How to install Copy as another app on Linux



Hello everyone, I have achieved what I thought impossible: give Copy an icon and an entry in the menu of my distro, how? Well, my dear friends and readers, that's what I'm here for and that's what I'll talk about in this post, the process is simple

  • download the tar file from the copy page (Download Copy for Linux from here)
  • unzip it and just leave the folder corresponding to your architecture: in my case the x86
  • copy it to the / usr / bin / folder and give the folder named x86 the name copy
  • create in the folder / usr / share / applications a text file with the name copy.desktop and put this in it:

[Desktop Entry] Version=1.0
GenericName=Desktop client for Copy
GenericName[es]=Cliente de escritorio de Copy
Comment=See your files on the cloud
Comment[es]=Vea sus archivos en la nube

With this, your Copy will be well installed on your PC running XNUMX and well integrated into your OS like the other apps here I leave you as it looks well installed in Xubuntu

Screenshot - 100813 - 02:18:56

Screenshot - 100813 - 02:52:35

Screenshot - 100813 - 02:53:42

Screenshot - 100813 - 02:55:03

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  1.   Gabriel said

    It never hurts to read or search for information, now everyone expects to get everything done in a post, copy is a cloud storage service (the one that offers the most space) very similar to dropbox
    wikipedia: dropbox

    As you will see, you don't need alien intelligence to know what it is
    Sergio Excellent work, with this making a pkg would end up being a bauble, if I do I will mention you in the thanks.

    1.    msx said

      "It never hurts to read or search for information, now everyone expects them to get everything done in a post"
      Vamo 'caracho, no hairs on the tongue 😀

      It comes out bitter right !? If it's CBI know -or those weird things- I'll pass: /

    2.    Xykyz said

      The question is not that they give you everything done but make an introduction of what is going to be talked about, it is a minimum from my point of view. Find information we all know.

      1.    msx said

        Yes and no, the truth is that in this case it did not deserve much introduction, perhaps it was more of an ornament than anything else:
        to. Anyone who knows Copy's GNU + Linux client and encountered the problem already knows what is being talked about
        b. Those who have no idea what Copy is about have two options: 1) find out what it is about or 2) keep going and not give the article a second read.

        1.    nobody said

          Well no sir. I had no idea what Copy is and I didn't think it was necessary for me to start looking for more information than I already had because, let's see, copy, right? Well, that: the copy command. So what this man was doing, as I was understanding, was putting a desktop file to be able to use the copy command from the desktop. Of course, when I saw the images in which the data of a user account were requested, what I was thinking was that it was still necessary to register to download that cool icon that will be associated with the desktop file.

          But hey. Than nothing. That the fault is not that we do things wrong. The fault is that those of us who read want to get everything done. Clear. It's not a bug, it's a feature, right?

          1.    msx said

            But hey. Than nothing. That the fault is not that we do things wrong. The fault is that those of us who read want to get everything done. Clear. It's not a bug, it's a feature, right? »

            Uff, yes I have heard and used that phrase!

        2.    Xykyz said

          Decorating the articles a bit does not hurt either and I continue to say that for me it is a minimum, since it also makes the application known to anyone who might be interested. I'm also not asking for a big introduction in each article but a mere description like "Copy is a cloud storage service."

    3.    Ñandekuera said

      "It never hurts to read or search for information, now everyone expects them to get everything done in a post."
      This is real trolling.
      The article still needs to explain what Copy is. I don't want him to come and install it for me at home and prime me mate while.

    4.    Sergio E. Duran said

      Thanks to you, if Copy is distributed as tar but with intelligence and months messing up certain .desktops in Mageia trying to categorize my favorite emulator well, they allowed me to do this, usually one downloads the app, unzips it and uses CopyAgent and if you delete the folder because you no longer have a copy because it is executed from there but it did not fill me at all and that gave me the opportunity to try a way to integrate it into my operating system

  2.   Xykyz said

    Whenever I see an article like this, I am left wondering what these programs are for. A mini explanation at the beginning would not be bad ...

    1.    sanhuesoft said


    2.    Xavi said


    3.    helena_ryuu said


    4.    Mauritius said

      If I think the same, the only thing is to resort to the site page and you lose interest in the blog

    5.    Holico said


  3.   Germán said

    But you missed the most important thing: explain what Copy is! 🙂

  4.   Rayonant said

    This is how a recommendation is always to make a small introduction for any blog post because it is possible that not everyone knows the application / topic that is being talked about. From what I have seen, it is an application to synchronize files between devices in the style of Dropbox, Wuala, etc.

    1.    Sergio E. Duran said

      In fact, and if you look at the images you will understand. Copy is another desktop client to have our files on the level like Dropbox, the advantage is that you start with I do not remember if 5 or 10 GB but it has a recommendation system and for each person who joins Copy you have 5 GB more

      1.    dwarf said

        In fact they are right, you have to detail more.

      2.    Germán said

        In fact, I just opened an account in Copy and they gave me 15 Gb 🙂

      3.    Gara_pm said

        The Copy application is very good apart from having an application for Linux but SpiderOak to my impression surpasses it in uploading and in synchronization with my files, it hurts that it delivers 2 GB.

  5.   gnaider said

    Copy is a cloud service that gives you 20gb of space at the beginning, with the possibility of expanding said space with more than 5gb for each user you invite to subscribe to the service. (Forgive me the portunhol, I am Brazilian ;-).

    1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

      na, even pure Portuguese is understood

  6.   lastnewbie said

    What does it work for?

  7.   msx said

    Using a trick with alias emails I managed to reach 117GB 😀 😀
    The application for the desktop works very well (programmed in Qt, so in KDE it integrates perfectly) and the Android client works very well too; Furthermore, the web interface is very friendly and comfortable, although for my taste it lacks the GDrive feature of displaying image files as mosaics.

    The only question I have regarding the service is which part of the files are encrypted, if only the content (as some cloud storage services do) or also the name, the metadata, etc.

    For absolute security you can check Bajoo and Wuala - although the storage space is much more limited than Copy.
    The ones I recommend to stay away from as much as possible are: Dropbox, SkyDrive and GDrive, or at least use them to share TRIVIAL files, material without copyright, etc.

    1.    msx said

      I was forgetting about MEGA, which offers an initial 50GB free account for life although it seems its encryption is not very good - something they are working on, according to them.
      Now, being that MEGA is the new star product of the fat chanta owner of Megaupload, it is to be assumed that the site is going to be hyper raked by all kinds of government agencies, companies and hackers, so you should also be careful, at least for now not to upload _legitimate_ information, etc.

      1.    snock said

        Mega integrated with kde as dropbox and it would be the happiest in the world 😛

      2.    Miguel said

        Beware that MEGA is not in the US, so it does not deliver the private data of its users to PRISM

        1.    msx said

          Yes, but remember that Kim was at his house in New Zealand (where MEGA is based) and that did not prevent the FBI (or a police force on his behalf, come on) from breaking in and taking him by the eyelashes without even have concrete proof, because to my knowledge they could never prove anything!

          1.    Miguel said

            Yes it is true, but at least the chubby one fights, and also plans to move the servers to Finland if they require him to deliver data in his country.

  8.   gnaider said

    Well, to host your files in the cloud.

  9.   Wire said

    When writing an article about something related to something else of greater importance, as in this case, a brief description of the latter and a link to the website should be included as a courtesy.

    It is not about people seeking your information or not. It is about courtesy to the reader. For example, if someone asks us an address on the street, none of us would think of answering that they search for it on Google ... well, some of them, it seems. Well that.

    By the way, the address of Copy,

  10.   snock said

    There is no service as with dropbox? I'm going to take a look at the dropbox service :). I failed to copy.desktop tube to add Type = Application. If it didn't start ...

  11.   Pavloco said

    The truth is the tutor is excellent. It is true that I miss the introduction, but it is not so bad. It takes 15 seconds to find out what is copy.

    1.    Sergio E. Duran said

      Thanks 🙂 in fact, as I said, it is only necessary to see the images in the post to know it, as for the post, thank you very much; It was very difficult to put it like this on my PC and therefore I decided to make this post to avoid that it happens to others like me

  12.   Ghermain said

    Guys, a month ago I made an article about COPY in case you want to detail and install it, I leave the link:

  13.   eliotime3000 said

    Good tip, although I prefer to use the GIT technology for a more effective synchronization.

  14.   jamin-samuel said

    Aha and what is the use of Copy?

    1.    msx said

      If you don't know what it is for then you don't need it - keep moving> :)

  15.   cat said

    Good tuto ... although the intro was missing, I think the comments of the people who complained about it are exaggerated.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Off Topic: Are you using Debian, Arch, or Crunchbang? I mean about Iceweasel.

      1.    cat said

        Yesterday evening I was with LMDE but now I switched to Snowlinux and I am more than happy with it, in fact I prepared a post about this distro 😀

  16.   Sebastian said

    It didn't work for me on Ubuntu 12.04 ...
    but well ... not so bad ...
    after following the steps I open a terminal and write:
    / usr / bin / copy / CopyAgent
    and ready! heh
    Anyway it would be nice to have the launcher
    Greetings and congratulations

    1.    ale180192 said

      For it to work correctly you must add the following field in the copy.desktop file: Type = Application, being as follows
      [Desktop Entry]
      Type = Application
      Name = Copy
      GenericName = Desktop client for Copy
      GenericName [es] = Copy Desktop Client
      Comment = See your files on the cloud
      Comment [es] = See your files in the cloud
      Exec = / usr / bin / copy / CopyAgent
      Categories = GTK; Network;
      Icon = copy

      1.    Sudakia said

        With the contribution of ale180192 I was able to install it on Ubuntu 14.04
        (With this same tutorial I had been able to install it in Ubuntu 12.04)
        But in Ubuntu 14.04 with the line that suggests ale180192 (Type = Application) there were no problems for it to appear in applications / internet but the panel icon that changed when a file was being synchronized, did not appear in Gnome Flashback (Ex Gnome Classic)
        I had to add a custom launcher to the panel: super + alt + click / add to panel
        The icon: path usr / share / pixmap / copy and the command / usr / bin / copy / CopyAgent, but it is not the dynamic icon with the "zebra crossing" bar that appeared when synchronizing files
        If anyone gets the old icon to work, please report as

  17.   Sebastian said

    Ready I fixed it !!!
    Solution: Add the following lines to the created copy.desktop file:

    Type = Application
    Terminal = false

    I do not know if someone has the same problem, I hope it helps!

    1.    The Sudaca Renegau said

      First of all, thanks Sergio for the article and thanks Sebastian for the lines you contributed for Ubuntu 12.04
      I already have my Copy installed and integrated.
      While researching I ask. Do you know if the files uploaded to Copy have an address / link to share and publish as in Dropbox?
      If so, I will see how to integrate it into nautilus

    2.    meinik said

      Thanks Sergio and Sebastián!

  18.   Angel_Le_Blanc said

    An offtopic doubt, as writing a blog here on desdelinux is done to enclose the commands and lines of code in a black background?
    It should come in the writing guide. I came up with [code] [/ code] , but they are useless.

    1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

      no me esperaba eso de mi comentario

      1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

        I do not understand, in the preview of the post you do not see that highlighting.

        1.    Angel_Le_Blanc said

          I already understood, there are two sections and the section called text is where the labels are handled

  19.   Wire said

    [code] And if you are not registered does that also work? [/ code]

    1.    Wire said

      Hehe… no 🙂

      1.    cookie said

        Here it is asdf

  20.   Zagur said

    Uhm, does anyone happen to him the same as me? The installation and others are great, no errors, but when I log in, Dolphin opens twice (with the Copy path). I have looked in the KDE preferences and there is nothing "weird" starting with the session.

  21.   Ghermain said

    Thanks for the article, I already have my icon in Mint Oliva KDE and thanks to the 2 people who downloaded the file from my page; I've already earned 10GB more space and they each started with 20GB.

  22.   Paul said

    How do I integrate COPY to thunar in xfce? the icon, all good, but…. How do I use copy? Dropbox brings an integrating plugins for thunar, but Copy doesn't bring anything, I only share folders, how do I solve them?

  23.   Rossello said

    Good morning and thanks for the tutorial. A query, I have followed all the steps and if it is true that the launcher appears in the internet panel, when I execute it nothing happens and I must go to the urs / bin / copy folder and execute it by hand. What solution do you see?
    Thank you

  24.   Dark said


  25.   sebastianbianchini said

    For those who do not see the Copy image, they may only need to change its permissions as it has been in my case:
    sudo chmod 644 /usr/share/pixmaps/copy.png


  26.   Meinik said

    Whenever I have to install Copy I see how it was again, I am not very clear with Linux and it bothers me not to have the icon, haha. Thank you!

  27.   Laureano said

    Hi. Thank you very much for the tutorial. It was very helpful to me. Thank you very much also for getting straight to the point and not adding noise and detours. Anyone who needs to "install copy as an app" already knows what copy is and wants to solve a specific problem. The explanation of what copy is can be found in another tutorial on the subject, or by typing "copy" in google. Why read a tutorial to solve a problem you don't have?

  28.   Laurencio said

    In Linux Mint Xfce the launcher worked like this.
    In Linux Mint cinnamon I had to add the Type = Apliccation line they mentioned.
    What doesn't quite work for me is Copy itself. It does not always synchronize well and I do not understand how it works, how it determines which is the priority source and which should follow them. For example, when moving a file from the Copy folder, instead of reflecting that change in the account, it would lower it back to where it had left off. !!!