LibreOffice: how to print long spreadsheets in Calc

I've been using LibreOffice a lot lately, and I've noticed that a lot of my co-workers were "getting stuck" on the simpler things about using LibreOffice. Possibly because they learned to do everything by heart in MS Office and are now "lost."

However, I find that a series of mini-tutorials on how to do some things in LibreOffice can be very useful for the community. Among other things, because moving from MS Office to LibreOffice can potentially be the first step towards leaving Windows for good.

In this opportunity, I present a short video that explains how to change the scale of a spreadsheet so that it fits into one or more pages. Also, from yapa, I show how to make a row or column repeat itself in each of the sheets.

If you find this type of tutorial useful, do not forget to leave your comment below.

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  1.   gonzalezmd (# Bik'it Bolom # said

    Nice job. regards

    1.    let's use linux said

      Thank you! I thought it was a good "weekend" tip.
      Useful and relaxed.
      Hug! Paul.

  2.   majority said

    good contribution I am in that of migrating msoffice to Libreoffice and these tips fall to the hair.

    1.    let's use linux said

      Good! I'm glad it serves and is of interest! 😉

  3.   Mika_Seido said

    I loved the tutorial it is very useful. Keep it up.

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Besides ... Do you know what free software event will be in Lima?

  4.   Williams Campoa said

    The tips menu is very good, really very functional for when you have to print student payrolls in predetermined format. greetings and waiting for more tips.

  5.   cabj said

    very good tutorial thanks!

  6.   Mardigann said

    It has come to me of pearls, the truth. I want more!

  7.   darkar said

    Excellent tutor

  8.   Outdated said

    Thanks for sharing phenomenon.

  9.   Leo said

    The truth is, you can't have a better idea. As you decide, the move from MsOffice to LibreOfice can be the first step of a big change.
    I am a great Calc user and this is good for me.

    1.    let's use linux said

      That's right ... big hug!

  10.   x11tete11x said

    Excellent contribution 😀

    1.    let's use linux said

      Thanks, champion!
      Thank you also for writing "excellent" well 🙂

  11.   eliotime3000 said

    The article and the video tutorial are excellent.

    Since I've been using MS Office since Offce 97, the truth is that LibreOffice 97 brings me nostalgia.

    The tutor is very good.

    1.    marianogaudix said

      Theoretically for LibreOffice 4.2. The SIDEBAR is going to be ready.

      Eliotime do you like LIbreOffice with the Sidebar? .
      Or do you still think that the integration patch with GNOME and KDE is not enough?

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        I activated it as soon as LibreOffice 4.1 came out, the truth is that it is much more intuitive than the MS Office sidebar.

        PS: Peru is one of those countries that has not yet abandoned Microsoft technologies.

        1.    marianogaudix said

          I was on FACEBOOK and CLIX CNN.
          In a group with people from Latin America, I swear to you but it is not by speaking ill of Peruvians, but they were the ones who most defended Microsoft, Office, Windows 8.
          We could not make a joke, surely some Peruvian jumped to defend MS $$$$$$.
          Microsoft seemed to have paid them.

          And I thought that Chileans were going to be more reluctant to enter free software.

          1.    Mika_Seido said

            I do not believe that, it is not that Peruvians care to use MS, it is simply that we are usual people, and if from school we are used to using MS we will use it to death, of course there are always people who for one reason or another change your mind. It is not impossible but it is difficult.

          2.    eliotime3000 said

            That's true, and it was by that method that I got used to using Debian and certain free tools.

            In itself, we have even gotten used to consuming even warez.

  12.   helena_ryuu said

    excellent! in my case as I have forced…. I mean, I have evangelized some of them to go to libreoffice, and sometimes they ask me things like that, thank you very much for the info!

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Well, if you are in Lima, you are going to undergo a Stations of the Cross to evangelize the use of LibreOffice.

  13.   whistle only said

    Excellent !!! thank you very much..

  14.   dwarf said

    I have already had to delete like 3 trolls comments that come to say "let's be honest, so if MS office is a thousand times better" -_-

    BTW, good Pablo, it serves me as you have no idea

    1.    let's use linux said

      Haha! Well. I'm glad it's helpful. This encourages me to do more tutorials on LibreOffice in the future.
      Hug! Paul.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Getting rid of trolls is hard work.

  15.   Rayonant said

    Totally according to the series of mini tutorials for LO / AOO Pablo, as always very illustrative!

  16.   cat said

    Excellent tutor, it will help me a lot in college.

  17.   cat said

    Excellent tutoring, it will help me a lot in college.

    1.    cat said

      How strange, I had commented again because the previous one was not published.

  18.   Hades said

    I must admit that libreoffice is improving a lot and that I did not like this office suite, I am a re-defender of MSOFFICE. Well on the subject of the new look I say that it would be risky but they could combine some functions within a button, like the windows explorer and its viewer. It only remains for me to say well for the libreoffice developers, I am still tied to msoffice but not like before, now anyone would give a thumbs up to gnu / linux and its office package.

  19.   fracielarevalo said

    Actually I'm going to seem incisive with how satisfactory this system is to me, especially the libre office, the office draw office cale and libre office cale impres, and it would give me a lot of satisfaction if you send me a manual if it is available to you.

  20.   José said

    Excellent tutorial. I have been using GNU / Linux for years but I still do not use Libre Office a hundred. This is for compatibility with Microsoft Office. However, lately I have been practicing and learning how to use it in detail.


    1.    let's use linux said

      That good! I will try to post more tutorials.

  21.   lo4all said

    A tutorial on working with XML documents in Libre Office would be greatly appreciated, the option to automatically generate templates is missed.

  22.   I pe said

    My comment is to make it clear that there is no doubt that LibreOffice is giving the expected march against MS Office, however, when we review the issue of office packages isolated from a reality of synchronism and file sharing within an organization, we are erring.

    I think LibreOffice has to strengthen the issue of compatibility with files created by Ms Office because the question of migrating from one to another is not only because of its functionality but because the others will continue in MS Office leaving oneself as an office misfit.

    1.    let's use linux said

      I agree. Likewise, we are facing the chicken and egg problem. It is true that greater compatibility is preferable to wasting time on new functionalities. However, in order to ensure better compatibility, it IS NECESSARY to add (at least) the same functionalities of MS OFFICE. And for that, we all know, LO still lacks.
      Hug! Paul