Installing Pencil Sketcher in .deb distributions

For those of you who don't know, pencil is a graphical interface layout program based on Mozilla's gecko engine. It is spectacularly good and with many options, it is free and it is well made (but poorly packaged -.-). While it will not allow us to program the interfaces, for programmers like me, who see the world in 0 and 1, it is the panacea because it allows us to visualize what I want without having to spend hours biting the corners of the monitor trying to use Inkscape.

Well, I don't know about you, but something that touches my balls in unimaginable ways is to go to the page of a large and well-known project and find that:

Where the hell is the miserable .deb? Have to run in Firefox, they have a tarball in AUR, they have a RPM and they have source code (out of date) and they dare not launch a miserable .deb? Well, they messed with the wrong being of short stature, I have a Napoleonic complex and no software is going to beat me.

But we live in Linux, a world full of possibilities and made for both brutes and smart people. I consider myself intelligent, and after discussing and sharing affectionate insults for about half an hour with conandoel Momotaro Kun managed to find the solution ...

First of all, when they get tired of looking for the package online, they will understand that patience is a virtue for those who do not know how to solve their problems (xD) because instead of spending who knows how much looking for a package that will never appear or compiling from its sources so that later you do not get how to execute it or it is a nuisance to call the program, you go and do it the Viking way: transforming the package.

The first thing we are going to do is install a beautiful thing called Alien.

sudo apt-get install alien

After installing it, you download that obnoxious .RPM that is making fun of you because you use a .DEB distro and you put a:

cd downloads && sudo alien -d evolus-pencil-1.3-4.noarch.rpm

Notably cd download It is the address where I had hosted the .RPM package and where the .DEB will be generated by default.

After that, we wait a moment and we pout the monitor, because if you are like me, you are already up to the bell of all this.

Once finished it will tell us that everything is ready, so let's run it, I eat using crunchbang and OpenBox I do it by alt + f2 evoluspencil. And if they're like me, Murphy is going to hit them on the forehead: absolutely nothing happens.

We do evoluspencil again but in the terminal and it will tell us something like:

bash: /usr/bin/evoluspencil not found: /usr/bin/xulrunner

I think, because I already lost the log.

It is assumed that Xulrunner is installed in all distributions that have Firefox installed since I don't remember what an important part of the gecko engine represents, the thing is that they have it installed but the program looks for xulrunner and not the package as such: xulrunner-11.0.

Note: if you don't have xulrunner installed, you go and do a

sudo apt-get install xulrunner-11.0

And ready.

Having everything ready, we can tell the little program in question, in a loving way, to understand that what it is looking for is called xulrunner-11.0 and not xulrunner, and we tell it with symbolic links:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/xulrunner-11.0 /usr/bin/xulrunner

And now if we can run the blessed program once and for all.

Final note: I tried all this on Debian 32bit, I tried it on Xubuntu 12.04 and although it does install, Xulrunner is neither in repositories nor installed, or not at least in / usr / bin and I can't get the binaries. I tried to do the manual installation of Xulrunner but it has unmet dependencies on 64 bit systems so that complicates things ... if someone wants to experiment and show me what it did, great and welcome xD

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  1.   Andrew Leyva said

    It's not a bad roll, but what kind of habit do Desdelinux have for not putting links to download sites?

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      JAJAJAJA we will improve this, do not worry, because we already put a tip that will make it quite cool and simple to put download links 😉

  2.   Christopher said

    At the moment I can't do tests, but xulrunner comes as a dependency in whatever firefox package you download and thunderbird (whatever is installed in / opt) that I understand, because it is the "engine" of both.

  3.   elruiz1993 said

    Do you know how strange it is that a package is in rpm format and not in deb?

  4.   dwarf said

    It's not so strange lately, I don't know why

  5.   dwarf said there you have the link for the page

  6.   conandoel said

    Lida renegade nano, hahaha you need to tell the anecdote of «locate» hahahaha

  7.   Mecate SL said

    In Google Code there is a deb package ready to install (I have not tried it yet)

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