How to turn your terminal into an Operations Manager with Gestor-Jou

I have created a program for gnu / linux called Gestor-jou, improved console terminal, let's say that in gnu / linux we have many like xterm, gnome-terminal, konsole in kde and yakuake that are very good but despite executing commands and programs I manually present my program to you, it does everything that the others mentioned do, with the difference that it brings many more functions and aids for the user. I am going to describe what it does in case you want to try them on your Linux / Linux desktops.

This program is made in the Basic programming language on the compiler and interprets Gambas linux with the use of gtk and qt4 graphic libraries. This program is a kind of terminal or improved command console, or let's say it is an Operations Manager with many functions to help the user.

Apart from executing simple commands manually, this program already brings a list of commands most used in gnu / linux if you want to add more you can do it and also you can save and load them in txt, It also has a list of commands executed in case If you do not write them again but search for them in the list with a click, it has some checks so that in case of executing commands that ask for a password you can manually hide it, if you want to execute a command you can also do it with the execute button or with the keyboard, this program It has a path search if you want to access a directory path by commands, it has a console view and the word search engine in it, it also tells you if you are as Normal Users or Super User, it changes color by User Privilege! Also, if you wish, you can add background images or change the color, this software is equipped with another expanded console so that you can do your operations more comfortably as well. It has a viewer of disks views and end of processes with monitoring of disks, processes and ram, it also optimizes it, this program can end processes by the click of the mouse, name of the process or id of the same but in case of emergencies by Of course, if it is delicate, it can kill all system processes, this program brings execution menus of the most used programs in gnu / linux with one click, you can also restart, suspend and shut down your computer, but if you wish you can use it in a specific time To do it as in the Auto-execution option to perform these functions and even brings an alarm if you want to configure it, if you want more information, it has a menu that describes the program and a form of more than 400 well-explained commands so that you learn how to use them, yes you feel lost with each of the functions you can look in the Help option to guide you, if you need to contact me you can give the developer information menu and there they aremy data, well I hope you like it.

Gnu / linux distros available for use:

debian wheezy
Canaima 4.0 AND 4.1
Canaima Cinnamon 5.0
Kde Kubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 16.04
Kde Slackware
Mint Cinnamon

Here a video:

Here are some images:

Operations manager, terminal or improved command console modifed operations manager2 modifed operations manager3 modifed operations manager4 modifed operations manager5 modifed operations manager6 modifed operations manager7 modifed operations manager8 modifed operations manager9 modifed operations manager10 modifed operations manager11 modifed operations manager12 modifed operations manager13 modifed operations manager14 If you want to try the program here the link:!0oxwWQ6I!7SPPBeb1N2pfLOEGqsz4zA

Be careful for those who have Ubuntu versions from 16.04 onwards, first do the following before installing the file:

apt-get update
apt-get install shrimp3

They can also look it up in their software centers and search for gambas3 and install it and go.

Then find the file manager-jou_0.0.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb and install it.

Now, for those who have previous versions, they must download the tar.gz file, find the respective txt and follow the instructions to then install the Deb.

On the other hand I am also developing a web browser called Nav-jou that adds histories, bookmarks, face names, saves them all in txt if you want, you can also download files from the internet, you can run my Manager-jou if you want, you can show date and time with page load and percentage, add pages at the beginning, it also brings google, twitter, facebook and youtube by default and finally downloads videos from the Internet with a download manager that I develop, so I'll publish it soon for let them try it.

Here are some images:

NEW BROWSER BECAUSE IT IS DEVELOPED OPTIONS IN BROWSER TO DOWNLOAD nav-jou4 browser download manager nav_jou downloading For those who are interested:

With this program called Gambas 3 you will learn to develop professional programs and systems on the basic programming language. You can develop your applications with sqlite, mysql, postgresl and firebird databases.

prawns 3.5.3 prawns entry1 prawns entry2 Here is the Gambas linux community page for those who are interested in learning to program and share:

Prawn Community

I really hope you like it, constructive criticism is also accepted, to correct and share, Greetings.

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  1.   Gonzalo Martinez said

    I am one of those cavemen that the further away from the graphic and closer to the terminal the better, but I can't help but tell you that it is an excellent job.

  2.   jousseph said

    Thanks colleague Gonzalo Martinez, I also follow you, I am one of those cavemen who love the terminal and its commands, I did this development with the aim of streamlining operations and at the same time visualizing its processes so that our linux style is not lost. On the other hand, sharing is one of our elements, greetings.

  3.   Christmas said

    I've been following your blog for a long time, it has gotten me out of a lot of trouble, I use arch. I would like to know if you will make a version or if you can also use arch?

  4.   jousseph said

    Hello Noel, nice to meet you and greetings, I am glad that you have used the Manager - ((jou)) to be able to work the operations of your gnu / linux systems, I want to tell you that I have never used Archilinux but if I have been curious to try it, there was a colleague who long ago asked me for one for Slackware which I also developed for that distro in kde from Kubuntu, in the publication and in mega this for download, I think that this version of Slackware could be used for your Archilinux, try it and if it has many bugs let me know !, so I will put myself at the forefront of making a complete one for Archilinux. Regards.