I love opera

There are many linuxers who will kill me for talking about this browser or who will try to troll me a bit, I will tolerate it, nothing happens for it xD, but I can not shut up in front of the browser that for me is his majesty, both for my linux chakra, as for my windows 7 as for my symbian of the nokia x6 with the version opera mini.

When you are a user of where, you find yourself facing the same problem over and over again, all the complete, good and famous browsers are developed with an unappreciated interface gtk, we have no alternative to that, except to use browsers like recon, konqueror, qupzilla , which although they have good intentions, due to a bug in the library qwebkit, they usually crash the second time from the web with flash that you visit, something annoying is watching a video on YouTube and your browser disappears, really ...


Opera, has managed to adapt to each desktop, to each operating system in the best way, without discarding any and has managed to create a very interesting suite, with opera unite, opera mail, bitorrent client, opera turbo for slow connections and full support for 64 bits, a new html5 engine, ragnarok and notable qualities such as the finally arrival of full hardware acceleration and webgl since the version of opera next 12.

Although it may spend a little more resources than other browsers, in my humble opinion it is worth taking it into account, sometimes it is not so much the resources, but how the resources are used, I prefer a browser that uses more resources but is fluid , than one that uses less but gets stuck.

The Hispanic opera community is very active and sending bug reports is very easy, in fact it was really easy for me to report the error that it caused me when entering websites with flash about the effects of kwin, which went crazy and it was quickly fixed , or at least it was arranged for my ati.

The only defect, although for me it is not, is that it is proprietary.

A greeting.

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  1.   Courage said

    When Opera cheats on you, you tell me everything JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

    1.    pandev92 said

      I hope not: $, this is love XDDDD

  2.   Eduar2 said

    Your humble opinion is respected, although I prefer full, good and famous browsers that are developed with an unappreciated gtk interface (according to your humble opinion).

    At the risk of troll this comment, we would appreciate a theme that takes into account the technical capabilities of browsers, features, comparisons, to create themes that can only and exclusively serve the way to a flamewar.

    To read topics that express a totally subjective and biased point of view, there are other blogs on the web. (my humble opinion)

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      LOL!!! you have no mercy with anyone LOL !!!!
      I would like you to write something ... to be able to take it with you hehe.

      1.    Eduar2 said

        This has nothing to do with mercy, for this type of topic, I would prefer to read MetalByte, but since I don't like them, I don't look for their topics and move away from Muy Linux. Plain and simple it is not against the publisher, but against the way it publishes.

        1.    pandev92 said

          Nobody forces you to read my posts, when you see my nickname you can simply not read them.

          1.    Eduar2 said

            It is convenient for the writer and the site to do their best to maintain a community around them, as a simple reader I look for a site that I consider suitable for my tastes, when something or someone bothers me, well I'm going to fuck off.

            So don't worry, I won't read another topic here, unless you are the author.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

              Ah come on, don't be like that Eduar2
              A pandev92 He still has to learn, that is, find the correct balance for the articles, nobody is born knowing and you know that well.

              You are a dear friend of the site, although you like to touch our balls often hehe… you are part of the life of the site, therefore… 😀
              Do not be childish, if you do not like the articles of pandev92 don't read them friend, but ... will you stop reading the rest of us who like to share our knowledge and experiences of this Linux world?

          2.    Ares said

            I can understand Eduar2's criticism if I make an effort, although it is nonetheless somewhat unfair to both the author and the site.

            I say that I understand your motivation because it makes the comparison with a situation (site) where the day to day consists of subjective articles that instigate the flame and certainly this causes a site to decline; But this does not mean that this article is wrong, a good site can afford "opinion articles" from time to time and is totally healthy, especially when they are natural opinions and not as when they are "intriguing opinions" that are nothing more than hooks so that readers sting.

            I also think that I am wrong if I say that this was an opinion article, since except for the first paragraph the rest are facts and are the positive (and negative) points for which the author justifies his position in the first paragraph.

    2.    pandev92 said

      Well, congratulations, but your comment is there, in my humble opinion. PS: if you want comparisons, do a very simple thing, open google.com, then in the white bar if that where you see a blinking black bar, you write opera vs chrome vs firefox and that's it. I hope that this small tutorial of great humble computer science wisdom of the XXI century will serve you for the future.

      You must be one of the very linux bouncers who come here to mess with you, right?

      1.    Eduar2 said

        Well, thank you, in my enormous ignorance I had not realized how to do a search in google. And the annoying thing, because they always call me that.

      2.    Oscar said

        I think that the comparisons end up being hateful, the results are usually subjective, those who write articles comparing, OS, browsers or any application have their little heart and their tastes, therefore the results should be taken with a grain of salt, the ideal is to test until find what is most useful and enjoyable for each one.

      3.    Courage said

        I think both of you are fine now, one for opening his mouth and the other for responding.

        Let's not make this site a new MuyLinux

        1.    pandev92 said

          LOL XD

          A song to calm the spirits:


          1.    elav <° Linux said

            It is true that this type of article generates controversy, but it is the opinion of an editor and we can do nothing about it, only respect it. Now, I will give mine because I also have the right to issue it. Opera is an excellent browser except for 3 things:

            - Very high consumption of RAM.
            - It does not render well 100% of the websites.
            - It is closed source.

            No one can take away your credit. Opera has been the pioneer of many features that today we can see in most of the most popular browsers and if it is not better, it is precisely because of the limitation that it is closed. Now, saying that it is superior to Firefox or Chrome seems excessive to me, although I repeat, it is the opinion of pandev92 and it is in every right, but it has been shown that it does not even reach the heels of the two mentioned above.

          2.    pandev92 said

            Elav man, my chrome consumes me a lot, more than 500 megabytes if I start to see all the processes related to the browser, I am sure that if it operates it would hide the processes that way, everyone would think the same thing.

            Firefox if I am browsing for more than 4 or 5 hours, which is usually the usual, generally it is more than 10 hours, it starts to slow down and I have to clear cookies etc because otherwise it does not load the pages well.

            You know that the closed source thing does not interest me, for politics I have enough what I do in real life, I use Linux not for ideology, but because in my opinion it is the one that for me is the best operating system, even though it has some small ones failures.

            A greeting.

    3.    Gabriel said

      Firefox full? xDDD

  3.   self-management said

    I agree with you that the only defect in Opera is that it is proprietary software, and although it is not for you, for me and I hope for many more, it constitutes an insurmountable obstacle for which I discard without any doubt using it. The fundamental reason why I use free software is not technical but political. I will always prefer a browser or any other free application to a technically superior proprietary one.

    PS: Why are denriseup email accounts not valid for posting comments here?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Hello and welcome 🙂
      I do not know if you can use that email domain or not, we have not denied or configured anything regarding emails or something similar. Write me to my personal email so that you can send me the error that appeared to you, or any other information that you consider important (kzkggaara[AT]myopera[POINT]com).

      Greetings and once again, welcome to the site 😀

    2.    pandev92 said

      The problem I have is that I know the philosophy of many of the gnome developers, and I have forbidden everything that is gtk on my computer, the first thing they should do is worry about the integration of the applications on the other desktops and not hinder it It is annoying that others have to do the work that they should do.

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    1.    Courage said


      Be grateful that this article is not mine, otherwise you already know where your comment would have gone

  5.   kik1n said

    Opera I do not see it complete.
    It lacks many things, in addition to its incompatibility with pages.
    But even so, if it manages to repair one or another of its failures, it is the BEST browser in the world.

    Chromium and Opera Best in browsers

    1.    Ares said

      No browser has everything, however there are those who have more things than others (of course extensions do not count) and in those nuances it is that one can correctly speak of more or less complete browsers.

  6.   Gabriel said

    What do I know ... that of consumption and performance, in the end it is a subjective medium ... .. in my case, it consumes a lot for many more RAM Chromium / Chrome / Iron than Firefox or Opera.

  7.   Yoyo said

    The one you're messing with for nothing ...

    I personally do not like Opera, I have never liked it, among other things because the drawing of the pages look horrible compared to Firefox or Chrome. And the same happens on Wi8ndows and Mac with this browser and let's not mention that it doesn't work for G + if you don't do the trick ……

    I don't like Opera but I respect it and I'm not going to troll against him or whoever uses it. Simply not using it there is enough and it is legal for the editor to speak well of it if he likes it.

    As I don't like it, I have only read the first three paragraphs of your post but I'm not going to troll you xDD

  8.   Andrés said

    I use ArchLinux on an Acer Aspire One, Xfce and Opera as the main browser, and the attitude towards opera of rejecting it as proprietary of many Linuxers who use Chrome seems hypocritical to me.

    Chromium claims to be open, but sends data in bulk to Google, and Chrome does the same, if they wanted to use a really open browser they should use SRWare Iron

    Opera uses open technologies, supports webm and webp, it was one of the pioneers in proposing HTML5 as an alternative to an open web, it offers native support in Linux for 64bits, it does not create processes separated by tab (multi-threaded browsers by tab remind me of… Internet Explorer 6, only with fewer windows).

    The truth is that it operates is the only browser that offers me stability, speed (without entering into absurd discussions of milliseconds that that browser can outperform others and are not humanly perceptible), a complete mail system, RSS reader, bittorrent, manager of complete downloads, respects web standards with extreme rigidity (if G + does not work on it, then there if there is elitism or a feeling of a closed web), session manager, opera link (synchronize my cell phone, my desktop pc, my mac and my laptop), operates unite (turn my computers into multiple web servers), if I use KDE it fits it, and if I use GTK2 (Xfce) it fits it, and if I use GTK3 (Gnome) it fits it too, It allows me to navigate on 3G, Edge and GPRS networks when I don't have Wi-Fi coverage thanks to Opera turbo (which neither firefox nor chrome / ium offers and even controls consumption when I have a data plan).

    When Opera is said to be "His Majesty" among browsers, it is because it has earned that position, innovating and not leaving out any operating system, and not just inflating the browser with fast navigation and superficial features

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Welcome Andrés:
      I share your opinion if I put myself in your place, but keep in mind that you are issuing a criterion that is based on your personal experience. It is true that Opera has all that you say, but what you say is not entirely true: "Respects web standards with extreme rigidity". It's not just G +, it's WordPress.com and many other sites where browsers like Midori behave very well while Opera doesn't. And this time I am telling you about my personal experience. Opera is a great browser, but from there to be "Your Majesty" .. I don't think so. He has many battles to fight and many subjects to attract to his kingdom.


      1.    pandev92 said

        My wordpress opea works perfectly, otherwise I don't know how I would be writing here: P, in g + you would have to ask google what it did, because a few months ago the notifications looked good.

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Also, you should always use the latest version of Opera ... 😉

        2.    elav <° Linux said

          Well, look at you. Interestingly, neither with Chrome nor with Opera you can resize images in WordPress. Now Myopera only works well with Opera and Firefox .. well .. crazy.

          1.    Manuel de la Fuente said

            elav, you say that Andrés is issuing criteria based on personal experiences and you are also doing it, I would also suggest that if you are not sure what is the exact cause of this or that site giving you problems with Opera, do not assume that it is browser fault.

      2.    Ares said

        I don't know if you are not explaining yourself well, but arguing that a browser adheres to the standards because it does not display a site well is illogical, that would automatically validate any IE.

        1.    Ares said

          Sorry I meant «to argue that a browser No. it adheres to the standards because it does not show a site well, it is illogical, that would historically validate any IE as automatic for displaying the sites well. »

    2.    kik1n said

      Yes, but it has too much incompatibility with pages.
      Consumption is minimal compared to Fire, chrome / ium.

      That yes, it is the most pro between browsers.

      1.    pandev92 said

        I changed the identification to webkit and I no longer had problems, the developers do not take the opera name into account and sometimes you get the incompatible sign, even if it is not: /

  9.   jony127 said

    The typical discussions of whether this is better than another, it is better to make a real comparison of the most used browsers in different situations and put it here, that would be much more interesting although there already are.

    Everything else translates to personal tastes like the different distros that always generate the same discussions and you never get anywhere.

    Most of the popular browsers, whether proprietary or not, have done or are doing a great job and continually innovating.

    I would say that almost any alternative is good, using one or the other already translates to personal tastes, needs, ways of working ... For me personally the best is firefox, but I repeat, for me. It works great for me and the functionality that this browser gives me with the extensions that I use could not be provided by another, that's why I use firefox. But I am not saying that it is better than the others, but it is the one that best meets my needs.

    You who write in blogs should know that this type of publication does not contribute anything new or very little and should be more restrained when publishing in terms of phrases like "your majesty" or "the best", apart from this there is already a lot out there and it is tiresome to read the same.

    It is best to do a good review that that can be interesting.


    1.    pandev92 said

      It is that for complete and specialized reviews there is phoronix, but here no one of us can say, this is better because it exceeds 4,5 mm in speed in the javascript speed test and the sun and I do not know what stories.

      1.    Courage said

        Only the Raspberry Higher Self can, even if he is not from here


        1.    pandev92 said

          Hahaha leave that man alone, he must be with his mac on vacation XD

  10.   pandev92 said

    Is this supposed to be spam xD ..?

    1.    truko said

      or a confusion jutsu = O

  11.   Ares said

    I have already written more in the article than I would have preferred, but here is my opinion.

    I honestly quite agree with your article, Opera must be without a doubt the best browser (in functions, in standards, in performance); It is very difficult!! say no to that "sweet" and for the record that I really use a Free System (except occasionally in the ethically correct use of test something: P).

    Personally, I do not believe (and it is not true) that being proprietary is a (technical) defect and that that automatically makes it worse (in quality) than a free one and the criticisms that are predictably received in that sense do not make much sense and more than usually that usually comes from people who do not use free systems, in the end they are people who use what they use because they like the brand and of course they find buts to the other for being another brand.

    With your comment on consumption and performance I cannot agree more, rather it surprises me that this thought is not the norm. Ordinary people seem to be unaware that hardware is to be used and to be used well. An application must consume to offer functionality and performance, and if it does, it is consuming correctly; On the other hand, if another is consuming less and crawls, it will not be better for consuming less, on the contrary it is poorly designed (perhaps deliberately to want to show "little consumption" because ordinary people "and the tests of scholars" notice this).

    That's all, but you say that bugs can be reported, where is it done?

    1.    pandev92 said

      Yes, bugs can be reported here very easily: http://www.opera.com/support/bugs/

      And there is also a forum in English to say what problems you have: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/tgr.dml?id=2

      And finally thank you for not crucifying me too, you make me feel a little more relieved, greetings!

    2.    Andrés said

      I agree ... that it is closed, it does not make it technically inferior, in addition, from the Opera Desktop Team Blog there is always information and a compilation of bugs in a very active way, at least I think that in opera they listen to their user (I know, because the desktop team has always responded to bugs and suggestions that I have made)

      There are closed products that are technically inferior, but this is not the case with Opera