Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” Xfce available for download


Just be announced the availability of Linux Mint Olivia in the version Xfce, which comes with version 4.10 of this Desktop Environment and some minor changes.

For starters, the default menu for Xfce will Wisker ¿Sounds familiar?

thumb_whisker For the rest, the same changes and improvements than in the rest of the editions.

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  1.   guillermoz0009 said

    The Whisker menu is not bad, but nothing like the classic, right?

    They would have left the classic Xfce menu.

  2.   Yoyo said

    Well, I don't like the wisker menu, I prefer the usual one from Xfce.

    1.    cat said

      * Off topic: the user agent of the new versions of Opera is "OPR" (I say for the plugin of the comments)

      1.    elav said

        Thanks for the tip 😀

        1.    cat said

          Let's see…

  3.   Giskard said

    I see 3 extra icons on that WhiskerMenu. It would be necessary to prove what the Mint ones put him. Probably good improvements 🙂

    1.    Geekzombie said

      I think you mean xfce panel icons.

      1.    Giskard said

        You're right. I got lost in the image because I always put my menu down. I don't like that it goes against gravity 😉

  4.   Giskard said

    By the way @elav the blog is very slow 🙁

    1.    elav said

      Changes are being made (once again) in the DNS of DesdeLinux .. Please be patient.

  5.   freebsddick said

    It looks pretty good .. although I wouldn't use it on my computers xD

    1.    flex said

      idem. Very nice but it happened. Poor one who has to use it

      1.    likewho said

        LOL true.

  6.   Eulalio said

    This distro is great, you can install only what you want, it does not have to be by decree what the distro wants and then what you want, almost like Debian.

  7.   Garbage_Killer said

    Wisker I thought you were saying that sounds familiar to Wesker, yes that character from the RE game lolol.

  8.   marianogaudix said

    Personally, I like the Wisker menu and the MintMenu menu, they are easy to use and well ordered. You don't waste time looking for a program.
    They also make life easier for newbies coming to Windows.
    Remember that in 2014 Microsoft will not support Windows XP.
    Many people are used to Windows XP, I believe that XCFE and its environment can satisfy and replace Windows XP.

    1.    pandev92 said

      people will continue to use xp xd ... no support haha ​​as long as xd not update

      1.    flex said

        I don't think they care about the support ... I wouldn't mind but they want to scare you. They use the FUD for you to update ...

        1.    sieg84 said

          That's right, as long as they can enter the book and use word, they won't mind that wxp stops having support.

          1.    likewho said

            Well, if MS Office is the "anchor" that keeps them in that OS, I think it is not a pretext. I have installed the 2007 and 2010 versions on Arch, using CrossOver and they work quite well.

          2.    eliotime3000 said

            Bah, I do use LibreOffice and the book more on my Debian because of the stability it gives me. Also, I already replaced my Windows XP with Windows Vista SP2, so "nothing to worry about" (for jobs that require me to use proprietary software, I use Windows; for the rest, Debian).

          3.    pandev92 said

            the ms excel crashes every two by three in crossover or wine, the performance is somewhat poor, but hey you can always use office web apps for something simple.

      2.    marianogaudix said

        Pandev92 I agree with you.
        But remember in WINDOWS XP you can no longer run the new video games and hardware devices because Microsoft does not support XP.
        Many people are used to XP but work with software that has constant updates.
        On the other hand, some countries, communities in Europe and cities have given GNU / LINUX support, such as Munich, South Tyrol, etc.

        1.    cat said

          If GNU / Linux were used in public administration (at least on desktop desktops) millions of greens would be saved per year.

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            Fortunately, at my institute, they are going to teach us to use CentOS for databases, web hosting and many things related to web administration (although I live in a country where it has practically been sold to Microsoft, the initiative is accepted).

    2.    vicky said

      Most people have pirated versions of xp. They don't care that they don't have support.

  9.   cooper15 said

    I like it, I've been waiting for this flavor for a while and I think the whisker menu is very good, I suppose that if you don't like it, you will always have the option of going back to the classic.

  10.   edo said

    Does it run well on 500 ram?

    1.    cat said

      on the page Linux Mint they recommend at least 384 MB of Ram, although for best performance they recommend 1 GB.

      1.    likewho said

        True. That that with 384 of RAM it works, is a fallacy, because not even with 512MB it runs well. I clarify, it is not that the system does not work with those amounts, but that what marianogaudix said about Win XP applies.

        1.    eliotime3000 said

          Better use Debian + LXDE, OpenBox or just X11. Problem solved.

    2.    teniazo said

      In the computer of a friend that has 512 mb running it runs and with great speed in version 14, I put 2 GB of swap (obviously it is something very misplaced) but since it does not turn it off and her children use it to play online games and watch videos on YouTube all day makes her ride perfectly.
      And I tell you the same thing I told her, go to the software manager and download Midori (although for me it is the best Firefox), I changed Banshee for Audacious and I made a launcher of the xkill command in the panel (just in case). But yes, at 512 mb, seeing it on my friend's computer works very well.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        Well done. Also, I use VLC instead of Totem to watch my movies, and Audacious for music.

        Although I must warn you that Slackware and Debian are best when running on outdated machines.

        1.    cat said

          In my case I use VLC for everything (even YouTube)

          1.    teniazo said

            On my computer, which also uses Linux Mint Xfce change Thunar for Caja (I really like the option backgrounds and emblems ...). Thunar I use it only as superuser (so that it does not feel a hindrance on my machine).
            Audio, I use Clementine as an audio library and Audacious to open simple files.
            In alternate video theme sometimes Totem, VLC and Media Player (each one has its different font type for subtitles so I don't get bored with one in particular).
            Cairo Dock and nothing else. I use the MintMenu: '(

  11.   majority said

    I wonder what is new in this version that does not have xubuntu or another distro with XFCE environment

    1.    cat said

      as the green icons say below and that it eats more RAM.

  12.   tammuz said

    icons in green

  13.   Pavloco said

    Mint XFCE and LXDE are heavier Xubuntu and Lubuntu (I say this from own experience). Mint's true contribution is in the Cinnamon version.

    1.    cat said

      +1, Linux Mint is nice and all but it comes loaded with many Gnome applications (= heavy) like Banshee for example.

      1.    eliotime3000 said

        I better use the text mode installer, install the basic GUI and voila: Linux Mint XFCE flying like a dove.

        1.    cat said

          Mint was the system with which I started using Linux (version 12 with Gnome, horrible DE but then you get used to it), then I got to know the environments and distros more "light" and Mint said "see you later and if I've seen you no I remember".

          1.    eliotime3000 said

            The first versions of KDE were uglier than GNOME itself. But now, KDE is better and GNOME is down with its shell. Now, LXDE and XFCE have improved, and I prefer distros like Debian and Slackware that know how to take advantage of it like no other distro.

    2.    izzyvp said

      I think there is no mint lxde

  14.   Miguel said

    I once tried linux mint and never used it again, I didn't like it very much.! _-

  15.   tarkin88 said

    I say this without wanting to be a fanboy, but if what you need is for a pc to fly, opt for Archlinux with openbox, using lightweight Apps that should not be poorly functional for that reason, I clarify that. Or if you don't want a rolling, this should be with openbox or for even easier crunchbang. I say this using daily elementary OS

    1.    pandev92 said

      We will opt for windows phone .. (MAXIMUM TROLLING)


  16.   teniazo said

    It seems to me or Xfce no longer lets open the applications menu from the desktop?

  17.   ferchmetal said

    excellent I was waiting for you! in my opinion the xfce edition of linux mint is the best! of course that of kde was better than kubuntu 🙂

  18.   teniazo said

    Why can I no longer drag a window to the right edge and make it change work area? It's Xfce kind of thing, I guess.

    1.    cookie said

      That and the menu on the desktop is fixed from the Xfce configuration center.

  19.   pandev92 said

    I tried it and it made me get nostalgic for gnome 2 xD

    1.    marianogaudix said

      It's true the same thing happens to me. I was never able to get out of the Gnome 2 idea, I'm old school Gnome 2.
      I use Mint because it has many things by default to program on your DVD, something that I like, since sometimes I don't have internet.
      I already said goodbye to GNOME 3.8 / 3.9, etc. The project is no longer the same, for me this one-armed. Gnome 2 was the best at the time of that there is no doubt, that I will never forget.

  20.   jory666666 said

    Hi, I'm new to this forum as a marianogaudix addict or you upgrade or you die windows xp will not have support after 2013 so you get install linux mint let me tell you my experience because the reason for changing the system I work for a municipal presidencies of Mexico and Czech Their machines, which is weird, that they still use windows xp for intuitive and easy PC 111 1ghz office 2003 every so often they get infected with viruses they bought new machines for government indications but it goes the same they stayed with xp I want to install this system medicen has a friendly environment now they just need to teach them to use it

  21.   St0rmt4il said


  22.   Juanlu said

    (Sorry for the lack of accents) I'm testing Mint Xfce and it's doing great, but I'm curious about the differences between MATE and Cinnamon. Have you thought about commenting on them one of these days?

    Congratulations on the blog and much encouragement with the new project!