Hydorah: new indie game for Linux

Those of you who move around the world of indies games you will have already heard of Hydorah, a game of the genre shoot'em up (or kills Martians as we called them in the 80s / 90s 😛)
The game was released in 2010 by well-known indie programmer Locomalito, author of other indie jewels and with retro aesthetics such as the recent Damn Castilla and the soundtrack by the also known Gryzor87. Now another programmer, nevat he intends to port it to Linux, and incidentally to any other OS that has a C compiler and SDL libraries.
The project is still in alpha phase and he does it in his spare time, so he asks help For their develpment.
The truth is that Hydorah is a great game, one of those games that takes us back to the 80s and early 90s when we left the payments in the arcades, or those of us who lived the boom of this genre (Gradius, R-Type, etc) and that will surely delight more than one.

I leave you with some screenshots of the game in its current state:




Project Web
Website of the original game.

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  1.   nevat said

    Thank you very much for publicizing this project. The truth is that the development of this game is enormous and that is why more people are being sought, to accelerate the development. It's a great game and it deserves to be on all possible platforms.

    Comment that another LocoMalito game, Abbaye des Morts was ported to Linux, Openpandora, Rapsberry, Caanoo, Wiz, etc.


    1.    Pavloco said

      I follow you on twitter and as soon as you got Abbey des morts for linux I downloaded it. A great game and your version with new graphics gives it a wonderful bonus.
      Hydora is also great, locomalito's masterpiece before the appearance of Maldita Castilla. If I knew how to program I would certainly look for a way to support. Excellent work.

  2.   Alebils said

    It reminds me of both the Salamander or the Nemesis who played in the msx and in the msx2
    Tears escape me

  3.   set92 said

    Design error http://i.imgur.com/tlXWOON.jpg if the widening keeps happening, and I reduce the zoom, it doesn't happen anymore and if I have it in full screen neither.

  4.   ErunamoJAZZ said

    I already compiled it, however in the News section it says: «15/04/2013 - No updates to SVN, because I'm writing a« engine »(well, a sort of) to this game. With the same code I'll «move» all stages of the game. I hope to show something as soon as possible 🙂 »

    It would be better if you contact him to see how it goes with that engine 😛

    1.    nevat said

      The news section is out of date, mea culpa.

      With new people joining the team, it was decided to play the game phase by phase, and then connect them with each other. I will try to keep the project page as up to date as possible.

      Even if you don't know how to program, you can help in other ways. Buck up !

  5.   curefox said

    As I love retro games, I hope more projects like these continue to come out and for Linux, RPG's and platforms with very good stories ^^.

  6.   eliotime3000 said

    Good game. What's more, it makes me remember when I used to play with my old cell phone.

  7.   lord saeron said

    I recently became interested in trying to finish porting this game, but when I saw that it was in pure C, without object orientation, and without all the sprites, I went back. However, if there are several interested in carrying it, it is another matter. If you tell me where you are talking and developing maybe I can give a hand.

    1.    nevat said

      C is not so bad ... it gives you the freedom to do things to your liking: p

      Seriously, if you are interested write me at dvlara-en-gmail.com, and I will add you to the group.

  8.   Rayonant said

    I have taken time before answering because I did not know locomalito or any of their games, but I think it has been the best reference that Son Link has given me, the quality of the games is incredible, as well as the vice they generate! ! I have spent about 6 hours playing Maldita Castilla on windows until I have finished it, of course to see later people on YouTube with 45 min xD gameplays. With Gaurodan on linux I'm also hooked, so if I can collaborate with anything (other than code because of programming no idea) you have my support, I have a good level of English so if you need to translate something I can help.

  9.   dhunter said

    Mirror please… from Cuba we do not access Google Code.

    lightbulb !! we should make ourselves a bot that mirrors on demand. (we will put cubot)