KDE 4.10 will have support for adding the menu buttons to the title bar

According to Martin Grasslin the main developer of KWin, who posted some of the changes to come in KDE 4.10, this version will have the possibility to include the toolbar menus in the title bar.

Yes, I am referring to the File, Edit, View, Tools, Help, etc menus, which can be placed in the bar where the Minimize / Maximize / Close buttons appear, in order to save more vertical space, and I don't know how you but I love the idea. Unfortunately we do not have a screenshot that shows us what this new functionality would look like, but it would be something like this (image mounted by me):

Without a doubt, KDE 4.10 will be the best version of this Desktop Environment and I am looking forward to it as a good thing.

Thanks to a comment made by Christian, we can see this option in operation:


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  1.   Christian said

    It doesn't actually look exactly like in your image, but rather like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0o1sRLRc60&hd=1. That is, there are four options: normal menu, vertical menu (but now the button is smaller, the same size as the maximize and minimize buttons), menu in a pop-up panel at the top of the screen, and export menu ( to be used in a dedicated panel or Unity panel).

    I am using KDE 4.10 RC2 on Kubuntu 12.10 and I already got used to the one button menu :-).

    1.    elav said

      : O Thanks for the information .. I made the image assuming how it would look .. 😉

      Edito: And well watching the video, I love the way it looks

  2.   Gregory Swords said

    A pity that the LFFL site uses your modified screenshot in one of their posts (http://www.lffl.org/2013/01/kde-410-massimizza-lo-spazio.html) without giving you the corresponding credit.

    Several times that site does the same to me with my posts, but I had not wanted to confirm it, I still had my doubts ... but now, with this case, I confirm it. How unethical on the part of LFFL.

    1.    msx said

      The people ask for DDoS attack !!! : D: D: D

  3.   ahdezzz said

    mmmm well, it is not seen that it saves any space with respect to the current version. It looks a thousand times better, and for my taste more functional, the version that elav handles in its image edited with gimp, it is a pity that this is not the design that UU decided to implement

    1.    Christian said

      Why do you say it does not save space?

      In fact, the reason they decided not to put the full menu in the title bar (as I recall from a discussion on the mailing lists) was that they couldn't ensure that there was always enough space to display the entire menu. What to do when the application is not maximized, or when there are too many menus?

      Having the entire menu in a single button on the left side seems like an elegant and practical solution. But as they say, to taste the colors :-).

      1.    elav said

        I just hope it can be moved, because I use the buttons on the left.

        1.    Christian said

          It can be moved without problems. I just did the test: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/54722/kwin-kde410rc2.png

          1.    elav said

            Nice !!

      2.    ahdezzz said

        As shown in the video, the size of the top of dolphin is the same as with the button next to the buttons split, preview, etc. which is like it is in the current version. That is why I say it. As for the space for the full menu, I think it would happen, or should happen, the same as happens with the current version of kde, that is, if the size of the application is not enough to show the menus then only they should show those that can be seen and for the other options ellipsis and a date should be shown to move to them. Also I think that space would be solved if the two options existed, the single button and the full menu as in the current version of kde. Although of course, I am aware that it should not be easy at all, but in the end it is just an opinion.

        1.    Christian said

          OK, now I understand your comment :-). In the current version of Dolphin (KDE 4.9), the menu is already hidden (or rather, it is restricted to a button on the toolbar), so clearly the change shown in the video would not bring greater savings of space.

          In any case, keep in mind that this video is from an older version and is now obsolete; currently (KDE 4.10 RC2) the size of the menu button is equal to the size of the buttons, minimize, maximize and close. You can check it in this image that I just uploaded: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/54722/kwin-kde410rc2.png

        2.    ahdezzz said

          By the way Christian, I deduced that the button does not have dual functionality (as a button or as a full menu) from the video, because I didn't see that option, but apparently you do have access to that new version. I would appreciate it if you would get me out of the doubt.

          1.    Christian said

            I don't know if I understood your question correctly. In KDE 4.10 RC2 there are four options: 1) normal menu within the application window (or in a toolbar button in some applications, such as Dolphin or Choqok), 2) button in the title bar, 3) menu in a pop-up panel at the top of the screen, 4) export menu (to be used in a dedicated panel or Unity panel), similar to OSX.

            Or do you mean if the button has the Kwin context menu functionality? Because this menu can now be accessed by right clicking on the title bar.

  4.   Irvandoval said

    Excellent feature that this version of KDE will bring

  5.   dhunter said

    Wheezy just came out to see if the next test takes all this.

  6.   Gustavo Castro said

    For a long time I have configured my KDE like this: http://gusta-who.x10.mx/screen.png

    This new feature will be great for me 😀

    1.    Blaire pascal said

      Fuck how do you do that?

      1.    sieg84 said

        could be with plasma-widget-menubar

      2.    Rayonant said

        And the window controls probably with Yet Another Window Control Plasmoid

      3.    x11tete11x said

        xbar or menubar and this: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=143971 although the capture one could have made him more cool with the icons and not let him use the "plasma theme" xD

        After installing the link you have to edit the following file:
        ~ / .kde4 / share / config / kwinrc

        and add below

        BorderlessMaximizedWindows = true

        1.    snack said

          What a good tip 😛

  7.   George said

    Seeing the image you edited, I remembered the MediaMonkey player, which I installed a few days ago on Win7.

  8.   msx said

    KDE 4.10 is going to be a great release 😀

  9.   VaryHeavy said

    Great. But I have a little doubt: can the same be done whatever the window decoration? Or is it an exclusive feature of the Oxygen decor theme?
    This doubt assails me because I have remembered that there is a way to "omit" the title bar in Firefox, Chrome / Chromium style, but it could only be done with the Oxygen window decoration.

    1.    Christian said

      From what I understand, the idea is that all decorations included in KDE SC are supported, but at least in the RC2 version it only works in Oxygen.

      1.    VaryHeavy said

        It was what I feared ...

  10.   truko22 said

    It looks good and there is little left for this new version of KDE and try this function first hand to see if I like it.