Install MATE 1.4 on Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Debian

Many users already know MATE, a fork of Gnome2 which I confess, I thought that it would stay on the road and that its development would be abandoned, and I see that I have been wrong. Already found version 1.4 available which includes the following enhancements:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • mate-keyring and libmatekeyring have been updated and now integrate properly
  • box-dropbox is now available
  • New themes added to mate-notification-daemon
  • Removed the-applet-sessions flag
  • File sharing is now available via bluetooth
  • Added option to use quick Alt-Tab, when compositing is enabled in Marco
  • Mate-icon-Faenza is now available
  • Mate-character-map is now available
  • Mate-screensaver now supports GDM user switching
  • Nyancat removed from About dialog in mate-desktop
  • Forked libwnck (now libmatewnck)
  • Cash improvements:
    • Restored button for text-based address bar
    • Bookmarks can now be opened in the side panel, via space and the Enter key
    • Added a button to get the difference between files in the file conflict dialog.

You are experiencing difficulties with During the update process, if you encounter connection problems, please use instead of Also, note that it is and DO NOT /. If you are a user of Linux Mint and you make this change, remember to change / etc / apt / preferences.

How to install MATE on Debian / Ubuntu and derivatives?

1- We add the MATE repository

For, Ubuntu 12.04 Pangolin specified

sudo add-apt-repository "deb precise main"

For Debian wheezy

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

and we add:

deb wheezy main

We save and close

For, linuxmint

The same repository is used for Ubuntu, and we edit the / etc / apt / preferences file using the command:
nano / etc / apt / preferences

And at the end of the file we put:

Package: *
Pin: origin
Pin-Priority: 700

2- We update and install:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mate-archive-keyring
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment


Source: @Unixmen

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  1.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    Great hopefully mate continues in its development is one of my favorite desktops after Lxde and KDE.

  2.   xykyz said

    "Nyancat removed from About dialog on mate-desktop" xDD

  3.   Oberost said

    I've never liked Mate, xd

    I am used to lighter and faster desks and it also reminds me of Windows

    1.    Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

      little by little the güindows does not get viruses, you can put it to your liking and it is very stable, besides it is very easy to tune it like the matte desktop ?. I don't know what version of windows you have, I would also like one.
      (Understand sarcasm)

      1.    Oberost said

        Man, don't tell me that the menu doesn't visually resemble the Windows menu.

        1.    Paul said

          Since the first operating system came out in graphic mode (it was not Microsoft, it was Apple), the desktop has been thoroughly studied, the "classic" was very well thought out, then over time other alternatives emerged. I think "Classic" is not synonymous with Old, it is just another desk. Each one to use the one they like. But, friend Oberost, Microsoft was not the pioneer of the graphical desktop, it simply "copied" or did something similar to what Apple had already done as a novelty. If we are going to compare systems, that is not for your desktop.

  4.   Manual of the Source said

    I had never been curious about MATE until I read this. I tried to install it in Arch but the repository gives me an error when wanting to download some packages from Pacman (Maximum file size exceeded). Maybe try installing them manually later. I'm more interested in seeing the boot time, which is one of the few things that bothers me about Cinnamon.

    1.    Manual of the Source said

      I already installed it. It didn't work for me or repo ni packages, so I downloaded the packages and installed them from local. The boot time is almost the same as the Cinnamon; speed is also very similar. I think I'll keep my dear cinnamon. 😀

      Here's a screenshot of how it came out by default:

      1.    Manual of the Source said

        Well, Nyancat did not leave. 😛

  5.   Angelo said

    Installed. It feels more fluid than version 1.2, highlighting the fact that I have not had problems with any theme (currently I use greybird), nor with the icons (faenza) and less with the pointer, which were some of the inconveniences that I had in the version 1.2.

    Freshly installed and from scratch with Debian Testing, it gave me a boot consumption of 189 megabytes, quite correct from my point of view. I emphasize again that it is fluid and that I have not had any problems.

    I just wanted to finish by saying that development has always been alive in fact if you see the project roadmap, you will realize that you have clear goals and that it seems to support you for much longer.


  6.   Gabriel said

    Friends I have a problem hopefully you can help me, I use LMDE the last update that came out, but when I want to update mate, I get a lot of broken packages and dependencies and it won't let me update, I don't know why ...

    I only have the mit and mate repos, or do I have to add the official Wheezy repos?

  7.   Thirteen said

    Thanks for the input. I'm going to try MATE again (I didn't really like it last time though, heh).

    By the way, why can't I comment from Opera anymore? When I try to post a comment he sends me to: jetpack.


  8.   Abraham said

    Very good

  9.   juchaoss said

    Good morning, I have a problem, when I try to customize the matte desktop I get this error

    I'm using ubuntu 12.04 with gnome shell and I was encouraged to install this desktop, I would like to know how to solve it please ... greetings

  10.   juchaoss said

    Unable to start the "mate-settings-daemon" configuration manager.
    If the MATE configuration manager is not running, some of the preferences may not take effect. This may be the symptom of a problem with DBus or that a non-MATE configuration manager (for example KDE) is already active and in conflict with the MATE configuration manager.

  11.   Reynaldo said

    Currently I use mint 14 with cinamon, I really like this desktop a lot but since my card is ATI I think it will work better with the MATE desktop. Do not know if doing this will install all the MATE applications together with cinamon? that is, two file managers, two photo viewers, two players, ect ... or just the shell itself?