Install and configure Plank in Debian Testing + [My desktop this week]

Yesterday we saw my desktop on the PC I have with KDE, and today we will see the desk that I have in my netbook, which as you well know is Xfce (my favorite desktop, although some think not) to which I have added a dock that I always liked for its simplicity: Plank.

For those who do not know, Plank is the dock used in the project Elementary, which is written in Vala and therefore, it is quite simple and consumes very few resources (in my case about 15MB).

Despite being so simple, Plank has everything I need from a Dock, that is, I can easily add and remove items and it hides when a window is on it, being able to later access the application just by pasting the cursor to the bottom edge of the screen.

Unfortunately, Plank not available in Debian, but we can install it using the packages available in the PPA de Launchpad. Anyway, what I did was the following:

1.- Create a text file called Down on my Desktop and put this inside:

2.- I opened a terminal on the desktop and put:

$ wget -c -i Down

3.- After downloading all the packages I wrote in the terminal:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

4.- It is possible that it gives us dependency errors, so we must execute:

$ sudo apt-get -f install

5.- We install / update the necessary packages and if it is not installed yet Plank we run step 3 again.

Setting up Plank

Now, by default the icons Plank They measure 48px than for the screen of the netbook they are excessive. Since it does not have a configuration tool, we must touch a file by hand:

$ nano ~/.config/plank/dock1/settings

From that file the parameter that interests us is:


Where we can change the value 48 for 32, 24 ... etc. Inside the folder ~/.config/plank/ We can find other configuration files, where we can change, among other things, the style of the dock theme.

To add Items we just have to drag the entries in the menu to Plank and later, organize them to put them where we want.

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  1.   Pavloco said

    I was two minutes away from asking this on the forum. Since I tried to install adeskbar on Crunchbang and it didn't work for me. Thanks, as always excellent articles.

  2.   Rayonant said

    I was testing it in Xubuntu, and it is true that its consumption is low, also remember that there are themes for Plank and that they only require that the dock.theme and hover.theme files be replaced in .config / plank / theme, however when In the end, I can't quite settle into using docks as taskbars and I stopped using it, going back to Cairo, which I still use but as a launcher only, and which consumes me a little less.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Where do I find the themes for Plank?

      1.    Baltazar Mayo Calderón said
  3.   Marco said

    looks great. XFCE is definitely very good as an environment.

  4.   vickypipy said

    Apparently the developers are going to change the design of autohide so that it does not interfere with some programs (like when you chat on facebook) etc.
    The news is here:

  5.   Mr. Linux said

    Be the opportunity, to thank you Elav, the installation manual that you made on Debian, in pdf format with almost 40 pages, very good, Install Debian Testing quickly.

    I installed it with xfce4, but not with KDE because I couldn't install it.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Thank you for this comment. Opinions like these are what motivate you to do things to Community de GNU / Linux.

  6.   brutosaurus said

    Thanks for sharing, it's like having a little piece of Elementary with us: P!

    1.    seadx6 said

      Right, also plank is super nice so having it in XFCE is a gift that only elav and elementary could give us 🙂

  7.   Mr. Linux said

    Off topic. I have a question. Anyone know how to update glibc on Debian?

  8.   pardygm said

    It's stupid, but I don't use plank because it doesn't have zoom

  9.   Pearl Eyebrow said

    Thank you!!
    But in CrunchBang 11 I had to download the .deb's from in order to install it.

  10.   xxmlud said

    Hi, can you update the post?
    Thank you!

  11.   Alberto Aru said

    And you can't pass the configuration from plank to docky? I have not been able to install plank on debian jessie, I have had problems and I think this is easier

    If it can, can someone pass me the configuration and where to leave it? I have docky installed

  12.   eder bohorquez said

    This tutorial did not work for me, I have debian testing and I had to change the version of the packages because they are not available, I do not see anything in the settings file that needs to be done that I still do not launch the dock beforehand thanks

    1.    guman said

      I cannot configure it in crunchbang, it installs without problems but the configuration file does not exist.
      in this config location there is simply nothing ... that is, the Plank folder is missing.