Does Microsoft collaborate with Linux ???

Although FromLinux has excellent news about the linux world, sometimes I also explore other media, as in Google News. Today I came across a curious piece of news in a newspaper in my country (Argentina) called Page 12. In part it is as follows:

"Picasso and Rembrandt work for Linux"

The story of how Microsoft - Linux's main enemy for two decades - became a major contributor of lines of code to the kernel well deserves a shot of pride to the chest of the open culture developer community - and how it became a lackluster sponsor of LinuxCon, the annual European Linux conference –which this year takes place in Barcelona– is not without fun.

Steve Ballmer, current CEO of the company, had said a few years ago that "Linux was like cancer" and that it had to be eradicated. In 2009, however, Microsoft started collaborating on lines of code for the kernel, but the relationship with the developers was not entirely good, mainly because the code did not remain as expected by the Linux world.

Those problems were "remedied," according to Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the Linux picassos. The problems ran in the same direction as Android, whose modifications were implemented in Linux after being rejected for years. "They sold 100 million smart phones, they must have done something right", Linus Torvalds trusted in the keynote talk he gave at the Fira Hotel in Barcelona.

Jim Zemlin wrote a few days ago an article where he said "Welcome to the post-desktop Microsoft era, you will find a quite different world." Zemline wrote that “due to smartphones, tablets and other personal computers, Microsoft's presence dropped dramatically 30 percent in 2012 ”.


The article follows with an interview. You can read it in

If I didn't understand wrong Is Microsoft helping and even collaborating with the Kernel?

This is weird and I don't know whether to make me happy or cry. The truth is that it is good that leading software companies collaborate, but this could become, I don't know ... a little dangerous.

What do you think?

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  1.   GGGG1234 said

    Microsoft is collaborating, yes. But a lot of those "collaborations" are to support virtualization software or something from Azure (their cloud computing platform), I don't quite remember.
    Even to the annoyance of those who hate Microsoft (I am partial on this issue), there was a version in which, the one that contributed the most lines of code was Microsoft itself (it was published very Linux a year ago, if I remember correctly ).

    1.    Ankh said

      All collaborations are for that.

  2.   elav said

    Exact. All Microsoft's collaboration towards Linux is because it suits them and in general, it is because of the Virtualization issue.

    1.    Leo said

      Sure, and now that I remember how I buy Skype it is also something related to that.
      Just to make them look like the good guys in the movie.

      Although I would not mind if they port the Mensseger natively for Linux 😀

      1.    medina07 said

        Messenger's days are numbered, because in 2013 it will be retired and its functions will be integrated into Skype.

        1.    Leo said

          That is true? Do you have the source? I'm interested.

          1.    DanielC said

            Leo, last week it was a crying news, facebook and twitter about that they announced the closure of messenger !!! xD

  3.   Blaire pascal said

    O _o, I don't know why this gives me a bad feeling. It will be because I am completely anti-Microsó and anti-Güindos, I think that a company that has not "invented" anything that it distributes in exchange for money contributes to EL KERNEL is a bad idea. This is the humble opinion of a hardened renaissance man with GNU / Linux.

    1.    VaryHeavy said

      I think like you.

  4.   monitolinux said

    I understand that MS has written more than 10000 lines of code for the linux kernel

  5.   Anibal said

    there is the list and I don't see Microchot

    1.    Leo said

      Now that I see, Amd is still in the Gold section after laying off its employees responsible for directly collaborating with the Kernel.

    2.    elav said

      That is what I realized ... how strange.

    3.    hexborg said

      Is that that is the list of members of the linux foundation. That is, those who put money. The more money they pay, the greater the membership they have. It has nothing to do with those who collaborate in the form of lines of code. You do not have to belong to the linux foundation to collaborate with the kernel or collaborate with the kernel to belong to the linux foundation.

      1.    Ankh said

        Yes, but the truth is that in terms of code, there are only a few thousand lines related to the Hiper-V driver. As I explain in a comment below, that Microsoft being a major contributor is actually false.

        1.    hexborg said

          True. They do it because it interests them.

          Anyway, I think that any contribution to the kernel should be welcomed, whoever it comes from. After all, Linus Torvalds is the one who has the last word about what goes in and what doesn't, so I'm not afraid of Microsoft putting anything "evil" in. 🙂

  6.   Blaire pascal said

    It's interesting, AMD. Although I like to see so many, so many, so many important collaborators.

  7.   nosferatuxxx said

    In my opinion, I think we can expect anything from Microsoft because some will already know how Microsoft spends playing double-sided.
    Come on, Microsoft does not give way without huarache, since I also understand that it is collaborating with an open source operating system project.

  8.   helena_ryuu said

    They do not do this to "be good natured" or because they are really interested in the linux sector, this is utilitarianism, since most servers run some version of Linux, they need to make this platform more compatible with their products, and therefore, the best way is to collaborate for this objective, it is not that I am conspiratorial or paranoid or anything like that, if I was, I would use openBSD or something like that xD

    naaaah, I don't think it's soooo evil for micro $ oft to add lines to the code, if it was something really bad, the developers would figure it out, and divulge it …… unless they are part of the plot (conspiracy delusions) Oo

    As for AMD, as a protest I buy an Nvidia card and sell my ati card, hahaha

    1.    Linda said

      You do not know how I have split with this last sentence:
      "As for AMD, as a protest I buy an Nvidia card and sell my ati card, hahaha"

  9.   msx said

    Too bad FreeBSD is still so raw for everyday use, at this rate in no time we will have GNU / Frankerlinux systems.


  10.   Ankh said

    That claim about putting Microsoft as one of the top Linux contributors is absurd, and is due to an article that Phoronix published a while ago that was misinterpreted by many on the net. The thing is, during the first weeks of Linux 3.0 development, if you counted the number of commits, most of it came from a Microsoft employee. This is because the Microsoft employee had decided to submit the work of a certain time in those weeks, and divide it into many small commits. The code wasn't much, let's say a thousand or two thousand lines in all.
    Anyway, if you made a top five hundred on Linux contributors, Microsoft wouldn't figure.
    Now, the total of Microsoft commits is summarized to the Hiper-V driver, something that is necessary for Linux virtual machines running on Windows.

    * Microsoft has only released a few thousand lines of code for Linux, all concentrated on its Hiper-V driver.
    * Microsoft has no interest in collaborating with Linux, but needs to release its Hiper-V driver as GPL.

    1.    Leo said

      Excellent comment, I remain calm, although as I said above, and as I read in some comments, I do not see as bad as Mic. collaborate, apart as helena_ryuu said, the community would notice and even more they would monitor something that comes from the main competition.

      In another comment I read that the Mensseger has its days numbered and that it will merge with Skype. Is that true? I would like to have the source.

      1.    Windousian said
        1.    Leo said

          Well, now let's see if they make a version for Linux, or at least run full in Wine.

  11.   william_oops said

    Ankh… excellent, I could never have written it better.

  12.   Darko said

    Many of those Microsoft collaborations are to serve its own customers. Obviously you should contribute something to keep your customers happy. Furthermore, GNU / Linux is playing an important role at the moment worldwide and is, and always has been, Microsoft's biggest threat. The real money is on the servers (when it comes to support service and stuff), not on personal computers; and most of the mega servers that exist in the world do not run with Microsoft although that does not mean that the other terminals connected to them use some GNU / Linux distro as well. I don't know, maybe I'm talking shit.

    1.    Leo said

      I think you're right, I hadn't thought of it that way.

  13.   DanielC said

    It's not dangerous, because change reviews go through a lot of filters, it's not that Microsoft comes along and says "now I want you to wear this" and you catapult, make the change.

    New lines or algorithms are proposed, they are reviewed and approved and sent to the following filters… .until Linus Torvalds finally gives his go-ahead for these changes to be added.

    Although Linus recently declared that he no longer reads code and trusts 2 people who are the ones who fundamentally approve said changes, even reaching that penultimate step is because the changes passed several filters and tests.

  14.   husband said

    In the original tar.bz2 from there is a Microsoft Hyper-V item for a long time, anyone who does "make xconfig" or the like can see it. I'm surprised that some have not found out, it was one of the new features of kernel 3.0 They also say that in that version it was the seventh contributor with 361 changes. I do not know if today I will continue contributing as before, but I contribute something

  15.   Linda said


  16.   jorgemanjarrezlerma said

    Those of Redmond although they continue to talk about it, it is also known that they have not had the expected success with their new operating systems platform and especially with their foray into the hardware market. For a long time, many specialists have recommended to the windows company that it forget about its operating system, which has already been largely superseded by Linux and that it should concentrate on its applications and solutions.

    Microsoft does not have it easy, as it has to decide where it will walk and has only 2 options: One of them is to work together with Apple and the second is to work on paid business solutions (Novell and Red Hat style) on Linux and Unix ,

    Sounds crazy, right? But Mr. money is always imposed and for a company like Microsoft, if it wants to survive in a more competitive world and with dominant players (not them luckily), it has no choice. And what do you think?

    1.    Leo said

      He is going to invent something to earn money.
      For example, as it joins Messenger with Skype, maybe it makes it payment and forces a lot to buy credit to use the messenger or something like that.

  17.   daniel_lnx said

    Undoubtedly ... they have k square with linux, since in servers the number one is LINUX, and its recent popularity in SmartPhones, TVs, Tablets, if you review + news you will see k HW manufacturers are developing their products based on LINUX ( Nolkia, samsung, etc.) and also no wonder they are stealing code from some desktop functions, not like KDE plasma ...