KDE Games: Puzzle Games, Strategy and more

I am a happy user of a Nexus 5 and I must say that the experience of using Android as it 'should be', it is something I have loved to experience. If Andy has something good, it is the number of games he owns, and many of them of great quality.

These days I've been hooked Monument Valley a tremendously addictive game based on a world inspired by the work of Escher and that I had to uninstall because my productivity dropped below zero. Unfortunately I looked for a version for GNU / Linux but there is none, as well as similar games.

But we have KDE Games

But hey, if we want to entertain ourselves we can always go to the games in the repository, and as I use KDE, this Desktop Environment has a section called KDE Games that has a extensive catalog of games, with some truly addictive. Talking about all of them right now would lead to more than one article, so I'll only mention the ones I like the most.


Based on the legendary PacMan, this game has the same philosophy only that the character is a kind of Indiana Jones who tries not to be eaten by the mummies while collecting points (coins?).

KDE Games: Kapman


And since we are talking about Indi, a somewhat similar game is KGoldRunner, where we have to control our character with the mouse or keyboard to collect diamonds. The tricky thing about the game is that to achieve our goal we have to dig, and sometimes we can get caught.



The typical game of balls that bounce and we must enclose them in the smallest space possible, avoiding that they collide with the barriers while we are creating them.



This is one of my favorites, and I spend long hours playing it over and over again, even though I've won it a million times. As in almost all KDE games, it can be customized to change the appearance of game elements.



Another of the games that most hook me. The objective is to prevent the red balls from touching our blue ball. I think this is a game that is worthy for war pilots or people with a high level of reaction in their reflexes.



This game offers us several modes for card lovers .. among my favorites as the variant Klondike, that is, the typical Solitaire that we find in other operating systems.



Another of the typical games of matching more than three elements of the same color online. There are a lot of these types of games on the net, and I really like it.



Another of my favorites in the Strategy category. The goal is to connect all the PCs to the main Server by moving the pipes using the mouse. With the right click the pipe rotates in one direction and with the left click in the opposite direction. You can also customize and change the default theme.


Naval battle

Last but not least we have Naval Battle, another game within KDE Games that is one of the ones that entertains me the most. The objective is to position our units in the box on the left and shoot down the enemy ships (which we obviously don't see), in the box on the right.

Naval battle

Although the KDE Games games are not that advanced, at least if they are quite entertaining. There are many more for all tastes and preferences, and if those are not enough, then in the repositories there are many more.

Anyway if you have an Android phone I recommend Download Monument Valley So that you try it, although I warn you, you can forget about work.

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  1.   dwarf said

    Comments on «they are garbage» in 3… 2… 1 xD

    These little games attract attention, the truth is that with a little more graphic appeal they would be even more striking.

    1.    Carlos said

      «They are rubbish» 😀

      Just kidding, many times you don't need games with great graphics to have fun, and many of those "silly" games can make you have a good time, or even all afternoon without you realizing it ... Some I didn't know ....

  2.   Menz said

    Very boring! Linux is a long way from reaching Windows gaming competition. When I use Linux I prefer to play with the emulators, it is the only thing that can be rescued from the OS. Neither does Steam work well with the free drivers ... I don't know how they can call that "Entertaining"

    1.    x11tete11x said

      @Nano here you have the boss xD, man, do you read the news? not yet, but there are games of great renown, which are making their approaches to Linux (The Witcher 2, the Crysis engine, XCOM, Civilization V ...)

    2.    x11tete11x said
  3.   Fega said

    I tried several of the KDE games and they are good, some addictive. The only thing kritikable would be the excesses of K's in the names 😛

  4.   vinsuk said

    They just released Nuclear Throne and it's a bad thing: - \ Goodbye to my social life!