Kingsoft Office 2013 Spanish translation


If you use Kingsoft Office 2013 You can help with the translation as it is very easy.

1.- First we do not direct WSP Community:

The page is on Github, there we will find the packages and files that the WPS community is doing for each language.

2.- We will need to download the folders for the American English languages ​​(en_US) and the Spanish language (es).

In red I highlighted the folder of the American English language.

In green, I highlighted the Spanish language folder, which is being translated by members of the Mexican community. View image.


Then we make a copy of the American English language (en_US). We enter the folder in US.

Then we enter the TS folder which is marked in red.


Once inside we will find the files that we have to translate into Spanish:


We download each of the files and then translate them.

Spanish Language

Then we download the translation folder for the Spanish language. In green I highlighted the folder of the Spanish language.


Once inside we will find the same files but some incomplete ones translated into Spanish:


Let's look at a translation example

Let's see the file in American English:



Let's see the same file but in Spanish language:



When comparing the files it is evident that the file ktreasurebox.ts For the translation of the Spanish language, several lines of translation are missing.

It is the missing lines that we must place in the ktreasurebox.ts file in Spanish. Taking into account the American English translation

The translation of the lines of code is very easy. For example we have to translate:

Treasure Box = Treasure Chest


Then once the folders with the files for each language have been downloaded, we can start with the translation.

We can contact members of the WPS community to report the translations we have made, we can contact the person in charge of translations.


I have spoken with several users, some who know English have offered to help with the translation of Kingsoft Office 2013.

My idea is to work in a group for the translation. I leave my e-mail in case any user is interested in helping with the translation: marianocordobario3 [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1.   eliotime3000 said

    Excellent. Now it will be possible to translate the Kingsoft Office completely into Spanish.

  2.   moray33 said

    Originally the translation was "es_MX" and it was precisely changed to "es" because I proposed to the creator that all Spanish speakers collaborate in the translation. I have also collaborated in the translation but I am not Mexican but Spanish, so I wanted to make that little note.

  3.   moray33 said

    On the other hand, thanks for publicizing this work, it is a very large translation and the more people collaborate the faster it will be completed.

    And I would recommend using Qt Linguist (included in qt4-dev-tools) to edit the .ts files, it is much more comfortable and productive.

    1.    marianogaudix said

      I use Gedit and I had no problem.

      You can contact me .... I have acquaintances who live in the US and who want to help with the translation.
      I have talked to them. My address in Google plus is:

      My email is:

  4.   fabian said

    Please do not feed this proprietary software. Better contribute to LibreOffice that needs it and is free.

    1.    marianogaudix said

      I provide icons for


      Its developers did not want my help… .. regarding code and ideas I also contribute mine… ..

      But I got a resounding no from the LibreOffice developers.

      I had an argument with Tor Lillqvist… ..

      Unfortunately Tor and Caollan Mc Namara have a Retro HackFest mentality they both work on the Gnome project and for Red Hat and for them aesthetics are not necessary, they make things as horrible as the Gnome icons.
      That is why LibreOffice continues with an Office 2003 style interface.

      LibreOffice developers don't care about improving the user experience …… I and a lot of people send code and ideas, but they don't care about ideas that come from outside.

      They only believe that LibreOffice is better than other suites because it is open source, open for those who if the crap of homemade VCL libraries that they use for LibreOffice do not have an API or manual for other developers to learn to program.

      Believing that LibreOffice is better because it is open source is an extortion or cheap chicana really.

      1.    dwarf said

        The only thing I think you can do is keep moving forward with your icons and ideas, at least I can take care of putting the DL networks on your side to spread everything you need, and I doubt that Elav or Kzkg ^ Gaara will object.

        Regarding KSoffice, are they not proprietary and earn money with paid versions? Damn, pay translators then, it's very easy to say "hey community, help us for free, then pay for the PRO versions of your translations and you can never see the code of our product;)".

        I am not against KSOffice, but if against wanting to use the community in clearly closed projects, it is unfair. In fact, something similar happened here in Venezuela with Vtelca; basically at an SL event they sent the developers to a closed meeting without telling them why.

        After gathering them, they were basically asked to make a driver to recognize gestures and touch events in an All-in-one that they want to manufacture with Canaima Linux, but for free.

        Hey, how are we going to do it?


        We don't know, but we want the community to help us

        What if they give us an office with testing machines so we can work, and they pay us the time they want us to work?


        We don't have a budget for that and we only have 6 months

        Ahm, well in that case, these three developers, so and so, mengano and perennial, are the best programmers around here, and they even contribute to the Linux kernel, give the machines to them, they program everything and then leave them as payment, I don't know remove them



        * Everyone got up and left *

        Conclusion? The community is not idiotic, time costs and if they support something, it is something that they can then take advantage of or make it free ... or both.

        1.    F3niX said

          I did not know that that had happened, when was that? haha they think that because vtelca sells at cheap prices you have to give them the job ?? .. haha ​​this made me laugh.

          1.    marianogaudix said

            It seems that you are uninformed or you live in a cloud… .. google a little about this suite before…. opine ??

          2.    F3niX said

            I'm talking to nano about the people from Vtelca, a Venezuelan “Socialista” company. Not about anything about you, so try to be more friendly dear friend. Perhaps that is why the LO developers did not heed your requests.

          3.    marianogaudix said

            I apologize then I misunderstood the answer, which was intended for Nano….
            They do not give importance to the requests…. Because they are not interested in improving or polishing the visual aspects of the suite. I have no problem writing an entire GUI.
            But it's not worth it because they didn't take your code.

          4.    dwarf said

            Regarding Vtelca, obviously I'm not going to give you names, but I know a lot of people thanks to the SL events that I organize with my community or those who invite us around the country (FudCon, etc.), several of them have strong contact with the CNTI and the government (if they disagree is something else) and in our last meeting they told me the story, that was this year.

          5.    F3niX said

            I don't want names, thanks. By the way nano invites to the activities here in Maracaibo the people of Velug are lost uu

          6.    dwarf said

            The GLug people don't do anything either, we are just 3 active members, of which I am the only programmer.

        2.    marianogaudix said

          Nano is only translating some lines, for me it is nonsense.
          We are not giving away 5000 lines of Qt or Java code for the Kingsoft Office project.
          and all of us in the WPS community are users of the free version of Kingsoft Office, those of us who do the work of translating into Spanish, we take charge of our actions.

          Don't expect big changes from LibreOffice and don't ask for a suite that offers full integration with Gnu / Linux desktops.
          Because the ideas and the implemented code are limited (Homemade VCL Libraries).
          I reiterate the developers will only tell you to use it because it is open source and that it is better than Apache OpenOffice.
          I'm not saying that LibreOffice doesn't work, but it is limited and will continue to be that way for a few more years unfortunately.

          Qt, Gtk, Python Ruby, etc. have their APIs and manuals available to users and newbies.

          Homemade VCL Libraries do not have a manual or API.
          I do not like at all that the developers do not answer you, when you want to help.

          I believe that Kingsoft Office can muddy the court or the captive market that Office has today, even stealing some users from Microsoft, playing dirty by copying the RIBBON. Making a competition of everything goes, just as Microsoft does, foul play.

          Looking at it from another point of view, as Linus Torvalds says.
          Linus did not hesitate to welcome Valve's entry. We need the support of companies like Valve and Freeware so that the operating system is better known worldwide, or else we will never exceed 2% or 3% of users in the world of computers, I don't want to see GNU / Linux stagnant.
          We must make the right decisions to break the idea that GNU / Linux is only used by 2% or 3% of users in the world

          1.    dwarf said

            Oh no, no, don't think I'm a fan of LO either, the truth is that it lacks a lot of things, although KSO hasn't done too well for me and it still doesn't integrate much, but if I want to try it to see at what level of use it is can come.

            With LO I made my internship report, I consider KSO or Calligra for the thesis, which is much heavier, but without a Spanish translation in the dictionaries, I find it impossible to use any of the above because any finger error will cost me dear In the final grade, and correcting more than fifty sheets to "peeling eye" is not very simple.

      2.    cat said

        Well, at least I already know the reason for the LO interface, if you are dealing with people this close, because there is no other option than to collaborate with the «Chinese office», I have seen some files in the Github repo and there are still things that are missing translate as basic as for example some colors.

        1.    marianogaudix said

          I'm not lying to you CAT, I developed the 16 × 16 icons for the sidebar and the LibreOffice browser just wanted to help. None of the design developers answered me, only the administrator answered.
          Here is the proof


          Many people submitted code and ideas for the interface.
          For example Adriano Afonso a Brazilian,

          I sent my ideas at the time

          The developers tell you that it does not work or they tell you that there will be drastic changes in the graphical interface, and then they only copy Apache OpenOffice.

          Homemade VCL Libraries do not have a manual or API.

          When you ask about how to program with VCL (homemade) libraries, the developers don't answer you, when you want to help.

          1.    opensas said

            Mariano, first of all I want to congratulate you on the excellent job you did. The icons you sent seem extremely elegant and professional to me, and the mockups are a real treat.

            Like many of those who commented here, I am terribly sorry that all this effort cannot be used by a free project, and of such importance, as LibreOffice is.

            It also saddens me that it is easier or more motivating for you to collaborate with a private project rather than with a free project.

            It's a real waste that someone with your talent ends up doing translations for a proprietary office suite.

            I wish that we could in some way the community of LibreOffice users could make our voice heard to LO developers. At least make it easier to upload another set of icons. I hope some of the commenters come up with a way to help you get your proposals taken into account, for the good of LO and its users.

            On the other hand, I feel that in the office suite race, free software is once again lagging far behind. Today we would need to have a free alternative to google docs, which allows us to work with complex documents in a collaborative way, even from mobile devices, and respecting our privacy.

            I feel like we are far from that.

      3.    Phytoschido said

        I am subscribed to the libreoffice lists, and I was left with the impression that your icons were rejected due to licensing problems that were not resolved, not because you were rejected. Now LibreOffice 4.2 has new Sifr icons, do not accuse people with outrages

        1.    marianogaudix said

          Don't be such a fanboy and obsequious Fitoschido, You defend the indefensible.
          I tell the truth to people with evidence, which I have shown in links. I am not obsequious.

          Sifr icons are not complete all LibreOffice users know, even the Sifr icons for LibreOffice 4.2 are incomplete.

          Also I do not want to impose my icons, regarding the license I changed the license of my icons to the license recommended to me by Michael Meeeks, a programmer whom I respect because he was honest with me, he recommended the MPL 2.0 license.

          I made it clear from the beginning that my intention was to help the project with the missing icons for the Sifr project. Especially with the 16 × 16 icons that the browser and sidebar are missing.

          Let me clarify that the Sifr icons (Flat icons) seem excellent.
          I congratulate Issa Alkurnas and wish him the best of luck. But Mirek is a rude guy who opposes the ideas of other developers.

      4.    Marco Sumari said

        A project with the ribon interface based on libreoffice has already come out but this is only for windows so far :(, well hopefully one day the libreoffice developers will take it into account.

    2.    Karel said

      "Don't feed this Privative software" ... bls, blah, blah. Please, if it works better than libreoffice, so be it. What one should be looking for is the performance and compatibility that sets many backwards so much that they want to migrate to GNU / Linux.

      1.    Robinson said

        Exactly I agree with you, the conclusion that many engineers come to is that neither free software nor the proprietary is perfect and that both must be complemented, we must stop fanaticism.

      2.    KO is no more compatible than LO said

        But the truth is that Kingsoft Office:
        - does not display fonts well
        - hangs continuously
        - the translation into Spanish is null
        - does not support opendocument
        - is not free but asks the community to do the hard work for the pin
        - does not convert from office better than libreoffice (no matter how much the opposite is repeated a thousand times)

  5.   F3niX said

    Why help something closed ?. It has no logic or reason for being.

    1.    Phytoschido said

      Exact. If I don't know under what conditions they are going to use the fruit of my time, I will not collaborate with them.

      1.    marianogaudix said

        «» »» »» "If I do not know under what conditions they will use the fruit of my time, I will not collaborate with them." "" "" ".
        What time ??? . If you are not going to collaborate anyway. Everyone knows that you are a LibreOffice user who is turning into:

        1.    F3niX said

          The fate of private office automation in Linux is to be free or be hacked .. But like everything that collaborates, whoever wants to collaborate and whoever does not, should be quiet, although I personally do not see any sense.

          Additionally, if they are against LO, they can contribute to Calligra that although it lacks a lot ... a lot ... it works with QT and you are arguing is it for documentation, true ??

    2.    rhoconlinux said

      Here I play with Mariano huh.
      Libreoffice claims to be open, but it is an illusion, or more than an illusion a technicality.
      There is no use making a program with libraries and hand-made code unintelligible to another human being other than the developer. It is the same as making a closed source code. Identical… it's like a de facto IP para-barrier. The effect is identical: nobody joins your code, nobody forks it, nobody understands, nobody contributes.
      If we add to this that when you want to contribute, they take you out shitting ... buah, open has only the label.

      Kingsoft WP Office, on the other hand, does not define itself as open-source (and indeed we have no idea of ​​the program's source code), but despite that it has much more contact with the user community than libreoffice ever had. since I started using it. (~ 8 years already? Fuuuu), so the "a priori" judgment is a bit dangerous. Paradoxically, at least when it comes to users who want to collaborate, Kingsoft is objectively more open than Libreoffice. Far. Far away.

      1.    Staff said

        «Kingsoft is objectively more open than Libreoffice. Far. Far away."
        Phew, strong words.
        In libreoffice they can be as pedantic as the colleague thinks (not to me personally), but if we are talking about objectivity ... in libreoffice, but change the icons to those of marianogaudix without problems (for my personal use or whoever install them)
        In Kingsoft which is "more open" can you change the icons?

        1.    marianogaudix said

          In LibreOffice you can't change the icons …… that's the truth….
          the only thing we do is replace the images_crystal or images_human package …… that is, you eliminate the content that comes by default in LibreOffice…. To change the icons in LibreOffice you have to do it via terminal and it is not easy for a newbie.
          To change the icons in Kingsoft Office you just have to find the directory where the icons of the Chinese suite are located and change them using the terminal …… nothing different from what you do in LibreOffice when you change the icons.

          1.    Staff said

            I have tried to put your icons in LibreOffice and it works, so no subjective truths, please.

            That packages are replaced, and that it is not done with a click is a separate matter. The point is that the license allows it, if someone wants they can create a LibreOffice installer with the icons included, upload them to AUR (for example) and keep them as long as they want, without problems.

            Sure, with any software that has its icons in a folder and not compiled as resources "I can" change them, but trying to do that with proprietary software risks at least receiving a "cease and desist" email.

            So a comment that it is "more open" is out of proportion.

    3.    marianogaudix said

      My reason for collaborating is to help people who use Kingsoft Office and that the GNU / Linux kernel is better known (for new users), in this way indirectly the concepts of free software will be better known.

      Don't expect big changes from LibreOffice and don't ask for a suite that offers full integration with Gnu / Linux desktops.
      LibreOffice developers are going to tell you that you won't see drastic changes in LibreOffice that's the truth.

      I agree with the Linus Torvalds position.
      Linus did not hesitate to welcome Valve's entry. We need the support of companies like Valve and Freeware so that the operating system is better known worldwide, or else we will never exceed 2% or 3% of users in the world of computers, I do not want to see GNU / Linux stagnant.

  6.   rhoconlinux said

    A note:
    There are other types of files that you can collaborate on that are relatively simpler, where the translation is done and the translation tag is changed from to. In general they are colors and simple things, so anyone with the desire and a little time can help.

    Very good post Mariano 🙂

    1.    rhoconlinux said

      pucha erased the tags: a said ...

      1.    rhoconlinux said

        bah! .. unifished a finished, in fokin brackets.

  7.   darcloni said

    The discussion that this topic has generated is interesting, it fills me with pride to see that there are many Venezuelans who walk through this gigantic world of free software.

    My question for those who comment here is the following: How many office suites are currently available private or free that really are a matter of concern for M $? And if there is one, what possibilities does it offer the user to want to fully work with it?

    My humble opinion is that WPS KSOffice or whatever it is called represents an alternative that although it is not completely free, it is a good alternative.

    With the progress that it has I would say that it is a matter of months before we see results, in part it would force M $ to consider a freeware version of its suite and the people of LO would make it think, because the fact of losing users makes you think and so far I only see that KSOffice is the one that is gaining users and will continue to do so because it simply looks good and that sometimes knocks down any additional functionality, today that is the case and I doubt that it will change in the short term.

    Thank you all for commenting, I have learned a bit from each of you and I hope you continue this thread.

    Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

    1.    arturo garcia said

      - - - - - -
      I suppose that, although not all KingSoft Office users will be willing to collaborate with the translation (initial topic), those who do so will be to make their "personal" use of the software more "comfortable" (which is not paid for). . . . and in consequence . . . it seems an acceptable exchange to collaborate in exchange for receiving free software that I hope is good. . . (I just installed it)
      Greetings from Mexico.
      - - - - - -

  8.   Benjamin Morales said

    Mariano, sorry that this comment is not about the post but ... Are you Argentine?

    1.    marianogaudix said

      Yes because ?

  9.   Juan Perez said

    some Translation for KingSoft but for Windows .. ??…

  10.   Euclides Gonzalez (Panama) said

    I want to know if there is a translation project but for windows.
    On the other hand, criticizing does not pay them either. And they are wasting time.

  11.   Ing. Armando Ibarra said

    Hi all!

    He sent them a bash script that he creates to install (if not) the kingsoft office package in Arch linux or Ubuntu, also generates the zip to change the language to Spanish on your home

    Also congratulate for this blog, since it talks about the best (in my opinion) GNU / Linux Operating System

  12.   richardelima said

    well, while everyone is arguing, I started to translate it in my own way, directly and alone .. there I share!—Espanol.html

  13.   gunnar hs said

    I checked the wps and it has excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office, I would ask you to immediately publish some translation of at least the interface so that thousands of users can immediately use it (it is a great need), this will increase the popularity of wps and the expectation for the most complete subsequent translations that can be given, but so that it does not become obsolete it is necessary to act immediately.

      1.    Marco Sumari said

        Hello, sorry for the change of theme, but since I have updated wps to version 15 I cannot deactivate the online templates that appear at the beginning, or I cannot find the option to deactivate them.