Beyond the typical: "I don't like Linux, I'm going back to Windows"

We are many who use today GNU / Linux, but a while ago it was very different. We used Windows, and this change (by luck or misfortune) of Windows a Linux It has been satisfactory and pleasant for us; not to say that our way of thinking and acting with the PC has changed. However, it was also difficult for us, mostly because we had to have that incredible willpower to swallow our "pride?" and simply; accept that we were complete newbies to this new system.

But not all users who migrate from Windows to Linux feel good, not everyone has that willpower or desire to learn something new. I have known some that when installing Linux it is obviously too different from Windows (and not at all positive). If we add to this that their first experience is not entirely pleasant (either due to driver problems or something similar) because it is obvious that it will happen as it has already happened for many users ... There are many users who see and work in Linux for first time they don't have a very good experience, or rather; your experience does not quite meet those great and wonderful expectations that had been created; expectations that we ourselves (users who are no longer new to Linux) have created for them.

And that's when it all begins ...

A simple phrase like “linux is not as perfect as they told me"Or something much simpler like"I prefer windows”Is capable of unleashing a series of incredible posts, it is unimaginable how popular (although the correct word is crowded) that this type of topic can become.

In almost all these cases followed by the initial post of the user where he declares for X or Y reason that Linux is not so good and that he returns to Windows; followed by this, many Linux users "pounced" to say yes, to return to that inferior operating system, and so on. Until we get to the point where we start posting things like “Before saying that something is bad, you must first know how to use it"Or"linux is perfect, you are the one who has no idea how to use it" etc etc.

Let's see, it is true that in my view, in almost all respects GNU / Linux is much better than Windows or Mac, and it is also very true that more and more users "go over to our side" and begin to use some GNU / Linux distro, so my question ……Why lash out at a user for a simple fact like the one I'm talking about?

"Attacking" or criticizing in such a way a user who has only tried a Linux distro and did not like it (for whatever reasons) is not correct, regardless of whether we are right or not, regardless of whether the user Whether or not you know how to use / work properly on Linux, that's no reason to criticize you in that way. Instead of doing this we should be concerned with trying to help you.

What I want to make you understand with this post is that yes, most of us were Windows users at some time; And since we ourselves know the shortcomings of this OS, it is for this very reason that we must help users who are less knowledgeable / experienced than us. If we use any Linux distro, then great, we must promote the use of Free Software and therefore we must promote the change from Windows to Linux, but this does not mean "isolating" or "creating a barrier" between our knowledge and part or the rest. of the community, for something as banal as HN can be in front of a Linux computer (HN = Nalgas Hours).

Both the Open Source movement and the Free Software movement are based on freedom by and for the user, but… there is a much more important freedom that must be before this: “The freedom that the user has to choose which operating system to use".

I will not hide my criteria; I am a 100% GNU / Linux fan and I am always recommending and promoting its use, and I hate Microsoft and everything that it represents. But the user must be free to choose whether to use Windows or Linux, this is for me; the most important freedom.

The point and the general idea ... is that we do not criticize, instead we teach, we demonstrate to those dissatisfied users that they were not doing it in the best possible way, that it is not that LibreOffice is incompatible with MS-Office, but quite the opposite ... etc etc 😀

Well this has been everything 🙂


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  1.   Courage said

    It reminds me that Linux is used or not as you know, but all these windoleros use the following argument, "because I said so", they do not give credible data about it. And of course then we send them to fuck or something similar.

    Pay attention to me and look at this article that I tell you. There's an article on a Blogspot blog called Loveless (or something like that, sarasita the name huh ??) that says something like "why don't I use Linux" or "why I send the shit to Linux". You will see what I tell you, 0 argumentation

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Yes, I remember (and I'm sorry for the forms) the mediocre and lacking cerebral cortex that one ... he even took it against me in several articles, the last word ggrrrr ....

      For the rest, do not take a fight ... it's simple, they say that Windows7 is the host, that there is nothing more beautiful, show them Compiz and show them the opposite, they tell you that the system consumes more and htop, you show them the opposite ... nothing simpler 😀

      1.    Courage said


        eye by eye, tooth by tooth

        Ryuzaki's wise words

    2.    Gibran said

      I think that responding to disrespect with more disrespect, responds to a lack of education. I am a professor at UNAM, I love free software and I share design applications, conferences and videos of free culture with my students. Linux must be disseminated in a conscious and argumentative way.

      People who keep insulting Windoleros show their lack of character and the little respect they have for the GNU / Linux community. The diffusion of Linux is done with conferences, courses, recommendations. The right to respect for others is peace (Juarez).

  2.   Hairosv said

    Very good article, now well, I am one of those who want to go to the linux world (LMDB specifically) my problem is in the incompatibility as you say….

    Like you, the linux expert and / or used to it, do you handle this issue?

    1.    Courage said

      What incompatibilities are we talking about? Let me know

      A distro that I think catches the hardware the first time is Mageia, it is that since I have not tried LMDE I can not tell you anything

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        Here elav she has had terrible experiences with it, with telling you that she does not lift anything at all on her computer HAHAHA

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      +1, what incompatibility do you mean? to see if we can help you 🙂

    3.    Erithrym said

      I normally use LMDE and I have no problem, the only thing that the cam in Skype looks backwards (I am upside down XD) and that with Gnome3 the sound is not good for me, but that is already a Gnome thing ...

      1.    Thirteen said

        Maybe this will help you with the problem of the webcam on skype


  3.   Josh said

    Many times we say Linux is not so beautiful, it does not have the programs that I use, Linux is difficult to use and prejudice outweighs the desire and determination to learn something new. 5 months ago I stopped using Windows after 14 years of being my favorite system, I got up the courage and installed it on the pc's in my house, now my 7-year-old niece is delighted with a fedora, my dad and mom love linux mint and I am happy with sabayon. As for problems, there are and will be but there is always someone willing to help you, as there are also arrogant ones who will tell you: go back to Windows there everything is fixed with a couple of clicks. Personally, I am fascinated by Linux and even if it has flaws, it will not make me give up to stop using it. Greetings to all

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Well very good for you, my father currently uses Ubuntu Lucid, criticizes Unity and Gnome3 along with me and everything hahahaha.

      1.    Josh said

        Ubuntu is trying to innovate, tablets, iPhones, ipads are being used a lot and it tries to adapt to the current market many do not like this, personally I have not used Ubuntu or Gnome 3 due to the incompatibility of Ati and I don't I like the idea of ​​navigating between windows to find something, but I'll try it later.

    2.    David Myths said

      Sabayon Linux doing well for you? Because I love it but it freezes completely every two by three: - /

  4.   Hairosv said

    what happens is that I only use windows to play games, but now I want to learn how to program WEB and DB, I am of limited resources and I have to do it by myself (pure Internet).

    I have already tried FEDORA and UBUNTU, with the first one is that I fit the most but right here they have told me about LMDB that it is quite good.

    1.    Courage said

      sudo apt-get -y install anjuta glade

      1.    kaurer said

        You can also install SublimeText 2, Aptana, Netbeans… .. there are many very good ones.

    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      If you have internet you have all the means 🙂

  5.   Hairosv said

    what is that?

    1.    Courage said

      Programming IDE's

  6.   ren said

    I remember that when I first installed a GNU / linux distro which was ubuntu 10.4 my sister almost hit me hahaha the tremendous surprise she got when she saw that the first thing she started was not windows, and from that moment she has flatly refused to use GNU / linux or anything that is not from microsoft, on the contrary, my brother, who is only 8 years old, even learned to handle things like adding repositories with the terminal, installing, uninstalling software are made easy for him, and he refuses to use anything that not your linuxmint with xfce or a gnu / linux distro.

    I think that if we speak from the practical point of view, people will continue to use what suits them best, accustomed or comfortable, and it is a pity that most people limit themselves only to this and are not interested in other values ​​such as those promoted with free software.

    1.    Courage said

      Women are women, or what is the same, worse character (especially blondes) hahahaha

      1.    Edward2 said

        They are my ideas, or Courage, apart from being macho, is it something misogenic?

        1.    Courage said

          Machista I can assure you that at all, it bothers me a lot that people are discriminated against for being a man or a woman.

          Misogenous does not come in the dictionary of the RAE, if you mean misogynistic then not at all.

      2.    Thirteen said

        I hope you do not take it the wrong way (but as a suggestion to reflect on your vision of the world), but your comment reflects a misogynistic, ideological and, to a large extent, self-conscious attitude.

        I have the impression that you long to be a critical person and want to resist social patterns and conformisms (which I think is something very valuable), but at the same time, and in a contradictory way, you reproduce dogmatic and unjustified attitudes that they end up making you, paradoxically, the object of what you want to reject.


        1.    Courage said

          I do not take it the wrong way, if I do not spare the comments here it is because we are always in a good mood.

          It's nothing against blondes, it's just that I don't like them because I heard that comment when I was 5 years old and when you were little you swallowed everything

        2.    Courage said

          What's more, the two best people I know are blondes.

          I know that character is silly but that, as a child we swallowed everything.

          PS: Shall we send them to KZKG ^ Gaara? HAHA

          1.    Thirteen said

            I had not been able to go through here and I hardly saw your answers. Good thing you didn't take it the wrong way. And then just to say that no one is free from prejudices and stereotypes that have been instilled in us since childhood, but if one realizes it and it is worthwhile to stop reproducing them, it may be worth it.

            PS And in good vibes: what you and KZKG spend to swallow is up to them, and they are respected, haha.

            1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

              I didn't understand that last thing hahaha

          2.    Courage said

            Why am I going to take it the wrong way? Here we readers get to know each other and we don't get along at all

          3.    Courage said

            Of course, old people have to zoom in so they can see the words well

        3.    Francis said

          After 21 years, having had more than 4 girlfriends and two of them blondes, well I agree with courage XD

  7.   Hairosv said

    guys I just installed LMDE an old pc to test, but I was very frightened, I had ubuntu and it gave me no problem ...

    LMDE with Xfce

    1.    Courage said

      Tell me the characteristics

      1.    Hairosv said

        512 from ran pentin 4 to 2gb and 40 HD is an optiplx 260

        1.    Courage said

          Well try LXDE, I have the same RAM and it is what I am using

        2.    Courage said

          In Mageia, if not available in LMDE

  8.   Gustavo Castro said

    I have nothing more to add to your post, but I would like to say something that has always ... bothered me? (or uncomfortable, maybe), but lately I've been bringing it up in my head a lot, and this is: I hate that on most sites that call themselves "specialized GNU / Linux sites", but of the only distro they talk about is Ubuntu. And yes, I am 99.99% sure that if someone reads this, they will say: "pfft! a Ubuntu hater more », but no, it is not. I'm an Ubuntu user, I like it a lot, but it doesn't mean that it's the only distro I use, and it's obviously not the best ... at least not for me.
    It is typical that you are looking for a how-to for some KDE distro, especially, and the only «instructions» are: -Open a terminal and type sudo apt-get ...
    It's something really annoying D;

    Greetings, and if you read the above, thank you x)

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Welcome Gustavo Castro:
      You are partly right. Remember that GNU / Linux is not just apt-get. Knowing about GNU / Linux is mastering many more things. Maybe I, who am a Debian user, publish most of my articles on .deb applications, but not for that reason another user should feel excluded, because as I use dpkg -i, an Arch user uses pacman -S or one from openSUSE rpm -i and the application remains exactly the same. In Desdelinux for example, when I talk about an application, I try to touch general things, that serve everyone no matter what distro it is.


    2.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Excellent post, I take this opportunity and tell you: Welcome to our site 😀

      The point is that when someone has their own site or blog, it is obvious that they want to make themselves known ... attract users, and the easiest way to achieve this is to talk about Ubuntu, why? Because it is the distro that more heaters and their Once the one with the most fans, therefore you would be making posts for users who will come to criticize, and also for users who will thank you for the post.

      This is the simplest method ... but it does not mean that it is the most correct.
      Here are two colleagues and readers of ours who always tell us that on the site, we put TOO MUCH Ubuntu articles, be honest ... do you see Ubuntu-mania around here? … either way…

      We try to please everyone, Arch, LMDE, Debian users, and yes ... Ubuntu too, because it is a distro like any other.

      Greetings and really, thank you for your comment 😉

    3.    proper said

      Gustavo Castro, I think the same, each distro (depending on the package manager) has its command to install software, but there is a way that all of them share ... compile.


      1.    Gustavo Castro said

        Well, I was not referring to the types of package manager that exist, but to the fact that in most of the "specialized" sites, they only talk about Ubuntu.

  9.   Gustavo Castro said

    Thanks elv.
    I agree with you. For example, I like to try different things. I've been with Mandriva for a month or so and I really liked it. Since I entered the world of Tux, I have used different distros. From Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Fedora, openSUSE, Debian, of course, to Arch, and even FreeBSD. But what I mean by that "preference" for Ubuntu is that they simply encourage the use of that distro. Of course I'm not against that, but I think you always have to be impartial if you try to have a site about GNU / Linux in general, and not just a distribution, whatever it is.
    When I publish my articles, I try to be as unbiased as possible. Here's an example ->

    By the way, I didn't know about this site, but it's already bookmarked 🙂

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      A pleasure to be in your bookmarks 😀

  10.   Luweeds said

    Freedom above all, I love Apple, but I respect all users, I would miss more. 1 greeting 😉

    1.    Edward2 said

      To respect, call them appletoses and that's it.

      1.    Courage said

        I call them macaques

  11.   truko said

    Very good article I use windown only for games, for everything else GNU / Linux and I have learned a lot but I have learned a lot and if it recommended the use and the distro that I recommend is Ubuntu, although I use it is Kubuntu.

  12.   Thirteen said

    Very often human beings, to a greater or lesser extent, resist changes, both in their conceptual frameworks, as well as in their practices and habits. According to some psychosocial research, this is due both to cognitive patterns and cultural tendencies to avoid conflict and the anguish that it produces in the process. This even generates rejection and animosity towards the different. Only when the subjects find sufficient reasons and means to assimilate the change, the transgressive process of doing or thinking differently is achieved.

    To a large extent, this is why people accept the rules and conditions of the "status quo" even when it contravenes their interests and needs. This also allows us to understand why many people continue to use Windows and why some of them even end up disqualifying Linux. And something similar could be happening with users who are so critical of new proposals such as Unity and Gnome-shell; or with those who disqualify distros other than the ones they use.


    1.    Edward2 said

      Ah well, I think that this psychological chatter does not apply to my case, I am not afraid to try something new and / or difficult and as long as the changes are for the better and to my liking I have no problems, living beings either adapt or we become extinct. Because of: "or with those who disqualify distros other than the ones they use." I suppose you are talking about Ubuntu, I am not disqualifying it, I am simply against it and I disqualify it because it has many things to disqualify, many users who touch the eggs and a marketing that even if you do not look for it is everywhere, that apart from bug, errors , unity (bugs and errors is common in all operating systems, so not to mention distros).

      It is annoying to see how they take a credit that they really do not have from my point of view (in this I mean the ubiquitous who say that ubuntu is the "most better"), when it is a common distro that in performance and stability is below others not so "well known" or so publicized everywhere. Maybe there are anti ubuntu idiots because yes or to be contrary, but I have enough arguments to criticize, but every crazy person with his topic.

      1.    Thirteen said

        The "psychological chatter" you refer to is only a simplified allusion to one of the interpretations that have been made to try to understand the phenomena of resistance to change and in accordance with the prevailing norms; and it seemed pertinent to mention it because of the subject dealt with in the KZKG article ^.

        I think it's very good that you consider yourself a person willing to change and with the ability to make them happen when you find enough reasons to do so. However, taking it for granted always runs the risk of making criticism: a recipe, and openness: a pattern of conformism and hidden dogmas.

        When I mentioned (as another example) the rejection that some users express about distros other than the one they use, I tried to point out that resistance to change is often analogous to rejection of what is different. Consequently, I was not referring to Ubuntu (if that was the case I would have said) but to all the distros, which to a greater or lesser extent, have been subject to disqualification by users of other distros.

        And the truth is I do not doubt that you have reasons and reasons (or as you say "arguments") to disqualify and be against Ubuntu or whatever. The question would be, are these reasons objectively sufficient?


        1.    Edward2 said

          If you check the second paragraph of the previous answer well, you will see that I say "from my point of view" ergo they are subjective reasons, and although others may not mind the reasons I explained above, and although they are based on my point of view, they are not. disables in order to be sufficiently objective reasons for others.

          1.    Thirteen said

            Of course, being a point of view does not exclude the possibility of being sufficient and objective reason (and neither does it guarantee it).

            a greeting

  13.   kik1n said

    In my case. The first time I use linux Kubuntu. (5 or 8 years ago)
    I dindt like it at all.

    Later, I came across a post from Ubuntu.
    Wow I amazed. The management, consumption, programs.

    Days later, a 100% Linux user.
    Now with Arch.

    Only if you miss out on those days when my Antivirus has expired, to look for keys, Find the crack, keygen, serial to the programs. Break your coconut for weeks.
    On linux, "A new update?" "Pacman -Syu"

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      HAHAHAHAHA yes, indeed ... «pacman -Syu -noconfirm» and voila, I forget the terminal HAHAHA.

  14.   Gustavo Castro said

    And speaking of distros, for some unknown reason, I just screwed up my Mandriva 2011 XD
    So, taking advantage of the fact that I will have to re-install a distro, I will install Chakra again. It's an Arch-based distro, in case you didn't know.

    1.    Gustavo Castro said

      PS: It disgusts me that in my comments I say that I am using Windows 🙁

      1.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

        Well, you can modify the Windows UserAgent and make it go through Linux, it will be our little secret HAHAHAHA.

    2.    Courage said

      Yes but it intends to be far from Arch

    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      Speaking of Chakra… I have to finish making the logo for Chakra and <° Linux recognize this distro, fuck too many things to do hahaha.

  15.   The passenger said

    Dear friends and dear all:
    I think not everyone can use Linux, I mean, Windows can be criticized for many things, but it is simple, simple to use from the beginning, regardless of the knowledge one has or the lack of it. On the other hand, it supports two types of users, the one who really wants something more than having everything at hand and the one who wants to have it all done, Linux does not support this second type of user, rather, this type of user does not support Linux ., but it is your right, it would be more. There is also the user who has no choice but to use windows for support reasons, for example if he performs 3D work.

    Regarding the fear of changes due to cognitive or cultural processes ... let's see, it is true that to criticize something you must first try it, but once it is done, and taking into account that taste is subjective, it is logical that opinions in this regard they are disparate and not precisely because of the rejection itself.

    As for me, I use LMDE, I started last year with Windows so as not to become a computer illiterate, after three months I took it ahead to install Ubuntu 10.10 as the only OS I was delighted with until Unity appeared, (I tried, really). Now I use LMD and I have Mint 12 in virtualBox to test gnome 3 which does not convince me much. We'll see.

    It was not my intention to write a letter, it got out of hand.

    1.    Courage said

      I think not everyone can use Linux, I mean, Windows can be criticized for many things, but it is simple, simple to use from the beginning, regardless of the knowledge one has or the lack of it. On the other hand, it supports two types of users, the one who really wants something more than having everything at hand and the one who wants to have everything done, Linux does not support this second type of user, rather, this type of user does not support Linux

      Of course, because Mageia is one of those who give everything done

      1.    Rocholc said

        It is true!!!! I have Mageia 3 as the main system on both of my computers, at work because I can't, (Navision integrated with Office, grrr !!!), but also on Windows if I can I use all the free software. Today they gave me a laptop to which I installed Windows 8 at the request of the user, and they gave it to me with a blue screen that does not let you start the system (yes, Windows 8 also has them, and very reckless). I have told him that I am going to install Mageia 3 Linux, which is very easy to use and if you have any problems, let me know that I will help you. I have already done two other installations of this type and without problems, some doubts but nothing more. Nowadays Linux and free software can be used by anyone, whoever does not want to see it is fooling themselves, unless they are using some exclusive software for Windows….

    2.    elav <° Linux said

      Welcome The Passenger:
      I offered my answer to you through this article 😀


    3.    KZKG ^ Gaara <"Linux said

      HAHA don't worry, it's not a letter but a rather interesting post 😀
      Unity happens to me the same, I tried ... but I am too happy a user of KDE, even Gnome3 + Shell I do not like.

      Nothing, the good thing is that we always have to choose haha.
      Greetings and WELCOME !!! to the site 😀

  16.   The passenger said

    Hello elav, congratulations on this site.
    I just read your reply and I agree with her on many things, but not all. I think it was not very accurate for me to say things as I said them, since I imply that Windows is easy and that Linux is not, and it is not true, Linux is easy, for me it is easier than Windows, but not from the beginning, but once you know where things are going. What I mean is that my adaptation period was a bit longer in one OS than another.

    I did not know very well where to place this post, if here or below your answer. If that you move it.


    1.    Edward2 said

      Someone who uses a pc for the first time regardless of the operating system they have is going to feel somewhat lost, that windows is easier from the beginning is a totally subjective and wrong point of view. Otherwise, like my 8 year old cousin he feels lost in windows and in Debian he is like a fish in water. (His father is a free software Taliban and grew up with Debian PCs at home)

      1.    The passenger said

        Hello Eduar2
        You caught me reading Oscar's comment.
        I am in love with Linux, and I do not change it for anything, but I see things differently. I will try to explain it with a comment that is not mine, it was from someone I read on the net and that had been a lot of years ago I think I remember that in Debian, but I am not very clear and that said the following:
        Windows is like a wild horse to which someone has tied a lasso, tamed it, put a saddle on it, and when it comes to giving it to you, it tells you to learn to ride.
        About Linux it said that they give you a rope and tell you that there you have a horse.

        Your messages accumulate. I have to go to work, we continue later.

  17.   Lucas Matthias said

    I tried 3 times with Ubuntu and I could not, and I give you the right it is very difficult for those who go from Windows to this side because experienced Linux users usually show some arrogance and do not help much. Thank God one day I decided to try another distro and I came across LM, which provided me with a lot of things to fully insert myself on this side.
    Sadly it is not the case of my friend who wanted to venture with me and could not with the sound drivers and in the Ubuntu help chat channel they treated him not in the best way, no matter how much I try to convince him, for him "Linux" was a short step with a bad taste.
    But thanks to the ease of Mint, I have already managed to get my brother-in-law and my sisters to have Linux on their computers and to use it frequently and be satisfied.
    This is why nowadays after having tried several distros, I use LM and that is that although advanced users (not all) make fun of the topic that it is an "Ubuntu skin" and some other things I will always be grateful and I will carry this always in my heart 🙂

  18.   Zagur said

    My operating systems teacher once told me, “Linux is not better than Windows, nor is Windows better than Linux. They are two totally different operating systems. One may be better for one thing or the other, but never say that one is better than the other, because you know that it is not true. People who say Linux is better are idiots. And the people who say that Windows is shit are also idiots. " And the truth is that he is not wrong. Obviously, I prefer Linux and I have been working with Linux for more than two years and I am very happy.

    Windows is more than 500 clicks to get one thing. Linux, on the contrary, is to write in a terminal and be lucky that the commands work, if not, to something else butterfly.

    1.    elav <° Linux said

      Strongly agree with your teacher. I have said on several occasions with my friends that Windows it sucks, however, it's not because the OS itself is garbage, I've said it because since working with GNU / Linux, I have discovered that Windows it does not come close to what I need as an OS, it only helps me to play and I don't even do that. Everything is a matter of taste, and tastes must be respected.

      1.    Zagur said

        Is that it ... If you want an OS where security is the main thing, install a Linux without hesitation. If security does not matter to you and you are one of those who want things to make things easier, then better wear Windows. If you are a graphic designer and you need a powerful computer and suitable software, then buy a MAC without hesitation. If you are a geek in conditions, install a Linux without a graphical environment and do it all by text mode and cheat on your friends xDDD ... etc ... etc

      2.    Faji3 said


        reading some old post I found this one and the truth is I know what you say because recently I changed the pc that used an almendron for a more modern one a core i 3 and when I installed debian 6 haha ​​it gave me 10000 batts apparently my kernel was too old for it jjaja and almost all gave me problems solution I went to windows xp again and damn I felt as if my hands and legs had been cut and that sight so ugly and guaack makes me dizzy to think about it haha ​​it only lasted an hour I put my debian 6 and update the kernel and finally all happy again


  19.   Gabriela said

    The opposite happened to me, I loved my first experience with Linux and it motivated me to totally migrate in the following years. Back in the prehistoric era of Ubuntu 7.04 I was delighted with Linux how different and beautiful it was and that I did not get viruses. In about 2 years I ended up sending WIndows to shit, which Windows Vista helped a lot with because we know that that thing is a disgrace.

    I convinced a lot of people to use Linux and got addicted to trying distros, from puppy linux, crunchbang to Archlinux, Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, Sabayon, etc ...

    The sad thing comes when between change and change of computer I was forced to install everything again and having new hardware new problems arrived, none of those distros ended up satisfying me like the good Ubuntu did or they generated more complications than those I already had time to deal.

    After my first installation of Arch (one of the most suffering moments of my life hahaha) I didn't want to do it again, I really enjoyed Arch but when my computer died, Arch died with it. The facilities of the live cds were already very inside of me.

    Now my dear Ubuntu, instead of establishing itself with the years in my heart, the only thing it has been doing is becoming shit and I have ended up having a little hatred for it and everything. The last hardware that I have has had so many problems with drivers that it bothers me to keep trying, my free time no longer gives me for that, I prefer to go play the xbox.

    A few days ago I tried pinguy OS and one of the betas of elementary OS luna but they keep giving me some little problems that cause me nervous tics like it is impossible for me to configure two monitors with different resolution without screwing everything up.

    So I have died in Windows for almost over 1 year now. I really want some distro to outdo itself, go mainstream, and end up making hardware that fits like a glove, like eggs with Tabasco bacon.

    I want to be able to use something on my computer that has been improving more and more like Android, that every time I install a new version I cry tears of joy at how beautiful and well it is. But hey, Android has Google behind it and that's a very big thing that desktop distros don't have.

    1.    Windousian said

      As long as you are not disrespectful, you can write that Windows 8 is the eighth wonder. The problem comes when you go back to Windows and consider the rest immature people who have not yet seen the light or who have a lot of free time. Your experience is yours alone. In my case I have no problems, everything is going as it should. To generalize from personal experiences we already have Miguel de Icaza. If you want to use GNU / Linux buy hardware that really supports it, Android doesn't work well on iPhones.

      1.    Gabriela said

        Disrespect who? you're either crazy or you're a troll.

    2.    kaurer said

      Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the problem with Linux is the diversity of distributions that exist and the disaggregation of collaborators for this reason.

      If somehow the GNU / Linux developers got together and focused on creating a single distribution with 1 or 2 variants (for more specific issues) I think GNU / Linux would give an incredible push.

      I think they are wasting effort each one going for their part developing different distributions.

    3.    Rocholc said

      You've tried Mageia 2 or 3, it goes to theaters and it recognizes all hardware the first time. I have not had any problems and I have installed it on several computers with different hardware.

  20.   YAFU said

    I totally don't care what each user chooses.
    The problem is when the Windows user enters a help forum for GNU / Linux and uses one of those phrases as an extortion: "Either they help me or I go back to Windows." In the forum in which I participate ( these attitudes are moderate for two main reasons: Because it is not allowed to extort, insult or rush other users, and because we are not interested in whether the user decides to use Windows later or the system that pleases you. Fortunately, in our forum there is a philosophy of teaching GNU / Linux to those who really want to learn, as long as the rules of coexistence are respected. We are not a bunch of fanatic GNU / Linux users desperate to join us with new Windows users at any cost, even allowing insulting abuses such as extortion attempts.

  21.   Luis Hernando Sánchez said

    The experience with GNU / Linux has been fruitful, pleasant and pleasant for me.
    As I have said on other occasions, I am not an expert in this system, but I have defended myself, I have tried several distros of the most comfortable and easy to install and the truth is that I have not had problems with the dirvers on my computers, both desktop and laptops. Today I have both operating systems installed, but the one I use the most is the Linux versions: Ubuntu 12.04 and Mageia 2 and I am happy with both. I thank God for having known this system and the developers of good will, for having improved a lot and making it as easy as possible for people like me.

  22.   Gabriel said

    Using gnu / linux is to believe in an idea, it is passion, to believe in something free, it is to know that you will have problems with your hardware, but you can overcome them .. it is to fight until you master the system and then everything will be easy ... that's for my using linux to believe it and have the courage to face it

    using windows is easy.

  23.   adeplus said

    Better… Worse… Sorry, I can't compare dissimilar. Comparing ms stuff with gnu / linux based stuff doesn't seem right to me. It is like comparing the type of fuel that will be used in a car. To be able to compare, the same fuel from different brands should be used. Same for operating systems. The extra things with the extra things. The gnu / linux distros with other gnu / linux distros.

    And then comes the philosophical aspect. Or before, it doesn't matter. Rationally, the postulates of the FSF agree. But we live, to our regret, in a world where the end justifies the means. Although we deny it.

    Thanks to these two confusions, in my opinion, there are very funny pages.

  24.   cuervo291286 said

    I know a blog where they talk a lot about windows, in fact they have a support chat and the first time I got in I thought they could help me with a little problem I had in linux mint ... to summarize all the only thing they answered me was that they did not they ran the "dark side" followed by mockery of the same system. Sometimes I keep reading all the messages they write in the chat and I see how they battle with the antivirus, explorer, serials, cracks, etc ...
    Most of the people who use Windows don't switch to Linux not because they don't like it, but because they don't know how to use it, they don't like to fight at the beginning, they want everything in hand and for those reasons they make the excuse that they "don't like it »… (Most not all)

  25.   Chairman Meow said

    Good afternoon.
    I started using Linux recently, and until recently it was a love / hate relationship until very recently. I always used Windows and long before MS-Dos, but I have come to love this world quite a bit. In school (yes, go back to studying my years ...) we have been shown the use of Debian and CentOS, and for my personal use I have installed a Lubuntu in a flash memory so that it boots from BIOS as a main disk. It's a truly customizable platform and it works with just about anything you throw at it. The only thing I see lacking is that people use it so little, and therefore lack of variety in products, but it is a robust platform with a wide variety of desks. Besides that the use of keyboard commands has reconciled me with the old years of MS-Dos. Whoever wants to use Windows again is within their rights, but the same right assists us for using Linux. Sometimes you don't like a book simply because it's not the right time, and a few years later you are passionate about it.

  26.   nesphagus said

    Hi. I am a user of both Windows and Linux operating systems, I put Windows first because it is the one I use for my work. I believe that none of these operating systems is better than the other, only that they are different, with different views regarding processes and use. I am a free user so I use both operations interchangeably according to the need of what I have to do, but I clarify that behind the use of these operations there is no philosophy or anything like that, everything is based on need, if Windows adapts better to a task I use it, and if Linux does it I use it too. I wrote this article with Windows as it was the closest computer I had at that time, if my notebook was running Linux and I would do it more by hand with Linux ... Greetings

  27.   Agatha Moon said

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