Iceweasel and Firefox 29 present: Australis


On this occasion, I come to announce the arrival of the brand new Firefox 29, which stands out mainly for finally releasing the interface Australis, which has aroused mixed feelings in users.

However, to facilitate learning how to use the new interface, Firefox will show a tour, in which he explains about the new functions that this version brings.

And this is not the only novelty that has us prepared Firefox. Here we leave the following novelties:

  1. Launch of the new Firefox Sync. Now there is no need to deal with tokens anymore.
  2. Gamepad API terminated and activated by default.
  3. Malay language support.
  4. ECMAScript Internationalization API activated.
  5. Implementation and activation of the Inputs number y color.
  6. Shared Workers finally implemented and activated.
  7. Promises enabled by default.

And many other new features.


On the side of the weasel, Iceweasel is now available in the official team backport Debian Mozilla from 8.23 ​​pm (GMT -05: 00, Bogotá-Lima-Quito time), ahead of the experimental branch of the Debian repos.

For now, said update of Iceweasel It could happen between tomorrow (Wednesday, April 30) and Saturday (May 03), depending on how difficult it is to port said browser to other platforms such as ARM, Sun Sparc, Power PC and others (the first platforms to be ported will obviously be , i386 and amd64, respectively).

Anyway, I wish you a happy sailing with Australis. If you prefer an Opera-like interface, our colleague @elav offered us a solution, which is simple to implement.


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  1.   Crow said

    This very good Firefox, I have been using it since yesterday and it is more fluid, it is not as rough as before. I even changed it to use it by default (I used chromium before)

    1.    DanielC said

      The opposite happens to me, it takes time to load the pages (it sometimes hangs when loading) and I have already cleaned cookies, cache, history, etc., and nothing.

      1.    nosferatuxx said

        I like your comment..!!

      2.    eliotime3000 said

        Conflicts with Unity? I don't think so, since an acquaintance of mine tried Firefox for Ubuntu and it works faster. At best, it must be the video drivers or plugins that slow it down.

        1.    Crow said

          It may be that, I use Gnome. Unity I made the effort to use it but had to abort.

  2.   Javier said

    The implementation of Malay was very, VERY expected ... in Malaysia, of course ... 😆

    1.    Giskard said

      You got ahead of me. HAHAHA
      At last they put MALAY !!!

  3.   eliotime3000 said

    Before I forget: if you are against the Australis interface, you can also replace your Firefox / Iceweasel with the ESR version, which keeps the previous Opera-like design.

    1.    Cocolio said

      And how is it enabled? Or do you have to download?

      1.    Garbage_Killer said
        1.    nosferatuxx said

          Thanks for the information .. for now I installed the Icecat and although I am so sure that I can not use social networks or youtube with it .. I will keep it for a while ... By the way I found a search engine very much like DUCK DUCK GO and it's called ixquick

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            IceCat only allows access to free social networks such as Diaspora * and Also, you can take a look at MediaGoblin, which is a mix of Youtube and Flickr.

  4.   Cocolio said

    I don't know about you, but I don't like it.

    1.    nosferatuxx said

      I like your comment..!!

    2.    mario said

      I think the same, but only limiting myself to Windows. In windows 7 the background has a grayish nebula pattern (, quite ugly for me and contrary to Aero, which is transparent. In windows 8 those curved tabs are out of tune with the system's "square" design, but at least you don't see that nebula. In Gnome and KDE I noticed it very nice, and now it is more in line with KDE. Those private browsing "glasses" on the other side I thought I saw on a mac months ago, it seems they made the design uniform for everyone.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        In Windows 7, Australis looks too fat, and I don't want to imagine how it would look in Vista's Aero (when the window is maximized, the title bar is black).

        1.    Miguel said

          Exactly, in win 7 it looks fat and round

  5.   Mordraug said

    What I liked more than the face wash is that firefox works much more fluid and is so far more stable for me than version 28. With version 28 I reached my good 17% of cpu use watching YouTube, now if a step of 4% is a lot (core 2 quad 9300, without dedicated graphics = ^. ^ =). And the same with java, flash etc.

    As for aesthetics, it is beautiful (and that's it) and it seems to me that we will all get used to it, although we need more customization options by default: nothing that cannot be fixed in 30 seconds as the linked article points out, so that makes me happy *-*

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      I'm glad you liked the change Firefox received. In fact Australis fit perfectly on my KDE desktop on my Workstation PC (second screenshot).

  6.   Cristianhcd said

    I can't like curved or diagonal eyelashes, I like straight opera or yandex type

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Use Firefox ESR, Opera or Maxthon (ah, right, you are using IE).

      In short, Opera Blink for Linux is never going to come, no matter how much they contradict it.

    2.    mario said

      And if I also notice it in the nightly, those curved tabs with relief and windows 8 make a lot of noise

    3.    Miguel said

      I don't like round tabs either, it's the opposite of what firefox has always been

  7.   petercheco said

    Good news, but I prefer to use the ESR versions of Firefox so I wait for the next ESR version which corresponds to the 31 😀

    1.    kik1n said

      Uhhh I see you still use Slackware, 🙂
      I recommend this version, it looks more fluid, although I love the design.

      1.    petercheco said

        Well of course I continue with Slackware: D. I already said that I stay here and I'm more than happy 🙂 :).

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Well, just using the Firefox ESR reminds me of the last time I used Netscape 9 on my Windows PC.

      Oh, by the way, Firefox ESR receives improvements every time, but it cannot be updated in the same browser (or in Root mode) in Slackware.

      1.    petercheco said

        Whether ESRs are the best to have in a corporate or production setting. It's very stable and you don't need to update that often :). For the matter of updating, just yesterday update 24.5.0 arrived at the Slackware repositories with which a slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade is enough and that's it: D.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Thanks for the tip. In addition, in Firefox ESR there is the option to update said browser through the "about" window, but it did not do this action even in Root mode.

          Anyway, Debian has in its main repos the ESR branch of Iceweasel, which is very well maintained. And by the way, the ESR versions of Firefox / Iceweasel are the ones that have the most relevant improvements in terms of stability than in the versions of the release branch.

  8.   the mute said

    I have always opted for Firefox, although lately it was somewhat slow and heavy, but it seems that with this new update it is much better besides that it looks very good, Chrome and Chromium are fine but I don't have that much confidence so I won't have to change my favorite browser.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      That is what I have noticed in this version: it is no longer so heavy to navigate on Facebook nor does it stagnate on pages dependent on Flash Player.

      At least it has alleviated my link sync problem.

  9.   sausl said

    I use the 28 of firefox and iceweasel both are perfect
    I get chrome very bugero and lentil the latest versions besides that he eats more ram
    that firefox / icewasel

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Normally, with whom I have a bad relationship is with Chrome, since its updater for Windows is really heavy, and it slows down even bandwidth (fortunately, there is Chromium for Windows, which lacks Google Update, Pepper Flash and all that stink that doesn't make Chrome look good).

      In Firefox / Iceweasel, now I do feel that the rendering in Gecko has improved, since until version 28, it felt like a kind of backward movement in terms of consumption at the hardware level.

      At the moment, Google Chrome barely uses it for my hangouts that I have, and the Iceweasel 29 is spectacular for me.

      1.    sausl said

        you are tempting me to install version 29

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Do it. You will not regret it (even synchronization is much easier than Chrome).

          1.    sausl said

            The probe in windows and debian go 10 points

  10.   Nostra said

    It consumes a lot of memory, it does not work for old machines or with little Ram memory.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Very rare, but my Lentium IV with Debian ran faster than Windows.

  11.   anonymous said

    The firefox-29 is not yet coming, only the precompiled firefox-bin-29.
    Hopefully soon because reading the comments makes me want to see how it has improved.

  12.   itachi80 said

    How is it that Icecat does not allow access to private social networks? but what concept of freedom do they have in the FSF. In the purest dictatorship style.

  13.   anonymous said

    I come back to comment, the very handsome firefox 29 flies and the aesthetic changes do not seem ugly to me, it is indifferent to me, very happy to be honest.

  14.   Gallux said

    In Android if it is fluid, the change with the previous version was noticed. I had stopped using Firefox because it was taking too long to open the pages. So far I use Opera and Lightning, but I think I'll leave Firefox as the default.

  15.   Abigail said

    Beautiful, Although I see a certain error when I go down and up the page, the content at the bottom of the page disappears momentarily, I mean it looks blurry.

  16.   eliotime3000 said

    Achtung !!!

    Iceweasel 29 is out on the Debian experimental repo, and here are the changes.

    Apparently they have made slight changes to the way Debian rebranding Firefox when the Australis interface arrived.

  17.   Pancho mora said

    I love the new interface, it looks clean to my liking and not cluttered with things, just like on android it works for me.

  18.   Sieg84 said

    On Android it goes very well

  19.   Manual said

    I use firefox 30, as an advantage I see it a little lighter, as against this horrible australis.

    1.    nacho20u said

      When I try to use the screen the screen freezes a plunger I would like to solve that but when it runs for about 15 seconds it works out of the blue