Lux a great theme for Plasma 5

Plasma 5 falls in love and says a user accustomed to the default desktop environment of Linux Mint the stable Cinnamon, but times go by and the distros improve, not for nothing do I feel like a child with a new toy with my installation of manjaro-kde. And it is that despite some technical details, manjaro flies, it is beautiful and easy to install.

But to finish putting a cherry on the cake, a couple of characters who love the creation of Artwork for Linux and have created an excellent theme for plasma 5 that bears name Luxury, which without fear of being wrong, is one of the best (not to say, it is the best).

Believe me, dear readers, that the artistic finish of this theme will make your desktop a more perfect place, and I am also convinced that over time this theme for plasma 5 will improve and add new icons. theme for plasma 5

What is Lux?

Lux is a theme for Plasma 5, developed from scratch by Fabian alexis y David Linares (Mcder3), who have joined forces to create a theme that combines transparent finishes and red tones, providing a fairly elegant product but above all, it does not saturate our sensitive retinas.

To make the theme its creators have been inspired by many concepts of macOS and pixelperfect, but also in previous work by both, which have given it sufficient maturity to create a fairly successful product that stands out on its own.

It is important to highlight the good use of shadows and the quality of the icons that make up the theme, their perfect combination gives a sense of depth very different from what we are used to.

The creators claim that they have made the icons look perfect, regardless of the desktop resolution that is being used (something that is appreciated and much).

This theme for Plasma 5 will be distributed under license LIME, the reason for their usage, are not explained verbatim by their creators «It allows us to have more control of derivative works or modifications (of nonsense forks).

Lux Image Gallery

The creators of this beautiful plasma theme have uploaded a series of screenshots of the theme that we would like to share:


How to install the Lux theme in plasma 5

The creators of the Lux theme have taken things seriously and have created a small script that allows us to install Lux quickly and easily.

To do this, simply download the following script, give it execute permission, run it and then go to the plasma preference menu and choose the Lux theme.

This installation script will give us two versions of Lux, the classic version of Lux and flat version of the same name  Lux Solid.

Conclusions about Lux

Lux is installed on my Manjaro KDE, from the first minute it was released by its creators, I really liked the care they have given to details, having a nice and elegant color combination.

There are a couple of icons that I don't really like (for a reason of mine and nothing else), but that go unnoticed by the quality of the rest. The sense of depth is very well achieved and if you combine it with a good background (which I almost never do), I think you will have an enviable desktop.

The licensing issue is another story, the control of the work is part of the contribution that the community must give to the less and less favored creators of artwork.


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  1.   mcder3 said

    I'm glad to know that you liked the topic very much. Both Fabian and I are really wanting to improve the subject and from now on I tell you that interesting things are coming in the first update 😛

    1.    Leo said

      Hi, can you install this theme on Lubuntu?

      1.    mcder3 said

        It only works on Plasma 5.

    2.    lizard said

      And the result is being fantastic… I look forward to future updates

  2.   Herman said

    I downloaded the script and ran it giving it execution permissions, however it did not create the folders in my /home/.local/…/desktoptheme ... I re-created the script with another name and ran it without execution permissions and the folders were created correctly since everything is created in user space.
    An excellent theme, one of the best I've seen for plasma, sober, very pleasing to the eye.

  3.   xokras said

    Hello, I would like to test Lux in Manjaro KDE, but once the script is downloaded I don't know how to give it permission to execute and execute it. Could you tell me how to do it?
    Thank you

    1.    khrysro said

      In a graphical way you can do it by giving it the right button, and then properties, there you go to the permissions tab and select is executable.
      With the console someone will tell you to use chmod xxx, perhaps with an explanation of what the numbers mean, I prefer the graphical mode


      1.    xokras said

        I do not get it. After running it, it doesn't appear between the icons and if I try to install it from the file, it says it can't find it ...: - /

        1.    Miguel said

          is that it is not an icon theme, it is a plasma theme

          1.    xokras said

            And what do you mean by that? I have updated Plasma and I can't install the Plasma «Lux» theme ...

            1.    Miguel said

              Man you don't understand, it's a plasma THEME (like a skin) plasma themes are not icon themes, therefore they are not in icons, but in the WORKSPACE THEME section ... if you will be a donkey

  4.   xokras said

    Indeed, I did not understand anything ... is what often happens to us newbies and that's why I ask. Now my donkey ears will have shrunk a bit.
    Thank you.

  5.   ruben said

    I am looking forward to having it installed but it always gives me the same error

    === Downloading Lux ===: /root/.local/share/tmp/The-Lucis-Project
    ./ ./ git: not found

    any idea why?
    thanks greetings

    1.    kyd said

      you need to have git installed

  6.   Angel C. said

    Very good. And they are already part of my desktop on the desktop and on the laptop. Thank you.

  7.   Chino said

    Link is broken ..

  8.   Nelson said

    Good evening someone has the installation script and I downloaded the latest version but I don't know how to install it without the script. Thank you.

  9.   Jonathan Morales-Salazar said

    The link is broken