Short pass through OpenSuse 12.2 RC2

I have been a Debian user for some time now, but my beginnings with GNU / LINUX started with OpenSuse back in 2007. Although I love Debian, I have never stopped following the work that people do. OpenSuse and I must say that it is always very good, making it a serious, stable distribution, but with a beauty worthy of respect.


I decided then to test its latest candidate version in live mode from a Flash drive, to remember old times but also to know if it was distributed it was still what he remembered.

I decided on KDE the environment in which I started, since OpenSuse It uses it as the main environment for which it is presumably that, here everything must be in order (taking into account that it is a candidate version, of course). The first impression that I liked was the splash that has a professional finish: serious, without much recharge where is the green and the name of the distribution.

The desktop is simply perfect, with an elegant game of colors where the figure of KDE can be highlighted as an attractive environment to the eye that, added to the integration and work of OpenSuse makes the result pleasant. This is repeated throughout the Distro experience: Simple game of colors and KDE at its best.


Then, I went through Dolphin and started to open other applications and the result was quite good, very good responses from the PC, a good selection of applications which makes it practically "made to walk" at once. The consumption of RAM in the live does not exceed 700 megabytes even with Firefox, Dolphin, Gwenview and the experiences are always totally "smooth", there are no slowdowns and it seems to be very stable, at least in this development phase. We know that the resource consumption is relative since it is being tested from a Flash drive.

His emblem tool so to speak the Yast, remains from my point of view, the most elegant, easy and powerful setup site I have ever tried. Everything in its place and well classified, almost without loss and better yet almost everything in a couple of clicks. The response of the application is very good, it takes little time to open and it does everything quickly. The only thing that could perhaps criticize Yast is that, the management of repositories is not so clearI don't mean to say that it's difficult at all, just that it's not that clear compared to the other options.

This RC has KDE version 4.8.4 so stability and appearance, as I said before, are guaranteed. It has Amarok as a music player and Kaffeine as a multimedia player; Firefox as a web browser, along with Kmail, Choqok and Ktorrent are part of the web team; Libre office as an office suite and Kontact as a contact manager. In addition to many more applications. Anyway, the entire Applications selection seems to be correct for a 10 run.

I understand that I am not objective in this micro analysis, I did not pretend to be, just give a "taste" to this "test" version of for me one of the best distributions of the GNU / LINUX ecosystem and that sometimes it is not talked about so much. There is little left for the final and stable version of OpenSuse 12.2, I will probably give it a "test" again, but in reality this candidate version behaves very well, I can't imagine the stable one.

As a conclusion, I just have to say that this candidate version performs very well in terms of performance and fluidity, its very careful appearance allows it to position itself very well within the GNU / LINUX ecosystem; your tool Yast is still the best for configuring distribution topics from installing software to changing other types of settings in a very easy way; the selection of programs that accompany the launch suggest that it could be almost ready to work from the moment it is installed, so a "novice" could adapt to it without major problems; its robustness allows it to become a Viable option for many experienced and inexperienced users alike.

More info about this release and more about openSuse here!

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  1.   Tavo said

    How good it is to be able to read in this blog about OpenSUSE, an underestimated distribution if there are any. The memory I keep from OpenSUSE is its robustness, it never gave me problems despite adding many external repositories such as KDE 4.8… .It is advisable to understand zypper and know its basic options. If you add a repository and want to undo the changes, you simply tell zypper where you want it to update with a simple zypper dup -from [the-repo-you-want] ... in my opinion zypper handles external repos better than YaST.
    Something that OpenSUSE has and in my opinion surpasses any community is the number of options to integrate users to it, it is only enough that they turn around their page to notice it

  2.   Traveler said

    How nice to know that opensuse is still a good alternative. You made me remember my beginnings that were also in 2007 with suse version 9.3 but I remember badly and the first one that as a novice I could use out of the box. I will try it in this new version to see how. I will always appreciate having used it and that it opened the way for me to learn new things.

  3.   Makubex Uchiha said

    very good info xD I have gone through many distros in just a year that I am with linux 😛 and currently I am with opensuse with kde and the truth is I do not regret using it, it is very stable with excellent aesthetics including it is much easier to move to its branch Tumbleweed (rolling) that with debian xD at least is my point of view hehehe
    Here is a caption of my opensuse xD

    1.    satanAG said

      I never used the Rolling branch, actually I don't know how it works. But OpenSuse is an excellent Distro, so much so that my life is Debian or OpenSuse.

  4.   Chema said

    For a reason, Opensuse is rated by many people as the best KDE distro on the market. The management of the repositories is true, you can set up a good one if you touch where you should not. In addition, I also think the same as you that it is for novices or experts. It is easy to leave all the serial repos and not look for problems getting an enviable stability for many distros or combine repos to make the distro to measure thanks to the OBS (Opensuse Build Service) and the site. An example is that for the still current opensuse 12.1 there is a stable repository for KDE 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9, allowing the user to choose while in the serial distro is the frozen 4.7.2 branch to which only parks of security.

    1.    satanAG said

      True, many KDE users say that the user experience with this distro and the environment is fantastic.

  5.   Brutosaurus said

    I also started on this with Opensuse (10.2)!
    However, currently (as with Fedora) I don't know why I get bugs every two by three ... so I gave up using it. I also remember that I installed it on a laptop for my father, a man in his 60s who operates the pc at a "user" level, and was quite comfortable with the KDE version until it was updated and he could not start the computer ( after that experience he has decided to return to Windows…).

    So I have a love / hate relationship with Opensuse as it was my start on Linux; however I did not have very good experiences with him. What I also think is noteworthy is the community behind it; since it is quite serious 🙂

  6.   zulander said

    I love OpenSuse, like many it was one of my favorite distros when I started. Today, although I am still downloading and testing the latest versions in liveUSB (just to comment on experiences), but I don't think they will change for now from distributions with .DEB formats, such as Debian and derivatives. In my point of view, distributions derived from Debian are easier to use and I find them more comfortable when installing applications. But I keep applauding the work of the people at OpenSuse.

  7.   VaryHeavy said

    I join in the gratitude for seeing that OpenSuse is not forgotten 🙂
    A year and a half ago I installed version 11.4, with which I was frankly amazed by its almost impregnable robustness, the variety of repositories that make sure you never lack an updated application and a KDE that is taken care of to the smallest detail.
    Nowadays [and after the turbulence in Mandriva] it is my favorite distribution, and as has been said, although it comes standard with KDE 4.7, I was able to upgrade without any problem to KDE 4.8, and recently to KDE 4.9. Its performance and stability are exceptional.

    I'm looking forward to the next 12.2 😛

    1.    Windóusico said

      The day you criticize openSUSE I will drop a myth ;-).

    2.    satanAG said

      I never forget her… because of her I entered this fantastic world of GNU / LINUX.

  8.   Marco said

    it was my second distro on my way through Linux. I love it, although the last time I tried it, I couldn't set up the wireless connection.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      Failure or lack of driver perhaps?

      1.    elendilnarsil said

        of driver. I tried in the Suse forum, but I think they are less polite than in the Debian forum, hahahaha!

        1.    Roberto said

          I fully agree with your elendilnarsil comment and that was precisely the reason why I decided to change OpenSUSE for Fedora, a distribution that is completely comparable, if not superior to SUSE. Also with KDE 4.8.2 Fedora with rpm does the same functions. And as has been said here at SUSE it is quite incomprehensible for a newcomer to understand repository priority. Finally I will say in defense of the Debian forum and to the detriment of SUSE that there is a lot of information and well classified where it is possible to access almost everything.

          1.    tavo said

            If you changed distro because you were not treated well in a forum… .I think you are too susceptible… that is, it is a forum, not a therapy center.
            I think that the esdebian forum was dominated by a group of neurotic and sectarian people ... at least it was like that a long time ago and that is not why I stopped using Debian, don't go there and that's it, I took care of myself and learned a lot too.
            On the other hand, the forumsuse seemed to me a nice place, so to speak. It is clear that you must read and respect the forum rules and although you do not have the information very organized within the forum, you can find it on their wiki that some people write users of that forum.

          2.    VaryHeavy said

            But who have you talked to in the forums? xD
            In defense of OpenSuse I will say that it also has well classified and explained information about practically everything:

            Regarding Fedora, it is certainly one of the most respectable distributions out there, but what makes it superior to OpenSuse?

          3.    Roberto said

            Well, I'm sorry to disagree with your opinions. And I will not be the one to pour any negative qualifying adjective towards a GNU / Linux organization, no matter how inadvisable it may seem. However, anyone who wants to access the aforementioned forum and follow some certain posts will be able to check the meaning of what I have indicated. For the rest, anyone is free to make the decisions that seem appropriate. That is why I abandoned a distribution that is very good but that on some issues were difficult for me to understand, when it comes to asking a question. On the other hand, you can see that I am not the only one who thinks in the same sense and also I am not guided by the slightest spirit of controversy.

        2.    VaryHeavy said

          I have been participating in for a year and a half, but I have not come across rude or anything like that: S ...

          1.    sieg84 said

            Like me, I have not run into badly educated people, rather requests or requests that are made in a bad way.

    2.    satanAG said

      Well, it is relative. A classmate changed Fedora to Opensuse due to driver problems. It depends on the experience of each user.

  9.   leonardopc1991 said

    I tried OpenSuse once but I didn't personally like it XD

    1.    satanAG said

      Respectable opinion, greetings.

  10.   Perseus said

    I have tested this RC far above but with Gnome and in truth that it is very well integrated and optimized, I think I have not seen a distro with such good integration as OpenSuse, even much better than Fedora TT Maybe that's why it calls me so much attention his next release: P.

    Moving on to another thing, who is encouraged to make a good post on Post-Installation and Configuration of OpenSuse, believe it or not, I must confess that it is one of the few distros that does not get the thread very well that we say: P.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      If you have a little patience I will do it myself on my blog, and I will link here 😛

      1.    Perseus said

        Thank you very much bro, I'll be watching 😉

        1.    VaryHeavy said

          It took a few days but here is the promised OpenSuse post-installation manual. Sorry for the delay Perseus, but I was promised it was a debt, and you have it here:

          I hope it is useful for you 😛

          1.    Perseus said

            Thank you very much bro =). Tomorrow as soon as I have time I will read it without fail.

            And really, thanks for the detail 😀

  11.   Rots87 said

    great distribution without a doubt… too bad I discovered arch that was better for me

    1.    satanAG said

      They are distro with different approaches, therefore almost incomparable. Anyway Arch is an extraordinary Distro. Regards.

  12.   sieg84 said

    Too bad it will not bring KDE 4.9, if in version 11.4 they put KDE 4.6.0

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      However, you can pull the specific repository for it and install KDE 4.9 without problems. While KDE 4.9.0 I have found some small details that will be corrected in the release of version 4.9.1.

      1.    sieg84 said

        yes, I win the temptation and I upgraded from KDE 4.7.4 to KDE 4.9.0 and haven't noticed any details yet, like when I installed KDE 4.8 [after I went back to 4.7.4]

        1.    VaryHeavy said

          I have noticed things such as that for example the font of the title bar does not respect the type of font that you have if you use a window decoration different from any of those that come by default.
          Or that when I extract some removable media (such as an external disk or a CD), in Dolphin, in the Places column, the icon of a folder remains but without a name, and it is not accessible or anything, it is just the dead icon that stays there.

          As you can see, they are not things that hinder your work, they are just some aesthetic details, but otherwise, it goes smoothly.

  13.   medina07 said

    I agree with the other users who have commented on the robustness and care of this distribution ... a great one among the big ones. Apparently almost everyone has been through Suse / OpenSuse at some point in our lives. Waiting for the final version of this new installment to test it thoroughly.

  14.   Alex said

    It reads well, I will try to test it ..

    1.    satanAG said

      Cheer up, it's excellent. Wait for the stable version that is about to see light.

  15.   AL said

    It looks very good, it is the only distro that does not generate mixed feelings with KDE (no offense to anyone, because some for anything jump), I used it for more than a year and it worked very well. I loved it, but I missed Ubuntu and had to go back. I think that when the stable version comes out I will install it 🙂