Linus Torvalds: Linux 3.20 or 4.0?

I've been making noise for a while that I DO NOT want another (linux) 2.6.39 where the numbers are big enough that you can't tell them apart.

We're slowly getting closer to that, with version 3.20 looming, and I'm running out of fingers and toes once again.

I've been making noise for a while now about moving to version 4.0. But let's see what people think.

So - do we continue to 3.20 because big numbers are sexy, or do we move to 4.0 and reset the numbers to something smaller?

PS: To clarify: the "big versions" refer to 20 of 3.20, not 4 of 4.0. As if the other option didn't clarify it. But this survey is about people who get confused easily.

It already has about 600 votes at 40 minutes. What do they say?

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  1.   Cristian said

    for me the jumps were after 9, because many of us get confused, especially with gnome and the damn kernel 😀

  2.   Miguel said

    The same simple man to ask and not impose

  3.   Leo said

    For me that must respond to whether there is a very important change in the Kernel, a substantial advance or a set of very striking and useful news for everyone.

    I think the advancement of not having to reboot when upgrading the kernel is significant enough to move to 4.0. The normal user is not affected much, but imagine for the servers ...

    Forward 4.0

  4.   eco-slacker said

    I think that live patching could be a good pretext for the jump in numbering.
    I think it's time for Linux 4

  5.   peterczech said

    I took part in the survey and am leaning towards version 4.x as there have really been a lot of changes to the kernel since the beginning of the 3.x series. Also kernel 3.20 or 4.0 will bring a novelty ... Hot update without reboots and that deserves a new version of the kernel: D.

  6.   Josep M. Fernandez said

    I have voted the first option. Big donkey walks or not.

  7.   sander said

    I also participated and like Petercheco I think there are many changes to continue considering it a minor version, it is time for the numbering to change to 4.x and as improvements are added, jump to version 5 (when there are already many or very marked) and if not increase from 0.1 to 0.1 (from version 4.1 to 4.2 etc)


  8.   Jesus Perales said

    4.0 looks better than 3.20 but following the semantic versioning is not correct, but if we follow it we will end up with kernel 2

  9.   napsix said

    Sure, go ahead with 4.0

  10.   linuXgirl said

    The logical thing would be to take the count to 10, that is to say 3.1, 3.2 ... 3.10, and after that go to 4.0, follow the same process until 10 and so on. Really taking it to 20 or higher sounds kind of crazy.

  11.   linuXgirl said

    In other words, it is necessary (that I did not finish the previous idea) to go to 4.0 now. The account does not stop more.

  12.   zetaka01 said

    First - Translation is, to say the least, an automatic translator.
    Second - You have to explain the versions of the linux kernel and its odd-even versions.

    A greeting.

    1.    zetaka01 said

      Apart from looking like a joke, you can use either the Hurd kernel or the BSD kernel.
      A greeting.

    2.    zetaka01 said

      Happy Friday the 13th. I think that's just for the US, for Hispanics it's Tuesday. Good colonization.

  13.   zetaka01 said

    I also made my contribution to the kernel. It was that he did not laugh.

  14.   zetaka01 said

    I don't know much English, but that translation makes me feel ashamed. All the smartass who answered, you can see that they either appreciate you or owe you something. Improve your English.

    1.    gabrielus said

      I lean towards 4.0. As several said, with the application without restarting the kernel it is already good and important to change the version, along with other features that we already saw in previous versions.

      The translation thing does not matter, it is understood. So many comments to say that, it's a lot ...

    2.    zetaka01 said

      After so many provocative responses that I have given you, or almost troll, as you see Linus. I do the same, but much more polite.

    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      All the smartass? … Nah, I'm missing… LOL!

  15.   kevinjhon said

    4.0.0 would be nice

    1.    brutal said

      Another that leans towards version 4

  16.   zetaka01 said

    I'm sorry I'm a fucking fly, well I like it. The stable versions are the pairs. Jump from 3.something to 4. something. It's like python, it's been trying to get version 3 for a thousand years.

  17.   Francisco Molina Jimenez said

    I would go directly to kernel 4.0