How to fully configure and customize your wallpaper in KDE

In case the doubts still exist, with this tutorial I hope to dispel them a little ... KDE It is an environment that undoubtedly allows the user to configure their computer in a much more varied way than any other environment, here I will teach you everything related to wallpaper.

Actually, all these options can be found in the configuration panel, while in Gnome (for example) to achieve much of this it is necessary to install new applications, many times that do not achieve everything you want.

But hey, enough since then a flamewar is set up on KDE users explaining with tests and objective answers, about KDE allowing more than Gnome, and Gnome users trying to debate with the only argument that this environment (Gnome) consumes less hardware than KDE (which is true).

Basic options:

The intuitive, the basic thing to configure the desktop is to click on it and we access Desktop Preferences, there we will see the most immediate options we have. As we will see in the following image, we have two tabs, one for the immediate options for that desktop, and the other related to mouse gestures:


In this tab, we can define how we want our wallpaper and what it will be, as well as specify that we do not want a fixed or static wallpaper but that we prefer a presentation or gallery, this is achieved by selecting in «Wallpaper»The option of«Presentation«:

Customizing each desktop:

We have just published a simple tutorial, through which we explain how to use a different wallpaper on each desktop:

Well, following that tutorial we can also place different widgets or plasmoids on each desktop. In other words, if we configure our desktop to have a different wallpaper on each desktop of ours, the widgets, plasmoids or gadgets that we have may also be different on each desktop.


The wallpapers in KDE can be fixed, or if we want they can be a gallery or presentation, and this is achieved without the need to install external applications, much less. In addition, we can have different wallpapers on each desktop that we have, thus allowing us greater customization and why not? … A greater beauty on our computer 🙂

 Greetings 😉

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  1.   Courage said

    A very nice that wallpaper of the girl HAHA. I've never done the introductions, I've thought it makes my eyes look dizzy, and you go and play it every 10 seconds. At least it's original

    But hey, enough since then a flamewar is built

    I was going to tell you the same

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Nah, I do not put the presentation, only that there is the possibility / option, you can put a wallpaper presentation without installing external applications or editing a .XML manually (as in Gnome).

      What if…. * - * .. I'm in love with her, the best wallpaper I've ever had HAHA.

      1.    Courage said

        I already know who I can do remote nursing internships with falling in love ... haha.

        The other was said because it will end up tiring in the short term. And the Gnome thing, it is worth it not to clicks but it is not sooo much, yes, I still prefer KDE

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          A novice user, a complete noob if you tell him that he has to edit an XML to achieve that, or install another application ... in the end, it will be more difficult or uncomfortable that he simply already has the option right there as in KDE.

          1.    Eduar2 said

            I prefer to learn to fish than to be given the fish.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Maybe my way of thinking is somewhat heavy ... but, if everything is always given in the hands of novice users, if they always get it and have everything as easy as possible, when will they stop being novices? No one learns if they solve their problems at the moment, if someone else thinks for them, each one has to think and think logically, that is how they stop being a noob and start to be a real user.

          2.    Courage said

            Good Eduar2, that's what it's about, not about attracting users.

            Let the noobs learn to edit the XML, instead of filling the forums with questions like:


  2.   Eduar2 said

    Hey Courage, why are your noobs other than noobs illiterate?

    1.    msx said

      Courage +1: TEXTUAL.