Install skype on Lubuntu 13.04


To install Skype en Lubuntu 13.04 You must activate the repository of the «Canonical's partners» as follows:

1. Access sources.list

sudo /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Uncomment the lines that contain the repository removing the almuadillas (#)

deb raring main deb-src raring main

If you don't have the repository then add it, copying the two previous lines

3 To update

sudo apt-get update

4. Install skype in the usual way by the Ubuntu Software Center or by terminal with the following command

sudo apt-get install skype

It could also be done through a ppa, but so if it can be done in a safer way, right?

I am working on a script that does all of this automatically. When I have it I will publish it here in Linux

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  1.   Giskard said

    OR…. you go to the Skype page and download the .deb and install it. In the end it is the same.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you have Debian Wheezy, it downloads the multiarch dependencies for Skype to work properly. Anyway, I'm doing wonders.

      1.    pandev92 said

        In ubuntu, if you use 64 bits and install skype from deb, then you should do a sudo apt-get install -f

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          More fussy can not be that distro.

        2.    neysonv said

          I don't think it will happen to you if you use the .deb multiarch (multiarch) that is on the official page. So better to use the official repositories than to use some ppa or .deb, regards

    2.    neysonv said

      Correct, it can also be done like this, but personally I prefer to install the version of the package that is in the official repositories so in the process the package is updated. It is always more correct to install what is in the official repositories than to install .deb packages or through ppa. Cheers

      1.    Giskard said

        But what is more official than the manufacturer's page?!?!?

        1.    cookie said

          If it is in the repos you have the certainty that it is compatible with the installation of your distro.

          1.    Giskard said

            In this case, since Skype is closed, such a thing is not possible. You die with what the manufacturer produced and that's it. You can't make something that comes in closed source "more compatible". In this sense, the Skype DEB on the Skype page is the official one and cannot be "improved"
            For other applications the reasoning of using a repository does apply, but for this particular case it does not. Clearer I can not.

          2.    cookie said

            You don't necessarily have to have the source code to make something compatible. The .deb is simply a compress that contains the binary and separate configuration files, which can be changed according to the needs of the distro.

          3.    Giskard said

            This is not the case with Skype. Let's see, remembering the title of the post: "Install Skype in Lubuntu 13.04" Go ahead and look at the Skype DEB and then tell me.

  2.   Dark purple said

    There is no need to edit the sources.list, you can add the repository by checking a box in the Software Sources window ...

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      The same is true with Debian. However, if they use Kubuntu, they can use Apper and / or similar (I don't know what the package manager Kubuntu uses is like, but I know it is similar to Apper).

    2.    neysonv said


  3.   Javier said

    No thanks, I don't install proprietary garbage on my machine

    1.    Esteban Quito said

      Don't tell me you don't play mp3 music or mp4 videos? Although it is hard to believe, that is the example that the great Richard Stallman gave. Good for you.

      1.    Victor said

        For mp3, mp4 and any audio / video codec there is vlc that is totally Open Source and does not use any proprietary codecs except to correctly play dvd with the menus and all the dogs .. but you can not install them (in fact vlc does not install them for you , you have to do it manually) for flash there is gnash, although it has problems with some things, or html5 ... there are free replacements for almost everything or for everything, skype is replaced with Jitsi or ekiga or you use your skype contacts with Pidgin

    2.    Francisco said

      You do the truth well, I don't like Skype at all ... I have it because I don't lose contact with certain people, but more and more I consider going to Ekiga.

      1.    just-another-dl-user said

        mmm, Ekiga looks very interesting, especially since it supports HD and SIP protocol. The big problem is trying to convince your friends to use something other than Skype, they get carried away by what the masses use.

  4.   Esteban Quito said

    Good article! It is easier for me to download the debs with the apt-get commands, in case I have a pending installation on a machine without internet 😀

  5.   Seba said

    I have always downloaded the .deb although alternatives are welcome. Thanks for the information.