LDD: Pear Linux flavored with Mac OS X

We dive once more into the magical world of "The Twilight Zone (LDD): There is Linux beyond Ubuntu." This time we share a tour of Pear Linux, a distro with Mac OS X flavor.

Our Story

Pear OS is a new Linux distribution with attractive features that includes built-in similar elements from MacOS Lion (Apple) and whose distinctive logo corresponds to a Pear, which makes the comparison in relation to the Apple emblem of the apple very funny. .

If you are used to Mac OS X, it may be the right step to try Linux.

The applications it contains are basic: firefox, clementine, totem, shotwell, libreoffice, skype and little else. But it's easy to quickly install the more "advanced" applications: gthumb, gimp, openshot, and so on.

If you like this distro, stay tuned because Pear Linux version 5 is due out in mid-July.

Pear Linux main features

Minimum requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 8 GB hard drive
  • 800 × 600 minimum resolution (recommended is 1024 × 768)

Based on: Debian / Ubuntu

Desktop environments: it comes in 3 versions: GNOME, KDE and one specially developed for netbooks. As a negative point, the download is greater than 700 MB, so it can only be executed from a LiveUSB or a LiveDVD, which can be bad news for those who do not have a DVD reader.

Package system: DEB, it comes with its own AppStore.

Installation: comes with a graphical wizard to make installation very easy.

Supports Spanish: yes.

Multimedia support: multimedia codecs are already installed.

64 bit support: each version comes in 32 and 64 bits.

Download Pear Linux 4

Official project page: Pear Linux

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  1.   Andres Guerrero said

    I liked it a lot

  2.   Courage said

    It is not written but it is not necessary to copy.

    They do not help to make the transition, what helps to make the transition is learning, a distro like Zorin OS does nothing but stall, and this Pear is for those who want to show off aesthetics

  3.   Courage said

    Copying and imitating are synonymous.

    Fear of change? Well, someone who wants something costs something, you have to learn.

    This distro does not help at all, it is a distro to show off, solely and exclusively.

    And with a KDE you can show off more

  4.   Courage said

    I know, but Ubuntu today is the worst there is in Linux, it also has the ubunctious chamber, which is undoubtedly the worst of the distro.

    Ubuntu is South African Windows, they have the same quality and the same purposes

  5.   FEAR said

    I do not drink because the other is better
    mimics, so that monotonous users who are afraid of change find something familiar

  6.   FEAR said

    as it is a copy not ubuntu can be installed on any machine
    and not everyone has to buy a mac

  7.   Patrick said

    The link directs me to the Mageia website, isn't this the link?

  8.   Edvin pacheco said

    reminds me a lot of http://darwinosx.blogspot.com/ darwin os also based on ubuntu actually used it for a while

  9.   Let's use Linux said

    As far as I know, it is a fork of the gnome shell made exclusively for this version.

  10.   Courage said

    The typical distro that copies to Mac for those who want to show off but do not want to or cannot buy the Mac.

    You have to be a bit original and not copy the appearance of other systems, also environments like KDE can be much more beautiful than Mac

  11.   kesymaru said

    someone knows what shell this distro uses, I ask why it doesn't look like the gnome shell and I would like to install it.

  12.   Getulio Santana said

    bah ... muito tri!

  13.   Acute Versionitis said

    Which Gnome uses .. ?? the 3.x .. ??

  14.   miguel signes said

    mmmm no thanks, mac flavored linux i am not going

  15.   Anders said

    The future of linux depends on the innovators, not on people who make crude imitations of software, no matter what good or bad it is.

  16.   Urielinsky said

    I have repeatedly tried to install this distribution. On the liveUSB or live DVD, everything looks great and very nice, but when you install it to the hard drive, you lose all the customization and you get a normal Gnome desktop.

  17.   Let's use Linux said

    Corrected! Thanks guys!
    Cheers! Paul.

  18.   Carlos said

    A detail, at the end of the article "Official page of the project: Pear Linux" the link points to mageia. 😉 Greetings

  19.   Let's use Linux said

    Where is it written that you have to be original? GREAT things have been done by copying from here and there.
    I am not in favor of this type of proposal either (Mac or Win clones). However, if there are and there are people who like it and find it useful ... what is the problem? What's more, in some cases it helps make the transition easier.
    Hug! Paul.

  20.   Courage said

    Well, yes, he is the typical pringadillo who wants the Mac to rub it all over the face of his classmates, but because he has more important things to buy, he does not buy it.

    I am interested in the functional, not a copy.

  21.   Courage said

    That this is contributing to the holy war. When the objectives of GNU / Linux at no time are those.

    You don't have to copy, you have to be original

  22.   Courage said

    It is that that comment makes you an ubunto and Ubuntu is a cheap copy of Mac.

    That day you insulted me and I did not disrespect anyone

  23.   Let's use Linux said

    I agree Marcial ... also, there is nothing written about tastes. Who wants to disguise their GNU / Linux as a Mac… what is the problem? Hug! Paul.

  24.   Martial Galaxio said

    Linux is freedom. So what's wrong with copying to Mac, Windows, Donald Duck or whatever we want ??? That is precisely its characteristic. Also, I like that all the other OS coexist. It's like having several desserts in the fridge ... of course, there is nothing like Linux / BSD, but only we know that 😉

  25.   Mysta said

    GNU / Linux does not have to imitate we are much more than any other OS, I do not like the idea of ​​practically imitating and creating a visual fake of an OS outside the GNU / Linux circle, it is not very honorable.

    It reminds me when I buy a very cheap battery called durabell.

  26.   Courage said

    The funny thing about it is that you say it

  27.   Mysta said


  28.   Courage said

    I say this because of the comment you made the other day, because Ubuntu copies a lot to Mac

  29.   Mysta said


    Winbuntu user who is completely blinded and does not support that to
    someone does not like your district or does not agree with Canoni $ oft.

    Tolerates the ideas of other winbuntosete a little, because the
    buddy told the truth, cleanly Unity only works on your
    dear district
    Courage: This means that the GNU / Linux cake is shared by a couple, and Microsof also wins from this distribution.

    HAHAHA Courage never misses an opportunity to spit on Canosof .—-
    That was the only message that I have commented, and it has nothing to do with Mac, for the rest, I strongly agree.