John Carmack: Linux is not a viable market for games.

Yup, they're not misreading; the well-known John Carmack said (a long time ago, almost two months) that the gaming market is not viable on Linux.

We all know very well that software id It is undoubtedly a pioneer in Linux games and, furthermore, legendary for the creation of games like Quake (in all its versions) and Doom, and also, the release of their respective engines.

Carmack says that for a long time software id It has been dedicated to offering support for Linux but that in all this time this part of the company has not represented significant income of money and that really the only thing that has been, without a doubt, a good reputation in the Linux community (It is true).

Now, Carmack You are correct in saying that Linux has not represented you to id software a good entry of money and that has not had a massive torrent of downloads, but we also have to take into account certain aspects and things that Mr. Carmack says:

First of all, it should be noted that all the installers of the games that had a native version for Linux have been text-based, not comfortable format for an advanced user or for a novice, the truth ahead. By having these installers for Linux and then offering self-executable installers for Windows, why aren't you favoring the other side John? You were never going to have a real opportunity to sell something that was so difficult to consume.

What's more, a former employee of id in his blog a long time ago he dedicated a few words about Rage (a game that never made it to Linux)

I'll be damned if we do not find the time to get Linux builds done

Translated it would be something like:

Fuck me if we can't figure out how to get a Linux build.

Carmack himself said they didn't even try ...

Ok, perfect, we already have one of the reasons why id did not work out the business but… is there something else?

Yes! Definitely yes. ID software is not a company that has such an impact on the market today y You are never made advertising or viral campaigns to establish itself in such a strong way as for example Valve or the Humble Bundle.

The majority of those who buy the bundles are Linux users and in fact, the ones who pay the most are Linux users, and Valve has made sure to keep the community fully aware of the matter, so much so that right when it became official Steam for Linux Phoronix fell and Michael Larabell's twitter was copied with questions and enthusiasts ... every news that Valve gives about Steam for Linux it is taken into account and it is echoed in a matter of hours throughout the web and in many languages ​​and important portals, even those that have nothing to do with Linux ...

This leads me to say then, Linux is not a viable market for games? o Linux is not a viable market for id software? Things as they are.

You guys are saying?

Source: Steam for Linux

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  1.   sea_chello said

    I believe that linux is a small market shared with windows. Although probably a higher percentage of linuxers play games than windoweros, the difference is still much greater in absolute numbers. The solution is to increase the number of Linux users, and that can be helped by games, but it must be accompanied by other improvements. From my personal experience, the biggest problem I have come across is poor compatibility with M Office. Even so, initiatives such as steam for linux, as well as the use of linux by administrations and public schools help a lot to achieve this objective.

    1.    dwarf said

      If you are right, although the compatibility with MS Office is not something that can be blamed on LibreOffice developers because they must try to adapt a non-standardized format that is closed and also has no intention of wanting to work.

      1.    seachello said

        I agree. Blame M Office for not following standards. This is the worst of the proprietary products from my point of view. But I was not pointing out the culprit, but the reasons why it is difficult to convince people to migrate.

        1.    limit said

          If we all screwed Microsoft up, the computer world would be much better.

  2.   proper said

    With the arrival of Steam to GNU / Linux we will see if it really is a profitable market or not for video games.

  3.   croto said

    No one can argue that Carmack is a genius and FPS DAD. But today it has given way and its latest RAGE release was fraught with problems. When STEAM comes out it will be seen if Linux deserves a place in the gaming market, which by the way, does not belong to PC but to Consoles and Cell Phones.

  4.   Digital_CHE said

    Well, this has to do, in one way or another, with today's other post:

    The Gnu / Linux platform is going to be profitable when there is a lot of variety and when the distros are extremely easy to use by those who are not into computing.

    Amnesia and Penumbra are games of the genre "Survival Horror" that were published for Windows, as well as for Mac, as well as for Linux


    What happens with IDSoftware is that it is no longer the same since it stopped being an independent study to belong to Zenimax

    Something similar to DICE happened when it was acquired by EA.

    If the next Half-Life is exclusive to Steam for Ubuntu, there IS that Gaming on Linux is going to be unstoppable ...

  5.   David DR said

    We will soon check it with the Steam output for Linux

  6.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    That such.

    Mr. Carmack I think he is wrong. Many games in the style of ID Software are great and cool, that they have not had the talent and ability to generate income on this platform is another matter. It should also be noted that ID Software was long ago one of the great and pillars of the resurrection of video games but today the truth is almost not painted, rather they are seen as legends rather than important players in the industry.

  7.   msx said

    »Format not comfortable for either an advanced user or a novice, the truth is ahead.»
    Speak for you n00b, the console is the most comfortable thing there is and 99% of the people I know (including all my friends) who _know something_ about GNU / Linux use the console for everything.

    1.    xykyz said

      It precisely refers to the fact that it should be a comfortable format for a noob. My friends who use Linux prefer not to touch the terminal, because they are only users, not computer scientists or interested in the ins and outs of the system.

      1.    Nonamed said

        then as windows users they do not go to the control panel, the device manager, etc etc, that is, to the ins and outs of the system

    2.    Digital_CHE said

      NO, it is more comfortable to put the mouse cursor over an icon, click and everything works ...

      Most PC users are not computer geeks. They only use it as a work and / or entertainment tool ... For most, the PC is a household appliance, like a television or a blender, only more complex.

    3.    seachello said

      I agree with xykyz, I use the terminal to navigate my computer and I consider it to be faster and not more complicated. But one thing is clear to me, people who are not used to it are afraid of the terminal. That is a fact, although it is possible to try to correct it, encouraging its use, and especially in schools.

  8.   blaxus said

    He is partly right, the number of users of GNU / Linux OS is not a lot of money input, not to mention that there are not that many home users of these operating systems.
    But at the same time, he himself condemned the products of his company by making his installers based on text, which disregard of the company, there should be equal comfort in the installation also for Linux users.

  9.   sancochito said

    The issue is that the philosophy of free software does not fit with the video game industry that thrives on programmed obsolescence and changing equipment every 3 years or even less, free software goes the other way.

    1.    dwarf said

      I disagree. While it is true that it thrives on programmed obsolescence, that does not mean that Linux is a bad market for these types of markets.

      The truth is quite complicated and we are speculating too much

  10.   Chicken said

    This one is envious because steam took the gamer from linux XD (JOKE)

  11.   limit said

    Claaaaaaro, the guy is not stupid, despite looking like it; it is better to bet on a winning horse (Windows) where everything is done.

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