How to download series using flexget

Flexget is a tool that works from the terminal that allows you to download torrents through RSS. This is especially useful for TV series, since if you follow a lot, downloading them manually can be enormously difficult since they air on different days and times.


En Arch and derivatives:

yaourt -S flexget

Other Linux distributions:

1. Verify that you have Python 2.6 (minimum) installed:

python -V

If it is not installed, it must be installed.

On Debian / Ubuntu and derivatives:

sudo apt-get install python2.6

2. Verify that you have installed python-pip:

dpkg -s python-pip

In case of not being installed, in Debian / Ubuntu and derivatives:

sudo apt-get install python-pip

3. Install flexget:

sudo pip install flexget


To configure flexget and tell it which series to download, with what quality, on which path, etc. just modify the file .flexget / config.yml.

To see examples or "recipes" of config.yml to download series, I suggest reading the official project page. However, this basic configuration should work:

tasks: task name: rss: series: - my series 1 - my series 2 download: ~ / torrents / series /

Obviously, you have to change the data accordingly. As an RSS address I usually use: Of course that is a matter of taste and needs.

This is the configuration file I currently use ...

Test flexget and add task to cron

Once we neatly modify the configuration file, we need to do a test to verify that everything works well. To do this, I opened a terminal and wrote:

flexget --test

Don't expect this command to download any files, it just verifies that the data entered in config.yml is "consistent" and that flexget can interpret it correctly.

To effectively execute flexget just put:


Finally, once everything works the way we want it to, it may be a good idea to add flexget to a cron task so that it runs every X timeslot.

crontab -e @hourly / usr / local / bin / flexget --cron

This configuration runs flexget every 1 hour. For more information on how to configure cron, I recommend reading this old article.

Configure the bittorrent client

The only thing that remains is to configure the bittorrent client to start downloading the torrents that flexget saved in the folder that we specified in the config.yml file.

At Transmission, this is easy. Go to Edit> Preferences, select the option Add torrents automatically from and select the corresponding folder.

To summarize, the automatic download system works like this: flexget runs (thanks to cron) automatically and downloads the corresponding torrent files into a folder. Our bittorrent client, in turn, will automatically download all the .torrent files downloaded by flexget. Easy, fast and painless. 🙂

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  1.   heimndal said

    OT: I don't know if they have mentioned it, but Remastersys has disappeared… It was an Excellent Tool .. :(

  2.   Miguel said

    hello friends of usemoslinux I have been following you for a long time, but this is the first time I have decided to write to you, I have installed flexget but the configuration file does not appear, I am using ubuntu 12.10 with the kde desktop.

    miguel @ miguel-System-Product-Name: ~ $ flexget

    2013-06-14 19:06 INFO manager Tried to read from: / usr / local, /home/miguel/.flexget, /home/miguel/.config/flexget

    2013-06-14 19:06 CRITICAL main Failed to find configuration file config.yml

    2013-06-14 19:06 INFO manager Tried to read from: / usr / local, /home/miguel/.flexget, /home/miguel/.config/flexget

    2013-06-14 19:06 CRITICAL main Failed to find configuration file config.yml

    miguel @ miguel-System-Product-Name: ~ $

    I have tried setting the flexget / config.yml file. but it appears empty, I hope your help thanks