LXQt 1.1.0: The next stable version to be released this April

LXQt 1.1.0: The next stable version to be released this April

LXQt 1.1.0: The next stable version to be released this April

From time to time, both GNU / Linux Distros, such as Applications, Desktop Environments (DEs) y Window Managers (WMs) that integrate it, are updated. Therefore, we are aware of all that we can, to bring the new products at the most opportune moment. And today, she touches the LXQt Desktop Environment, which will soon release its future stable version, under the name and number "LXQt 1.1.0".

About this future version, there have already been 2 official advance notices, published in the Official blog from the development team of such a great Desktop Environment. The first date, 14/02/2022, and the second date, 31/03/2022. Meanwhile, waiting for mid april 2022 let this be released new stable version.

LXQT: What is it and how is it installed on DEBIAN 10 and MX-Linux 19?

LXQT: What is it and how is it installed on DEBIAN 10 and MX-Linux 19?

And as usual, before entering fully into today's topic on the Desktop Environments, and more specifically about «LXQt», we will leave for those interested the following links to some previous related posts. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

"LXDE was partially released in 2013 by Taiwanese computer scientist Hong Jen Yee upon completion of PCManFM-Qt, the first module of the QT desktop. Over time, he completed the full LXQT desktop, with the goal of making a new, modern, and lightweight Desktop Environment available for distributions with low power and resource consumption, without completely abandoning LXDE development. LXQT is mainly made in QT5 and other components in KDE Frameworks 5". LXQT: What is it and how is it installed on DEBIAN 10 and MX-Linux 19?

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LXQt 1.1.0 Desktop Environment: New stable version soon!

Desktop Environment LXQt 1.1.0: New stable version soon!

What is LXQt?

At its Official website y GitHub section, comment on the LXQt Desktop Environment following:

  1. It is a lightweight Qt desktop environment. It won't get in your way. It will not crash or slow down your system.
  2. It is focused on being a classic desk with a modern look. LXQt has already been included in most of the Linux and BSD distributions, so you can try it on your normal system or on a VM.
  3. It is the product of a merger between LXDE-Qt, an early Qt flavor from LXDE, and Razor-Qt, a project that aims to develop a Qt-based Desktop Environment with similar goals to the current LXQt.
  4. LXQt was supposed to become the successor to LXDE one day, but as of 09/2016 both desktop environments will continue to co-exist for now.
  5. It focuses on being a classic desk with a modern look. Which includes the following elements and features: Modular components, Powerful file manager, Customize appearance everywhere, Panel(s) with many plugins and settings, and an agnostic Window Manager.

What's new about LXQt 1.1.0

What's new about LXQt 1.1.0

Among the new products of this new version 1.1.0, the developer team, announces the following:


  • “Recent Files” option in the “File” menu.
  • When you click “Show in folder” in the Browser download menu, the downloaded file is already selected.


  • Improved markers: Editing of all markers (no longer hardcoded), fixed filtering.
  • Major bug fixes: Both for dropdown terminal and QTerminal.


  • More compact settings dialog, improvement for low resolution screens.
  • Desktop names are displayed under "Move to Desktop..." in the taskbar menu.
  • 3 new battery icons (also showing the charge percentage).

Qt6 technology

  • Integration of the appearance of the applications in Qt6: icons, font, colors and dialog file.
  • Porting of parts of LXQt to Qt6 is on the way.


  • Some default palettes will be preconfigured.
  • Improved default vanilla layout.
  • A common directory for all theme wallpapers with some new wallpapers.

Dark Default Palettes

  • New color palettes that match the available dark themes, making it easy to achieve a consistent overall look. For light themes, Qt's "Default Palette" is best suited. The “System” theme will apply the colors from the palette everywhere.
  • Two new menu layouts are added in the main menu settings, Simple y Compact. Both will expand only in two panes.

Other changes

  • The tray plugin can be used to display legacy xembed icons directly in the notification area.
  • Reset buttons finally work on all panels and panel widget settings.
  • Bookmarks for QTerminal.
  • GUI improvements to lxqt-config-input and lxqt-config-session.
  • Possibility of multiple notification areas.
  • More translations, code cleanups, and bug fixes.

For more information and detail together with sample screenshots, you can explore them in the 2 official advance notices, mentioned at the beginning: 14/02/2022 y 31/03/2022.

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In short, as we can see, "LXQt 1.1.0" it's a great and timely new update so stylish and functional «Desktop Environment». Hopefully, in a few days, this new version will be released and many will install it, try it to use and check its promised news and changes. Personally, I have used several times LXQt, and as a replacement for my faithful XFCEIt seems like a good alternative to me, although I haven't needed to replace it yet. Since, XFCE meets all my consumption and employment needs.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

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  1.   Suso said

    Currently this desktop is not worth it, it consumes more than xfce, lxde if it consumed something less, so little nothing to write home about, xfce is more configurable and above all stable, with lxqt I have had some other problem and never with xfce.

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Regards Susie. Thank you for your comment and input based on your personal experience with LXQt. I also prefer XFCE over LXQt.

  2.   octavio said

    Hello, personally I installed LXQT to see how it went but nothing in the end I returned to XFCE because I consider it much better, regards

    1.    Linux PostInstall said

      Regards Susie. Thank you for your comment and input based on your personal experience with LXQt. I also prefer XFCE over LXQt.