Install Microsoft Office 2007 on Ubuntu 12.04 and derivatives


In particular I have done the procedure in Linux Mint 13 Maya but the process is the same in all Ubuntu derivatives and possibly Debian. For this tutorial I assume that you have an installation CD, or an .iso image of it, legal, with its serial number and so on.

First of all I make it clear that I do not need Microsoft Office, I have installed it because some of the people I have evangelized have asked me and I prefer that they run MO through Wine and not have to log in with Windows, which would be a greater evil.

On the other hand I must say that contrary to what I thought Microsoft Office 2007 is quite stable or at least it has not given me a problem although I must say that I have not used it for a long time

I do not recommend the 2010 version since it is very unstable

1) We look for the image .iso from the Microsoft Office 2007 installation cd.

sudo mkdir /media/office
sudo mount microsoft_office_2007.iso /media/office

2) We install PlayOnLinux, from the Software Center, Synaptic or by terminal with

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

3) We execute PlayOnLinux searching for it in Menu »Games» Playonlinux. for speed I prefer to do alt+f2 and run the command "Playonlinux"

4) We are going to "install", we look for Microsoft Office 2007 and we execute it.

Remember that what we are doing is executing a script that configures the virtual drive, wine version, etc.

5) We follow the script, choose to install via CD and look for the path where we put the .iso / media / office

The rest guys, is to install Microsoft Office as we would in Windows .. That's it.

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  1.   Ghermain said

    Thanks, I'm going to try to avoid having to use virtualbox all the time for work.
    A pity that LibreOffice still does not achieve perfect compatibility and that more than 90% of users only know MS Office and do not give LibreOffice a chance.

    1.    Jesus Ballesteros said

      I'm not good at using any office automation, even in the office I work on Linux and for "personal" things I always use Libreoffice without problems. It does everything I need, but when it is a documentation that I have to deliver to a client, I have no choice but to use MS Office because at the compatibility level there are always problems, I blame it on MS not using free formats well.

      1.    neysonv said

        man you can also give a pdf to your client. obviously unless he also has to edit it compulsorily

    2.    cat said

      LO is 100% compatible but with 2003, that's why I always ask them to send me the reports in * .doc and things like that.

      1.    neysonv said

        that's another good option XD

    3.    Billyrubinio Alberto de la Playa said

      It would be the same to say:
      "A pity that Office still does not achieve perfect compatibility with LibreOffice" or "A pity that Office still does not use odt by default" or "A pity that Office still does not use free formats well".
      Blaming MO for not being 100% LO compliant is just as legal as those who argue that it is LO's fault for not being 100% MO compliant.

      1.    dwarf said

        It is true, sometimes it is tiring to see that it is always the fault of LO for not being compatible with MSO, the latter being the one that does not really adhere to any standard.

        1.    pandev92 said

          You know perfectly well that a political standard is not the same as a de facto and business standard…, it is useless for a government or an entity to say that one thing should be used, if in fact users prefer to continue using another.

    4.    neysonv said

      what I always say behind the development of kingsoft office is china, at some point they will have to reach an agreement with microsoft so that full compatibility is achieved

  2.   Carlos Uc said

    Office is not compared to libreoffice, anyone who says that we are blind for installing a Windows program in Ubuntu is because he does not master the office suite or only makes simple documents and does not explore all the possibilities that office offers.

    Office is the best office suite, I have the 2010 version installed with the same process, it works very well and I have been with it for about 5 months, but what bothers is not being able to activate it, so I decided to emulate win xp with virtual box and install the version 2010 of mine and with certain settings it works great, I daresay it works better than with wine. The downside is RAM consumption.


    1.    dwarf said

      If we talk about presentations, impress is horrible, that's not in dispute.

      When we talk about spreadsheets, Calc really has problems at the macro level, they are not too comfortable but it moves very fast and can be worked with at a very very high level, only that the curve is steeper than with Exel.

      But where I can tell you that you have nowhere to hold on is in Writer, here there is nothing to envy to Word, and when I say nothing it is nothing. I have done internship reports, thesis chapters and worked with styles and many things and at no time did I lack anything ... I imagine you should know that none of the jobs mentioned are "basic jobs".

      1.    Alo said

        LibreOffice is missing a lot. You are tremendous mamatrola. Nan ... mortals have not gotten used to it yet

        1.    dwarf said

          I'm not trolling, what I said there is true.

    2.    marianogaudix said

      What do you think of Kingsoft Office?
      You took a look at the Chinese suite, it is still in alpha 12 phase for Gnu / Linux
      It is one more alternative to Office 2013.

      Download :

      1.    neysonv said

        there is not 100% compatibility and therein lies the problem

  3.   HQ said

    Now what remains for me to determine is what is best to migrate users.

    a) Install LibreOffice on Windows / or Install Microsoft Office on Linux.

    1.    Richard said

      There is more progress in installing LibreOffice on Windows than doing the opposite on GNU / Linux… I really prefer to ask before… are you really going to use GNU / Linux? and more importantly, are you going to use native tools or are you going to want Office and Photoshop the first time? if any of the answers are negative, they better stay in Windows

      1.    pandev92 said

        Everyone can stay as they want and even install 1000's of spyware programs on Linux, no one has the right to say what is better.

        1.    F3niX said

          Correct, indeed, nobody can choose what you are going to do, that is true freedom.

      2.    mario said

        If you want to use an application from another OS (whatever it is) I don't see a philosophical or ethical impediment (as some think), it is more I would see it as a challenge. If I want to use X program, why do I have to bind to an OS? They also lobby to "tie" you to that system. All Adobe software is a clear example: they want to cut flash support, so they can migrate to windows (Microsoft) or use chrome (Google). Photoshop runs on Unix-like systems like OSX, its port to GNU would be perfectly viable. They do not do it for lobbying between companies. By saying "better stay on Windows" you are not putting up a fight, you are even helping their cause. There are many powerful and 100% free programs in windows, like the official version of 7-zip (and it works perfectly with wine). Not by switching to another OS would mean not being able to use it, there would be no reason.

        1.    dwarf said

          Photoshop runs on Unix-like systems like OSX, its port to GNU would be perfectly viable

          It's not to hell, but this is one of the biggest fallacies out there. Being Unix-like systems does not necessarily make them backward compatible at any level of ease and in fact it depends a lot on the program code.

          For the rest, if someone wants to install programs from other OS on Linux, then go ahead! My conscience does not weigh me down to do so, but these cause dependency problems, dirty the system (technically speaking) and can cause problems.

          1.    mario said

            In theory they would be compatible, since both are POSIX, and in the case of OSX it obtained UNIX certification. It does not mean that an executable from one platform runs on the other, but by respecting certain standards you ensure a bridge at the code level between these systems. This is how one comes across CUPS, Samba and so many BSD little programs. They even have Xorg for Unix compatibility. Photoshop as a graphics application is likely to use Quartz instead of X11, but there is a possibility that the non-graphic part is responsive.
            Ps: this reminds me of ubuntu, they also want their mir and Xorg server for compatibility.

    2.    neysonv said

      I think the latter, because in the former we return to the same issue of poor compatibility with .docx files

  4.   Joseph said

    The only bad thing is that gnome-based distributions can't be maximized or resized so easily because they freeze for a while, or you can't use the other applications with the experience I've had lately but maybe that's why I use gnome 3.4 or 3.6 I'm not sure but the house is there

  5.   jony127 said

    And if the office is pirated, it doesn't work anyway ???

    1.    cat said

      If you are going to be using pirated software for your whole life, you better use free software, I always criticize people for that.

    2.    neysonv said

      well that's something we have to deal with in windows anyway, don't you think ???

    3.    dwarf said

      Reading the previous two answers I ask you ... What did you hope to get by answering that? Better go and try it, if you feel lazy and you prefer to be told, this is not the right place 😉

  6.   Manual said

    Installation is the simple. The golden question is ... how do I make macros work in MSOffice sibre wine?
    If you succeed, by fi, publish it ...!

  7.   klauss said

    I wouldn't even install M $ Office or any proprietary software, that goes against my ethical principles.

    I install Linux for all my clients, I don't care if they complain later, I just install and evangelize free software for them.

    1.    dwarf said

      Oops, I have to make a stop here.

      I wouldn't even install M $ Office or any proprietary software, that goes against my ethical principles.

      Good that you have ethical principles applied to the software (which I personally see as an obstacle when abused) but you use Android, and things are going badly out there, because it is a system full of proprietary software that parasitizes the free: 3 Double standards, not knowing what you are talking about? I don't know, I'm nobody to judge, and I mean it.

      I install Linux for all my clients, I don't care if they complain later, I just install and evangelize free software for them.

      Epic, simply epic, and I say it because of the stubbornness and stupidity of putting down your throat what you think and believe others better, by egg and because I want to, because it seems better to me and because with that I comply with an ethical principle of not enslaving you With proprietary software, it's worth three whistles if that's what you want or need, or if it even works for you, that's what I say is correct.

      An epic sense of ethics xD

    2.    santiago said

      For people like that, many see the free software pro badly, I also try to convince people to go over or at least try it but you can't force it apart from them that our philosophy is precisely that of freedom, so no It seems to you that you are taking it from others (?

  8.   Irvandoval said

    Powerpoint will not work when installing Office!
    Wine Configuration -> Libraries
    In existing substitutions it is to put riched32 and riched20

    1.    neysonv said

      Ok, thanks for the clarification. I have the riched20 in the virtual disk in which I install microsoft office, if I have a problem I will add the riched32

  9.   Hello said

    derive to motivate to use libreoffice or calibra or other free software instead of winbug applications if they are in gnu / linux it does not make sense to use proprietary paid applications but it is typical of ubuntu

    1.    neysonv said

      I share your opinion, but it is my clients who ask me. as I say I prefer that they use microsoft office under wine and not that they have to turn on windows. If they have to be switching to windows just for the office, in the end they will spend more time with windows than with linux and this does not benefit me. not all have the same adaptability as you and me

      1.    dwarf said

        But what are you talking about with Neysonv adaptability? This boy speaks guns and for worse is a ubuntu-hater xD

        1.    neysonv said

          I mean that not everyone has the ability to adapt to use libre office from the beginning, and my duty is to make things easy for the people to whom I install gnu / linux. by the way I install ubuntu for many, and right now I'm writing from linux mint, so ubuntu-hater is far from reality hahaha

  10.   Ricardo said

    From linux, why are you deleting my comment?
    Isn't there freedom of opinion here?
    This looks like a dictatorship

    1.    dwarf said

      And when was it said here that this was a democracy? If it seems to me or some other member of the staff that your comment does not contribute anything, that it offends or that it is basically garbage ... Should we pass it on only for your right to express yourself freely? ...

      I think you are quite gone, comrade, this is in fact a dictatorship ... benevolent, but dictatorship in the end.

    2.    neysonv said

      you comment from safari and using an ipod so I don't think your comment was very pro-linux and therefore it tends to offend the linuxers of this blog

  11.   edebianite said

    And when will GNU / Linux be better? I don't know, but as long as we continue to proselytize, criticize everyone who is interested in Mac-OS or Windows and see Linux as a religion, I think we will be far from overcoming our shortcomings.

  12.   adeplus said

    Very good article. Simple, direct and clear. I have installed Office 2007 on GNU / Linux on various machines, with and without Playonlinux. And it installs. The applications that "work" are word and excel but with many limitations. I was making heavy use of these applications combined with access and the performance is extremely poor on GNU / Linux. Everyone who installs what they want, but where this suite works best is in Windows.

    And my personal opinion is that no office suite is better or worse than another, it depends on the destination you give it and knowing how to use it. I prefer LibreOffice to AOO, for convenience because when I started with SL I loved Go-oo and I followed them when they were integrated into TDF with the appearance of Oracle.

  13.   NixiePro said

    Beyond the preferences of each one, it is also necessary to evaluate the needs of each one. I like Linux, I use LO, but if 99,9% of the people where I work use MS Office, unfortunately I also have to use it. Regardless of whether it belongs to microsoft or not, it seems to me that currently no office suite reaches the heels of msoffice. Of course, it is my opinion. Likewise, I continue to support free software because it is precisely because of applications like these that people do not definitely migrate to linux, to any distro.
    Going to the case of the article, I also managed to install this office suite using a program called CROSSOVER with which I had no problems. However, with Playonlinux I couldn't do it.

    1.    Gustavo J said

      That mentality is what keeps MS Office the most used.
      You shouldn't care that 99.99% use MS Office. If you want things to change then you must collaborate and do your part, for example, evangelize your colleagues to use free formats, convince the boss, boycott Microsoft and its format, etc.
      But if you just sit there waiting for ODT to catch on, that day will never come.
      You have to be rebellious from time to time.

      1.    neysonv said

        You are right, but I have to solve the life of my clients, I cannot go to speak with the boss of each one of them since it implies an investment of time and 0 euros of benefits. this is for me the fastest way

  14.   TheGuillox said

    unfortunately all my fellow students send me their work done in office, whether I like it or not I must have it installed to view correctly ¬¬

    I have office 2007 installed and it really worked very well, if anyone knows a way to open the .docx files directly with office I would be grateful 🙂

    1.    neysonv said

      Look, I have created another article, I think it will really solve your life since the only thing you need is to visualize the work

  15.   santiago said

    free ofice is the same and better, apart from letting you save the documents in a format that is compatible with the microsoft office and the best thing is free, the truth is that linux only lacks the gaming market because in the rest of the software there is free alternatives equal to or better than the best known private ones

    1.    jony127 said

      mmm I don't know but I think you're wrong there, I think Microsoft Office is currently the most advanced office automation application.

      I normally use libreoffice and the microsoft suite when looking for third-party compatibility.

      For administrators: when I activate the option below «Notify me of new comments by email. You can also subscribe without commenting." these do not reach me, is there a fault with this? before I had no problems.

  16.   Enrique said

    I am one of those who practically do not use any advanced features of office automation. For me, abiword is enough to open or make .odt documents and libeoffice to open word documents. If for any question I want to see a word document that doesn't look good in libreoffice or I want to create a word document, I do it through the online office that microsoft has for free. What I am referring to is that for the common user, I don't think they need an office. I think that sometimes we insist on having programs whose characteristics many of us don't really need, when there are other ways to be able to do almost the same thing without so much hassle (and let it be known that I mean the ordinary computer user, not the one who does work a lot with office automation).

    1.    Vladimir Luna Mendoza said

      It's true ... I use text capture a lot, and the truth is that with Abiword, you have plenty ...

  17.   Joshuamalmsteen said

    For me it is a pity that in this process MS-Acces cannot be installed, since in the office we have a consultation system with a graphical interface created in Acces. It is the only reason that it does not allow us to move the customer service team to Linux and we have to deal with windows viruses all the time.

  18.   jose said

    If we use a free operating system, to install microft office we contradict ourselves, there is no need for that, in fact libreofffice is better than microsft office

    1.    yerko said

      better in what way ???
      Let's justify your comment ...
      if you tell me that Libreoffice is better because it is free, we are wrong.

    2.    Lindignadux said

      Linux is so free that it allows you to use proprietary software.

      The user is free to decide.

      If using linux "I force" myself to use ONLY what exists in linux even though I don't like it, I would not feel "free"

  19.   Vladimir Luna Mendoza said

    Good option for newcomers who have a dependency on MS Office, I only use it at work, because that's how it's handled there, I like 2007 the most of this suite, and it was the one that I liked the best. OpenOffice and LibreOffice cover my needs 100% and I don't see why to use Microsoft's option, or any other paid option. I have read countless times about the "superiority" of this suite over free options, which makes me laugh, because many people have only used MS Office their whole lives, and only use some of the free options for minutes. It must be remembered that Microsoft won the ground it has based on its abuse and monopoly and imposition, not for being "the best", if not, for IMPOSSING itself as the only one.
    I am glad that today, I can send Microsoft to hell, at least in my personal use, and I invite everyone to use the free options thoroughly, for a while and then omit an opinion, analyzing, testing and then if reviewing…. and then to freely decide what they want to use, be it MS Office, Libreoffice, or Laputadeoros Office, etc.


  20.   Dcoy said

    I installed it to see how it was going and it runs very well, but I uninstalled it because my GNU / Linux felt "dirty" ... I prefer to use it in vbox even if it consumes a little more RAM ... but it is a very good alternative to attract more people to the world of GNU / Linux while they know libreoffice or some other derivative 😛

  21.   Lindignadux said


    With libreoffice I work very well but that is good for new converts who put some glue

  22.   Angelmizuno said

    Libre office lacks the facility to make references, you have to add a plug-in to make it useful.