Mageia 2 has been released

With some discretion and in compliance with the release date, it has been released Mageia 2, fork of Mandriva. This new version includes the desktop environments:

  • KDE4 4.8.2
  • Gnome 3.4
  • XFCE4.9
  • LXDE
  • RazorQt
  • E17

And various window managers such as:

  • OpenBox
  • WindowMaker
  • IceWM
  • FluxBox
  • fvwm2
  • Awesome

Among the outstanding applications we find:

  • LibreOffice 3.5
  • Firefox and Thunderbird ESR (Extended Support Release 10.0.4)
  • XBMC Media Center 11

It also brings the Linux kernel 3.3.6.

To download the images ISO just follow the link below: Download Mageia 2. Congratulations Mageia for this great release;).

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  1.   auroszx said

    Wait… RazorQt? The full desktop? OO Otherwise, I'll download the version with LXDE, which is just right for me.

    1.    perseus said

      That's right, complete 😉

      1.    auroszx said

        I thought it was not completely complete yet, downloading to test ... I see that there are no dedicated versions, so I'll download or Gnome or KDE I guess ...?

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I have stayed anyway ... I think it's worth a little taste 😀

  2.   Jesus said

    ask, razor-qt comes with eggwm or openbox, if it brings eggwm it's worth a try

    1.    auroszx said

      It does not bring either of the two, you can use any Window Manager, although it is usually used with Openbox, Compiz and KWin.

      1.    Jesus said

        I understood that razor-qt is accompanied by eggwm (which is also in qt) but in the meantime it goes hand in hand with openbox (which is not a bad alternative either)

      2.    perseus said

        It can also be run over mutter (Gnome)

        1.    dwarf said

          Razor-Qt is like a parasite, it sticks to everything xD

          1.    Marco said

            I'm curious to try it on Chakra, but I'm afraid of messing up the system.

          2.    perseus said

            It won't happen that you don't like it and give it a sudo pacman -Rsn XD. Seriously, believe me there is no better way to test razor than in chakra ;-), 0 hassles and very safe.

  3.   sieg84 said

    According to the Mageia blog it is Xfce 4.8.3.
    Finally it came out. 🙂

  4.   leonardopc1991 said

    Fuck the Mageia guys, I just finished downloading the fucking 4 GB iso of mageia 1 and now they come out with the version they give you, I said, I'm staying with mandriva 😀

    1.    TDE said

      lol 😀

      1.    leonardopc1991 said

        ultra lol

    2.    anubis said

      You fuck yourself, for not being "cool" 😛

      1.    leonardopc1991 said

        No no I'm not cool I look like Perseus test and test distros

  5.   Marco said

    Without wanting to generate a flame, did you already realize that in the calculation of the last 7 days of DistroWatch, Mageia appears in second place? hehe, that's nothing, my dear Chakra is in position 14, although I really do not believe in the accuracy of this site, if it is very informative.

    1.    Windousian said

      What does it inform you of?

      1.    anubis said

        That many have clicked on the Mageia xD link

        1.    Windousian said

          Very informative then: P.

          The strange thing would be that it was not in the first positions (read this article to understand why).

      2.    Marco said

        It was through DistroWatch that I learned about the large number of distros that exist, and their characteristics. that has led me to try some of them, some interesting, others, in my opinion, a disaster !!!!! Hahaha

        1.    Windousian said

          To know new distributions is a great page.

  6.   ersdol said


    I found an article linked to the following reference to it very interesting:

    Greetings linuxeros

    1.    TDE said

      I find your comment more interesting than that note ¬¬
      SPAM please

  7.   rock and roll said

    Out of curiosity, I downloaded the live images (which are only available in gnome and kde environments) and, to my surprise - due to the expectations that have been generated - they look terrible. Live images just don't run. The home screen shows the system load through the appearance of the balls that are in the mageia logo. After more than 10 minutes the five circles appeared. I said, "Ugh, finally", but no, because after (I waited another 10 minutes) nothing. The dead desk.
    What a disappointment!

    1.    curefox said

      Did you record them on a usb? if so, you must do it with imagewriter, which is for openSUSE, Chakra and Windows, because with Unetbootin at least with Mageia 1 it did not work with that application.

      1.    rock and roll said

        I coupe, exactly, the unetboothin to bring the image to USB. I did not suppose that this was the problem. In fact, now that you mention it, the same thing happened to me a while ago when I wanted to try OpenSuse.
        Thanks for the warning. Now I will see if there is how to use the imagewriter from my Debian.

        1.    Rayonant said

          Indeed, as they tell you the problem comes due to the method of recording in the usb, you can try to use another program of this type such as multisystem or similar, or simply resort to the dd command.

          1.    anubis said

            Neither imagewriter nor anything, as Rayonant tells you:

            dd if=fichero.iso of=/dev/sdX

          2.    rock and roll said

            Thanks for the data of the dd command. The truth is that I did not know it because I had not requested it, because unetboothin had always worked well for me.
            We're going to try it…

            PS: In my previous comment I accidentally ate a couple of characters. The idea was to say:
            I held ... »

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

          3.    rock and roll said

            I confirm that with the dd command you can make a live USB that runs perfectly.
            By the way, quite nice and polished Mageia 2. I did not try it too much, but you can tell that they put a lot of effort into making a very good launch.

    2.    Zrimar said

      I was also disappointed as I wanted to try even in live mode. The same thing happened to me, only, I don't know if it's the worst, I recorded the live image on a normal CD and nothing at all. The system loads up to the Mageia logo and then it is dead. I was waiting half an hour and nothing, it didn't happen from there.

      I thought the image was corrupt, but checking the sums they were fine. Then I downloaded the image but with the other desktop environment and when I started it the exact same thing happened. I checked the misprints and did what they propose there but nothing. Nothing.

      If that's the beginning, what will the end be like? On another occasion it will be ...

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

        That same thing happened I think elav with Mageia 1… we haven't tried Mageia 2 yet.

      2.    perseus said

        To be frank, I didn't test the Live session, install directly into VirtualBox :(.