Microsoft Edge, more open with RemoteEdge

As some of you already know, Microsoft released its latest version of the operating system less than a year ago, and among many improvements, there is one in particular that caught our attention: replacement of your default web browser. 

Windows 10, you have left your default web browser behind. Internet Explorer has become obsolete, and a new era begins with a new browser. Microsoft Edge, whose logo is very similar to that of its predecessor, is the new browser released exclusively for the version of the Windows 10 operating system, and represented a substantial improvement in the default Windows browser.


Edge, who was originally known as Spartan, was designed to be a lightweight browser, with a rendering engine EdgeHTML y Chakra, both open source. At the time of its launch, it had a considerably higher performance in JavaScript than that obtained with InternetExplorer 11, in addition to obtaining a performance comparable to that obtained by Google Chrome 41 and Mozilla Firefox 37. Edge, with its latest stable version released last November, competes with recent versions of other browsers on the market.


The main limitation of Edge, compared to other browsers, is that it is designed to run only on Windows 10.


However, and to give more sense to this publication, Microsoft just surprised us with a new announcement. Microsoft Edge can be used on other operating systems. So Edge is now possible on Linux and MacOS systems.


This is due to RemoteEdge, a Microsoft service based on Azure, which allows have virtual access to Edge and work on another browser. It works under HTML5, so it is compatible with most of the current browsers, such as Google Chrome.

Perhaps the idea of ​​using this browser in another operating system does not seem relevant or in a certain way useful to you yet. However, there is a compelling reason which makes this announcement important: developers.

With the RemoteEdge application, you can now develop Edge-compatible tools and extensions even without running Windows. With this strategy, Microsoft seeks to reach as many developers as possible and increase interest in the use of its new browser.

The RemoteEdge launch is expected to take place later this month.

Although Microsoft confirmed that the use of Edge will be exclusive to Windows 10, and that it does not plan to launch a native version for Linux and Windows systems of the browser, it is a matter of time to know what news Microsoft will bring us with its attitude each time more free.

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  1.   tr said

    They start insulting us and respecting us with these posts and then they ask to be respected.
    what a disrespectful infomercial

    1.    Gonzalo Martinez said

      If you work as a web programmer, it is a fact that your site will have to work in Edge / Internet Explorer.

      Employers don't care about your creeds. If he asks you "to make it work in IE because 70% of the market that I aim uses it" you have two options, either you do it, because it is your job, or you expose your fundamentalist views to evangelize free software, and when with all your passion you finish talking to him for 4 hours about the advantages and disadvantages and how the empire is bad, he will end up saying "Well, to the personnel office, you are fired, I am going to find someone who does what I need."

  2.   Ing. Jose Albert said

    Dear, I do not see how disrespectful the article towards the Free Software loving Public. Information is never something disrespectful, since information itself is just that information. The Free Software community always, like any intellectual, atheist, religious, technological, political, social or cultural movement has its human nuances. And in this case, the technological one, we also have our Taliban, average believers, not so believing believers, and false believers. In short, without being disrespectful to you, I support the blog's policy of allowing the opening of articles that expose the uncertain and mysterious steps of Microsoft towards Free Software, since the enemy there must be closely watched and watched, which I think it is the intention of the Author of this article!

    Good article, informative, Gerak. Without detracting from the just claim of Tr.

    1.    HO2Gi said

      Even when they compare Talibanism with fans of free software, because there is a difference, one is a fanatic and the other kills you is disrespectful and rude, calling them Taliban is not correct, otherwise a post may or may not be liked. News is news, period.

      1.    HO2Gi said

        When is when XD

  3.   Alberto said

    Good estimates.

    I do not see anything disrespectful about it, but hey everyone is free to express their opinion. Changing the subject and to give more importance to the above, I have read a lot of news about Microsoft and its "approach to free software". It seems to me that something has up its sleeve and is applying the old and well-known saying "If you can't beat your enemy , join him. » Be careful with these gentlemen.

  4.   caco222 said

    Brother man.

    I congratulate you for an excellent post, you wrote it very well and you got ahead of muylinux.

    About Microsoft, it scares me that it is applying a modern version of the "Halloween Documents", they take advantage of free software resources, then they modify it so that it is incompatible with this one and then to the wholesale market saying that it is an "innovative" product. for them.

    I give them the benefit of the doubt, but, at the moment, I don't see any desktop contribution from them.

    Brother I say goodbye

    Take care

    1.    HO2Gi said

      They are only looking for their browser to advance and incidentally capture more market in servers, Azure is their current business, therefore they will put their tools to attract more users.

  5.   Little android said

    I always said that the more options there are, the better, and in this case it is more focused on developers, for the compun person who surfs the internet, they can use the microsoft edge web browser only if they have windows 10 installed, if not, they only have use firefox, opera or chrome.

    I am still happy with Firefox and Opera which is already chromium based too.

    Anyway it is a good option to try edge.

  6.   nameless said

    in the job it is something else ... to those who criticize the browser, the distro etc ... they know that in the job it only matters that you perform your tasks. Your boss doesn't care if you use chrome or firefox, or gentoo or ubuntu. Stop being such a swollen egg.