Jarvis: An Excellent Personal Assistant for Linux

Many of our readers will have heard of 'Jarvis' he virtual assistant developed by Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook, the tool has caused quite a stir thanks to the fact that it combines artificial intelligence with the internet of things to control practically your entire home. This is not the first time that a powerful personal assistant has been created, but this time it has gone viral thanks to the impact that Zuckerberg has on the industry.

Inspired by all this revolution of virtual assistants, was born Jarvis for Linux an extraordinary personal assistant for Linux which uses the console and python to automate many tasks.

What is Jarvis for Linux?

It is a personal assistant for Linux that runs from the terminal, is totally free and is developed in Python. The tool is responsible for executing various tasks when indicated by following a syntax that has been configured previously.

Jarvis for Linux It allows you to know information about your computer such as (ram, temperature, processes), your geographical location as well as locate restaurants, services, stadiums, addresses near your location. In the same way, the tool allows us to download music, read news, search for images, calculate route among other functionalities. personal assistant for linux

It is worth noting that Jarvis It allows adding new functionalities, in addition, integration with third-party services is proposed. The tool was released just a few days ago, but the acceptance has been very good, bringing with it a large number of new collaborators who are working to improve it.

How Jarvis works

Using Jarvis is quite simple, just run the main class of the tool and enter the commands that are already programmed for the bot to carry out the tasks that we indicate.

In the following video we can appreciate in detail the benefits of Jarvis and its use:

How to install Jarvis

The installation of Jarvis for Linux is quite simple, we just have to clone the official repository and install the necessary dependencies.

The installation of dependencies in Linux Mint and derivatives can be done by executing the following commands as root:

$ apt-get install nodejs $ apt-get install npm $ pip install ims $ pip install gTTS $ pip install pyowm $ pip install instantmusic $ pip install SpeechRecognition

Next we proceed to clone the repository and execute the main class.

$ git clone https://github.com/sukeesh/Jarvis.git $ cd Jarvis $ python main.py

With this we can now enjoy this great tool

Conclusions about this personal assistant for Linux

Jarvis for Linux It is a tool that observed a fairly successful future, despite being recently released it has made a fairly large support group, its basic functionalities (and most of them are included in other tools) considerably increase the productivity of the users who are used to using the console.

Users of other operating systems already have some fairly acceptable virtual assistants, it is a good time for Linux to start enjoying various alternatives to these tools.

This excellent tool does not yet have multilanguage support, plus it only accepts specific commands. Surely something that will be improved in the next versions.

The path that this tool must travel to become the best personal assistant for Linux is quite long, but with the contribution of the community, the addition of new functionalities and above all with the power of python, I think it can become consolidated.

I miss that the application still does not have artificial intelligence integrated, something that in the future should be a priority for the developer if he wants his tool to be really special.


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  1.   Yank Carlos said

    Very good contribution, but when installing it I am faced with this:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "main.py", line 5, in
    import pyowm, requests
    ImportError: No module named 'pyowm'

    I have tried to alter its source code but nothing, it does not work, and I see that everything is as is, could you give me a hand?

    1.    manuel said

      try with sudo pip install requests and then try again

      1.    noxonsoftwares said

        It is not the request module, there it says exactly what module is needed
        ImportError: No module named 'pyowm'

        pip install pyowm

  2.   Christian Abarzua said


    You have to download the pyown module from:


    Choose the file pyowm-2.6.1.tar.gz (md5), unzip it and inside the folder execute:

    python setup.py install

    Note: Tested on: Debian 8.7

  3.   Christian Abarzua said

    1) Install the pywm module from: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyowm/2.6.1#downloads
    2) Download the file: pyowm-2.6.1.tar.gz
    3) Unzip it and inside the folder that appears execute:}
    python setup.py install


  4.   federico said

    Apparently pyowm is a Python client library for the OpenWeatherMap project -http: //openweathermap.org/- and you can download it from https://github.com/csparpa/pyowm.
    For the record, I only did a web search. I have not downloaded or installed Jarvis

  5.   one that happened said

    What is Jarvis for Linux?
    Someone who violates your privacy and allows a private company to control your life and restrict your freedom

    How Jarvis works
    Passively receiving permissions from the user to manage and massify their information

    How to install Jarvis
    Lacking common sense and appreciation for user's digital freedom

    From user to user, don't deny the right to digital freedom.
    Say no to the cloud, it doesn't exist… it's someone else's computer.
    Say no to private social networks, as they allow the tracking and control of citizens
    Say no to be used, you must be treated as a user. Don't let companies turn you into an article ...
    Use gnusocial if you want a twitter, use diaspora if you want a facebook, use syncthing if you want a dropbox, use etherpad if you want an evernote, use a thunderbird if you want a mail manager ...

    defend yourself from those who treat you like a product!

    1.    Tomislav said

      It is not clear in the article: is it a wrapper for a Facebook service or a service that runs locally, on a computer, without an Internet connection?

      1.    lizard said

        It is a tool that runs locally and allows you to automate various tasks, it has nothing to do with Facebook, only that they have been inspired by the tool developed by the creator of Facebook

        1.    one that happened said

          I understood that Jarvis was developed by Mark Zuckerberg, right?
          In any case, I would like to know the type of license the code has. I am quite convinced that it will not be GPL or derivatives ... right?

          1.    lizard said

            Jarvis for Linux, is made by someone else .. And the license is free, even its repository on github is public ... In the article there is the repository and you can go deeper into it.

            1.    one that happened said

              ok, I already saw the code on github, it just makes you more comfortable using some GNU / Linux commands. It works with many if else conditionals.
              Not bad

    2.    cainn said

      Freedom is a utopia that depends on perception.
      No matter which side you are on, there is always someone who thrives on your effort.

    3.    Yo said

      Hey, take it easy. It is not like installing it your personal information will appear in the New YorkTimes (nor is it from Facebook, it is just a fork of others). And let's see ...

      I don't know if you have noticed it, but since they give you your ID (or whatever it is in your country) someone already has all your information. And after all, what's wrong with that, even on social media or others? Everyone wins: you get free, personalized services, and they improve their products and make announcements.

      That there are extremes, yes, and that's why I don't use Facebook (nor do I need it), but that's it, it's not the apocalypse ...

  6.   jaime said

    goes goes goes question and between jarbis and mycroft which one should I stay?

    1.    one that happened said

      It will depend on the assessment you make ... privacy vs. comfort

  7.   Frank Davila Arellano said

    What other distros support it?

    1.    Anonymous said

      as long as python has all the distros I calculate

  8.   eschiclers said

    Sad, it is extremely painful, they are nothing more than if and system commands, nothing new that a person who has been learning python for 5 days cannot do

  9.   Guest said

    "Users of other operating systems already have some fairly acceptable virtual assistants"

    We assume that Jarvis is superior, hahahahaha

  10.   Esmil Sanchez Bandera said

    I understood that Jarvis was owned by Stark in Iron Man and therefore FICTITIOUS

    hello everyone

  11.   Jesus said

    I followed all the instructions and when I run the command python main.py it tells me this:
    python: can't open file 'main.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
    and there are no more instructions in this regard, can you help me to continue, thank you.

    1.    Enrique Gonzalez said

      I have solved that in the dumbest way but finally managed to decipher my mistakes. First it wasn't like SU so don't forget to put "Sudo su" and then and more importantly, I opened the console where the folder was and it didn't give so I better enter the folder, execute there first as Super user and then python main .py and it already gave me ... Only now I don't know what to do with it: / I thought it was something more like Cortana (Integrated to Plasma) but I really got bored; I don't know how much I can do with the same and I still haven't exploited it as such.

  12.   Enrique Gonzalez said

    I have the same problem, at the end «python main.py tells me this:
    python: can't open file 'main.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory »and I'm in the directory with administrative permissions, I've installed all the modules but it just won't let me.

  13.   Serge Avila said

    Good article. I will install it at night at home. To those who tear their clothes because it violates their privacy by being from Zuckerberg… JUST KEEP THE NAME!

  14.   Stuart said

    Hello, I've been trying to Install this, I manage to install the packages and everything goes well but when I get to the part of cloning the repository everything works out, then I hit cd Jarvis and everything is fine, but when I give python main.py, it gives me the following error "python: can't open file 'main.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory", someone knows, because I've searched and I hope nothing.

  15.   Anonymous said

    There is no main.py folder within the Jarvis folder. Your article is wrong. check please.

  16.   Ivan O Veron said

    How could I help improve it since I am studying pytom and I would like to put a grain of sand and it would serve as a development exercise

  17.   shadowwolf said

    python main.py doesn't exist, waste of time. check it out.