Linux Deepin OS 15 Beautiful and Functional

Few days ago it was released Deepin 15 OS, a system totally designed to be used by the end user and that is a very attractive system due to its visual finish, because it is an easy-to-use, simple system (while still being a strong system), as well as its stability and safety.

linux deepin 15

This system would be a perfect example for that saying that says "sometimes, less is more" and that is that they have not sacrificed anything in terms of functionality, and if you are an enthusiast of Linux distributions, then, do not wait any longer if you have not tried yet , you might be surprised.

Certainly this distro is a strong competitor within the Free Software universe and it can be used by any user who wants to use its OS, without having to type complicated code, and no need to be an advanced user on Linux.

Deepin 15, in addition to being one of the most attractive distributions that have come out lately, can also be the easiest operating system to handle and above all to install. And is that the developer team has bothered to include a interactive manual with which they intend to teach the user how to install, use and also take advantage of their desktop environment. It is a gesture that is really appreciated and that shows the effort that they put into their work to make this a different distro and that it is less traumatic for the inexperienced user.


What is special about Deepin OS 15?

Download Deepin 15 stopped relying on Ubuntu and now it leans on Debian looking to gain much greater stability in his system, and that change to Debian has done him wonderfully.

Nautilus as a window manager, although with the particularity that we will not have those restrictions that CANONICAL applies in Ubuntu.

Google Chrome  as the default browser.

WPS Office very similar to Microsoft Office with some extra features.

Deepin 15 has its own app store, really well done.

Reproductive Deepin Music Player.


Icon packs Deepin, Flatr y High Contrast that add the customizable part without having to do extra installations to this distro, in addition to the striking wallpapers and bright colors that will make you want to always be in front of the screen.

The dock in the center of the screen with its utility to anchor applications, in it we will have access to the date and time, manage the windows from there, the battery status, and notifications of what happens in the system,

The organization of the applications is in charge of The application launcher, extremely useful to keep everything organized and quickly access what we are looking for, this organizes the applications by categories: icon category, text category, name, frequent use and by installed time. The only disadvantage of the organizer is that we cannot search files from it, although I imagine that in future versions it will be possible.


We will also find a interactive dashboard, with which we will access the part of the system configuration, it will appear when we locate the pointer in the lower right part of the desktop, or through its access icon. As expected in such a well-organized system, the configuration options also present an organizational scheme by categories according to their type, the advantage of all this is how easy it is to configure your operating system.

You must bear in mind that if you have a computer with a single core processor with less than 2 Gb of RAM, your experience may not be the best if your graphics card is not of a respectable capacity; Although if you have a single core processor but you have 4 Gb of RAM, the expectation is that it works better than Fedora Gnome or Windows 10.


Here is the discharge for 64 bits and for 32 bits

Linux Deepin is a distribution designed to be used by the end user. It is very stable thanks to its Debian base, it is very beautiful, it is very well cared for and the most important thing is extremely easy to use, this is really a distro to keep in mind.

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  1.   Caesar Salad said

    It should be based on Arch: c

    1.    Javier said

      Try manjaro deepin

  2.   Ari said

    I have some test partitions, so I downloaded it, installed it, all very well, a little heavy, maybe it is my hardware configuration, everything quite good until… .I tried to configure an HP 4000 series multifunction. it's a bit old ... and it can be, but Ubuntu and derivatives configure almost anything in a few seconds. And the derivatives of Arch, eg. Antergos also sets up almost anything in a few seconds. What is this about ... Deepin boasts of being very user-friendly, but fails in very simple things. I uninstalled it…

    1.    Gibran barrera said

      In an Acer Aspire S3 computer with third generation I3, 4gb in ram and 120gb V300 SSD. And the desktop hangs and it takes time to update the desktop.

      Deepin is not very good, its configuration is not fully optimized, in short I prefer Linux Mint XFCE.

    2.    Janio Carvajal said

      I think we should add the repositories that end in tw, which are the ones that have worked for me, and I also install the hplip for the printer drivers, whatever the distro, I add VLC, freecad, telegram, samba as well as many programs , And you stop counting. I have installed it on 300 or more PCs with 2 GB of ram of course minimum since the 2014 version and my clients like it a lot.

  3.   Daniel said

    The problem with Deepin, at least in South America, are the updates; they are eternal.
    They do not have good repositories in these corners.
    By the way, if anyone installed it and found good repositories ... that's a fan.

    1.    bitl0rd said

      Try another distro. manjaro has deepin in its community variants

      1.    Daniel said

        Thanks Bitl0rd, I'm going to test it.

  4.   napsix65 said

    Nothing like Debian 8 itself, or a distro based on the same Debian, Point Linux with XFCE or Mate desktop, luxury. 🙂

    1.    Daniel said

      Nothing like a snack, with a cold beer watching a good movie.

  5.   Nightwolf said


    I see that you are a professor in computer science

    I need to ask you a question

    your email which

    1.    robertucho said

      My email is I will gladly try to answer you

  6.   toño said

    She looks pretty
    I will test it in virtualbox

  7.   ? said

    do you want to know that haha ​​greetings

  8.   Mario said

    Hi. My question is to know if menu icons and their typography can be enlarged since it is all too small and the vision is bad. The control panel only enlarges menu letters. Dssde and thank you very much. !!!!

  9.   ignatius said

    I installed it in an old Vaio where WINDOW VISTA was running and it seems that it was going very well until I tried to update the system and download an application from its store: It was impossible. I do not know the motive. The network worked perfectly and Chrome too.

  10.   Carlos said

    Hello, the article is good, Deepin is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful distros in Linux, as the author says it is very easy to use, but it has some problems, which when using it are not minor, for example there are many programs That are very badly translated at least into Spanish, I use it in a Laptop that I have for tests, it is an HP 420 with an Intel core duo processor of 2.7, and 8GB Ram memory, in which I have tested many OS, in the specific case as I mentioned a problem is the translation in others you put music and the player turned off or just stuck, the Internet connection is not the best, since it also disconnects from time to time with the WiFi, Cable works to 110%, and several errors that came along the way during a month of use, after that I thought, that the problem was the Laptop, and I installed it in an ACER IntelCore7 6 GB ram memory and the same problems appeared after 3 days, however I agree with the author. since it is really worth using it and I am sure that the developers of this OS, solve the problems, as a humble evaluation: In Environment a 10, In Ease of Use a 9, Software Problems 5 ... for now I think it should only be use as a test, in my case I prefer Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint and Fedora, at the moment I am waiting for Ubuntu 16.04 to come out ...

  11.   Gil said

    Hello everyone!! I have a Sony Vaio with 6 Gigas Ram and a CORE 5, I installed Deepin, and I can only agree with my friend Carlos, it is a very nice distro, but after the glow of the new, I started to run into problems, It does not load with drivers to watch DVD movies, as much as I struggled with the help of linuxeros friends I could not change the language to Spanish the office automation that comes by default, and after I did the first update of the program, everything was worse, the programs were frozen and they did not give an answer, so I went to Manjaro Deepin which is a combination of the two, that is, the appearance of Deepin and the stability of Manjaro and it does not run perfect. So I look forward to when they have corrected these small defects and launch it more stable, it will be a distro to take into account.

  12.   Chaparral said

    After reading the comments here, I think I'll stick with Ubuntu 14.04, wanting to have it installed on my system.

    1.    Mario said

      I also loved what I read above, but what you read later leaves you in shock hahaha

  13.   Raul said

    Indeed I had the serious problem of the eternal updates trying again and again, this leaves me in wait

  14.   George said

    I'm testing it on a 1.5 core Asus X Series with 4GB of RAM and everything runs very smoothly, I don't notice much difference after going from Elementary. A possible problem is that the updates and downloads from the store, but it is only a matter of changing the location of the mirrors, removing the original one and using one from a country of your preferred continent, with that the download speed will increase and the downloads will be like any other distro.

  15.   Pedro said

    Very good article, quite descriptive, if anyone wants to talk / discuss about Deepin we invite them to the Telegram group / chat @deepinenespanol