KDE, Gnome, Xfce, LXDE and my opinion on them.

Desktops, like distributions, fulfill their objective according to our basic needs and the use that we give the computer, and at this point, I believe that all (Or the majority) We know what each of them can provide.

I'm going to take a chance. I, a user who has tried almost all the desktops available in GNU / Linux, I think there are 4 main or most important currently, and I would define each of them in this way:

KDE: The most complete and productive desktop for GNU / Linux.


Starting from the point that the "best" depends on the taste and need of each one, it is no secret to anyone that with their ups and downs, KDE has always held a privileged place among users of GNU / Linux.

With the departure of KDE 4 things got ugly, and with the imminent disappearance of KDE 3.5, I, like many, ran towards Gnome. And I confess that I always felt a certain emptiness.

What it does to KDE so complete goes beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. For example, something that I have always criticized is the amount of options it contains, both the desktop and its applications. But don't listen to me, this is far from being negative since it is one of the points in favor of the German desk.

The problem is perhaps that for some, all these options are not located in the right place and this causes many users to feel overwhelmed by so many possibilities, which I repeat, only brings advantages.

With KDE you have the feeling that each application has just what you need and even a little more. KDE It has improved a lot in terms of performance and efficiency, and without leaving the schemes we are used to, it has been able to insert new ways of using the desktop. An example of this is Plasma and Activities, tools that can be put to excellent use as the case may be, and that many of us still do not understand.

KDE is a desk designed for all those users who are willing to risk a little consumption, but who in return will obtain the benefit of being more productive and efficient in their day-to-day work with the computer. For me, a Desktop Environment goes beyond having a panel (or two), a menu, a system tray ... etc. A Desktop Environment are all the tools and applications that allow us to work comfortably with our files and folders, and in this KDE takes the palms.

What do we use the most when working with a computer? I think that 98% of the readers of this blog will agree with me that it is the File and Folder Manager. KDE It has for this an application that does not need a presentation and what qualities and options are there: Dolphin. If you are not able to be productive with Dolphin, then it will not be with any other File and Folder Manager, that simple.

Dolphin It offers tabs, extra panels, an integrated terminal, a search engine, a search filter, and other benefits that make you have complete control over your documents, files or folders.

However KDE it goes even further. KDE offers us a complete and total integration between each of its components. Although I don't particularly use them, the combination Akonadi / Nepomuk / Virtuoso they offer you unmatched power when used well. If you need to do something, it is rare that you do not find KDE the right app for it.

My recomendation: KDE It is for those users who want to have everything at hand, be efficient, productive and save as much time as possible. An ideal environment for users who handle a large amount of information, developers, designers or who simply want to have an option for everything, and configure their desktop in the easiest way possible.

Gnome: The king without a throne.

Gnome It was undoubtedly for a long time the king of the Desktop Environments from my point of view. With the departure of KDE4, the rise of Ubuntu, and the simplicity that always characterized it, little by little it became the favorite of many users around the planet with the release of Gnome2, where everything was easy, and accessing the applications as well as the Desktop options was achieved with a few clicks.

Gnome2 It is a Desktop Environment in which much more could have been done and which could have been made better of. However, the project developers delved into Gnome3, a Desktop Environment with improved libraries, but which represented a sudden change (even greater than that caused by KDE4) for users of Gnome2, who left to the disbandment looking for other alternatives such as Xfce, LXDE or own KDE.

You can't say that Gnome with its Shell be a bad application far from it. Gnome3 It is still very powerful and has excellent tools, even many users are comfortable with the news, but the work philosophy that characterized this desk changed radically and its appearance, I believe, is not focused on the typical end user.

Whatever the objective of its developers, we have seen in this blog the changes that this desktop has been undergoing, which in my opinion, are not at all successful. Gnome it is trying to enter a market in which it has no land, and where other more advanced alternatives already exist. The future of Gnome is in gnomeOS, a project that I dare not comment on, since very little is known about it.

But not everything is bad, as I was saying, Gnome It has very good applications, extremely easy to configure, in some cases lacking in options compared to the ones it has KDE, but just as powerful and functional.

Gnome it also serves as a basis for other Shells very interesting as they are Unity y Cinnamon. Your File and Folder Manager (Nautilus), although it does not have all the qualities of DolphinIt is also quite productive and very simple compared to the previous one mentioned. Being developed on gtk, It has many own and third-party packages, but unfortunately the King has been losing popularity.

My recomendation: Gnome It is for those users who are attracted by new challenges and innovative interfaces aimed especially at touch technology, who do not mind using the keyboard and wasting a little resources. Ideal if you use other shells like Cinnamon o Unity.

Xfce: The alternative to Gnome 2

Xfce has come to fill the void that has been left in many Gnome2. A desktop that is already a few years old and that has been evolving little by little, whose slow development is due to the few programmers it has. Something almost paradoxical if we take into account that Xfce it has become popular in recent years.

Xfce has been a Gnome with less functionalities. The appearance is basically the same and it meets the requirements of being simple, fast, easy to configure and once personalized, extremely beautiful. But since everything could not be good, it lacks many things, its applications are extremely simple and it does not have good tools to manage the system.

Of course, being built on gtk, you can perfectly make use of the applications of Gnome, but at least I would like it to have more of its own tools.

One of the weak points of Xfce it is precisely your File and Folder Manager: Thunar. Under the excuse that it will lose lightness, developers are reluctant to add extra tabs or panels, so working with this application takes a lot of productivity.

For the rest, everything is very simple and can be configured Xfce completely (or for the most part) from your Configuration Center. Version 4.10 added a lot of improvements for users and it would be interesting to see the future of this Desktop Environment now that Debian has adopted it as the default desktop.

My recomendation: Xfce It is for those users who do not need to perform advanced tasks with the system, who like a simple Desktop, and want to have access to all their applications with just a few clicks. It can be ideal for Writers, Journalists and people who use the computer for basic things, providing a balance between power and speed.

LXDE: The smallest, fastest but least powerful in the class


LXDE is the smallest of the Desktop Environments developed on gtk, is the fastest and, therefore, the one that most lacks its own applications, so like Xfce, you have to make use of many tools from Gnome to complete its range of possibilities.

Its appearance by default reminds us of Windows XP and with a little work you can obtain beautiful customizations, however, a point in favor of this Desktop Environment is its File and Folder Manager: PCManFM.

PCManFM It has some qualities of its older brothers such as eyelashes, which combined with its speed and beauty, make it the best alternative to Thunar, which it far exceeds in terms of productivity, customization and configuration.

My recomendation: LXDE It is ideal for low-performance teams thanks to the balance it offers us between speed and simplicity. Recommended for users with a little more experience, since everything is not so close at hand.


I said it at the beginning and I repeat it again: Each desk is complete or not according to the needs of each one. Any of these 3 variants (obviating Gnome Shell)Ready and ready to use, they can be easy to use for new users.

This post is nothing more than a very superficial and unbiased review of each of these Desktop Environments. Each user knows to what extent they can customize, configure and exploit the options of each one of them, which, of course, I cannot mention here.

They are all good at what they do, and each one responds to the needs of different types of users. If you ask me, I will stay with KDE y Xfce, depending on what you need to do. Which do you prefer?

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  1.   Adoniz (@ NinjaUrbano1) said

    The truth is I love Xfce, LXDE and KDE, they are great if one or the other depends on the hardware because in all 3 I can do the same things but not in the same way. Xp

  2.   Makubex Uchiha (azavenom) said

    That good info friends xD for me I love kde although in itself it is heavy but I do not care: 3 it is a beauty when you manage to customize it as you want xD here I leave you as I left my precious kde:
    and yapa 😛 I leave this tutorial that I did on my blog to tune it and leave it ten 😛

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      It gives me this error:


      You don't have permission to access / on this server.

      Additionally, the 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use year ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      1.    Makubex Uchiha (azavenom) said

        I already know yesterday unfairly the host suspended my blog for the simple fact of having reached almost 3000 visits in almost 4 months that I had it on, and I say almost 3000 because I was very little left to get there and that happens to me like that nothing without notifying me before and that's why I lost everything that cost me to do 🙁

  3.   tavo said

    I knew that as soon as @elav tried KDE he was going to stay with the hahaha. KDE improved a lot in these last versions and in this version they will focus on correcting bugs and regressions, very good decision of the developers to "download a change"

  4.   103 said

    GNOME2 has been for me the most comfortable, customizable, fastest of the bulkiest desktops. It is a pity that his philosophy has changed. That's why I'm sticking with Debian Squeeze until its support ends, then I'll think about moving to openbox, who knows xfce.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I currently have KDE and Xfce on the netbook of work. I must confess that lately I have used more KDE… 😕

      1.    proper said

        KDE is something else. I also use KDE and Xfce but I must confess that with KDE it is to arrive and use, everything is ready so that the user does not need to do or know anything, perfect for working and not wasting time configuring things.
        At the moment I'm writing to you from Xfce and the truth is that you have to invest a good time to get it "ready" because by default it is horrible, in fact I spend more time configuring and tuning than working xDD

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          Yes, of course, but just so you can see, Tuning Xfce for me is much easier than with KDE. In addition, Gtk has many more themes and options, you just have to compare gnome-look with kde-look ..

          1.    Sys said

            > many more topics
            Is that the theme that comes with KDE (and Obsidian) are so pretty 🙂

          2.    Sir said

            Hello one question. Let's forget about tuning, fear nothing, colors, ornaments, etc. We are going to focus on just the system and applications to work as it comes, without "snooping" because for example, the color or a window effect is not going to make the program I am creating or something I research on the quantity radiation in the atmosphere solves itself for me (that's why I say the unimportant "pijadas"). You've been using linux for a few years (Ubuntu, Opensuse, Fedora, Scientific Linux in Gnome, KDE and Xfce) and changing the distribution for hardware things and lately because I can't be installing every few months, I need years because the experiments are what last me , and it is work, research. No marcinanito games, no strange things, maybe a video and some mp3 music and only on my personal computer. But of course, I don't like having different distributions and environments on each computer, if there are 5 computers all the same included for my personal things. Time is very valuable and I cannot be with different customs or habits from one computer to another, by using a program in one environment and then another in another environment with different options, tabs, etc. You understand what I mean, although surely someone will say that the same applications can be used on different desktops. But is not the case.
            So I have opted for Scientific but the KDE it carries is a bit old, although it is the least, it works and is what I care about, but this environment is quite secondary and they do not give it the necessary importance to have it properly installed and complete. At least I have not managed to have it like in Fedora KDE since its Spin. In Scientific, as in Centos I think, you would have to manually deactivate a lot of gnome applications, if you know them to identify them that is another, to leave a pure KDE. But what I say, I have not achieved it and I do not know if it is my fault or that the distribution does not give more.
            So today Slackware is on my mind with Kde and Xfce. Which one would you choose? I am thinking that I have an old machine that will be great for Kde, although with SL it has gone well and with the latest Xubuntu better. Xubuntu is not going to me, nothing Ubuntu, that's why I'm not lying. So one option would be Kde in all but the old one with XFCE, but…. Regarding the thread of your recommendation of KDE for productive environments, would you recommend it to me too since I only dedicate myself to research at the university?

            I have to say that SL with Gnome is the best, I wish it would work so well with KDE, but I already say that I have not succeeded. If anyone has any recommendation to install KDE on SL or Centos with the same cleanliness as with the Fedora KDE spin I would appreciate it. The subject of multimedia codecs and stuff in SL KDE is a bit deadly.

            Another thing about KDE and your recommendation. I use USB drives a lot and they are essential. And in Gnome they are extracted cleanly, but not in KDE with dolphin, you can disassemble them, yes, but they are always fed and in the end you have to pull them through gritting your teeth ... one day the disk will break, for sure! Do you have a solution in KDE? This is important because I have been using SL Gnome just for this.

            I realize that in the end it was not a question. Finally, taking into account my work, do you recommend SL or Slackware?

            Greetings, and that you know that thanks to people like you, many of us left Windows.

          3.    Sir said

            Clearly it was very technical and there are few engineers or scientists around here. Thanks anyway because some things you write help a lot. I read it almost daily.

  5.   kik1n said


    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Yup, I'm starting to believe that yes hahaha

    2.    truko22 said

      Yeah !!! \ (ツ) / but everyone together is doing very well.

  6.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    I prefer LXDE and that of "less powerful" is in a way a bit harsh for an environment that has in my modest opinion one of the lightest file handlers that I have seen, such as PCManFM, but hey. At the beginning I was using Gnome and I used it when it went up to Gnome 2 but I was one of the first to crash into Gnome 3 and really their Shell or whatever Gnome 3 has told me that it was time to seek new horizons until I get to LXde and I'm glad to see that in some things it was even faster than XFCE but I do recognize that XFCE beats it in Robustness because despite having few developers (I'm sure the XFCE community is bigger than LXDE) but hey… every crazy with his theme.

    1.    Ergean said

      It does not seem less powerful to me, since with it you can do the same things as in other environments, and with less consumption, for example that is why I love Lubuntu, it has a very good visual theme and consumes very little.

      In any case, I would say that it is less intuitive for first-time users than the other environments, especially in the aspect of configuring LXDE, which is where it limps a bit ...

      1.    elav <° Linux said

        Yes, of course you can do things that are normal with other environments, but they are simple and very basic tasks.

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      Let's see, I'll make it simple for you. When I refer to powerful, I do it based on the productivity facilities that the tool offers you. For example, answer these simple questions:

      - Does PCManFM have a content filter bar?
      - Does PCManFM have a built-in search engine?
      - Does PCManFM have a built-in terminal?
      - Does PCManFM have a content filter bar?
      - Does PCManFM have panels?
      - Does PCManFM have the option to show groups of folders?
      - Does PCManFM have the option to compare files?

      You don't really have to answer me because I know the answer. I myself have to admit that no matter how much I like Xfce, it will never have half the options that KDE has, which with its tools make it the most productive and powerful Desktop that exists.

      For the savvy, just compare krunner to Gnome's "run". 😀

      1.    Ergean said

        But it is that productivity is according to your concept of productivity, which does not mean that you are wrong, but for me something productive is an application that allows me to do a certain action quickly and easily, for you that PCManFM has a filter bar content or search or a terminal are functions, for me they are an extra, functions that are made by other programs specially designed for them, such as the terminal, or a search box (which is true that it is something that LXDE by default lacks moment) or filtering, apart, are things that you can add with two clicks, or that as I said, other programs created for it can do.

        For example, why are you going to edit a photo from Word, being able to edit it from Photoshop, which was created for it?

        Besides, LXDE was created looking for a light and simple desktop, which is equivalent to fewer functions or less complete or concise functions, so if someone wants to be productive, they do not choose LXDE because it was not created for that.

        Besides, if you want to be productive in a job in a company, you will most likely have to use Windows with its office programs and suites, as well as other programs created for this or that activity or function, unless you have to use Windows at work. GNU / Linux.

        LXDE is not less powerful, it is, at best, less productive than other desktop environments, but I think that power is not only associated with the degree of productivity, but also with more things, such as usability, accessibility, the visual aspect ...

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          But it is that productivity is according to your concept of productivity, which does not mean that you are wrong, but for me something productive is an application that allows me to do a certain action quickly and easily, for you that PCManFM has a filter bar content or search or a terminal are functions

          Exactly, functions that make working with files, archives, folders much easier. Let's say you open PCManFM, you go to a folder that has a thousand PDF documents, you start typing its name and what you type has to match the original name. With the Dolphin filter, as you write, the rest of the documents disappear, leaving only the coincidences ... What do you think is faster and more productive?

          I don't agree with you at all about Windows = Productivity. To begin with, Windows Explorer is disgusting, a mess, all the elements are displayed in a confusing way, it is not intuitive, it does not have extra tabs or panels. It is much easier to use PCManFM or Thunar than Windows Explorer, to give you an example.

          1.    Ergean said

            Let's see, if you take only that part of the paragraph, it either lacks sense, or coincides with what you think, but the other part is the mainstay of my argument, they are functions, yes, but extra functions, it is not something that I have to Having PCManFM has to have yes or yes, if those functions that you say help you to be more productive, well great, but if it is known that they affect performance, and LXDE is to be light and simple, not productive, or not As well as other environments, many times there are simple, light and productive programs and other times there are not, because it is difficult to find a perfect balance between something light (which usually has fewer functions, options or features) and something productive.

            Nor have I said that Windows is the same or the best in productivity, but that it is usually the most used in companies to work, which does not mean that being the most used, it is the most productive. If you are right, Windows Explorer It sucks, but it is the most used, which does not mean that it is the most productive.

          2.    Andrélo said

            Well, I use LXDE and as a file manager I use Nautilus so PCmanFm is over there ,,, and personally I choose GNOME, and that it is not for the end user, it is one of those lies, it is the environment for that user you do not want to go pimp everything else, it is perfect for the newcomer to Linux

  7.   Ergean said

    I really liked this article, and looking at your website if I see a bug, you see very little who the author is, that is, that tiny little box at the end you should keep it, but put somewhere else who wrote it, I for example would also put it next to the reading counter.

    About the article itself, KDE is now the best and most complete option, although I would like it to improve some of the KDE applications, I don't like anything, for example, the Dragon Player, or VLC, and the truth is, I find few alternatives good as video players in Qt, Bangarang does not attract much attention to me either .. if you know others, I would appreciate it.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Thanks for the suggestion. In fact, we had already thought about putting the author at the top .. 😀

      About KDE, I like my VLC as it is, and I just discovered Bangarang and I love it 😀

      1.    Ergean said

        Let's see, it's not that I don't like them, it's that they aren't the GNU / Linux video players that I like the most, I think I told you, in Gnome, I love Totem, it's what a player should be for me , the right and necessary options, a simple interface ... I'm looking for something similar in KDE, both are very overloaded, and I don't like the Dragon Player.

        Bangarang is not a bad video player, but it is a terrible player and organizer of music libraries, and that's why I don't want it, I pass duplicate programs, if Amarok already does the function of playing music very well, why should I have another player What reproduces it for me, but what organizes it for me wrong?

        Amarok or Clementine for music, and while VLC for video, as I continue my search for decent and simple video players for KDE.

        1.    truko22 (@ truko222) said

          Try SMPlayer I liked it a lot and I have used VLC all my life.

          1.    Ergean said

            Thanks also for those who have put, although my smplayer I do not like very much for the interface, it is like VLC, ugly and somewhat overloaded with options.

        2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          Try SMPlayer 😉

          1.    Ergean said

            Okay, well I try it too 🙂

    2.    vicky said

      You can try kaffeine, umplayer, kmplayer, playbak, bakaar, loopy, they are all pretty simple kde video players.

      1.    Ergean said

        Thanks for the list, I promise to keep an eye on them 🙂

    3.    Miguel Ángel Martínez said

      Well, the truth is that since I discovered SMPlayer I don't want to go back to VLC.

      I would highlight its total integration with KDE, its subtitle manager (It even downloads them) as well as that the reproduction of a video continues where I left it (Not existing in VLC)

      A greeting.

  8.   Anibal said

    I like almost everyone except lxde.

    I have tried cinnamon, I use unity, I use gnome shell, I like it but I don't know how to configure it to make it more beautiful.
    On the other hand, KDE is one of those that I see and I remember windows and that gives me a bit of rejection, but I do not deny that many kde desktops that I saw are beautiful, but I do not know how they managed it, but the issue is that how it comes by default (chakra, and other livecd distros with kde) I didn't like it at all 🙁

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      It is true. This is told to you by someone who doesn't like the look and feel of KDE by default, but like Xfce, KDE can be customized to your liking and even give it the appearance of any other desktop environment.

      KDE and Xfce are the ones that can be customized the most .. 😀

      1.    rock and roll said

        And LXDE too. It does not have so many graphical tools to do it, but it can be customized, it can, and a lot.

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          But you spend a little more work, I think .. There are things that you have to put by hand in the .gtkrc-2.0 or gtkrc.mine files, for example.

          1.    rock and roll said

            Yes, it is true that configuring text files takes more time than if it is done with graphic tools. Now, as I am not one of those who likes to have a different desktop every week, the configuration process is done practically only once, at the time of installation. Then, when it is to my liking, I forget to personalize the desktop (at most a change of wallpaper).
            Also, when I notice how fast LXDE works compared to other environments, I am not sorry to have to go through a somewhat more complex configuration, because the agility of the environment pays for any other obstacles it may have ... for me, of course.

    2.    wpgabriel said

      in taringa there is a post to tune kde very good.

      1.    elav <° Linux said

        And the link is? Thanks 😀

  9.   Hyuuga_Neji said

    It is true that KDE is much more complete but as it is super complete it is also super heavy although they have managed to give it some lightness since version 4.0. I hope that now with the purchase of Digia from Qt the KDE path is kept on the right track because it is very fucking that now after so much walking they have to start from scratch in case the owners take a bad path. if I had to choose another environment apart from LXDe I would stay in XFCE but as I said… that's my opinion.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      If you knew. Right now I'm using KDE on my work netbook. And you know what? KDE consumes me almost the same (sometimes less, other times more) than Xfce, and much, much less than Gnome ... What do you think?

      Friend, we respect your opinion, of course we do because for tastes: Colors 😀

      1.    Oscar said

        I use KDE and XFCE, my problem with KDE is that my CPU consumption shoots up and my image freezes, in terms of memory consumption I have no problems. Do you have any idea what the reason for this high CPU consumption may be ?

        1.    vicky said

          Try using the system monitor and ordering from top to bottom in cpu to see what consumes the most, you can also try disabling nepomuk or akonadi. To consume less cpu you can go to the appearance of the applications, style, fine adjustment and in graphic effect select little cpu. Sometimes it freezes from the use of some 3rd party tmb plasmoid.

        2.    proper said

          [user@localhost ~]$ top

          By default the processes are ordered by CPU consumption.

        3.    elav <° Linux said

          That I suppose depends a lot on the Hardware you use.

          1.    Oscar said

            I have an AMD Athlon 64 × 2 Dual core 3800+ 2Ghz processor with 4Gb of RAM.

      2.    maxi said

        😮 seriously ?, what netbook do you occupy and / or specifications ?? and what distro tb ???
        to see if it works on mine: p

        1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          This is his netbook: https://blog.desdelinux.net/unity-en-netbook-hp-mini/
          And it uses Debian Testing (current Wheezy).

        2.    elav <° Linux said

          HP Mini 110 with 1Gb of RAM .. 😀

  10.   Santiago said

    I really like LXDE, the few resources it consumes are incredible and for me it has several facilities, F4 to access the terminal from any folder, bookmarks, just by typing I can search for the file inside the folder I am in, etc.

    I still admit that it is not for the novice user and that not everyone may like the simplicity of LXDE.

  11.   tarantonium said

    For those who like minimalist desktops, I show you a screenshot of my KDE from mageia 1 when I had it on my pc:


    Then don't say that you can't have a nice KDE.

  12.   tarantonium said

    Taking advantage of the previous comment, my humble suggestions to the design of the web, which I love:

    - shorten urls when publishing, that does not happen as in my previous comment that leaves the body

    - the author of the post does not look good, better above or highlight it more

    My congratulations on the new design, there is not much to improve, it is almost perfect.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Shortening URLs is very good, you have to see if alaintm (who programs the theme) has time now to do it, because this is an implementation that was not in the plans and he has other things to do hahahaha.

  13.   khourt said

    I use KDE on Mageia 2, I am very happy with it, although it is true that sometimes so many and somewhat scattered options confuse it, but I stick with it just because of its configuration options.

    I would also like to read about other options, right now I am thinking of incorporating Enlightenment, which although in a certain way is not that advanced, lately they are working very hard, it is also very configurable (except the menu). And that you suggest other environments, I have heard of Openbox and derivatives, but of these I have not seen many things in themselves.

    thanks for today's information

  14.   Ruben said

    I almost have to thank Ubuntu for putting Unity and making me look for another distro, because since I installed Xubuntu I am delighted, my laptop seems different, it is luxurious. The only downside for my taste is that the appearance of the main panel I liked the Gnome Classic much more in Ubuntu. For the rest, yes, Thunar may lack a little but for me I have plenty.

  15.   103 said

    I think that neither is more powerful than the other, as the author indicated, it is a matter of taste and objectives, goals. There will always be these kinds of debates, not just with desktop environments, operating systems, novels, chewing gum, keyboards, iPhones, PCs, etc.

  16.   platonov said

    For me the most complete and attractive is KDE but I don't use it since so many options make me dizzy.
    I like the light desk and what I need at hand, with which I use Xfce which I love.
    I also use Gnome 2 from SolusOs and now I am testing xlde which is not bad at all, and it also meets what I need.
    Unity, Cinnamon and Gnome in my opinion are not very practical and come by sight, before I would use KDE because it is attractive and more practical, which is not the case.

  17.   FerGE said

    I will give KDE another try, I read a lot of good reviews lately.

    For my part, right now I'm with Mate and Compiz and I'm delighted with life, as if I'm still with Gnome2 ...

  18.   msx said

    Great article, very balanced, +1!

    Of course, then I must be among the remaining 2% of users since for me the most important application today and without a doubt the one I use the most -the ones I use the most, I should say- is the browser: I always have one or more browsers open, they are the center of my use of the machine.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Well yes, the browser is one of the most used applications, but in the end for everything you have to die in the File Manager 😀

  19.   hypersayan_x said

    My order of preference:

    - KDE (lifelong user, and developer).
    - Unity (has a great concept, but a terrible performance).
    - XFCE or LXDE (they are on the same level, too conservative).
    - Cinnamon (same old, nothing new).
    - Gnome (unusable).

    1.    Juan Carlos said

      @hipersayan_x Do you develop on KDE? Would you be interested in collaborating on a distribution?

  20.   Paul said

    And what do you think about MATE DESKTOP ??? I love it. Gnome 2 fork hopefully long life. http://mate-desktop.org/

  21.   Luis said


    For now KDE is the best desktop for me, its progress has been remarkable both in stability and speed, and it is very complete and configurable. I was also one of the Gnome escapes in its current version, first because of its impractical interface for a normal pc, its few (almost nil) configuration options, in addition to that most of the themes are not to my liking, also adding the problem extensions that become incompatible with the passing of the versions, apart from consuming more resources than KDE. I used XFCE and MATE, but they didn't convince me much. Nor is it necessary to deny that there are very good Gnome applications, in my case I prefer to use the Gnome multimedia applications than the KDE ones. The same everyone uses what seems best to him and suits his needs, and mine is amply filled by KDE as a desktop environment.

  22.   vicky said

    Lately I am using two alternatives that have not been mentioned here, razor-qt and elementary (pantheon shell). A razor (which is not a desktop environment) I use it as a kind of kde without kwin (I use openbox) and without plasma. It works very well (it is more stable than plasma as it is simpler) and it consumes little (it consumes less than 250 MB with several kde processes started.

    Pantheon is a gnome shell if I'm not mistaken, it uses gala as a window manager, files as a file browser, plank as a dock, and various other programs created by the elementary team. For me it is simply great, the most comfortable and elegant default environment that I have found to date in addition to being quite stable (even if it is in alpha or beta), that if, it does not have many customization options.

    1.    Claudio said

      Razor qt I have also tested it and I must say it can be a great competition to LXDE. It lacks some tools (for example, in a netbook there is not something to visualize the battery level, or at least I have not found it), but in general it seems to me that it has a future, although lately I have not seen news of this project .
      As for pantheon, I don't usually use Gnome Shells actively for some strange reason, however the elementary project has always been concerned about offering a certain level of quality in its applications, so I suppose that the stable version will give a lot to talk about .
      Regarding the article, I have tried mentioned desktops and it is curious to me that Gnome 3 has provoked so many Shells and philosophies of use with the same base. I remember when they announced that version 2.30 was going to be version 3 (although it was finally 2.32), they mentioned that the change was going to be less traumatic, perhaps in reference to what had happened with KDE at the time.
      In my opinion the change was not so abrupt, but rather somewhat annoying, especially with the absence of some functionalities, although as I repeat, I did not use it actively so my opinion is very debatable.
      Finally, answering the question in the post, KDE is my preferred desktop, for many reasons and although there are things that I don't like (such as the behavior of notifications under certain circumstances), there are always alternatives or a developer to communicate with.
      Greetings all.

    2.    khourt said

      Sorry Vicky, but could you comment which distro you use and some info on how to install Pantheon Shell?

  23.   Leo said

    It's not for nothing, I've been using Enlightenment (or E17) for a long time and it works great for me. It's so configurable, IT WORKS THE WAY I WANT. I have high regard for XFCE, but E17 is as fast as that. KDE has spectacular applications, like the powerful K3B, I have simply installed them and they work wonderfully with their great power but without losing the speed I need. Pcmanfm gives me what I need as a file manager and I take from Gnome to Gimp and other programs written in GTK2o3. The truth is that I have nothing to envy the greats, they give me the programs I need, making, together with E17, the best environment I have ever had, fast and extremely configurable. Too bad it is left out. Give it a try, it is true that it is very different at first, but it is worth taking a few minutes to configure it.
    Thank you if you have read all this comment. 🙂

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      I can't talk much about E17 because I've tried it very, very little .. In fact, I don't know if it is a Desktop Environment or a Windows Manager… 😕

    2.    khourt said

      [I like it]
      I have also used e17 and it is very fast, although we have to be honest it still lacks work, but it can perfectly compete with LXDE and XFCE without problems. What has failed me is when configuring the menu (I would like it to handle the order that I want) and the screen resolution and on some occasions it does not keep it and returns to 800 × 600 ...

      Could you comment a little more about your experience with E ??? Just starting with Mageia, I migrate from coming using Debian and derivatives and I am going to install E17.

  24.   Diego said

    Very objective article .KDE the best, XFCE my respects.

  25.   Angel said

    Good post. I am very fond of KDE for the same reasons you mention (especially beauty), but because of the way it hurts performance I always ended up abandoning it (the last time I used it was with debian, which I think is the distro more stable, but even debian KDE ended up getting heavy). I recently gave Linux Mint a chance again, with Cinnamon, but again, although it is not a big deal, that loss of performance due to resource consumption ends up making me sick. But before discarding Mint, this time I decided to try XFCE (a couple of years ago I used it in Xubuntu, on that occasion I suffered with a bug in Thunar that hung my computer), and the truth is I was delighted with the performance of my computer. , very light and great performance. By habit (and because there are programs that do not satisfy me in Linux or because there are no equivalent options) I always use Windows 7. But several weeks ago I use Mint continuously with XFCE, and very sporadically I return to Windows (for some specific need). PCManFM is excellent, which is the one I use. Perhaps for you this is nonsense: I am very (bad) used to listening to music with a plugin called "Enhancer 0.17" that improves the sound in a beautiful way, if in Linux there was a player that supports it or that had an equivalent complement , able then my leap to linux would be final. Meanwhile, I listen to music with Aimp through Wine ... A while ago I did not feel so comfortable, happy and satisfied using linux. I was very happy to know that debian decided on XFCE, that combination will make the computers very powerful ... I will surely return to debian. Cheers

  26.   Manual of the Source said

    You cannot say that Gnome with its Shell is a bad application far from it.

    Yes you can say that it is bad, because it is bad, and it gets worse and worse.

    1.    k1000 said

      Maybe it seems bad to you because it left behind the concept of panel + desktop with icons + sales list but for me it was an advance, once I tried to work with it, you understand the reason for things.

      1.    Manual of the Source said

        Less and less features + less customizable + heavier + less usability and accessibility = Bad

        1.    khourt said

          LOL !! Nor would I like to criticize Gnome so much, but it is true, I do not understand why it is less and less customizable? and then we have to use unofficial applications and extensions, which should already be included by default ...

          Sorry Gnome 3, if you are one of the 4 the most evil !! And that I don't know about XFCE ...

  27.   Aaron Mendo said

    Excellent observations I use GNOME-Shell in Fedora 17 I don't have many resources 1 GB of RAM and Pentium 4 processor but despite that it works very well: D. Changing the subject, did you know that there is going to be an EFL Developer Day in Barcelona Spain? http://www.enlightenment.org/p.php?p=news/show&news_id=49 It is November 5 it seems that the enlightenemnt are already putting the batteries check in the roadmap they indicate that they are already working on Enlightenment 18 http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/roadmap I hope you take into account publishing it as news.


  28.   ariki said

    XFCE RULLZZZ, what I'm saying is that I've been through all of them, it's a wonder but it eats resources and for me that I don't always have the notebook connected to the current, the battery life is very important, now with xfce + debian it lasts for 5: 30, with KDE + Arch it lasted 2:40, but without a doubt KDE is beautiful and very configurable, now XFCE is very entertaining since you have to have a good free time to leave it as you want, elav as always very good article and the blog was good but there is something that I do not like I find that the right panel is very large or at least on small screens it looks huge hehehe, greetings guys and thanks for your work !!

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      If you knew that at least than in KDE with Debian, I have noticed that the battery consumption is higher than with Xfce in Debian 😕 I don't know, maybe they are my ideas 😀

      1.    ariki said

        It is that consumption should be greater when eating more resources, at least in my arch kde I was shot at 400 mb of base consumption, I mean with nothing running, and with it the battery lasted around 2:40 hrs, now I haven't tried KDE on debian, I'll see if I'll get down to work over the weekend and I'll tell you later how I'm doing with my team, greetings Ariki

    2.    khourt said

      Well, I also like KDE doesn't work very well with Debian, but right now I use KDE with Mageia and I'm doing great !!

  29.   k1000 said

    Hello, good article. KDE is a super complete and integrated desktop, although I do not see it at all light and it is slower to open applications than other environments and because with so many options and everywhere they make me dizzy. XFCE is a good desktop but it has no excuse for having it so incomplete since for a long time it stopped being the lightweight desktop, it fails with Thunar, with keyboard shortcuts and function keys and other more specialized options, gnome is not so heavy, to me It starts me up with less than 300 MB and although it has been a total change in concept of desktop environment (I would say that it is the only original desktop environment) it has been more productive using the keyboard. LXDE is the lightweight desktop that it should be, I forgive its lack of power manager and so on because it is supposed to be for old PCs.

  30.   mr linux said

    What it is to have a good computer, not true @Elav, now you are placing each desktop environment in its rightful place, it seemed strange to me that you only spoke wonders of XFCE (which it deserves, nor more lacked ), a few "curses" for Gnome 3 (also agree) and KDE almost forgotten.
    and all for having those wonderful 4 gigabytes of ram, you are using KDE again, I officially welcome you to the KDE club !!!!

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahahaha, in fact, I have KDE on the Netbook too, along with Xfce of course ...

  31.   federico said

    The elav report is very good, in my short time in linux I tried the four environments, and the one I like the most is xfce, I like it because I can customize it as I like it and it does not consume as much as kde, the only one that I don't like all four is gnome.

  32.   sieg84 said

    KDE the semantic desktop.

  33.   Mauritius said

    XFCE to death, it's all I need, no more, no less.

  34.   patz said

    I don't use dolphin, nautilus or thunar. a good terminal and voila. I don't need kate or gedit, vim and voila. for everything else all I need is to resize, move windows, move between windows and be able to do it using only the keyboard (google chrome + vimium to navigate) do you really want to be productive? there are many environments, better than those mentioned to do that. Increasing productivity is saying goodbye to the mouse and being able to do everything, or almost everything with the keyboard, the important thing is that it is configurable enough and you can choose which keys to work with 😉

    1.    k1000 said

      Yes, I think that saying that such a desktop is more productive is absurd since productivity depends on the user, rather Elav is more productive with KDE, your desktop, I with Gnome Shell, another with lxde and so on.

      1.    commentator said

        I think it's correct.

  35.   ULVER said

    The best distro with LXDE is KNOPPIX .. just because you can handle both KDE and Gnome applications running at full capacity. I have this installed in a modest p4 2.26 and 700mb of ram
    Today I only use windows, but I look forward to Mageia 3 with KDE 4.9 and to go back to linux like in my old days.

    1.    commentator said

      He's going to have to wait a long time 😉

  36.   Roberto Gea said

    And where were the window managers, openbox, fluxbox, or tiling managers like dwm.

    Not because they have fewer options by default (generally they are more customizable than the large DE), it means that they are less powerful, or productive as you call elav, and these are not only used in PCs with few resources.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      The article is about Desktop Environments, not Windows Manager. It is true that with OpenBox, Fluxbox ... etc you can have nice Desks, but they are not Desktop Environments as such .. 😀

      1.    khourt said

        Enlightenment enters desktops ??? And one more doubt, what other desks are there that could be tried? It would be interesting to know a little more about this topic, to give an opportunity to those who are not mentioned so much, right?

        1.    elav <° Linux said

          I have the same doubt as you. As such what is said to be called Desktop Environment, I only know these 4 and RazorQT, I do not know if there is any out there.

  37.   kik1n said

    Now, I think KDE is the same or lighter than Gnome.
    Besides being more personalized and more beautiful 😀 hahahaha.


  38.   israelem said

    Good, for a few years I have been a 100% Linux user. First for academic reasons, Computer Engineering and because I like it a lot. Now, I like the simple things and I have no problem trying until I find something that I like.

    I started with Ubuntu + Gnome until they moved to Unity. Later I got used to this environment. I also tried Cinnamon and MATE. Overall, after a lot of testing I admit that I prefer MATE or Cinnamon, depending on whether I want something very simple or something more colorful.

    Unity is fine too, but since I got tired of reinstalling every 6 months, I'm with LMDE + MATE.

    What do you think of these 3 environments? Especially MATE which is a fork of Gnome2 and Cinnamon which is a Gnome3 fork. Is this the path Gnome should have followed? Or at least have left the door open for it?

    A greeting.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      If you ask me, I think that MATE is a project that, although it is good for many users, will gradually be forgotten, as obsolescence will eat it up. Ideally, Gnome 3 should be more polished with Classic or FallBack mode.

      1.    commentator said

        There are other (s) that I think will also have that luck.

  39.   Yoyo Fernandez said

    The best desk, undoubtedly the one I use. It is light, comfortable and highly modifiable 😉 http://i.imgur.com/tN9Gx.jpg

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Hahaha, the highly modifiable I doubt it ..

    2.    khourt said

      LOL !! Clear !! But I also think that you could only add gadgets and the problem will be when someone enters "your desktop" and moves its settings!

  40.   louis-san said

    Gnome Shell, as it is the only desktop environment (excluding Unity) that I have used.

    * Forever Gnome Shell *

  41.   oberost said

    I watch a lot of KDEro lately, hehehe.

    For me the one that best adapts is XFCE although every day I like openBox more

    1.    khourt said

      I think there are because the Gnome project has not liked (leaving aside whether it is good or not), and many of what we want on our desktop is identity, customization and expression ... something that KDE provides very well .. And in the case of other environments that I notice a weak point, when you have to edit a configuration file directly and use additional applications and / or extensions, users who do not like to "tinker", many end users that their PC is only for tasks, work, and entertainment get scared and go back to Windows or look for another alternative. Let me clarify, I am fascinated by this "tinkering" with my computer, but many people see the work and everything I do and are scared of it. For my taste, the best desktop will be the one that allows end users to customize the environment in the easiest and best way, in addition to making their work easier (and not to be confused with so many options, KDE eye)

  42.   Douggarcia said

    Hello everyone, I have been using several distributions on my PC for a while and I share what some say, suddenly the MATE environment, some think that it may become obsolete but if you look at being used in a semi rolling release distro such as LMDE It could be that that is the push that project needs, and it can be said that this is one of the best desktops for people who use Gnu / Linux for the first time, although I really like cinnamon with some extensions you can make it look a bit to the mintmenu that is used in MATE, Gnome shell has had many changes that I hope that in the long run can be positive although it is still one of my favorites too, but as Elav says it is a matter of taste and needs

  43.   pandev92 said

    Kde is still the best desktop in terms of quality performance, but of course if we stay with the Pentium IV forever it is normal that we are slow ... 🙂

  44.   Inti Alonso said

    Speaking of KDE, (which I think the Linux community in general looks down on too much) I share Malcer's process in the artwork for the next CHakara (coming out this or next week):


    A beauty, right?

    1.    khourt said

      I think so !! KDM and KSplash was what I liked the most visually, I'll wait for a version for Megeia !!

  45.   catch said

    I use LXDE and I do not change it for anything, it is configurable, maybe for the newbie it is complicated at the beginning but after having done it the first time it will be a piece of cake and what I like most about light desktops is that it allows our programs to work in a more fluid regardless of whether you have a good machine. XFCE seems to me to be a very good desktop but beware, it is not so light if you have a machine with few resources I don't think it is the best option. I have also used ICEWM and I find it to be an excellent lightweight desktop, very configurable and very nice, although I still have to spend more time on it.

  46.   Arturo Molina said

    I agree that LXDE is complemented with Gnome stuff, and apart from that to get it ready you need previous knowledge to adapt it.

  47.   andlinux said

    for me the best KDE is version 3.5 ..
    I don't like today's versions .. in fact I already installed 4.5 I think but I don't like it. it's slower ...

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Is that version 4.5 was not very good to say, that is, it was not polished at all ... 4.8 or 4.9 is something else.

      1.    Juan said

        Well, I continue with 4.3 !!! and I work without problems or surprises, everything works and consumes me little, just like Gnome 2.8

  48.   andlinux said

    I am user: slaxkware 12.2 KDE 3.5 .. FASTER AND STABLE ...

  49.   Carlos said

    I used Gnome for a long time ... even Gnome3 but the new version was never convincing ...
    I tried KDE and everything changed! It is definitely the best desktop environment… it feels productive and complete… you are never left with that “missing something” feeling.

    I have tried it on Chakra, Sabayon, OpenSuse and now on Kubuntu. All of the distros have been excellent built with KDE.


  50.   neomyth said

    KDE is the best, I don't understand why they don't have it as the default desktop in most distributions, if they are efficient and so moldable.


    1.    msx said

      It seems to me that this is precisely the problem: the more options you give people, the more anguish it gives them (seriously!) That is why most of the distros choose a simple and limited environment that is easy for them to learn and use.
      There is also a reality: today the bulk of desktop users do not dig into their system, they use what they are given and in the way they are given it - this will be one of the success factors of Apple's strategy to their products?
      KDE SC will continue to be the environment of choice for some advanced users ...

    2.    Bryant said

      It so happens that not all of us like to customize, KDE has many ways to make it your own. Besides that it needs a little more resources.

      At least I am satisfied with LXDE or even OpenBox, I have always liked speed and not design.

  51.   Marco said

    KDE Rules !!

  52.   ManuelVLC said

    Since Gnome 2 was gone, I am holding out with Ubuntu 11.04 ... And looking for "something" that suits me and the rest of the family ... And I think I'll stick with Xfce. Thunar? Well, I use the Midnight Commander or TotalCommander under wine (sorry, NONE of the file managers I have tried on linux come close, much less beat it). Video? VLC, of ​​course. Audio? Today I found Qmmp, which is nothing more than a linux winAMP, it can even use 2.x skins. Xfce in Linux Mint is very good, since it changes the "normal" applications menu for the much more complete mintMenu.
    With that I have a system that occupies much less (PC with a few years, already, has 120Gb of HD), consumes much less, and is much less distracting. My problem with KDE 4 or Gnome3 is basically that I no longer have time to "learn" where things are: either the environment is intuitive, or it doesn't work for me. Ok, there are things that have to be done via terminal (I'm not complaining, I'm an old dog and I started with computers before IBM sold the first PC ...), but if I have to waste 4 minutes to remember where I have to change the background of desktop, I don't see where productivity is (it's an example….)
    Anyway, after a few months, I have tried (and discarded) LXDE (the rest of the family would not like it), Gnome3 / Unity / Shell (if the strong point of linux is that you can work as you want, why with Gnome I can't? Out ...), KDe (it's heavy, and confusing, it took me more than half an hour to deactivate that thing from Plasma or whatever it's called, and on the netBook I had to go to the internet to know how it changed to as «normal And that of the applications ... in short, out)
    In short: I have Xfce and mint with cinnamon (linuxMint + Cinnamon). I'm on it. In fact, I am with a liveUSB delinuxMint Xfce. 🙂

    1.    msx said

      TotalCommander under wine? Hahaha, how scary. You didn't hear about Dolphin, did you? and Krusader?

  53.   Emiliano said

    lxde is not a bad desktop, it is the fastest I know and with little time you can make it beautiful ... a vote in favor of the only environment that works well for me on my old pc !!! haha

    1.    msx said

      Did you try AwesomeWM or dwm?

  54.   affix said

    Thank you for writing this article and to all those who had an opinion. You really learn.
    I have been with Linux for 2 years and I have used several distributions with different versions and environments.
    I met ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope gnome, I liked him a lot and married ubuntu. but when he came out with unity environment I fled as if they were chasing me with bullets. I've wandered through various distros without finding a serious relationship, but love returns to my notebook.

    Linux Mint Maya Xfce 32 bit

    The rest are good but I prefer this one because it works the way I like it.

  55.   ariel said

    Thanks for the information since whenever I wanted to download a right-handed xfse.gnome desk… ..blablabla, and I did not understand a knob, the truth is very educational. The world of software is amazing

  56.   Gustavo Martinez said

    I prefer LXDE, it is light, very very fast, it shows everything that is needed and can be customized very beautifully by playing next to openbox, excellent without a doubt.

  57.   xocoyotzin said

    Well, as far as I am concerned, I have worked since 2000 with Linux, I have only been an end user and I do not get much involved with tuning, the issue in question in terms of need and tastes I stay with KDE, I have a netbook With kde and flies, I have tried gnome classic, 3, unity, xfce and very well but it is not very pleasant to work on a netbook with those environments, maybe gnome 2 a bit tuned but considering what they said above it is very true sometimes it takes one more in tuning than in working therefore I stay with kde, on my desktop I have linux mint 14 with cinnamon and it goes to 100 I like it a lot, honestly when you get used to one environment it costs a little to adapt to another, when I used gnome2 It cost me a little kde, I think that the watershed could be the introduction of unity in ubuntu because from there the users migrated to another environment, I also think that many are a little scared of kde, they say it is nice but a little different, but nevertheless when they enter they are left with a good in taste ... My choice is KDE: D ...

  58.   Rodrigo said

    I use LXDE I have tried all of them and since I am looking for speed I obviously choose that one, if I obviously start by looking at beautiful desktops and feast my eyes I choose KDE, but the speed in both is not compared.

    1.    msx said

      KDE without any effect activated and on decent HW is _practically_ as fast as LXDE - the milliseconds of difference that can exist between one desktop and the other are given above all in the applications available on each desktop where obviously you cannot even compare the performance of applications designed for KDE with those designed for LXDE.

    2.    Alan said

      I switched to KDE because gnome3 was uncomfortable, I usually open several text files (doc, txt) and spreadsheets. But that environment mixed them up and I put them where I wanted. And with Dolphin I even access FTP folders, I no longer need filezilla and with Kate I open and save changes to websites without using FTP clients (except Dolphin)

  59.   Francisco said

    For me the best MATE, with Linux Mint, one pass.

  60.   Leonardo Daniel Velazquez Fuentes said

    Hello, I have been on Linux for 3 months and I've been browsing various versions and distributions going through Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10, xubuntu, linux mint, cinnamon and xfce, crunshbag, fedora gnome and xfce, bodhi linux, manjaro xfce, cinnamon and openbox, elementary OS is beautiful

    and I can say with respect to xfce that the most beautiful of all is the one from Manjaro and I have not stayed with it, because I am married completely with sudo apt-get install, hahaha

    mint xfce is not ugly either, not very difficult to tune

  61.   Robinson said

    I prefer LXDE, since you can carry out the activities that you would do with any of the other desktops but with unparalleled speed! It is very, very fast even running heavy applications like eclipse, gimp or the current browsers with many open tabs.

    While it is true that KDE has everything at hand and simplifies the work, the high consumption of resources makes it heavy and slow enough for several operations, even more so if the hard disk has its years already lost its revolutions. Although it is true that LXDE is recommended for users with a little more experience because sometimes there are operations that do not have a graphical interface by default and you have to resort to the dreaded terminal, such is the case of keyboard shortcuts (there is Obkey but it is not integrated by default).

    I think that the great speed of LXDE (much faster than Windows XP) makes up for the few shortcomings in functionality that it has and as a strong point, it starts much faster than any other desktop and all gnome applications work perfectly. Come on, it's just a matter of adapting to it with a little practice and its daily use is a piece of cake; to forget about slowdowns when opening windows, crashes due to lack of memory, excessive indexing processing, among others. Any pot is enough 🙂

  62.   jors said

    kde can be customized to place it similar to other desktops

  63.   Bryant said

    Gnome2 was (to me) the best desktop environment I have ever tried. Many simple and elegant features made the Mexican manager one more item on my list of Favorite Environments. That's why I say, ERA.

    When Gnome3 came out, my vision shocked me; How can it be possible that for so many years using the two bars, the one for active applications disappears and I have to move from one window to another in such a ridiculous way, which is to press the key combination or open the blessed applications menu? And that of the animations, ends the situation.

    Anyway, I think Gnome3 was a total fiasco and having a clear intention to match Unity. I think even the latter beat him. I dont know.
    I've been drawn to LXDE for a long time. KDE is for those who like to customize. Not me, by the way. Tastes are tastes.

  64.   Carlos Bolanos said

    Of all linux I prefer Linuxmint KDE and those that I have used all fedora, suse, ubuntu, mandriva cinemon etc and I always have to voldver with linuxmint17 simple to install works all multimedia programs, internet, office graphics the screensaver, the wallpaper etc

  65.   Roman Alejandro Lazcano Hdez. said

    hoping you are well when you read this, I tell you, I bought an armed equipment which was delivered to me with windows 7, -amd athlon IIx2250 processor (64 bit) at 3000 mhz, mother targ asrok n68-vs3, ddr3-a1 2048mb / 400mhz , - which was a pirate, due to the problems of the economy and looked for alternatives trying ubuntu, linuxmint, and at this moment fedora -live, desktop-86-64-20-1. iso– which has also given me problems such as being stunned. In Ubuntu I could never make audio, two fedora updates have been downloaded but they have not worked, because it does not let me do anything after entering the desktop since the cursor does not move at all ending up making the screen or the image is deformed and stunned. Today I wanted to install windows again and it could not be, I tried to re-install Ubuntu but neither, it does not read the installation disks, in a post that I read it says that this version of fedora does what Windows 8 does, which is to close the way to not be able to install some other operating system .———– how can I do to improve art fedora or to install another distro. please help.

  66.   jordanvrock said

    This blog helped me a lot to choose an interface ... it shows that whoever wrote it has enough idea of ​​what he is talking about and what he should not talk about my respect \ -_- /

  67.   Professor Yeow said

    Undoubtedly XFCE 4 flies everywhere, and the ability of the appearance that it has is very much superior even against Gnome. But KDE4 is a beauty, its against how old it is a bit limited in old equipment but if there is plenty of machine, already the KDE5 (which is around the first versions) is fantastic. Without a doubt, if you have more than 2Gb of KDE4 ram (and then when the 5th arrives) it will be the best you can opt for. Meanwhile, XFCE is still a great option.

  68.   Demian Kaos said

    Until MATE started to displace them: XFCE LXDE

  69.   Alexander Tor Mar said

    I am a KDE fan, I have used gnome a few times - I did not like it - it bothers me, I have successfully installed LXDE on the odd machine, I am testing XFCE and I liked it more than LXDE ...

  70.   Antonio Gonzalez said

    Linux friends
    I am a computer scientist, technician and programmer, I use windows in the office for accounting programs and at home I have a Windows and Linux laptop, a tablet and an android cell phone.
    I've used several distros and stuck with Debian, because of its robustness, number of files, and philosophy.
    I used gnome 2 for its simplicity and ease, but since I work a lot with files I was annoyed by the fact that nautilus (like thunar) deletes (trashes) files / folders without asking for confirmation, which can be disabled / enabled in Windows Explorer, Dolphin and PCManFM
    I asked the gnome group for that feature and they said that was the design and they weren't going to change it.

    In gnome I could open files from other PCs on the local network, which does not work in KDE / LXDE with Dolphin / PCManFM respectively, I had to copy the file to the local disk to be able to use it.
    However, in distros such as knoppix, PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) and even in a live-cd of debian if possible, but when installing them on my pc, both in full (meta package) and one by one (by aptitude or synaptic) unsuccessfully. I have even installed and configured a multitude of network services (KIO, SMB, etc.).
    I tried to use Dolphin and PCManFam in gnome and there were many things left without being able to integrate.
    From gnome3 I am not very encouraged by the interface or the demand for video acceleration resources, but it is usable, it can open files on the local network but it still does not ask for confirmation when deleting / sending to trash.
    In KDE if it asks for confirmation but I can't open files on local network
    xFce is a simple gnome, I studied it quite a bit and didn't like it, and it leaves me with both needs
    I love LXDE, but I can't open files on local network either.

    How to configure PCManFM or Dolphin to be able to open / use from files from shared folders in local network?
    How to make Nautilus ask for confirmation when deleting files or folders?
    I stay with the environment that meets those two needs
    I even pay for the solution of even one of my needs

  71.   Roberto perez said

    After working on gnome 2 passed through kde 4, the gnome 3 option did not excite me at all, on the contrary it scared me so I took advantage of the jump from kde to 5 and from that moment it caught me, I think it is the perfect desktop As for Deepin I have not been able to digest it, it is beautiful and configurable but it is missing something that I do not know and with Lxde and Xfce they still seem very basic and crude.
    Definitely KDE 5 is the winner.

  72.   dinixis said

    AND MATE !!?