LMS Platforms: Online Learning Management Systems

LMS Platforms: Online Learning Management Systems

LMS Platforms: Online Learning Management Systems

Know how to take advantage of our time, resources and capabilities, especially when personal or collective circumstances warrant or allow it, is something that we must always keep in mind, in order to improve, and achieve higher levels of success, well-being and happiness. Therefore, we must take advantage of the time browsing, whether reading, writing, blogging, playing games, watching tutorials or other multimedia content, or taking classes and / or performing online courses. And for the latter, the use of the LMS platforms.

HR LMS platforms, that is, the Platforms that offer Learning Management Systems online, are those whose Systems (Softwares / Applications) are oriented to transmission of non-face-to-face training information, since its essential objective is to digitally manage all the variables in a learning process.

LMS Platforms: Introduction

It is worth noting that the meaning of "LMS" comes from the acronym formed from the phrase in English: "Learning Management System", which in Spanish, translates to "Learning Management System" o "SGA".

And that they focus their work on the fulfillment of these 2 areas mainly:

  • The management of participating students / students
  • The distribution of content for electronic or digital learning (e-learning).

LMS Platforms: Content

LMS platforms

Characteristics of the LMS Platforms

Among the main ones we can mention:

  • Manage digital educational / training content: through the use of computer networks, ICTs and the Internet.
  • Generate reports of all processes and participants: to facilitate the analysis of the educational process and relevant decision making.
  •  Manage actions and activities: of the participants within the managed platform. Including Students, Trainers, Administrators and Classes, Exams, Notes, Schedules, among others.

Purposes and uses

Among the main ones we can mention:

Corporate purpose

  • Train staff
  • Execute online consultancies to clients
  • Carry out attraction marketing strategies (Inbound Marketing)
  • Allow online support to customers or members of an organization, product or service provided.

Commercial purpose

  • Achieve integration with digital marketing platforms
  • Project the brand of an organization, product or service
  • Incorporate payment methods for the provision of services or the sale of products.
  • Provide mail marketing mechanisms (Mail Marketing)
  • Automate sales processes for online courses or other similar or related services.

Academic End

  • Massively manage students and courses / workshops
  • Perform metrics of the training process taught
  • Achieve compatibility with proven educational technologies / methodologies, such as: SCORM
  • Design training structures efficiently and easily with teachers, tutors and administrators



Among the best known LMS platforms of this type can be mentioned:

  • Blackboard LMS: https://www.blackboard.com/es-es
  • Brightspace: https://www.d2l.com/es/
  • Classonlive: https://www.classonlive.com/
  • Twelve: https://www.docebo.com/es/
  • Eadtools: https://eadtools.com/
  • Easy LMS: https://www.easy-lms.com/es/
  • Litmos: https://www.litmos.com/es-LA/
  • Matrix LMS: https://www.matrixlms.com/spain
  • Neo LMS: https://www.neolms.com/spain
  • Nubily: https://www.nubily.com/

Other: Akaud, Claroline, Dokeos, E-collage, E-Doceo, Kajabi, Podia LMS, Saba LMS, Teachable, Thinkifi, Wiziq.

Free and Open

Among the best known LMS platforms of this type can be mentioned:

  • Atutor: https://atutor.github.io/
  • Canvas LMS: https://community.canvaslms.com/ - https://www.instructure.com/canvas/es
  • Chamilo: https://chamilo.org/es/
  • Thousand Classrooms: https://www.milaulas.com/
  • Moodle: https://moodle.org/?lang=es

Note: If you know any other Free, free and open LMS platform, leave us your comment naming it, to add it to the list. And later, in other publications we will delve into the latter mentioned, and those that are mentioned by all. In such a way that they can be known, implemented and used by everyone, in these times when online teaching and learning is now, a priority and need around the world.

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