Minds: Interesting free, open, decentralized and productive Social Network

Minds: Interesting free, open, decentralized and productive Social Network

Minds: Interesting free, open, decentralized and productive Social Network

Days ago, we explored an interesting, small and recently released Social Network called Linux NetworkClick. From it we highlight that this initiative was made by a passionate linuxero for the benefit of Linuxera Community. Which is small compared to others, but is continuously growing. But today, we will talk about another interesting Social network call "Minds".

For those who have never hate talking about this Alternative Social Network, it is worth noting that this has goal, to build a new model for the ones content creators recover your internet freedom, income and social reach.

Red LinuxClick: An interesting Linux Social Network made by Linuxeros

Red LinuxClick: An interesting Linux Social Network made by Linuxeros

And as usual, before entering fully into today's topic about another interesting Social Network alternative, and more specifically about "Minds", we will leave for those interested the following links to some previous related posts. In such a way that they can easily explore them, if necessary, after finishing reading this publication:

“Red LinuxClick, is a social network in which topics of technology, computing, linux, bsd, etc. are discussed. Our goal is to create a community (Social Network) to talk about the issues mentioned above, apart from that, we do not like the censorship that other networks do. The network is based on PHP in a script called WoWonder, in which the programmers made their own theme, and we have created our own LCC coin (LINUXCLICKCOINS)". Red LinuxClick: An interesting Linux Social Network made by Linuxeros

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Minds: Free, open and decentralized Social Network?

Minds: Free, open and decentralized Social Network?

What is Minds?

According to developers of this Social Network, En of Official website, briefly describe "Minds" as follows:

“We are a decentralized, open source social media platform where users are rewarded with Minds tokens for contributions to the community. Our goal is to build a new model for content creators to reclaim their internet freedom, revenue and social reach." Whitepaper

However, they add the following to it:

"Since, the technology giants have abused their power and have lost the trust of much of their community. Y shis policies and behavior have caused polarization to reach all-time highs around the world. We at Minds we are on a mission to elevate global discourse through internet freedom. understand, how freedom on the Internet, the following: Freedom of expression, Privacy, Open source, self-sovereignty, community governance, y crypto economy".

What makes this Social Network different and relevant?

As in other Social Networks, and similar online platforms, you can post videos, blogs, images and statuses. Also, it allows the sending of messages and the use of video chats safely with groups or directly with friends. And it offers content through trending feeds and hashtags.

But, it stands out for being open source on a decentralized platform. Which easily allows you to make your users earn native tokens of the same platform, for their daily contributions on it.

Furthermore, these financial and cryptographic resources can then be used to improve the user's own channel, boost their content for more reach, and even support other creators. And if necessary, the platform "Minds", TIt also allows direct payments in USD, Bitcoin and Ether between its users, and even allow the same launch their own website within the platform, and thus, they can receive payments for the traffic they generate.

Why use free, open and decentralized Social Networks, Platforms, Applications and Systems?

  • Avoid current global surveillance and censorship.
  • Increase our privacy, mitigating the misuse of our personal data for commercial purposes.
  • Prevent the manipulation of algorithms for economic purposes for companies or social control for governments.
  • Obtain a greater degree of freedom when creating and sharing content or information.
  • Favor the implementation of modern decentralized technologies (Blockchain & DeFi).

Other alternatives: Free and open Social Networks

  • Facebook and Twitter: Diaspora, Friendica, GNU Social, Hubzilla, Steemit, Mastodon, Movim, Nitter Pleroma, Okuna, Twister, and ZeroMe.
  • Instagram and Snapchat: Pixelfed.
  • Pinterest: Myyna and Pinry.
  • YouTube: DTube, IPFSTube, LBRY, NodeTube, OpenTube and PeerTube.

“Minds is the anti-Facebook that pays you for your time. It is a free and open source social network dedicated to privacy and freedom. ". GitLab by Minds

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Your Order

In short, as we can see, "Minds" is an interesting, well-known and solid ROpen Source Social Ed Dedicated to Internet Freedom. What attracts many, due to the guarantee and ease of expressing more freely what is desired, while better protect your privacy. In addition, in it, you can win rewards in cryptocurrencies or fiat money, in the process of creating (publishing) and sharing content. What constitutes an excellent form, that each user, sees directly benefited in the management of the handled content.

We hope that this publication is very useful for the entire «Comunidad de Software Libre, Código Abierto y GNU/Linux». And don't forget to comment on it below, and share it with others on your favorite websites, channels, groups or communities of social networks or messaging systems. Finally, visit our home page at «FromLinux» to explore more news, and join our official channel Telegram from DesdeLinux.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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