Keyboard shortcuts for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox It is for me the best browser that we can currently find on the market, and not only for being OpenSource, Free, Fast, having excellent extensions and complying with standards, but for all the tools it contains and the flexibility it gives us when using it.

An example of this is what I show you below, all the keyboard shortcuts that this application has:


Instruction Direct access
Go to previous page Alt + Backspace
Go to next page Alt + Shift + Backspace
Home Alt + Home option + home
Open file Ctrl + O
Recharge F5
Ctrl + R
Reload (replace cache) Ctrl + F5
Ctrl + Shift + R
Stop Esc

Actual page

Instruction Direct access
Go down End
Go up Home
Go to next frame F6
Go to the previous frame Shift + F6
To print Ctrl + P
Save page as Ctrl + S
Increase size Ctrl + +
Reduce size Ctrl + -
Reset size Ctrl + 0


Instruction Direct access
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Eliminate Delete
Catch Ctrl + V
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select all Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z


Instruction Direct access
Find Ctrl + F
Find again F3
Ctrl + G
Find previous Shift + F3
Ctrl + Shift + G
Quick search only in the text of links '
Quick search /
Close search or quick search bars Esc - when the search or quick search bars are in focus
The search bar: easily choose your favorite search engines Ctrl + K
Ctrl + ECtrl + J
Select or manage search engines Alt + ↑
Alt + ↓
F4 option + ↑
option + ↓
- when the Search Bar is focused

Windows and tabs

See also Use tabs to organize many pages in a single window.
Instruction Direct access
Close tab Ctrl + W
Ctrl + F4
- except Application Tabs
Close the window Ctrl + Shift + W
Alt + F4
Move focused tab to the left Ctrl + ←
Ctrl + ↑
Move focused tab to the right Ctrl + →
Ctrl + ↓
Move focused tab to start Ctrl + Home
Move focused tab to end Ctrl + End
New tab Ctrl + T
New window Ctrl + N
Next tab Ctrl + Tab
Ctrl + Page Downcontrol + tab
control + page forward
Open address in a new tab Alt + Enter + return - from the address bar or the search bar
Previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Ctrl + Page Downcontrol + shift + tab
control + page forward
command + option + ←
Undo close tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Undo close window Ctrl + Shift + N
Select tab 1 to 8 Ctrl + 1a8
Select last tab Ctrl + 9
Tab groups view Ctrl + Shift + E
Close view of tab groups Esc
Next group of tabs Ctrl + `control +` - only for some keyboard types
Previous tab group Ctrl + Shift + `control + shift +` - only for some keyboard types


Instruction Direct access
History side panel Ctrl + H
Catalog (History) window Ctrl + Shift + H


Instruction Direct access
Add tabs to bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + D
Bookmark this page Ctrl + D
Bookmarks side panel Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Catalog Window (Bookmarks) Ctrl + Shift + B


Instruction Direct access
Downloads Ctrl + J
Accessories Ctrl + Shift + A
Web console Ctrl + Shift + K
To inspect Ctrl + Shift + I
Draft Shift + F4
Style editor Shift + F7
Page source code Ctrl + U
Error console Ctrl + Shift + J
Page information Ctrl + I
Toggle to Private Browsing: Browse the web without saving information about the sites you visit Ctrl + Shift + P
Clear browsing, search and download history Ctrl + Shift + S

Other shortcuts

Instruction Shortcuts
Complete .com address Ctrl + Enter
Complete .net address Shift + Enter Shift + return
Complete .org address Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Delete selected autocomplete entry Delete + delete
Toggle full screen FF11
Help F1
Toggle to Menu Bar (when hidden) Other
F10Alt (KDE)
Show / Hide Plugin Bar Ctrl + /
Cursor navigation F7
Select Address Bar F6
Alt + D
Ctrl +

Shortcuts in multimedia content (Ogg and WebM videos only)

Instruction Direct access
Toggle Play / Pause Virtual
Decrease the volume
Raise the volume
Mute audio Ctrl + ↓
Unmute audio Ctrl + ↑
Delay 15 seconds
Delay 10% Ctrl + ←
Fast forward 15 seconds
Advance 10% Ctrl + →
Go to the beginning Home
Go to the end End


The official documentation can be reviewed here!

If someone does not understand well how the tables shown below are structured, I leave you an image that shows them a little more organized. One of the next changes and improvements to the design of the blog is to give a more beautiful style to the tables .. 😉

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  1.   Rayonant said

    Felling like a Firefox Geek! xD I know them all, I suppose that coming using Firefox from version 2 of something must have served me well. Very useful for those who like me use the keyboard much more.

  2.   Oscar said

    Out of curiosity, what is the difference between Firefox and Iceweasel.

    1.    elav said

      Basically the name, although I think Debian does its little things ... I don't know.

  3.   nonamed said

    I think this is not on the list:

    middle mouse button on link = open in new tab

    1.    Cocolio said

      Good morning !!! Thanks for the information.

  4.   Thirteen said

    A few days ago I ran out of "mouse" and was just looking for "keyboard shortcuts." hehe.

    Greetings Elav.

  5.   Javi hyuga said

    Jo, and I thought I knew enough ... xD
    Thanks for this post, I think many of us will take advantage of it.

  6.   franc said

    Thank you very much for the contribution! a genius.
    ps: I love the penguin that takes you home, I saw you steal it! LOL

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      haha thanks for what you say about the penguin 😀

  7.   cova56 said

    This information is interesting, however I detect some errors in them ...
    for example in the tools section, page information section shows the shortcut Ctrl + I this same shortcut is shown in the bookmarks section in the bookmarks side panel section and it is exactly what it does
    Another one that I consider to be an error is in the tools section Cleaning the browsing history, searches and downloads, the combination of keys ctrl + Shift + S appears, but it shows the debugger window and does not perform the navigation cleaning
    I have version 30 of firefox, will this version change some shortcuts?
    If you can find and correct these errors, I would appreciate sharing them ... I am especially interested in them
    best regards