How to receive websites by email?

There are several services that allow us to receive websites via email. This is very useful if we do not have FULL internet. Let's see some of them.

Web2PDF Covert

As its name indicates, what you do with this service is send us the website that we want to see in PDF format. To use it we just have to send an email to the address:

And the URL of the site that we want to see in the matter.


A service that we use a lot, especially because it allows us to download some types of files. The bad thing for those who do not have internet is that they will not be able to use this service if they do not register first on the site of flexmail.

To use it we send an email to the address:

And the URL of the site that we want to see in the matter.

Rumkin website

This service also does not need registration and sends us the site in a compressed file with all its structure. To use it we send an email to:

And we have to put in the matter:

webpage http://url_que_deseamos_ver.

They are not all that they are, but they are all that they are and they work. If you know someone else, leave the details in the comments.

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  1.   sebastian said

    Very good! And perhaps you can clarify a question for me:
    "If they have been blocked by Google, how would they manage to receive any search by e-mail?"
    Thank you very much for the good vibes of always ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Greetings Sebastian:
      Using another mail service. Although it is better not to talk about that here, how capable that they close the site hahahaha

  2.   nelson said

    Every time I start looking for something, normal… .you have it here hahaha

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      HAHAHAHA a bit of everything but in good quality 😀

  3.   Ileana said

    Your article is very good, thank you for me it will be very useful because I live in a country where there is a dictatorship (Cuba) that prevents most of the people from accessing the internet, if it is not a bother you could tell me more addresses or services of that type (that are current) or at least one site where lists of those services currently valid appear

    a hug and thank you my email:

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Your IP is not from Cuba.

  4.   Neo61 said

    compadre, that there is always someone who likes to find trouble, why put politics here if this is to learn and thus have fun? And this post is for that, to help those of us who in any country find it difficult to access the INTERNET, whatever the cause, because that person has not seen the navigation statistics worldwide where such a rich and as big as Africa ranks last in many of its countries without access to INTERNET in the vast majority of its population? And who were the ones who brought all its misery to that continent?
    On the other hand, my friend's contribution is very good, I also live in Cuba and I have difficulties and the connection I can access is very slow, that is why it also serves me because many pages do not open completely if they have graphics, even this blog that You guys are doing so well with an excellent job.

  5.   locadium said

    Contribution is appreciated on behalf of the needy of this world

  6.   Yolo said

    Hello, this post is very interesting, so far it is the one that has given me the best result, thank you very much for the information. Please, if it is not a nuisance, can you tell me what services exist at this time that when sending a link to a web page using my email, they will return the page to me in PNG - JPG format, as if it were a screenshot. Thank you very much in advance and I await your reply.