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Whenever you talk about KDE There is no shortage of the one who argues that he has too many options. It is still true that until the stable version that we have today, some of the options are a bit difficult to understand or are too fragmented, something that we try to correct with the next version.

However, I, who a couple of years ago saw this as a tedious weakness, today I have to admit that once you know KDE thoroughly, being able to customize every detail is a strength. And in this case I bring you a simple trick that more than one may find interesting.

Minimize applications to the system tray

It is very convenient for me to have some applications in the system tray, in this way, when I minimize them, they do not take up space in the list of windows, and with KDE, to make almost any application stay in it. tray, is something that can be achieved very easily by KSysTrayCmd. Let's see the steps to do it.

1. Right click on the start menu of KDE »Edit applications. The KDE Menu Editor will open. For this example we will take Google Chrome, so let's go to where the launcher is located and if you look at the following image, you will see that under the launcher options one of the options (although I have it in English) is Place in the system tray.


From now on when I run Google Chrome, its icon appears in the system tray.

System Tray

And that's it 😉

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  1.   Mr. Linux said

    Thanks for the very practical tip, and to save the changes you have to click on the Save tab (if you are using the English language by default.)

    1.    elav said

      Yes yes of course .. I missed putting it but I suppose it is obvious. You have to save the changes.

  2.   robert said

    It smells like I've seen it somewhere, I don't know where!

    1.    elav said

      Well, you will tell me 😉

  3.   jairo said

    uffff I was needing it since yesterday! At the right time! thanks

    1.    elav said

      You're welcome 😉

      1.    Jairo said

        I have tried Cantata but it doesn't work. It leaves me the icon minimized in the list of windows and nothing in the system one
        Well it's not that bad

  4.   kavra said

    With smoth task you don't get the same ... an icon?

    1.    elav said

      No idea .. I have not tried.

    2.    jlbaena said

      I am one of those who think that kde has too many options to do the same, which makes it cumbersome:
      In the task manager, you click with the left button and select "Show a launcher when it is not running", and that is what you have when the application is not running, an icon in the task manager, almost the same as in windows 7.

      The plasmoid "smoth task" is an icon task manager, it replaces the traditional manager, that is, you get the same as minimizing to the system tray and also the characteristics of a task manager.

      And the one discussed in the article.

      For what we have, three ways to do the same (the first not quite but almost).

      However, when you have the applications minimized in the system tray and you do "Alt + Tab" to go through them and open the one you want, these do not appear, which reduces productivity. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to a given plasmoid, for example "Win + m" for the systray, in the settings it says: "Keyboard shortcut", but this is half true, because the only It does show you the system tray, you cannot go to the icon in question that you have minimized because it does not place the focus on it, it has to be forcefully with the mouse, I wonder why I want a keyboard shortcut if at the end I have to catch the mouse?


  5.   Daniel said

    What distribution is that elav? Thank you.

  6.   James_Che said

    Great, I have a question, is there any way that the list of windows, the one with text, has the icons of the applications that are installed, they have always come out with the default ones, so I put the manager that is only icons that if left to configure.

  7.   brutal said

    A question which icon pack do you use?

    1.    snack said

      Well, it works halfway…. If I run chromium from the browser, yes… but if I run it from the daisy bar, no :(. Do you know in any way? Why do I usually go by direct access (keys) or directly ALT + F2 before going to the menu.

  8.   Tabris said

    I use it for Attraction

  9.   Dennis Michael said

    How can I install ksystraycmd in ArchLinux apparently the package is not installed in my installation with plasma next and I cannot find it in the repos

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