Linux Mint 18, MATE edition in beta phase

We present to you Linux Mint 18 o Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" MATE edition, the new version of this distro in Beta phase, which shows us in its release a long-term support, which extends until 2021, and which also shows us new features added for easier handling and use of the desktop, adding the new project "X-Applications" or X-Apps.


Important data.

Among the main components of Linux Mint 18 we have:

MATE 1.14, a Linux 4.4 kernel, and Ubuntu 16.04 packages. As we said before, Linux Mint 18 will receive security updates until 2021, containing the same group of packages for all future versions until 2018. Which will make updates unnecessary in the future.

New and improved features.

Among the improved characteristics at a general level, we have now that the touchpad allows the scrolling of content by making the gestures of sliding to the edge and with two fingers independently. Additionally, the support for GTK3 has been improved. In the case of Python, Boxed extensions can now be managed separately. Now all three window focus modes can be selected. Also OSD of volume and brightness can be activated or deactivated. The panel now has the option to change the size of the menu bar icons, as well as the menu items. And finally, the translations to the system are already updated.

El application manager features several improvements. On the surface The main screen and preferences screen now handle subtle animations and stack widgets feature better theme support; Toolbar icons support dark themes and dimmed text can be rendered in more dynamic colors.

Some years ago Linux Mint incorporated the command "apt" Linux Mint, a shortcut used to manage different packages found on the system. Over time, the distribution maintains many of the features that have been incorporated from the beginning in the command, as well as several of those added during its development. Now as a novelty, new features are included that make this command compatible with the Debian "apt" syntax; a command made for Debian, structured for the same purposes, but with some different features where many improvements stand out.  

Some of them include "apt install" and "apt remove" which show the progress display. Among the new commands we find "apt showhold" which does the same "apt held". "Apt full-upgrade" which runs the same as "apt dist-upgrade". And finally "apt edit-sources" which does the same as "apt sources".  

For kernel an option to select and view your updates was enabled. New packages can be detected, presenting these as a traditional update and being able to configure independently. For the kernel selection window there was a redesign, which now shows us an information window that explains, for example, what happens to the DKMS modules when multiple kernels are installed.


As for kernel-specific fix lists and regression lists, Linux Mint no longer features them. All as a result of the amount of corrections that are made so frequently, and that in turn, made this information obsolete. Now we find links that can send us to specific sources, that provide information about the most recent modifications or error reports, something more efficient and that works only by selecting the kernel we want to inform us about.

In the case of application manager We know that an information screen was placed, that the user is integrated with the manager and that an update policy is requested to be selected. This information screen can be started from the menu; Edit-> Policy update.


The aesthetics of the distro could not miss; Mint-Y is the new interface built into Linux Mint. By virtue of conforming to a more modern design, Linux Mint has Mint-Y to match and adapt to the trends of new designs of current interfaces. Mint-Y is presented with a very modern design, without losing a professional view and moving away from a minimalist style. Based on the popular arc theme of horst3180 and the set of Sam hewitt from Moka icons, this new interface seeks to improve and update itself over time to give the interface a better aesthetic and structure.

In Linux Mint 18, Mint-X (old interface) and Mint-Y are installed together, the former being the default theme. And the second incorporated so that the user adapts little by little to it, as the pertinent improvements and fixes are made. That is, Mint-Y will be there to complete Mint-X until it becomes the default theme in the distribution.


Here the themes used:







Continuing with the theme of the image and presentation, the collection of wallpapers is more extensive:


In addition, the default theme used on the home screen had favorable changes. Now the login screen makes user selection suggestions. This, to avoid entering passwords when there are no pre-selected users during the login.

Among other aspects and as mentioned at the beginning, for this edition of Linux Mint 18 Beta a new project called X-Applications o X Apps. This project, and which could not fail to be mentioned, involves the creation of applications that can be compatible and executable in traditional GTK desktop environments. The main idea is that these applications are structured in such a way that they can be executable for all types of GTK environments, thus replacing applications that are no longer adequately integrated outside of a particular environment. Providing the different desktops with a group of generic applications that, through development, are adaptable to different environments.

For a project of this type, and which obviously benefits the entire Linux community, it is necessary to group together which are the characteristics that these applications should have, so that they are adequately adapted whatever the use; firstly, that they are executable with technologies or tools that are up-to-date in terms of development. Second, That they can be used in traditional user interfaces, and at the same time in previous versions, to be able to exploit their functionality without restrictions due to compatibility issues. This, in order to be able to work with as many distributions as possible to guarantee the maintenance or permanence of the applications that have been enjoyed.

For Linux Mint there are applications from past editions that are still available in the repositories, which can allow the user to install these applications on the one hand, and on the other to handle those of X-Apps to compare them. Obviously, some will integrate better into the environment than others, although the idea of ​​this, rather than comparing them, is to use the one that provides the most support for the desktop, in addition to benefiting each user who runs a Linux distro in order to avoid the segregation of applications the use of systems systems.

Finally, we must add that applications such as Spotify, Dropbox, Steam and Minecraft have been added to the software manager. On the other hand Gufw; the graphical firewall configuration tool was included in the default software selection. Additionally, support improvements were made HiDPI. Wide variety of Linux Mint applications and all xApps plus Firefox were migrated to GTK3.

If you want more information about Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" Beta phase, you can access the Linux Mint official blog

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