How to choose the right server to guarantee the success of your project

how to choose web server

La pandemic has changed the way things are done, from the way of studying, to the way of working, through business models. Rather, the pandemic has come to accelerate a change that was already inevitable. Therefore, whether you have a company or if you are self-employed, you should think about choosing a good server on which to modernize your business.

In fact, a large part of European aid is intended to help companies to digital transformation. A way to make them more competitive and move in an increasingly competitive world where the use of new technologies can mean the difference between success or failure.

Do I really need a server for my project?

web servers

The world is changing, large platforms such as Amazon and other online services are taking a large part of the customers compared to traditional services. Therefore, it is essential that you adapt your business to the new times, such as setting up a e-commerce website through which to reach more customers (not just locals).

It could also be a good idea digitize some of your services, which allows your clients and users to carry out operations remotely from anywhere, providing greater comforts. Or you could even simply give presence to what you do through a website or blog.

Anyway, the advantages of having a server there are many:

  • A better data collection for analysis with Big Data, etc. A way to anticipate changes in consumer preferences, to be able to evaluate real-time parameters, progression, use for marketing strategies, etc.
  • Better ability to decision making thanks to those data analysis. Without them, you can go wrong directions in your project or business.
  • That also implies greater reaction capacity to market changes. Something essential in a world so competitive and with so much demand to adapt quickly and agilely to changes in trends.
  • Ease, eliminating certain barriers for both employees and customers. For example, in bureaucratic, logistical processes, etc.
  • Encourages productivity using digital tools and applications. Even if it is a large team, they can be better coordinated using these types of collaborative platforms.
  • Se decentralize work. This allows you to work from wherever you want, and from different devices. Something critical to circumventing the restrictions of the pandemic.
  • Cost reduction in some cases. For example, if you export part / all of your business to the cloud instead of physically, you can save on costs such as premises rental, utility bills, etc.
  • Not only are costs reduced, you can also increase profits. And even if that does not happen directly, prices can be reduced with the same margins to attract more customers.
  • Business expansion, to be able to reach through the network nationally and internationally.
  • Improve the image of your brand or project before the client / user. In addition, that together with the greater comfort, can help to retain customers.

Thus, you should not miss the opportunity to modernize your business or give your project greater online visibility.

Advantages of choosing the right server

how to choose hosting

A good option is to start use a VPS (Virtual Private Server), or virtual private server. A type of virtual machine that allows you to have your "plot" within a physical server and with advantages compared to other bare-metal or dedicated servers. For instance:

  • Cheap: You will not have to maintain your own server, but simply pay for the service and let the supplier company bear the costs of consumption, maintenance, or repairs.
  • Flexible: allows you to easily configure the server to suit your needs. Some even allow the automated installation of some platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopware, etc., without having to do it manually and without having technical knowledge. It is the case of IONOS secure virtual server.
  • Availability: this type of server has a good availability. That way, the service will be active most of the time, without frequent drops that will make you lose money and customers. Some services have been equipped with the most solid technologies for this, such as GNU / Linux operating systems, virtualization software VMWare for HA, etc.
  • Safety: the parceling and security measures of these servers offer you a plus of confidence.
  • Integrity- Being based on redundant disks (RAID), you will avoid data loss. They will always be in the cloud.

As for the the applications of this type of VPS, you can install from a simple web page to give visibility to the business, to implement a platform of e-commerce (online sale), a blog to monetize or use as a lure to attract attention, use it as cloud storage, and even use other types of web apps for your needs ...

How to choose the right service


Obviously, all servers do not offer the same. Not all are the same, and it is important to choose the right server. Security, availability, or performance will depend on it. Key factors if you do not want users or potential clients to be terrified because the web is down, because it is very slow until it is desperate, etc.

To choose the best server, you should look at these key points:

  • vCPU- It is important that you have a good number of dedicated virtual CPU cores. The more, the better the performance, although everything will depend on your needs.
  • RAM- A good amount of main memory is also important to keep it running smoothly.
  • Storage: not only does the capacity matter, which will be a limiting factor to store your files, databases, etc., but it is also important that they be SSD disks, which will give a higher loading speed compared to HDDs.
  • Network traffic: It is important that it has the highest possible rate or that it is unlimited. This guarantees that those who have to connect to your website or project can do so without monthly restrictions.
  • Operating System: it is usually Windows Server or GNU / Linux. The Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Debian, OpenSuSE, etc. distros offer stability, robustness, and extra security, although it is also possible to opt for Windows in some services (if you need the Microsoft platform for a specific reason).
  • Availability: servers should be as stable and reliable as possible. Availability can measure the time the server will be uptime. The closer to 100% it is, the better (for example, 99,99% is a good rate). That way, you will minimize the time that the service is "down".
  • Security: it is important to choose a service that provides firewall protection, SSL certificates, IPS / IDS, SIEM, backup (backup copies), etc.
  • Extra services: for example, they can have assistants to install packages such as WordPress, Drupal, etc., or also provide you with email address services, own domain registration, etc. All this will take away work and will make it much easier for you to implement the platform you want.
  • Price: the rate is also important to get the best service according to its quality / price ratio.
  • Technical service: better if it is a 24/7 service and in Spanish. That way, you can count on assistance whenever you need it to solve problems that may arise.

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