[Linuxea your Windows] From Windows - Part II: Bash in Windows (And a few Wallpapers of mine)

There are many ways to get Bash: Cygwin, AndLinux, Mingw, etc, but we will use one in particular:


Yes, git, that tool you use to clone GitHub repositories, includes the GNU tools, but it lacks a tool: "wget", it has a good integration with the Windows console and makes it more useful, we can download the tool from here :

Download Button
We install normally, except in the following cases:


Select the last option.


Select the second option.

To add wget download the following file: http://superb-dca2.dl.sourceforge.net/project/mingw/Other/mingwPORT/Current%20Releases/wget-1.9.1-mingwPORT.tar.bz2 unzip and add wget.exe to% ProgramFiles% Gitbin

You can now enjoy Linux commands on Windows, I invite you to try:

:(){ :|:& };:

PS: I don't dare ...

And now some Wallpaper of mine for From Linux:









Creative Commons License
Wallpapers For FromLinux by IvanLinux (Ivan Molina Rebolledo) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License..

See you in my next post! = »3

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  1.   Hello said

    I still don't understand the meaning of this blog, is it to motivate the use of gnu / linux or is it to motivate the use of gnu / linux things on windows? I was a windows user and I would not return I have my small partition to play a game like wow but since I tried wine it works very well for me and the partition is booted, therefore I do not understand how someone who is in gnu / linux would be interested in using those things in windows, for me he is more of a windows user who wants to use gnu / linux things which does not make sense in this blog

    1.    elav said

      I still don't understand the meaning of this blog

      What makes you think that an article of this type has to do with the meaning of this blog? The meaning of this blog goes much further 😉

      1.    Hello said

        I know it goes much further, I put that because of the post created, you know well what the blog posts do, and this post makes no sense here

      2.    ronaldo said

        @elav with all due respect, the blog title is "from" linux, which in principle sets a limit. so it seems that the scope of the blog are things that can be done, experiences, solutions made, etc "from" linux. eg: repair a windows or mac problem from linux. now an art that talks about how to do something "from" windows seems to be outside the scope of the blog. Let's agree to make 2 or 3 or more art to explain how and install wget, git and I don't know what else will surprise us with in the next art. It is not even remotely novel that is why I agree with the last comment from @ hello. Are you going to run 3 or more art on the cover for this ??? , do not misinterpret me, I say it with the best wave

        1.    elav said

          Do not get you wrong ronaldo, the point is, that at the end of the post what it shows is how to use Free applications on Windows. What's wrong with that? Did you know that KDE can be used on Windows? If I had to use Windows in my work, obliged like many, I would appreciate this type of article. In addition, what I always say, a series of articles has nothing to do with the goal of the blog.

          1.    dwarf said

            I did not have internet for days and when I enter I find these things.

            Bald pussy, I can speak properly, and from friend to friend, this type of post does not seem correct here, because the truth is that they encourage the use of Windows, and although neither you nor I are anti-Windows Taliban fanboys ... simply "linuxear" your windows does not make sense, one thing is to imitate the appearance of another in a system (whatever it is), that is a simple whim (that if with KDE we can have Mac or Windows, etc) and another is encourage to use windows.

            Whoever wants to do it, that doesn't have to affect us, but we shouldn't offer ways to work in windows.

            Perhaps the only thing that I agree with is recommending the use of free applications within the system, because it is an interesting way of taking the step, little by little, but I don't know, this couple of articles seemed quite useful to me. Useless? Disoriented?

            1.    elav said

              Two nano things:

              1- You have more than two ways to contact me and let me see your opinion, it was not necessary for you to leave it here.

              2- I still can't see what the problem is with this type of article, so I ask:

              - At some point in the article has it been shown how to pirate Software?
              - At some point in the article has it been shown how you use Private Applications?

              I repeat (and I will continue to do so) that this type of article is not bad for anyone who by obligation has to use Windows at work or elsewhere, and wants to use the applications we use in GNU / Linux. At least I see these articles that way .. So I repeat, what is the blessed problem?

    2.    sieg84 said

      and for part III the same 😛

    3.    O_Pixote_O said

      Hell, they've only published two Windows-related articles and you're already complaining. It is not an article about Windows, it is not something that is very useful for Windows, it is simply a curiosity. What is the advantage of using wget in windows with the graphic programs that exist to do it, the same with nano. Nothing. It is simply a curiosity post of «look, if you can simulate a bash in windows». By the same rule of three that you say about this post does not make sense here, why would a post explaining how to configure wine well? Or why would a post on how to configure server services for a normal user make sense or vice versa for a system administrator ?.
      Summarizing in this blog the information is worth and logically that it has a minimum relationship with GNU / linux, they reject any minimum knowledge is foolish.

    4.    nonamed said

      totally agree, since linux is no longer what it was

      1.    elav said

        I could count to 10. I could just say nothing, but comments like this that don't add up (rather they are malicious) cannot be ignored. I ask everyone who thinks that way, if DesdeLinux is no longer what it was, what have you two done to avoid it in addition to commenting?

        Why not help SinceLinux be what it has always been for you and is no longer? It is very easy to be like the pigeons, receiving and receiving food in the beak and not give anything in return, don't you think?

        You have your opinion and I respect it, but keep in mind that what you say can hurt the feelings of those of us who try to make this space a better place every day.

        1.    Blue skull said

          I have registered just to give you support, and that you know that this page goes beyond those who are registered and comment on each news, there are countless people who learn from anonymity, and look, negative comments like that get precisely the opposite, that Let's step forward

          I hope this makes up for the sentimental wound :), by the way, greetings to all.

          1.    elav said

            Thanks BlueSkull. It's not really that I feel hurt, not yet, but it annoys me every time someone judges all of our work for an item or two they don't like.

            Once again, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2.   Oscar said

    Another thing, so much so that they defend free software to avoid software piracy and the author says in a good way that the portal was downloaded in a pirated way, when this game is worth a few dollars on steam. You have to be tough on having that post here.

    1.    sieg84 said

      I thought the same.

    2.    eliotime3000 said

      Most likely, the bank will put limitations on obtaining your credit (or debit) card, and will not accept other forms of payment.

      1.    sieg84 said

        the benefit of the doubt 😛

    3.    cookie said

      Insurance is a minor and therefore has banking limitations. I imagine it because the same thing happens to me.

  3.   desikoder said

    IvanLinux do not take it the wrong way but these articles do not paint anything in a blog about linux, you should put articles on how to do things in windows instead of trying to emulate (impossible thing) a linux in windows.

    Installing wget, bash and some linux stuff on windows isn't going to make it any better, just a cheap copy of linux.

    For the record, it is a constructive criticism, I hope you are not offended, but really, please change the line of this type of article 😉


    1.    eliotime3000 said

      If you are going to work with shared source code and you have no choice but to use GIT, then just gentleman.

    2.    cookie said

      If one way or another you are obliged to use Windows, but you are used to Linux tools, then okay, you are spreading open software, what is the problem?

  4.   Ing. Armando Ibarra said

    On linux run this before running the fork pump

    sudo nano /etc/security/limits.conf

    and add this line

    * hard nproc 1000

    or better

    echo '* hard nproc 1000' >> /etc/security/limits.conf

    and then they can already run:

    : () {: |: &} ;:

    I can imagine in Windows, the effect it will have!

    1.    eliotime3000 said

      Blue screen?

      1.    py_crash said

        What does the command do to all this?

  5.   ronaldo said

    1 70% of the art explaining how to install git a multiplatform program, with the unix mode to load a bash (dependent on git)
    2 10% of the art how to install wget
    3 20% cool wallpaper images

    I give it a -100

    1.    cookie said

      Oh my God! Is the legendary item qualifier! had talked!

  6.   Juanra20 said

    Good contribution Ivan 😀
    I really do not see the bad of the Linux posts, be your Win2, I think, that there are linuxers who for some reason or another have to use win2 and poetry why not put some things, whether they are equal or less powerful than you have GNU / Linux on Win2 to feel more comfortable and work better. Ivan may have installed win2 to play but surely one that uses GNU / Linux has to use win2 and that is where you can enter these posts.

    1.    elav said


    2.    eliotime3000 said

      True Story, because I also use Windows, but to do graphic design work with tools like Photoshop and / or CorelDraw (out of habit).

  7.   Jesus Israel Perales Martinez said

    I keep the ff wallpaper 😀

  8.   cookie said

    Let's see people, the post is about using FREE SOFTWARE in Windows, which for one reason or another are obliged to use it, whether for work, studies, etc.
    I just started studying computer science, and well, I really don't know if it will be necessary to use Microsoft development tools (I hope not) but hey, if that's the case I'll have to resign myself. That is the point of these articles. It's spreading open software, and that's fine no matter what platform it's on.

    1.    mss-devel said

      Bear in mind that in commercial and technical applications (servers, management systems) Linux predominates over Window $. So you will not have to resign yourself at all. Remember that a lot of Linux and free software are fundamental tools, such as Apache servers, not to mention Linux firewalls (such as Netfilter) that pass the rag to the rest of the firewall software

      1.    cookie said

        I understand that. What I meant by resigning myself to Windows was to program specific applications for Windows (I don't know if it can be done from Linux, that's why my doubt).

        1.    Staff said

          It is possible, there are RAD (Rapid Application Development (visual studio)) that allow you to program only once and compile for GNU / Linux - Win 32 and 64 bits - Even Mac Android (Multiplatform).
          The point is that if you are in government school and your country does not have a policy that favors the use of free software, surely you will be in the event that you can only present your work for exclusive options.

          1.    cookie said

            I am in the UANL, which I understand is independent of the State. Will have to see.

  9.   woqer said

    much hater and nobody comments on the first screenshot? is listening to alex ubago, troll for sure!

    1.    IvanLinux said

      And who has to listen to Alex Ubago?

      1.    sieg84 said

        nothing bad.

    2.    mss-devel said

      Arjona is listening

      1.    mss-devel said

        the problem is not megaupload, the problem is megaporn ...

        1.    mss-devel said


          1.    cookie said

            are you talking to yourself xD

          2.    IvanLinux said

            But what are you talking about? oO
            What does mega have to do with this?
            And who is Arjona?

          3.    cookie said

            And what does this have to do with geography?

  10.   nonamed said

    I thought this blog was for linuxers, I find this post here pathetic, totally out of place

  11.   Outdated said

    Well, I was curious that bash can be used on windows. I also think that for some people it can be useful.


    1.    coco said

      good to have bash on windows you can install win-bash seems much better than installing git

  12.   R3is3rsf said

    I have been visiting this gnu linux blog for a long time, usually I do not comment, I only read what they publish, and I must say without offending that this type of post hurts.

    Before someone says that I criticize just for criticizing, I will explain a little, portal and similar games are currently on Steam for linux, in the first part reference is made to piracy with download windows, among other questionable things such as encouraging the use of windows . And just to prevent someone from saying that free software is also promoted in general, what is free, windows, or portal?

    If it were a series of posts on how to migrate proprietary applications in windows for free ones, for those who cannot change systems, or how to use plasma-desktop in windows it would be very different.

  13.   santiago said

    They have so much sand, okay this blog is about linux but they only published 2 "curiosities" about windows and they say that the blog is not what it was, I understand that they do not like windows and personally I also prefer linux but not that much, windows It is an operating system as much as Linux is, it has its good and bad things (although most of them are bad), apart from the post is related to Linux so it is not Windows only, I do not understand why most of them are so closed and fools

  14.   Bryan said

    When I download the executable it tells me that the file is corrupt.

    1.    IvanLinux said

      How weird…
      Here are the mirrors:

      1.    fredo said

        and part 3 for when ??? very Good the post !!!

  15.   Joseph said

    Hello, I don't understand why you invite us to try this command «: () {: |: &} ;:» when in another post on this same page (https://blog.desdelinux.net/comandos-peligrosos-en-gnulinux/) say this about this command:

    «: () {: |: &} ;:» Actually the first two characters are joined,: (what happens that I separate them so that this letter does not appear 🙁 Known as the fork bomb, this command asks your system run a large number of processes until the system crashes, which may result in data corruption. Where are we left then? Thank you.