I don't hate Windows, I don't hate Mac, I just love my GNU / Linux

Windows is garbage? OS X not working? Both Operating Systems are not "bad", nor are they "the devil", but I do not change them to either of them for myself. GNU / Linux. And yes, gentlemen, this topic is tiresome.

Truth be told: No Operating System, Software, Program, Application or whatever you want to call it is perfect. They all have flaws, errors, either Windows, OS X, GNU / Linux, Unixeven BSD which claims to be one of the most stable Operating Systems that exist.

I was a user of Windows 95, 98, Millennium, 2000 y XP before starting in GNU / Linux. Currently in my work I have a dual-boot PC that very rarely (to say never), the start by Windows 7. I tell you this because every time I give my arguments as to why I consider that GNU / Linux is better than Windows, many think that in my life I have used the last one mentioned.

Patient Windows XP I did not believe that there could be a better Operating System in the world. I had heard of Mac, but as always somewhere someone mentioned how expensive it was to get one, it never caught my attention. And then one fine day I met Ubuntu, But that is another story.

Much to my personal opinion of Linus Torvalds y Richard Stallman, I admire the work they have done and that thanks to them (and many others who are barely mentioned), today I enjoy my Debian with KDE. It is admirable how, despite the adversities, the Kernel that I use is capable of efficiently managing a high number of devices or hardware, of various models and brands.

But it is clear that GNU / Linux it's not perfect like i said earlier. New users often don't stop to think that when "something doesn't work" as it does on Windows or Mac, it is not because "Linux" is bad, but because hardware manufacturers are interested in following the path of money traced mostly by Microsoft y Apple.

It is very easy to say: This does not work in Linux, shit .. or it works, but not like it should .. But someone wonders why? Those who talk like this have thought about all the effort that programmers make to make the generic video driver work well on a chipset? Intel o With? Or the effort they put into pulseaudio o Alsa manage sound cards well?

It is normal that then in some cases, they may present problems. How nice it would be if each hardware manufacturer took out, together with the Windows and Mac drivers, the necessary drivers for Linux to perfectly manage their products, right? But unfortunately this is not the case in all cases. Thus GNU / Linux it's not perfect and it won't be.

However, among so many limitations, it knows how to shine with respect to the rest of the Operating Systems. With so little support and support from manufacturers, it is amazing how some of these generic drivers perform better than their proprietary counterparts.

While it takes Gigas and Gigas to be able to install Windows 7 y Windows 8, and that even after installed, drivers are needed for the motherboard, audio, video, etc ...

While you need 2 Gb of RAM memory because 1 Gb is no longer enough, while the disk is fragmented, while you can catch a virus just by thinking about it, while the Explorer does not have tabs, nor divided view, nor can you access to the most remote places on your Mac.

While all this happens with these two excellent Operating Systems, where everything works (even if you don't know how or when), with GNU / Linux you can have a complete, functional Desktop Environment, with many tools, with drivers for most modern hardware, in less than 4GB of disk space.

With just 1GB of RAM you can have the most modern desktops installed, with amazing graphic effects, and still have excellent performance, and if you want to save more, there you have the options: Window managers, LXDE, Xfce...

You are free from most viruses, and the Operating System in general is more secure. You can install Office Suites, audio and video players, applications for study, work, daily security updates or improvements (what we would call Service Pack), and the best part about all this is that we don't have to pay a penny. And in the end you can do the same as your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends do.

The $ 200 or more it costs for a license to Photoshop Why not donate them so GIMP improve? Most of those apps that we enjoy so much are programmed by people who don't charge a penny for it. People with a life, wives, children, mothers, fathers, family in general and they are not our slaves.

What we have to do everything in a console or terminal is a lie. Yes, there are tasks that must be done that way, but more than anything because those of us in this world already like to do it that way, because even if they don't believe it, it can become easier.

And I could go on giving reasons and reasons But for what? Those who know what I am talking about will agree with me, those who want to know will be driven by their curiosity, those who do not will continue to think that I am a madman with hair reaching to my knees, taliban, fanatic with suicidal tendencies, a misfit being with hacker aspirations.. and believe me, that is far from reality.

What I always say Do you want to use Windows? Do you want to pay for licenses? Do you want to live pending if the antivirus works or not? Do you want to have to invest more and more in hardware? Do you want to remain slaves and submissive to what Apple and Microsoft impose? Well go ahead, I'm not the one who will say no.

I love my Operating System and I have more than 20 reasons to prefer it over any other. That for me is better, does not mean that it really is. Windows as a system it is not bad, OS X neither, but none of them offer me what I need. Simple as that, and I'm sure that for other users reading me, the thought is reciprocal.

As I said at the beginning: This topic is already tiresome .. Let's live in peace.

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  1.   F3niX said

    Excellent post, everyone uses what they want to use.

  2.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    I think similar ... why waste money on hardware and Windows if I can take advantage of my old hardware that cannot run Windows 8 (the latest version of the moment) but can run my Debian Squeeze (the last version of the moment) using Openbox + Conky + Tint2 and have a beautiful, functional and super light desktop capable of running on a PC with 256 MB of RAM… ..

  3.   Anibal said

    Nice kilombo you are going to build with this hahaha

    But I think the same, I have been using pc for more than 25 years, I used DOS, win 3.1, 3.11, nt, 95, 98, xp, vista, 7, 8 ... linux several distros (redhat, connective, ubuntu, debian, mint, manjaro , arch, sabayon, slackware, etc etc), and I also used osx 2 years (tiger and leopard).

    They all have their pros and cons, but of all I always prefer to stay with a distro in my own way, currently Ubuntu 12.10 😉

    1.    Cristianhcd said

      And if you play ... Or you are an advanced user of office automation, spss, maledictum or mathematics ... You stick your finger
      Although there are alternatives such as derive, the same steam or prehistoric versions of software covers, the answer is clear

      1.    elav said

        I am of the concept that to play, there are PlayStation, Wii, Xbox ... etc.

        1.    Cristianhcd said

          I think you have never played in 1080p or 720p, there are many games that are worth it, and others that are not, because they are fucking port from consoles

          1.    sieg84 said

            Yes, pc games must be boring to just check if it is in 1080p ...

      2.    asd said

        With whatever "advanced office automation" you have, you won't do half of what you can do with LaTeX (there are a lot of WYSIWYG for that one), so that finger-sucking thing is quite false.

        For your information, all scientific papers are usually done in LaTeX due to its power especially in mathematical subjects.
        Now that you do not find out, that you are ignorant or unable to use it is something completely different, but do not come to write stupid things like that.

      3.    Anibal said

        I didn't understand… I don't play much, what little I play I do on my cell phone or tablet and if tomorrow I want to play a lot I buy a console.

        Office is free office ...

      4.    Gustavo Castro (@gustawho) said

        By "alternatives" you mean that if the apps do not have a Linux version or that there are no free ALTERNATIVES?
        Because, at least as far as math software is concerned, with Maxima + Scilab + Wolfram Mathematica I do everything I need in my Arch.

      5.    pixie said

        The problem of the games is not the fault of the GNU Linux systems, it belongs to their developers since they do not want to make versions for these systems since they do not see a good deal in them, that does not mean that the system is bad

  4.   diazepam said

    that's the elav philosophy

  5.   Cristianhcd said

    A little outdated the post

    1. Linux does save resources, but its energy management is deplorable, honestly kde and gnome optimized are close to windows, and only with powwetop you realize that, without doing anything really deep, it is between 10 and 30 percent better … Xfce, open voz, and others did not even name them, because although on paper they save resources their energy consumption goes through the roof

    2. Installation of devices, in linux it is quite simple although sometimes in limited cases it can be a whiting ... In windows vista or higher it is something trivial with the drivers that it brings or windows update, the problem is that the geniuses eliminate them in their versions clipped ue, or they are pirated and do not use windows update, I have had a couple of printers and have never had problems after plugging in, and I have not even had to download a driver unless I want more options for the mouse, keyboard, scan or printers

    3. 7the viruses remained in the past with sight and the auc, and again the big problem is the user, if you have it active and install security patches, the only thing you can catch is a maleware, and there are those on all platforms

    I am a user of both, and both have source points, but neither is superior to the other, since they are products that attack niches ... And in each niche there is an outstanding characteristic

    1.    asd said

      Performance depends on many things, including the video card.
      That's where the editor of the news is right, and you say ... Oh! this works badly !!… but you don't even wonder why.

      Sometimes with a weak video card, but with decent drivers (generally free drivers), it works a thousand times better than a powerful video card but with painful drivers, such as nvidia and ati.
      (Generally it is in this section where energy expenditure goes to shit)

      With respect to viruses, NEVER, a virus will reach GNU / Linux and install itself, that if it happens in windows, and it will continue to happen, because you want it or not, viruses are a profitable business for M $, so nor dream that it will end.

      GNU / Linux is superior to Windows, not so much on the technical side, but because GNU / Linux has something that windows will never give you. It's called Power.
      With a free system, you can learn, you can collaborate, help, in many ways, even copying software and you will never be branded a criminal;
      You can correct problems if you know and if not you can ask someone to do it for you. You can adapt the software to do what you want, which you will never do with windows.

      Obviously nowadays you cannot enjoy these freedoms, perhaps because you are not interested, but those of us who love to learn, explore, experiment and improve GNU / Linux is priceless.
      I live in a shitty country (Chile) where from a young age they teach us that nothing will ever be created here, that we can only give away our natural resources and blah blah.
      But for people like me, who want to create, we hate our teaching, even programmers are taught to be users (programming with visual studio and nothing else), if it weren't for GNU / Linux, I would never have been able to escape that sad reality. With GNU / Linux I am a user, a person and not just a consumer, with GNU / Linux I have more rights than just using, testing and consuming, I am much more than that.
      Believe it or not, freedom is invaluable, that's why GNU / Linux is and will always be superior.

      1.    Gustavo Castro said

        I liked the phrase you ended with 😀

      2.    eltigretux said

        I am also from Chile and you are right, but it is even worse than that, as you will know here capitalism flows to the surface, where everyone's goal is for everyone to be a consumer, based on that shit called «fashion», which It is nothing more than a mask to unleash consumerism, on TV they promote you to Windows as the best in technology, they promote iPhones as exclusive, etc, in short, just shit, luckily after all that I am still a Chilean archlinuxer and proud to be, and let us continue to be free to choose and not get carried away by the majority, VIVA GNU / LINUX BROTHER!

  6.   Bob fisher said

    I fully agree with the title of this post. I don't hate Window either, but, of course, I don't miss the little circle spinning every time I wanted to start a program and how heavy it is, when running even the simplest application.
    I will never forget the first time I ran Gnu / Linux. Of course that day, my computer began to "breathe" much better.

  7.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    My dear Elav.

    In truth, I totally agree with you and I think that absolutely nothing needs to be added about it. I use Arch as a system and I am a GNOME user to die and the truth is there is nothing that neither asks of the other.

    Something that if I want to add is that the only thing that I have not found equivalent in the LINUX / UNIX world is an application, which for work reasons I use and is ADOBE DIRECTOR. On my desktop PC and on the Netbook I have Director MX 2004 running on WINE but I require certain features that version 11.5 brings that 2004 does not have. The closest thing is an application developed by MIT called SCRATCH.

    In fact, I am writing this comment on a new laptop that I just bought and if it comes with windows 8. It is not so bad and if it is a somewhat radical change, if it can be called that, with respect to the traditional concept of this operating system.

    And paraphrasing what you say a bit, it is not that any system is bad, simply its success in its use lies in what is required.

  8.   Arthur shelby said

    Totally agreed, we must not demonize OSX and Windows, they are commercial operating systems with a lot of money behind them, on the contrary Linux has behind a lot of work from the community and certain companies (to a lesser extent) and even with this «handicap »Due to lack of support from manufacturers, it manages to outperform proprietary OS in many tasks.

  9.   dement said

    The article is very good, I agree with everything, it happened to me the same with my Asus it was very slow with win7 and it got very hot until I decided to give the sarto to linux now my Asus running manjaro with xfce is a total success I adore it

    I love linux

  10.   pepper said

    Amen. Although I am here with Windows 7 out of necessity but to surf the Internet when I'm away, nothing better than my netbook with Mint + Xfce (Or Debian for my experiments and learning in Linux).

    Regarding resource consumption, KDE is the most attractive and its consumption is normal, but Xfce cannot say the same. Just boot the kernel, X and Xfce and 150 megabytes of RAM. I only get to consume 1GB of RAM when I have everything I use open and Firefox with several tabs with almost infinite scrolling (The Facebook news feed, for example, when you read 24 hours of posts from your friends, you already have 1 GB of RAM occupied ).

    The problem with the progress of Linux Desktop is the ability for manufacturers to provide decent drivers for Linux, especially graphics card manufacturers (AMD, Nvidia, Intel Graphics) but now with Valve Steam inside Linux, things could get better. On the subject of other drivers, the problem usually comes in the Wifi because with the rest, I have never had compatibility problems. With the generic drivers everything has worked perfectly for me and since kernel 3.2, with the wifi issue I have no longer had problems. What people should appreciate is the minimal need to search for drivers to use in Linux. Connecting my Android mobile to Linux and activating it in USB Tethering mode and that Linux already detects it as a modem is one of the things that I love this operating system for. In Windows I should have downloaded the Samsung Kies and 2 more shits and maybe despair. That is worth, the drivers are not official but that importance would be given only in the graphics because in the rest, it is simply that it goes even better than when the manufacturers put limits on the drivers in Windows. I work in a computer workshop and use Linux only to see if a component fails physically or is a driver in Windows (Usually it is the latter).

    And about viruses, there are vulnerabilities in all systems. Another thing is to have the prevention of not giving root to everything that requires it if it is not necessary.

    A greeting!

  11.   Alf said

    Just like you said on twitter, what a piece of post, I loved it.

  12.   David Moron said

    Although Windows and OSX undoubtedly do not give you the freedoms that Linux gives you, that does not make you a slave, a slave does not have the ability to become independent, and if they have installed Linux, then that was not a freedom? Under the concept of being under the legal domain of another, I feel that it applies only half, for the aforementioned, if so then we are all slaves of someone ...

    I am a Linux, OSX, and Windows user. In my previous job I used Linux for two years daily, various distros, including Ubuntu and Debian, I still use Fedora eventually, I use OSX currently at work, and Windows mainly at home. ALL absolutely everyone, have pros and cons. I am not saying I am the tree of objectivity but I definitely do not love any of them, I love technology, it is my passion, loving one would mean not being able to comment as objective as possible, and it is what I consider that common users seek from us. we specialize in this.

    Some valid points in the article, but not all. The best operating system is the one that meets the user's requirements.

    Linux is a tremendous OS, but if for example you have a PC to play AAA titles, and you bought it for that, and you don't use an office suite, or design, nothing, just playing, well, it's a terrible option! That does not make you a slave, as it is an option, not an obligation.

    1.    INDX said


    2.    pandev92 said

      I totally agree with you, if I have assimilated something, it is that all systems have bugs sometimes very stupid and that makes me not love any one in particular, I just use the one that suits me most comfortable.

    3.    Thejusticiero said

      I am a gamer since those games of the zx Spectrum 😉 I have played from jetpack to kigdom hearts and from sunset rider to the lod of minigrh and a lot of games in each generation, being an old school gamer I have always preferred consoles versus to a computer, after all consoles are nothing more than computers with platforms to play with, Microsoft has always been involved in the world of video games and as it does not monopolize the world of home computers, but from there to say that in Linux it does not There are games it is barbaric, in linux I can emulate previous consoles 😀 MY DEAR AMIGACD32, SEGA MEGADRIVE GAME CUBE, PS1 AND PS2, also right now it has native games that are simply great games, the witcher, halft life, portal, pillar of eternity, and a large number of indies, if it is true that it still does not receive the support of many AAA like the ones that Windows has but that with the arrival of SteamOS will change a lot, however wine has advanced a lot, for example I canplay any blizard game: WoW, starcraft, Diablo very fluently and even MMORPG games like guild wards, path of exile, Wakfu (native), so as long as you are a real gamer, linux would not represent any problem, many games will also be for your consoles and although these will not run at 1080 with 60 fps, a player values ​​the experience more than the superficiality of a game, also in windows it is very difficult to get to play in this quality without low frames, in fact you need at least 1700 euros for something like this, so that later you can enjoy it with hallway games or fps loaded with graphics but with a very casual gameplay, 😀 anyway, with everything and wine the LoL goes to 120 and goes down to 60 fps, in windows in the same My computer goes to 60 and it goes down to 30 OO The power of windows is certainly very curious, but then there are the typical fanboys windowceros rat children who only play CODs or BTFs saying nonsense like «the race master PC»

  13.   kondur05 said

    Well said elav

  14.   Fernando A. said

    Yes of course elav .. yes of course .. a day ago you were denigrating a guy who happened to mac.

    1.    elav said

      Well, you didn't understand the article or you didn't even bother to understand it. I never criticized Icaza for using Mac ..

  15.   Dark purple said

    I really don't like that always in the tutorials when teaching how to add PPAs, make an executable file, install packages or other easily executable tasks through UI the command is put. I respect that there are people who like to use the terminal more, but the graphical way of doing things should be taught, and whoever likes to use the terminal will already use it. But it took me more than two years to add the PPAs to know what could be done, because they don't say it anywhere.

    1.    Dark purple said

      I have to say that I myself sometimes use the terminal according to what things, in some situations it is more comfortable for me, but it should not be promoted for the "public" in general since it is something that does not enter the eyes. let's cheat.

  16.   ferchmetal said

    What a good article, it is true you do not have to hate windows and mac, but the best years of my life as a windows user was in windows 2000 and curiously the worst were in windows xp, on my first personal pc it came with windows xp home edition , the first year went well but then it was crap and I did not want to know more, until I remembered that an uncle of mine had dual installed boot windows 98 and fedora core (for that time) and I said, I'm going to find out a little more about this linux issue, in my school they tried to teach one linux too (fortunately) and you could say that my first distro was fedora core 7, I loved this distro and I did not want to detach from it, but I was looking at other options and in my school used debian and red hat linux (for that time I will be back I repeat XD) my last great love was fedora 14, after there I did not start to get along very well with fedora and for that reason I am here in my Scientific Linux that I hope will not change 🙂

  17.   v3on said

    I am disappointed, this is not the post for trolls you promised elav: /

    HAHAJJA out of that, good article

  18.   DACCorp said

    You're right, what a trite topic, I remember reading a similar topic, almost even with the same points in a @rroba magazine about 10 years ago.

  19.   Blaire pascal said

    It's an excellent post, but I don't know if you're trying to convince yourself that you like GNU / Linux. Personally, I completely agree with everything in the post, but there is no point of comparison between Windows, Mac OS and GNU / Linux, because they are completely different from each other.

    1.    elav said

      Not trust me. I am more than convinced, in fact, I have been convinced for 7 years. I do believe that there may be points of comparison between the 3, just as you can compare 3 motherboards from different manufacturers or 3 cell phones .. What I don't know you can compare is the philosophy behind each of them.

      1.    Blaire pascal said

        Hmmm, ok, because many turn this topic into something more religious and also to feel part of something, which is obviously not your case.
        Windows 7 (watch out, 7!) Has many drivers and is compatible with a lot of hardware, but I have had cases where my hardware is incompatible with some things on my desktop machine. On the other hand, Arch does recognize everything.
        At first I started using GNU / Linux so they talked about stability, performance and speed of execution, and to date I can say that they are not wrong.

  20.   anon said

    elav says: 'Windows is garbage? OS X not working? Both Operating Systems are neither "bad", nor are they "the devil", but I do not change them to either of them for my GNU / Linux. And yes, gentlemen, this topic is tiresome ».

    But the truth is that we are all passionate about the most, I really liked the title greetings

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      I agree, tiring. But it must be admitted that it is an excellent post.

  21.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    I don't hate Windows, or Mac, or Linux ...

    The one I hate is the bastard of my ex-best friend that I pick up on my girl. There it rot! ¬_¬

    1.    elav said

      xDD that was not your friend ..

  22.   Chaparral said

    How sensible and true are your words and how much truth they contain. Everyone should read this post. Oh, and there are countless GNU / Linux distributions available to anyone who wants to use them.

    1.    elav said

      Thank you very much .. for stopping by and commenting .. 😉

  23.   Zironid said


  24.   staff said

    When I leave my circle of acquaintances with computer experience there is a recurring talk like this:
    -What is better Windows, Mac or Linux?
    To which I answer, - There is no point of comparison between the 3, you would have to ask what is better between the first two, because those are the same thing.
    Here they make me look like 'Did I ask the right person? He doesn't even know that they are all SO ». and they ask.
    OK, so is Windows or Mac better?
    and I answer them. - A thousand times better Windows!
    The face of terror that they put on I love it!
    I have already explained that what defines what something "is" is its purpose, its objective, so Win and Mac are the same because the purpose of both is to make someone a multimillionaire, and as the definition of effectiveness is: to generate the greatest Earning with the least effort, here Windows takes the cake. Mac polishes your system much more and puts more effort into your hardware, while Windows advertising and complacency from hardware producers is enough.
    Mac and Windows are products, GNU / Linux are not.
    I recommend that you use what you need, taking into account that there is exclusive software and sometimes not compatible between each system, but if you decide on Win or Mac OS X, do not connect them to the internet, because despite the fact that with Apple products They can be free of viruses and espionage * from third parties, with none of them will be saved from espionage and breaches of your rights by those companies.
    To show a button:

  25.   Alf said

    I have already explained that what defines what something "is" is its purpose, its objective, so Win and Mac are the same because the purpose of both is to make someone a multimillionaire, and as the definition of effectiveness is: to generate the greatest Earning with the least effort, here Windows takes the cake. Mac polishes your system much more and puts more effort into your hardware, while Windows advertising and complacency from hardware producers is enough.
    Mac and Windows are products, GNU / Linux are not. »

    With your permission, I will take that comment for when you ask me, I liked it.

  26.   federico said

    Very good post elav, Gnu-linux is a noble operating system, which gives us all the necessary tools to operate our computers at will. I have been using it for a year as the only operating system and I study at the university level and I never had problems with libreoffice.

  27.   Ghermain said

    Thank you for such a good article, if you allow me and with your permission I will place it on my page giving you full credit for it.

  28.   DanielC said

    «New users often do not stop to think that when" something does not work "as it does in Windows or Mac, it is not because" Linux "is bad, but because hardware manufacturers are interested in following the money path traced mostly by Microsoft and Apple.

    It is very easy to say: This does not work in Linux, go shit .. or it works, but not as it should .. But someone wonders why? »

    If you are being sold the idea that Linux is an alternative to Windows and / or Mac and its OSX, a user does not have to think about the causes of a malfunction or difference in the quality of work, if it does not serve as wants, it is not useful, period.

    I do not agree that a user should be questioning technical issues and thus find justifications for what they are offering.

    Because I put it on the server side and I paraphrase what you said: it is very easy for a company to say that a Windows 2008 server is Gruyère cheese shit, but they do not wonder why.

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      It cannot be more true. +1.

    2.    lawliet @ debian said

      I think this has more to do with culture, this is considerable with politics. As long as you do not think, investigate politics, your rulers will freely impose what they want on you.

      Life is easier without the option to choose.
      I think that that phrase sums this up, and I consider my point of view neutral, although of course for me GNU / Linux is the best system of all.

    3.    Morpheus said

      Are they selling you?

  29.   shengdi said

    At SENA (let's say it's the University where I study) I'm studying Animation, and we use Macs ...

    The truth is, there is nothing surprising about it. I can't even unzip a damn .rar file, besides, to see the hidden folders I have to go to the terminal (yes, something I never thought I would have to do on a Mac).

    Icons disorganized all over the place as they don't adjust automatically, oddly sized windows, files sorted by name, including folders, and many other little details that make it too non-functional.

    The truth is, I even prefer W7 to Mac.

  30.   Paul said

    The point is that no matter how much you want to improve linux, gimp for example, its changes are slow or because you ask the developers they will do it, true they do not charge anything but not because they donate 1000 dollars they will improve just because I want to if it is not a massive proposal ever they will, gimp is ugly in terms of its graphics compared to krita

    Or because libre office continues to maintain the same icons since there was openoffice nor in libre office 4 they bothered to change them and that in view of a new user who comes from iwork or MS office makes libre office look as if it were Office 2003 or lower .

  31.   Ferran said

    It is good that we enjoy a diverse computing world, and that we can choose which OS to install on our machines, in addition to setting it up for the user destination that we want, and better still we can spoil learning. to use your pocket to start whatever, here in GNU / Linux, I repeat you learn, if something goes wrong, reinstallation without loss of documents in llinux is possible. Cheers

  32.   helena_ryuu said

    Elav ... what a wonderful post you have written, you have made me smile in front of my monitor like crazy xD, you are very right, and totally agree with the terminal, many things (not to say almost everything) it is easier if you type it ^^
    excellent editorial post. you made me feel super proud to use Linux xD.

  33.   Old man said

    Well ... as a parent, Linux offers great help, especially economically, having two or three computers with original software is unattainable, so what do most of them resort to ... to hack! And as I tell my children, it is cheaper to learn Linux than to look for a pirate program that is going to break your machine with viruses or since it is a pirate you cannot update it or enjoy all its tools.

    It is also much better to see a message: Your system is up to date! a! The serial number is not correct!

  34.   marlonrb said

    true, true, true ... the light and the force be with you; D

  35.   msx said

    What a good article man, clear, concise and with criteria.
    This is one of the reasons I follow DL, because the people behind the project have brains - and they use it !!!

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      because the people behind the project have brains - and they use it !!!

      …. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thanks! LOL!!

  36.   Charlie-Brown said

    "... those who do not, will continue to think that I am a madman with hair reaching to the knees, a Taliban, a fanatic with suicidal tendencies, a misfit with hacker aspirations ... and believe me, that is far from reality."

    Ok, I can assure you all that this description does not correspond to my friend elav, especially regarding the hair reaching the knees ... HAHAHA

    Well, seriously, excellent post, I agree with your opinion, but if at some point I were forced to use an OS other than GNU / Linux, the last thing I would choose would be OS x, as it is too restrictive; every time an iShit falls into my hands, I end up wanting to throw it on the ground, since it only allows you to do what the "gurus" at Apple consider you need and that NEVER matches my intentions.

    In short, I am one of those who believe that there is nothing like freedom, in any area of ​​life.

  37.   omarxz7 said

    But not only is it enough to enjoy the full range of options that linux offers, but also to get involved in the project collaborating in different ways, developing or disseminating it, so that even more users use it and grow its percentage, as in Mexico for example, that not even 1% of users know of all the potential that Linux offers, all because most want everything peladito and the mouth.

  38.   FIXOCONN said

    Definitely in freedom is the power of GNU / Linux. I didn't use a Mac but on Windows OS bugs, viruses, and software licenses opened the door to Linux for me.

  39.   Garbage_Killer said

    What a very good piece of post.

    Now let's get out of our homes and promote GNU / Linux or Linux on the streets.

  40.   liher said

    I share your opinion, three years ago I discovered Linux and it is currently my work platform, if I need windows or mac or android I use virtualbox, and also I do not change it for a joke.

    Keep it up, this blog is one of my favorites, thanks for your articles, they are great.

    1.    elav said

      Thanks ^^

  41.   zangarreon said

    I totally agree with the article, I feel totally identified and using kde on a nine year old PIV, so they say it is a heavy environment.

  42.   Whone said

    Good article elav, do not have to fight a battle to say "My Windows does not crash" or My iMac is amazing, they are going to take c * Windows and Linux "

  43.   Carmen said

    Hello partners. I'd like to ask this question to see if someone can fix my problem. I also use Linux, Guadalinex 10 2.0. When I download the Smart Board Note Book program, it does not bring measurement tools (ruler, compass ...) that I really need for the subject I am giving. On the other hand, Windows does bring them. Can someone tell me how to dock or download them? Thank you very much and greetings.

  44.   Auffer said

    I really like using Linux, I consider myself an average user, I have tried several OS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and by far Linux does not ask anyone for anything.

    1.    msx said

      I am doing the opposite way: to be engrossed in the most minimal aspects of the system, to read daily the kernel mailing lists, xorg, mesa, etc. and of course those of the distro that I used until recently today I only want a distribution that first and foremost WORKS correctly.

      It is only now that I begin to understand end users when they protest that sometimes the suspended is working and sometimes not, when they connect peripherals and are not recognized and when everything is uselessly complicated when it should be simple for 2013 - for example, having updates to applications as they are released rather than having to wait at least 6 months on some distros before being allowed to update.

      I fully understand Windows and Mac users when they are faced with 'linux' and whore it all over the place.

  45.   Enrique Ayala said


  46.   Roberto said

    According to the article, only one thing, I know that windows is expensive and inefficient ...... but taking a point you said, if it takes up more space it is because it has greater compatibility, that is, if your hardware is generic you may have all the drivers you need in linux, but that extra space also means that windows can support a greater variety of peripherals. Nothing is free in this life. I lie Linux and Android yes ajaj, but everything has a cost.

  47.   eliotime3000 said

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD !!! You have made the best explanation of why Linux and not Windows / Mac, although the BSD is also valid (although lately, OpenBSD is a marvel when it comes to installation for lovers of the KISS philosophy and the ease of use it has) .

    Very good post.

  48.   edo said

    I agree with the author, Windows I have never believed that it is bad, even Windows 8, which despite how much criticized it has been, is much better than its predecessor (regarding performance)
    However, it does not compare anywhere near to linux, in terms of speed, performance, better RAM management, startup and shutdown speed, a large community that is available to help, very fast development, many GUIs available, compatibility , adaptability, security, variety, freedom, excellent free programs, and also free, etc.
    Anyway both are good, but Linux is much better, I only start windows when going through the distro I use does not start me

    1.    joakoej said

      Hi, that's beside the point, but Windows 7 has better performance than 8, unless you just use the new interface, which I doubt anyone will do

      1.    edo said

        What I wrote then is just what I think, I still think 8 is better than 7 in performance.

        1.    joakoej said

          Sure, you can think what you want, but I tried both and 7 is better, maybe not by much, but let's say that if you don't use the new w8 interface, it doesn't make sense to install it, it's a matter of deactivating aero and setting the windows theme basic or the classic theme and it consumes less the w7

          1.    edo said

            Well the same applies in my experience, I tried both and 8.1 is better.

        2.    joakoej said

          There is no way that having more services and two interfaces consumes less. I have the ultimate in the netbook and it consumes me like 360 ​​mb of 1gb of ram, the windows 8 pro consumes me 500 mb and opens the applications slower, it is a lot of difference

          1.    edo said

            In windows I always consume about 1 GB either 7 or 8, although if we talk about such an old netbook then I suppose that the 8 is not made with that hardware in mind, and for newer pcs if you feel the difference (positive) when using windows 8.1.

        3.    joakoej said

          It's a new netbook, 7 is better, unless you like the new interface, otherwise I recommend 7

          1.    edo said

            It is 1GB of RAM, so it is not new. For one like that, the 7 works well because you can easily disable the aero effects and save ram.
            On the other hand, I still prefer 8, we are talking about the performance it offers, the optimizations that the new version of the NT kernel that uses Windows 8 brings, for example, transferring files with this new version is much faster than with 7. Already If someone doesn't like the interface, they can still use 7 for many more years.

        4.    joakoej said

          It is a netbook, of course it will have 1gb of ram.

  49.   shinta87 said

    I already have my xbox 360 to move away from playing on the console and away from windows but the problem is that my television card recognizes it by ubuntu and neither does the wifi pc encore rtl8190 if it works I delete windows definitively but for that detail I have to use it

  50.   monitor said

    I think exactly the same, look for this after usr windows 7 (which does not connect me to the internet saying: limited connectivity), for my curiosity I tried the elemntary os, and I connect from 1, thanks linux 🙂

  51.   nameless said

    I give Linux about 4 more years of life before the superior business strategies of Windows / MacOs and their innovations especially the last one, eat it up.
    While that happens, I will enjoy my Debian / Arch / Gentoo.

  52.   rommel said

    I classified it like this:
    I am a Windows user (unfortunately xD)
    I put it like this because simply
    mac like linux are not vulnerable to viruses and also both are very stable and are very good Linux I put it in second because it is a very complicated OS for the house
    And Windows is good but at the same time a fucking shit

  53.   Ignatian said

    I fell in love with linux (unix) because of the terminal and the ability to modify everything.

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