Mobile Media Converter. Excellent application to convert videos

The application that I show you above is called Mobile Media Converter. Without a doubt, the best I have found to convert videos 🙂

If you need to convert videos, MMC It is undoubtedly an excellent option, by default it comes with extensive profiles to convert to various video formats (and audio too!):

However, if you want to convert to a format and it is not in the list, you can click on the option indicated above: «Add or Remove Profiles ...»… And the program using the internet, will show you several more profiles that you can download and use. In other words, from the internet you will download that 'something' that will allow you to convert to a new format, a format that does not come by default.

But I'll say more ... 😀

If you have a cell phone (which is the safest thing to do hahaha), look at all the formats it supports MMC, that is ... it can convert videos and make them work on your cell phone without problems:

I personally use the version 1.7.3, and you can download it from the following link:

Download MMC (Mobile Media Converter) 1.7.3 [.DEB format, for Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives]

However, you can always find the latest version on the official site:

Mobile Media Converter Official Site (Download Section)

But I repeat, I have been using v1.7.3 ... I have not tried any more 😉

If you use ArchLinux, Chakra, or any other distro, then you will have to install the .tar.gz:

Download .TAR.GZ from MMC official site

By the way, it also has a version for Windows Hehe

Greetings and believe me ... you will not regret it hehe 😀

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  1.   Algabe said

    I downloaded it 1 week ago and it is version 1.7.4

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Yes, I know that 1.7.4 is available but since it weighs 2MB and 1.7.3 weighs 5MB, I preferred I don't know why to keep the .3 haha

  2.   balcuta said

    I also used it but it doesn't get along with 64 bits ... On their website there is a tutorial to install the application on 64-bit systems and it works. The problem comes later, when error messages do not stop appearing due to "noseque" type of conflicts and in the end you end up uninstalling and trying other lower quality options. Regards.

  3.   Dragnell said

    It's a shame that I have to go online to add new profiles, even so I suppose I will try everything to get rid of the win-dependency. Greetings.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Profiles are saved in / opt / MIKSOFT / MobileMediaConverter / lib / profiles / … It is a matter of copying a profile that I have and you need. In other words, they are plain text files, I send you the one you need by email and that's it 😉

  4.   licanux said

    I have used »yakito» it is a multimedia converter and it works very well in any distro, it is very easy to use, and it has a good interface, you can get it on its official website.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I'm checking it right now 😀
      Thanks for the information.

    2.    Hektor Peña said

      That is what I was looking for, very good, thanks for the link that I did not remember the name hehe

  5.   Curefox said

    In Chakra it is in the ccr.

  6.   Gregorio Espadas said

    I had already forgotten about this app, it has improved a lot from how I remember it. The only bad thing is that when the subtitles have characters with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú) and other similar ones (ñ, Ñ, ¡, ¿,…) the result is not what is expected in the converted video. I just sent an email to Mksoft to notify them of this problem.

  7.   Saito said

    I've been using it for a long time and it's very good (Y)

  8.   Algabe said

    OH !! and it's the binary you don't need to install it.

  9.   Windóusico said

    Some time ago I dedicated a small post on my blog to various video converters. I leave a link in case you are interested:

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      wow great, I'll keep an eye on it 😀
      Thanks for the link friend.

  10.   truko22 said

    I'm going to test it in the chakra CCRs, although for this I use it is Kdenlive 😀
    Thanks for the news 😀

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      I still use KdenLive, in fact I edit (short) the videos with it, then I export them to MPG2 directly, and there with MMC I convert them to WebM 😀

  11.   ergean said

    This program reminds me a bit of windows freemake, it seems a very complete software, I will have to try it in Sabayon ..
    A greeting.

  12.   Luis Beltran Romero (@LouisSempai) said

    If my laptop was alive, I would test it 🙁 Anyway I bookmark the article

    I really liked that my cell phone appears in the list of supported cell phones (Blackberry 8520) 🙂

    Off-Topic: I had forgotten how horrible it was to use Windows ... I must use safe mode for the pc to work fairly well ... with automatic reboots only every 6 hours .___.

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      Uff ... my condolences friend 🙁

  13.   Claudio said

    I was unaware of the profiles option. Anyway I use it more than anything to download videos and transfer them to mp3, I'll take it into account in case I need it.

  14.   Chango said

    I still like classics like ffmpeg and its frontend "WinFF". I've also heard good comments from memcoder, as long as you like dealing with the terminal (I like it, every so often). The variety of MMC profiles is appreciated. We will have to see what Yakito is about now ...

    1.    KZKG ^ Gaara said

      It's that ffmpeg is discontinued or abandoned or something. WinFF doesn't work for me or even direct ffmpeg in terminal 🙁

  15.   Dante Mdz. said

    It's something weird, maybe I should comment on the official page and not here, but I download the .deb of the latest version (1.8.0), I run it with GDebi where it tells me that 24 packages will be removed and 6 new ones will be installed . The strange thing about it are the packages to be removed: ffmpeg, gimp, vlc, etc.
    Any ideas?. At the moment I will use 1.7.3
    I leave you the captures.

  16.   David said

    Hello, how are you, I do "sudo pacman -U Path / del / file" and I get that the metadata is missing (I think it is the PKGBUILD), .. any ideas? .. ps, I just need a video converter for cell phones , and the truth is, I can't find avidemux: \
    PS: I use chakra .. (and)

  17.   David said

    I have installed it from the ccr, the bad thing is that how is gtk, it looks very ugly in chakra, .. but it does its job .. (: