Kera Desktop: Modern desktop environment in full swing

Kera Desktop: Modern desktop environment in full swing

Kera Desktop: Modern desktop environment in full swing

When it comes to options and alternatives, well the world of Free Software and Open Source is King. For this reason, unlike the proprietary and closed ecosystems of Windows and macOS, the options to enjoy different user experiences at the level of the graphical interface and forms of use are broader.

For example, in the various GNU/Linux Distros we can enjoy or benefit from different package managers, file systems, applications for the same purpose, and even from different visual presentations. In other words, we have a wide and growing offer of Desktop Environments, Window Managers and Desktop Apps for visual customization purposes. Some of which can offer a visual and technical appearance of a retro, current or futuristic style. Such as, the Desktop Environment "Kera Desktop", which today we will announce and is in full development.

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Kera Desktop: An easy, nice, fast and exciting DE

Kera Desktop: A DE easy, nice, fast and exciting

What is Kera Desktop?

According to Official website from "Kera Desktop" it is basically described as:

A desktop environment easy handling, nice appearance, fast operation that offers an exciting user experience on any GNU/Linux operating system.


And all this because it seeks to offer the following features once it is ready to be used:

Functional and eye-catching side panels

Said side panels (left and right) with carefully organized drawers aim to make it easy for users to run applications, files or websites. As seen in the following images:

Left panel

Right panel

Efficient work management

To do this, it offers a quick way to create workspaces and switch apps between them. What allows them to appear and disappear on the desktop from the hidden sides, and making use of an excellent graphic enhancement (visual emphasis) to differentiate which is in the foreground and which in the background. As shown in the following image:

Efficient work management

Illuminated colored edges on the side panels

Makes use of panels with illuminated colored borders for the various applications, in order to facilitate and improve the identification and management of the configured and active applications in each one. As shown in the following image:

Illuminated colored edges on the side panels

Notifications and Menus

In Kera Desktop, notifications are designed in such a way that they do not appear on top (or as little as possible) on the applications or elements worked on (foreground), without this meaning a significant reduction of the information displayed so that a user can know what is being notified. While, Menus have a grid style with color-coded items and centered around icons that are easy to find and remember. This makes it easy to handle quickly. As shown in the following 2 images:

Kera Desktop Notifications and Menus - 1

by Kera Desktop - 2

It has many others, but if you want to know them all, in addition to its official website you can visit its official section on GitHub. And in case, you want to download and try yourself Kera Desktop on Linux or others non-linux operating systems, keep in mind that after downloading and unzipping in Linux you can start it in the following way to later appreciate the following work:

Kera Desktop on Linux - Screenshot 1

Kera Desktop on Linux - Screenshot 2

Kera Desktop on Linux - Screenshot 3

Kera Desktop on Linux - Screenshot 4

Kera Desktop on Linux - Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8

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In short, this future desktop environment called Kera Desktop It promises not only a lot visually but also functionally. Because, your development team is doing a great job managing the menus, notifications, window management, and general usage philosophy. Therefore, without a doubt, he himself could mark a new stage of massification and design in the existing and future, after him. And, if you also want to try first hand everything here and more, we invite you to download it, try it and tell us your opinion about it, via comments for the benefit of our entire Community.

Lastly, remember visit our «homepage» and join our official channel of Telegram to explore more news, guides and tutorials. And also, has this group to talk and learn more about any IT topic covered here.

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