it is software to forget. ("Harmony used to be an open-source software. It is now a free-to-evaluate software, but you need a license for continued use.")

  8.   JOE MACHINEGUN said

    I tried it and it crashed as soon as I refused to pay after listening to a song from youtube, I use linux because I can't stand blackmailing and the humanoid treatment of "consumer" I have beaten several just for telling me "consumer" they don't understand that for some Homo sapiens sapiens is a terrible offense to call it a "consumer" or what I am greatly offended by the spectacular advertisements that devastate any vacant lot that allowed you to see the lot and the flora and fauna present, they wrap it with foil fences with spectacular advertisements-I feel as when the "authorities" of the DF fill the streets with metal fences according to them to "protect" the property, thus showing a true "sleeve" like those used to drive cattle, they just lack the tick toilet, the handling pens and the They have trained - I would instead of playing their game I would obtain the databases of the congress and the entire cabinet and protest in their homes in a totally random and unpredictable way. s pure anarchist style AND SPRAY THEIR HOUSES WITH BLOOD LOST FROM THE TRACE AND IF THEY APPEAR TO SPRAY THEM + A FIXER FROM THE PERFUME INDUSTRY TO LAST + 24 HOURS STINKING EVERYDAY.