Microsoft says open source Windows is possible

Thinking of free updates for the new version of Windows - for users of legal and registered copies, of course - was practically impossible until recently. Harder to believe still is that a company like Microsoft, which lives mainly on its software, is considering launching an open source version of Windows.


Thanks to Satya Nadella's leadership in this company over the last few months, they are allowing her to the company renew and adapt to the time in which we find ourselves. Mark Russinovich, one of its main engineers and who has participated in the software development process, comments on the possibility of an open source Windows: “It is certainly possible. It is a new Microsoft ”.

During a ChefConf conference, of the hundreds of users who attended, only one stated that he used the Windows operating system on a daily basis. The rest of the people present used another alternative like Linux. For many years, Microsoft has been labeled the enemy of open source and now they are working hard to end that reputation and image. Russinovich explained that one of the great impediments they have, when moving to Open Source, is that they want the system to be easy to establish by programmers.

Mark Russinovich. Photo: Josh Valcarcel / WIRED

Mark Russinovich. Photo: Josh Valcarcel / WIRED

Currently, Microsoft has made some open source applications, since it offers great advantages. Windows will likely take a long time, but they say conversations are already underway on this topic.

It's time to prepare for the changes to come, even with Microsoft. Will we be ready?

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  1.   Chaparral said

    For me this is nothing more than a new business strategy. Are you planning to launch a paid OS and a free one? Assuming that the OS was free, what would we do to install an Office, which costs a lot, or any other software? I do not believe anything of a company whose commercial approach is that of a monopoly and that of selling its items at the price of gold. In one way or another, the only thing that motivates them is the capture of the dollar.

    1.    José Miguel said

      About installing Office or any paid software, the usual, "hacking" it. As for the intentions, they are clear, avoid at all costs the expansion of GNU / Linux.

    2.    Roberto said

      Just one thing, free doesn't necessarily mean free.

    3.    Isaac Palace said

      "Are you planning to launch a paid OS and a free one?"

      Free does not mean free ...

    4.    mantisfistjabn said

      The big mistake of many in the community is to believe that Free = Free, when it is not. If not, ask Red Hat and Novell about the income they have with RHEL and Suse Enterprise.

    5.    Jose Luis said

      You don't need to install an Office, you just have to migrate to free software. Libre Office achieves that, it is free, free and also perfectly compatible with everything that is Office. I don't trust MS when it comes to Free Software, but it must be said that Microsoft, thanks to its spyware embedded in Windows 7, 8 and more severely in Win 10, has received with dread the news of an alarming number of free programs running on their operating systems. The main and most worrying one is Firefox, which is the emblem of cross-platform Free Software. Thus, Blender for 3d drawings, Mixx for DJ mixes, and VLC, an incomparable video player among dozens of other free programs, invade Windows PCs, generating concern in the people of Redmond who see their business concept and their way of winning threatened money in a huge way.

  2.   rodrigo said

    I think that those of us who use linux are not interested or are interested in using free software that comes from microsoft because linux is a robust system and window, if it is open source, would have to start from scratch to reach the level that linux has

  3.   Rafael said

    We could title Microsoft as "down the ravine" they do not hit one of the many disasters one of them was the purchase of Nokia. They are one of those who want to fish without embodying the hook prefer to signal the fish so as not to spend on bait. The free software is what they have done the least if the thing they want to approach Linux will be ugly

  4.   HO2Gi said

    For me they only think of "IMPROVING THE IMAGE" and attracting new clients, people who use Linux or have moved away from Windows and stop the migration of companies to free software, for them all business. I do not believe for now that they have the intention of a Windows opensource or free, pure propaganda I am a little angel and I love Linux.

  5.   Fabri said

    Of course it is possible ... the Ubuntu logo is removed and the window is changed

  6.   Juan nobody said

    I do not think that I even intend to improve the image, Windows has been practicing the «waporware» technique for years to condition the launch of competitor products, to put noise and so on, and I consider this one more step in that mechanism of announcing things that they are not going anywhere and that in many cases they do not really intend to carry on.
    Does anyone seriously imagine a free windows (even if it is not free) to which you could see the guts and really check its "robustness", its "clarity", its "cleanliness", "efficiency" and other attributes?

  7.   zip said

    I recommend that you read the definition of "Vaporware" on Wikipedia, for example. It is educational and helps to get to know Microsoft a little better, that there are people who seem to be born yesterday. I hallucinate.

  8.   Jordeath said

    I do not believe anything and I do not want that to happen